Father's Day Gift Guide: Skillet by Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Our Dinner Tonight:

Father's Day Gift Guide: Skillet by Lodge Cast Iron Cookware 1

NY Steak. Corn on the Cob. Potatoes, Mushrooms, & Green Beans in the Skillet. French Bread with Butter. Oh, and A&W Root Beer.

After dinner, we went on a walk and came home to homemade peach crisp with vanilla bean ice cream. Now the girls are tucked in bed and we *may* watch "Food, Inc." I checked it out at the library (have you seen it?).

Father's Day Gift Guide: Skillet by Lodge Cast Iron Cookware 2We cooked the vegetable dish in a cast iron skillet ($22.95-$64.95) made by Lodge Cast Iron Cookware. It's a pre-seasoned, heavy-duty pan that is great for use on the stove-top, on the grill, or over an open fire. We've only used it at home so far, but I imagine it will come along with us on many camping adventures in the coming years. Hey - it may even go on camping adventures with our kids and THEIR kids someday. I've heard that cast iron lasts forever...

All in all, this is an excellent Father's Day gift pick for any dad who enjoys cooking - indoors or out.

Father's Day Gift Guide: Skillet by Lodge Cast Iron Cookware 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a Lodge Logic Skillet with Glass Cover from Lodge Cast Iron Cookware. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, June 12th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Lodge Cast Iron Cookware sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 skillet for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #16 Lisa. Congratulations!

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291 comments on “Father's Day Gift Guide: Skillet by Lodge Cast Iron Cookware”

  1. This would be nice to have to cook, we have a small skillet from them we use to make pancakes on it works really good thanks for the chacne to win

  2. I have never thought about using a skillet on the grill, but it is an awesome idea. It's nice to have the whole meal cooking in one place.

  3. It looks like great cookware. I remember my mother cooking in cast iron cookware. I would love to have this cast iron cookware.

  4. Lodge makes the best cookware! I have a skillet several years old that looks as good as the day I purchased it.

  5. I have one of my mothers older cast iron skillets and it is great. I do need to season it more it seems since its old. Would be great to own a new one.


  6. LODGE brand cast iron is one of the best on the market. I would love to suprise my husband with a new pan.

  7. I would love to win this because my grandmother used to have cast iron skillets and my lazy cousin used them after she passed on and let them sit. So instead of washing them back up and seasoning them she trashed them. I was so upset since some of them had been our great grandmothers. Some people have no sense of heritage.

  8. Cast iron does last forever. I have a skillet that belonged to my Grandmother. She used it every morning to fry eggs, bacon and potatoes for my Grandfather. After years of my Mom using it, it was handed down to me. All it took was some tender loving care and I still use it.
    Another one would come in handy!

    susan56bft at gmail dot com

  9. I never ever thought of cooking with a cast iron pan on a grill!! What a great idea! I think you should have grilled the corn right in their husks instead of using aluminum foil- that helps keep the moisture in too.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I used to cook with cast iron cookwear, but I haven't done so in quite a while. Maybe I should try it again. And, your bargeque looks wonderful. I hadn't thought about cooking french bread on a barbeque.

  11. Good cast iron pans last a lifetime and essential in every kitchen. Dad probably never considered using it on the grill!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  12. My husband left out skillet outside (from grilling) and it rusted. I like using these for cooking breakfast and I miss having one.

  13. my husband loves to cook and he wanted to buy this skillet the other day and i didn't let him, and now i really wish that i can win it for him.

  14. Just an FYI...if you put your pan on the grill like that, the whole thing gets hot. So, remember your oven mitt.....this comes from experience HA!

  15. Ooh Stephani, can I come to your house for dinner? That looks delicious! I love cast iron cookware, and have a couple of pieces (a flat round pan for pancakes, grilled cheese, french toast,) and a round skillet for cornbread in the oven. I also have a wonderful Panasonic cast iron cooktop that we bought when we built our home in 1987 that I adore because you can simmer soups, chili and stews on it at a low temp. They don't manufacture this anymore, and no matter what, I'm not parting with this stovetop even if I remodel the kitchen!

  16. my husband loves to cook! in fact, he does all the cooking and i wash the dishes. so this would be a great gift for us both because i get tired of scrubbing scrambled eggs out of our stainless steel pans!!

  17. My grandmother only used cast iron cookware. She's no longer with us, but this would remind me so much of her.

  18. My husband would love the wonderful meal
    you fixed. All of his favorites. The peach
    cobbler is my one of my favorites. Thanks

  19. Those cast iron pans are wonderful...some Dad will have a Happy Father's Day. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  20. Thanks for the giveaway...a cast iron pan is one item our kitchen is sorely lacking; when my Mom passed away my sister snagged her pan which she had used for decades !

  21. I never used cast iron and never realized it could be used on the outdoor grill. WWe bbq a lot and I would certainly use this for cooking sides on the grill

  22. I've never had a cast iron skillet, my mom in law always cooked with them and she makes the most delicious meals, even cornbread in the skillet. Thanks so much for this offer. [email protected]

  23. A really good quality cast iron skillet is hard to find. Our German Shepard broke mine (long story) and it happened to be a fantastic heavy duty one that was WELL seasoned by Honey's Grandma... I was pretty upset about it. I didn't have a lid for mine, so this would be a fantastic one to use! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  24. This doesn't look like my grandma's cast iron skillet-more modern looking-and pre-seasoned? Thank you so much!

  25. I am looking for a good skillet. I've been living with people for the past few years and am getting ready to embark on to my own place and have been looking to stock my kitchen.

  26. I've never had a cast iron skillet but heard great things about them. P.S. your dinner looks great! thanks.

  27. Nice giveaway. I wonder if the skillet they are giving away could be used with one of their grill inserts? I also like their enamel cast iron pieces, too. Dear hubby is the main cook so he appreciate a heavy duty piece of cast iron cookware.
    Thanks so much,

  28. I have been wanting to get a cast iron skillet for while. This would be great especially with a lid to catch slattering grease.

  29. At least one cast iron cookware item is a must have for anyone who enjoys cooking...This would be a fantastic pan to own. Imagine the fabulous au gratin you could make with it!

  30. I saw a Modern Marvels program about cookware and they specifically mentioned Lodge cast-iron pots and pans! I would love to make real Southern Fried Chicken in this pan

  31. This would be perfect to have for one of our many camping trips! Thanks so much for the chance :)

  32. I would love to own a cast iron skillet again. I left my last one three states away when I moved.

  33. I recently started switching to cast iron. It is a slow process though due to the expense, and there is a learning curve to on the care and maintenance. They also cook differently - much more evenly, as long as you let it heat up all the way first. Cast iron is perfect for pancakes! Gets them a little crispy on the outside but still keeps them fluffy in the middle.

  34. I need new pans very badly, all my non stick pans have the coating worn off.

    imin2fun81 at mail dot com

  35. We always get my husband something related to camping for Father's Day. This would be great so that I could do some real cooking when we go.

  36. I've always trusted anything made of cast iron and this would be good for my kitchen cooking as I dont have many kitchen skillets to begin with

  37. I need a new pan, mine is warped and the lid will not fit snugly. I am doing a lot more cooking from scratch and can really see how a good pan could make a difference in preparing a meal

  38. I love the versatility of this! I do a lot of Bertolli skillets and the pan i have just isn't deep enough nor does the cover fit well. This would be a great help!

  39. Like Tammy I have never owned a cast iron pan - but I have cooked on one at a friends house and loved it. Would be great to have one for making fajitas.

  40. Use a cast iron at my mom's house all the time and it is great. Just haven't wanted to invest in one yet. Would be nice to win, plus we can grill with it. Perfect for all our summer trips to the lake.

  41. I've never had a cast iron pan before, but my mother-in-law used one all the time and wouldn't have cooked without it, I'd like to try using one sometime (well if I win, I guess I could then huh?lol!)

  42. My mother has some cast iron pieces that she has been using forever. A quality skillet could only help me improve the quality of my cooking.

  43. We are big campers and I love this pan because it has a lid. Our old cast iron pans don't have lids so we do improvise with foil, etc.

  44. This would be perfect for my dad. He is always trying to think up new ways to use his grill. This would be perfect.

  45. Cast Iron Skillets are a staple in my family. We love cooking on them, esp for breakfast. I'd love to win this so that I could put this in my daughter's hope chest.

  46. I haven't had a cast iron skillet for a few years now and I really miss my old one. We could take this on our camping trip next month and also use it on our backyard grill at home.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. I love cooking with cast iron, even though I have a flat-top stove. I have no problems with it. Need a new one, though, as the one I'm using is pretty old and actually came from a camping set!

  48. I just got my first cast-iron skillet a few months ago and LOVE it! Mine does not have a lid, like that one, so I'd love to add it to my collection. I also think there's a Lodge outlet outside of Chattanooga, TN if anyone wants to find one for cheap!

  49. We love cooking over a campfire. There is nothing better than eggs and bacon cooked in a cast iron skillet over an open fire. yum!

  50. All of my cast iron skillets are so pitted; they have been handed down for several years and seen a lot of use. I use the deep one with a lid to cook my roast in the oven, they come out so tender in a couple of hours that you don't need a knife.

  51. I can smell the food cooking right now. We use an old cast iron skillet small with no lid this would be very helpful to see the food instead of tearing open the foil.

  52. I have been looking for a cast iron skillet for camping for the last month! Thanks for the recommendation!

  53. My mother had a cast iron skillet I always admired. My family would get a lot of use out of this! Thank you.

  54. I would love this cast iron skillet. I rarely use non-stick as if it smokes it will kill our bird but I would love a cast iron skillet to cook the stuff

  55. dad just retired and is on a mission to cook more. he used to cook when i was really little but when my mom left he did not have time. he would LOVE this so he can eat healthier. Plus he also has a bday coming up... ;)

  56. This is a much improved version of the kind of skillet my honey/hubby's Mom used to cook with and he would love to see me in the kitchen with one - cooking one of his childhood favorites. Heck, he might even do a little more cooking himself! (He actually is a very good cook!)


  57. My husbands favorite activity is Geocaching. And these are his favorite types of pants to wear when doing so.
    He never knows what type of terrain that he will find a cache in so he is always prepared.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  58. On the grill or in the oven...either one would be a great way to use this, as I don't think you are supposed to use cast iron on the "flat surface" cooktops.

  59. Loved Food Inc. I will probably watch it again and again. We would love to try this cast iron skillet! My husband said he'd like to have one and I've been watching the thrift stores / yard sales for one lately. This would be a great surprise!

  60. Oooh - if I won this, I promise I'd hide it from my husband who burns all my non-stick pans so they don't work anymore

  61. I have a small Lodge skillet that I love using for small batches of corn bread on the grill. And yes, I've seen Food, Inc. - I think it's an important film that everyone should see and it's the reason I'm agressively seeking out small farmers for my meat, dairy and eggs...and growing my own veggies and fruit.

  62. My grandmother always cooked with a cast iron skillet--and she was a really good cook. Maybe getting and using one would help improve the results in my kitchen.

  63. cast iron remains one item that almost literally needs no huge improvements-it is what it is and it works

  64. Like many young women, I get a little iron-depleted sometimes, and I recently learned that you can actually get iron in your diet by cooking in an iron skillet! I think this is amazing :)

  65. My mother has resorted to cooking eggs in the microwave. Yep, it CAN be done.
    now i think it's time to go ahead and give her a skillet to put an end to all this nonsense!

  66. Cast iron does last forever if you take care of it right, which is easy. I've seen some Wagner cast iron skillets that were decades old, maybe a hundred years old. I'd love to have one with a glass lid.

  67. Thank you for the giveaway. I use to watch family members clean up old cast iron cookware and even though I knew it was suppose to be the best, I didn't learn how well this cookware lasts until I was an adult.

    I have one piece of cast iron cookware and would love to add another piece to my future collection. I'd really love to get a cornbread pan one of these days also.

  68. Dads are as diverse as any group of people, and that's important to keep in mind when selecting a gift. Wandering through a department store looking at Father's Day gift displays, you'd think every dad in the world just wants a new tie, a 'Catch of the Day' picture frame and some golf ball-printed socks. When we were kids, choosing a Father's Day gift was as simple as adding to his collection of unused coffee mugs or dusty bottles of cheap cologne - but now, it's not that easy. Although 'it's the thought that counts' is still true when it comes to gift giving, by now you should know Dad well enough to pick out something he'll love!
    Kind Regards,
    various marks|top sports star

  69. I have a skillet, but I don't have one with a glass cover like this one. My mom would love this because she's been looking for a good skillet with cover for ages. I'd love to cook a big breakfast using this!

  70. Great idea for Father's Day! I actually have one of these Lodge cast iron skillets with the glass lid from YEARS ago, and they really do hold their own over time. It gets used in the kitchen, on the campstove, and out on the firepit when we are farther afield. I like that this one comes pre-seasoned, because I remember seasoning them is a bit messy.

  71. How cool! This would be fab for fathers day. Cast Iron skillets are awesome - especially ones that have glass lid. So often there is no lid. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  72. I have not seen food inc., but I am going to check it out...I love those sorts of shows. Thanks for the prize offering!!

  73. The cast iron skillet would be great to have.
    Your peach crisp with vanilla bean ice cream has my mouth watering..yum!

  74. First thing I'll make is skillet cornbread! For those that haven't seen Food Inc yet- you can stream it for free if you are a Netflix member.

  75. I have been wanting cast iron cookware for a while now but its so expensive and we actually just bought a new stainless steel set!

  76. This skillet would be great for so many uses in the kitchen and while camping. Would love to win and try it out!

  77. We too will be camping this summer so this is right up our alley. I have also always wanted to try frying chicken in a cast iron skillet:)

  78. I love cast iron! My grandma used cast iron cookware. She made the best fried chicken in it! Cast iron is not only tough, durable, and will last forever...but castiron distributes heat evenly.

  79. Cast Iron is the ultimate in camping cookware! We take ours out the campsite, and put it right in the fire. We love to make breakfast burritos - just cook up the sausage, and the scramble the eggs and add salsa! YUM-O
    Would love to win this size skillet! Thanks for the chance

  80. My husband is the cook in our house and he has been saying for a very long time that he would love a cast iron skillet. I would love to be able to give him one for father's day.

  81. I have never tried cooking with cast iron -- but have wanted to try it out for the longest time. And this Lodge Logic Skillet looks pretty amazing.

    Thank you for this fantastic giveaway!

  82. I love cast iron. I use it to make crispy bottom cornbread, braised ribs, pork roast and thousands of other things. Nothing cooks like a well seasoned cast iron pan. Keeps the hubby in line too!

  83. I've been wanting to get a cast iron skillet. I plan on putting one on my birthday wish list, but I'd much rather win one! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  84. A skillet is a great addition for campouts. Our favorite is the Lodge Dutch Oven and we make a mean peach cobbler. Okay, Scott makes a mean peach cobbler.

  85. This is an awesome gift idea for Fathers Day!! My husband would definitely love this. We have one great piece of cast iron and absolutely LOVE IT! We would love to have another. Cast iron is a great way to cook so many things. YUMMY!!!

  86. This would be great for my husband and his dinner's made on the grill. If I win, he's definitely making me the dinner you have shown in exchange for it!

  87. Well, we're headed for a cabin with a woodstove, this summer, up in Northern Maine- a Cast Iron Skillet or a cast iron pot is about the only safe pans you can use, nothing else works well.

  88. I'm always on the look out for good skillets like the one my grandmother used. This fits the bill and it has a cover.

  89. I have memories of my mom making delicious meals with a cast iron skillet but have never owned one. Would be nice to get one and have her give me some old recipes.

  90. I love cast iron. My grandmother has a cast iron skillet she got when she got married well over 50 years ago. I would love to have this.

  91. I have always wanted a cast iron skillet! I have cooked many things in one at historic events and just adore how things taste when they come out. :)

  92. my husband has been dying for a cast iron grill for inside and outside on the grill - he would love this

  93. Oh, how I love Lodge cookware! Like many others who commented, we like camping and cast iron can't be beat- would love to have a skillet that has a glass cover- very useful!

  94. great looking dinner - love the idea of putting the skillet on the grill - anything to not turn on the stove when it is 110!

  95. I have never thought about using a cast iron skillet on the grill. Makes since - it would heat evenly and hold the heat well. I have used the wire baskets and always ended up with "blackened" veggies.

  96. We just bought a new grill that I have vowed to learn how to use. This would certainly help make the veggies without turning them into coals!

  97. I love cooking in cast iron. I never thought of putting it on the grill before, that is wonderful idea. And I love that it has a glass lid, I always need one but don't have one that fits my current pan.

  98. Never cooked on cast iron before. Heard some mentions of it on Food Network. Would be interested in trying it out.

  99. Wow! I didn't realize cast iron lasts so long! Good deal. We've wanted cast iron for years, but we don't own any yet. I'd love to surprise my camper hubby with cast iron!!

  100. We love to grill out and this would be sweet to be able to do veg on the grill too! I loved your menu, sounds delish! We are going to do chicken, corn on the cob, and baked potatoes tomorrow!

  101. I keep remembering the cast iron skillets that my mother used all of the time (for 60 years) and would love to add one to my cookware collection.

  102. My husband loves camping. Apparently, he already has several trips planned for us this summer. (I'm always the last to know.) This would be a fabulous addition to our camping gear!

  103. Another geat fathers day gift. My husband loves cast iron. We don't have any so this would be a big healp.

  104. My husband loves to grill, so he would love this. He typically uses foil for the veggies, so this would work way better! Thanks.

  105. I love the look of this cast iron skillet. We love to grill around here and it would be great to be able to try this out on the grill this summer.

  106. I do not own any cast iron cookware. I'd love to try cooking in them. I hear you can use them on the grill also.

  107. We've had a cast iron skillet on our "to buy" list for a while, but it hasn't made it to the top yet. My mom has one that I love, though; I use it whenever I visit her.

  108. I've never had a cast iron skillet, but I remember my Mom frying chicken in one. I think my husband would like this for his camping trips.

  109. I haven't had a new piece of cookware since college. This pan would be so versatile and impress the neighbors.

  110. Wow, you have a ton of great gift giveaways. After seeing your grill picture, I can't believe I never thought to use our old cast iron on the grill. What a great idea! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  111. I know my hubby would love another way to cook on the grill - he loves to grill out!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  112. We only have one cast iron that we use all the time - it would be nice to have an updated one

  113. I would give this skillet to my husband. We recently bought a gas cook stove incase our electric goes out for days again. We were without electric for 13 days during Ice Storm 09. That skillet is Perfect!

  114. If you watch Food Inc. let me know what you think. I haven't seen it myself but have heard plenty about it. I'm still trying to find my way on those issues.

    Cast iron = awesome. I have a cast iron grill pan that I use indoors when the weather's too cold for outdoor grilling. The only bummer part is that you can't put it in the dishwasher.

    1. The movie was excellent, Jenny. I recommend it. It's thought-provoking, heartbreaking, and empowering all at the same time.

  115. Cast iron is particularly good for cooking since it hold heat so evenly. this is definitely a lovely prizee.

  116. I never thought to use my skillet on the grill, Ive always used tinfoil to grill veggies and the sort. Great idea!

  117. Lodge is the BEST! I have several of their pots. Not this one though....

    Thanks silenttributary(at)yahoo(dot)com

  118. I've been looking for a cast iron skillet to use on the grill and this would be perfect. Thanks.

  119. my husband would love cast iron he had a cast iron skillet years ago and through moves he lost it and used to love to make ckicken fried steak in it

  120. I would give this to my uncle for sure (he has been like a dad to me). This gift would definitely not be for hubby, he doesn't like to bbq or cook at all...he makes up for it with cleaning.

    But, my uncle would LOVE it!

  121. We have been wanting to try out cast iron cookware for a while. I love that this has a glass lid.

  122. The skillets my dad uses on his outdoor grills are in DESPERATE need of replacement. They're cheap and about 50 years old. I'd love to win this for him.

  123. Love lodge. You can tour their factory only 1 time per year, during the Cornbread Festival. Intersting.

  124. We have a cast iron skillet but not one with a glass cover. My husband and son are avid fishermen and we make all our fish in a cast iron skillet. Ours is well used but I've never seen one with a glass cover. I would really, really love to win this one.

  125. I have a cast iron skillet that is old! Love it for frying potatoes as they come out brown and crisp. Also take it camping as it is indestructable--would love to have one with a lid!

  126. Cast Iron is the best material for cooking. It is unusual to have a glass lid on a cast iron skillet.

  127. This cast iron skillet looks great. I love the cover and this one looks like it will last. I have not been so lucky with skillets in the past.

  128. I've never had a new, properly seasoned cast iron, with a lid too! Oh my goodness, I have to admit, that would end up being something I use. Never thought of putting on the grill, thanks for the idea!

  129. we use to take the kids and go Camping everyday off,now that we have grandkids we're tring to get back into the swing of things and this would be great to help restock the camper...thanks

  130. My husband does the grilling most of the time and sometimes he'll cook dinner. When he does he always uses our small cast iron skillet - we have a few different types of skillets but the cast iron is his favorite. I would love to win this for him. Thanks!

  131. I love to watch the cooking shows on TV and the Lodge preseasoned cookware is highly recommended on so many of them. Food always tastes better cooked in cast iron!

  132. I have always preferred to cook certain things in cast iron and this would be a wonderful addition to some I already have, they are great for even heating and especially for cooking fried potatoes, Thanks for the great giveaway

  133. We have a camper right beside my dad and mom. He gets his cast iron skillet out and he makes the best darn fried potatoes. They are yummy and its a tradition now when we go camping.

    I would love to have one for myself since I have tasted how good the food is on them !!

  134. I love cast iron and it really does last forever. I have two 6.5" skillets that were passed down from my great-great grandmother. Now that I have kids a big one would be nice to cook for the hungry hoard.

  135. My husband LOVES to cook... and scrumptious egg breakfasts (with bacon!) are among his specialties. This is a wonderful idea. And it's getting me thinking about other great cooking ideas for gifts. Hmmmm...

  136. I love cast iron but have yet to make my Mom understand that you do NOT soak cast iron in soapy water overnight.

    We have had the same conversation several times. She still does it.

  137. I have a cast iron skillet that I've cooked with for thirty years and it is still beautiful and in constant use. I love the idea of the glass lid! This is new since I've had mine ...I would love to own this heirloom pot. Thanks for the chance to win!

  138. My hubby is our cook and he'd love this! I love that it is pre-seasoned because that's the hardest part of a cast iron pan (in my opinion). We could make some awesome fried chicken.

  139. How fortuitous! I was just reading on another blog about how great cast iron pans are, and was wanting to try one. Plus Noel and I have been grilling our dinner at least twice a week, and it would be more convenient to be able to grill the veggies in a pan...we've been spreading them out on the grill but they keep slipping through the grate and catching on fire. :P

  140. My husband has been wanting to get some cast iron ware, but I've been dragging my feet. I love the fact that it comes pre seasoned, I really wasn't sure I wanted to do the seasoning.

  141. I love cooking with cast iron, though you do need strong arms! Still, I would love one for our camper. And I have never seen one with a glass lid. What a great idea!

  142. We love grilling! Mat has turned me into a grilled vegetable lover, this cast iron looks awesome for that purpose!!

  143. Always wanted to own a cast iron. Also heard they last forever. Maybe even durable enough so even hubby won't destroy it which is what happens in our house.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  144. Since I have promised the skillet I liberated from my grandmother to my daughter in law, I need a new one.

  145. wow. Did you know my current skillet/frying pan is missing half the handle? I don't even know what happened to it. Yikes.

  146. We so need new skillets in our house! We only have one that we use most of the time and we don't have a cast iron at all! This would be great to win!

  147. In my opinion the only way to fry chicken is in a cast iron skillet. No kitchen should bewithout a collection of cast iron. Aged properly they are better than teflon coated cookware.

  148. My husband loves to cook. And we've never owned a cast iron pot. This is such a great idea for a slow cook too.

  149. I have one small cast iron skillet that I picked up at a rummage sale & love. I really want to add to my collection, though, and stop using teflon coated pans. Using them on the grill is a great idea!

  150. I highly recommend Food Inc. It will change your whole perspective on what you eat, and how our food is made. I had no idea how cruel animals were (and are) being treated. :(

  151. Cast iron skillets are wonderful to cook with because they cook very evenly and quickly. Would love to receive this!!

  152. cast iron pans are AWESOME! My dad is a HUGE BBQ guy, you can never go wrong getting him more of that

  153. After watching Food Inc last year, my family has changed our ways (gardening, CSA, eating more "real foods"...but still many improvements to be made).

    I had never thought to use a cast iron pan on a grill. Makes sense though. I bet cornbread on the grill (in the pan) would have great flavor too. My husband's last grilling victory was grilled corn with chili/lime seasoning. I made a chive butter using chives from the garden. It was scrumptious!

  154. This would be perfect for my husband, he LOVES to cook (and I love for him to cook!). Right now we have no cast iron at all and I am missing it severely.

  155. We watched Food, Inc last night and thought it was great. It's spot on when it comes to the inhumanity behind the food world. We lived on the outskirts of a chicken town for a number of years. The way the companies treat employees and chicken house owners is deplorable and truly heartbreaking. I don't think many people realize it, but our food habits are creating an unnecessary underclass of people. Ack....don't get me started or you'll have a whole blog post in your comment section. Witnessing the devaluing of human life as well as the disgusting way that the chickens are kept and processed got me interested in buying as much organic, all-natural, and local food as I could.

    Oh, and, about the cast iron skillet...I would love to have one with a lid. I just make do with tin foil and random ill fitting lids around here.

    1. We watched Food, Inc. on the same night! It was good, wasn't it? Thought-provoking. Heartbreaking. Important. I recommend it to all...and I now have a renewed commitment to buying local, organic, and seasonal foods!

  156. We have done lots of camping and we love it! Both my sons are Eagle Scouts and my husband is an Assistant Scoutmaster. We have camped from one side of the country to the other! A good cast iron skillet is a necessary item for cooking while camping!

  157. These are such great ideas. I know my husband would love this because he's been stocking up on camping things lately and I've heard him mention he wanted to get a nice cast iron skillet. Sweet!

  158. I love cooking in a cast iron skillet...especially over a camp fire. I'd love to have a new cast iron skillet for cooking out this summer!

    mattschmunk at gmail dot com

  159. We did watch Food Inc. and we watched it with our six year old he definitley did not want chicken nuggets after watching. I love Animal Vegitable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver it made me want to raise chickens and to expand our garden.

  160. I grew up with cast iron skillets. Unfortunately we don't have any yet, but we do plan on getting some. We speak of it often. I have never thought of using it on the grill though. We use our barbecue at least 2 to 3 times per week. I also like that they can go in the oven as well. This is a great gift idea! As for Food, Inc. It is VERY well done...you may not want to eat that NY steak afterwards though...unless it is organic :-) No really though, it is a very well done documentary and right up your alley.

  161. I don't think I've heard of Food, Inc. Is it one of those shows that's gonna make me feel guilty for eating Double Stuf Oreos?? :) Anyway, I grew up using cast iron but never thought of putting it on the grill for some reason. Thanks for the idea!

  162. Wow, that looks like an amazing dinner, even though I'm a vegetarian. We have a Lodge pan and I love it now that it's finally seasoned really well. They're so versatile and I love how they can go on the grill too.

  163. I still haven't seen Food, Inc -- I have it on request from the library, and I'm just waiting for it to work it's way down the wait list to me.

    I'd love to have a cast iron skillet! We saved two from my husband's grandmother's barn. They're both incredibly rusty so I have to look into how to salvage them.

  164. I've watched Food, Inc. twice now--once from the library and again when it was free online. I loved it, in that it made me mad, which I think is the whole point.

    I wish we had a cast iron skillet every time I read a frittata recipe. Our skillet is not oven safe.

  165. My husband was just saying a couple days ago how he'd love to get a Cast Iron Skillet. He even said how great it'd be for me. I'd love to check one of these out.

  166. We love grilling whenever there isn't snow on the ground, but I haven't wanted to spend the money on one of those special skillets that is made just for the grill. Cast iron is such a great solution because it's so multi-purpose, but won't get damaged on top of the grill!

  167. I am going to surprise my husband with a MacDaddy grill for Father's Day..this would be a welocome addition..of course there is the ulterior motive of getting him to cook instead of me..but we'll keep that to ourselves huh.

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