Father's Day Gift Guide: Titanium Expedition Pant by Columbia

Does the dad on your list enjoy going on expeditions? Perhaps he likes rock-climbing or backpacking or road-tripping or world-traveling.

Father's Day Gift Guide: Titanium Expedition Pant by Columbia 1If so, he'll be cool and comfortable in the Titanium Expedition Pant ($70) by Columbia. Available in 2 colors, the pants are designed for "going places."

Tim likes them because they have a great fit and a great feel. They dry quickly if you happen to be out fishing (as he was last week). And have built in zip-up pockets to keep your keys and cash from falling out as you wander.

The pants also have UPF 50 protection, which make them an excellent option for sunny places and warmer weather.

FYI - Columbia also has an online outlet where you can save 30% or more. I took a quick peek and it looks like winter items (jackets, snowsuits, etc.) are currently the main attraction. If you're looking to stock up for next year, now might be a good time.

Father's Day Gift Guide: Titanium Expedition Pant by Columbia 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Titanium Expedition Pants ($70) from Columbia Sportswear Company. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, June 12th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Columbia Sportswear Company sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 pair of pants for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #33 Joy. Congratulations!

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138 comments on “Father's Day Gift Guide: Titanium Expedition Pant by Columbia”

  1. My husband has some of their stuff, I love his red rain/hiking coat and often wear it especially during pregnancy it is very comfy. Thanks for the chance to win a great gift for him for fathers day.

  2. My husband is an oudoorsy type of guy. These pants would be great for him. Columbia Sportswear are great.

  3. Columbia products are so good. They really do last for a long time. They have some really great products.

    Thanks for the chance.


  4. I like the idea of zip up pockets. I know my Dad has lost items from his pockets, this would reduce that possibility.

  5. I love Columbia Sportwear Products. They make clothes that are functional and stylish.

    susan56bft at gmail dot com

  6. These are nice pants and I really like the upf protection they offer. Any Dad would be happy with them

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  7. These pants look great! My husband is an outdoors type of guy and would LOVE these! I love the style, they look good and are practical, too!
    mainlandmama at gmail dot com

  8. You have a lot of great items that would be excellent Father's Day gifts up right now. We would like to win this too.

  9. Columbia makes some great stuff...these pants are great and my husband would get alot of use from them. Nice giveaway.

  10. I like the color Tusk in the Titanium Expedition pant, look like a great pant for my hubby to wear hiking. He has a pair of shorts and pair of Columbia Sportswear pants he got at the Goodwill.
    He likes those a lot. He'd such appreciate a brand new pair.

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway.

  11. Oh, these would be great for my hubby! We do a strenuous up and down hill walk in the hills every day and his pants are wearing out so these would be just PERFECT!

  12. My grandsons both like to fish, as well as stay active in other ways. Might have to flip a coin as to which would get this if I were to win!

  13. Omni-Shield® advanced repellency & sun protection? These sound delightfully perfect for my fair skinned, sometimes spill clumsy husband. He would seriously love these pants, I love that he could wear them to work as well.

  14. Me and the boyfriend love traveling! This would be perfect for all of our adventures. Love the fact that it dries so quick.

  15. A pant with UPF protection, quick dry and zippered pockets? WOW I have died and gone to heaven. My husband would love these!

  16. We are going on an expedition ourselves next month and my husband would be thrilled to try out a pair of Columbia's Titanium Expedition Pants firsthand! :)

  17. We love Columbia Sportswear. Ee have several pairs of ski pants from them for myself and my husband and all of my sons ski outfits have been Columbia.

  18. These look really nice, my husband generally prefers the rear pant pockets to close with a button or velcro, but I guess he could try a pair with a zipper too!

  19. This would be perfect for my husband! Especially those zipper pockets, he's always losing things out of his!

  20. Though I've never experienced the clothing, I can tell you that their winter coats line is wonderful. They are classic, in style, rugged and last.

  21. How nice would it be to get my husband into a new pair of pants. He always wears the same old pair of pants when we are camping. They are tried and wornout. Time for an upgrade. Good bye to the old wornout pants hello hot new pants.

  22. I check out the Columbia website, since I'm in the market for new sandals (almost my birthday), and I really like the Sun Rise II sandals. Might be asking for them for my birthday!!

  23. My dad is a biker. He bikes up to the mountains with the boys. Since he just retired most of his jeans are destroyed. He has holy jeans and pj pants. thats it. time to update his wardrobe with functional yet stylish pieces. ;)

  24. You had me at "they dry quickly" - everything else is like Christmas in June and my honey/hubby would love these. They'd be perfect for just about everything he does!


  25. My husbands favorite activity is Geocaching. And these are his favorite types of pants to wear when doing so.
    He never knows what type of terrain that he will find a cache in so he is always prepared.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  26. My husband has a number of the Columbia shorts. I don't think he's ever tried the pants...this would be a great opportunity :)

  27. Another great Father's Day gift idea! Columbia makes great products, and these are attractive and will undoubtedly be durable too. I like that they dry fast - good for travel as well as hiking and outdoorsy stuff.

  28. My husband is losing weight so fast we're scrambling to find pants for him. His new medicine for his migraines is causing the weight loss, but it's slacking off now--no pun intended. These would be helpful!

  29. My husband would absolutely love these comfortable, lightweight pants from Columbia. They would make a perfect Father's Day gift. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. My husband is so ROUGH on pants. I don't even want to know how many pairs of work around the house pants he has because it is too many so any time I can give him more pants is a good thing because he will use them many times over.

  31. Columbia has such great stuff for outdoor wear! These would be great for the fishing we have planned this summer.

  32. thanks for pointing out the outlet section! much easier than return visits to Sports Authority etc waiting for Columbia to go on clearance!

  33. I have a couple other pairs of Columbia pants, and they are the most comfortable of all the pants I own. Thanks!

  34. Back in the days when I met my husband he wore these pants for travel and hiking. Too bad with jobs and two kids we don't get to do as much of that. I am sure he would love these to get him back into it!

  35. I have always like Columbia's line of adventure wear. It is extremely durable and comfortable.

  36. My husband would love these pants, being the outdoorsman that he is, and winning (or purchasing them myself!) would be a great way of supporting his love of the great outdoors- since I don't exactly share it, particularly since we moved to the Arizona desert!

  37. In the picture, those look more formal than pants that would be used for fishing or any other expeditions. I'd love to win these, my husband could look good while conquering the world (ok, who am I kidding, he is not one with nature at all, but maybe these would inspire him a bit)

  38. Practical, functional, and good-looking...describes these pants as well as me (Well, two out of three anyways!).

  39. The majority of my husband's clothing is Columbia button up shirts, pants, or shorts. They are nice enough for him to wear to his office, and sporty enough to wear to our daughter's soccer games. He would love these! Thanks!

  40. would love to win this for my husband, whenever we go for a hike he wears jeans, and if it showers he is wet all day!

  41. I would love to win these for my stepdad, he loves to fish in the rain and these would be perfect to help keep him dry.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  42. We have saved up for over 5 years, plus are using ALL of our credit card and airline points for a week's journey to the Galapagos this year. This would be the perfect pair of pants for my husband on our trip. Thanks for the contest.

  43. We love Columbia winter wear at this house! Every year I splurge and buy William a Columbia winter jacket. And every year it turns out to be a fantastic decision. When every one else chose the cheaper options that have since been torn or stained, William is still cozy and warm in his looking-like-new jacket. They make great quality attire.

    Hubby has a Columbia jacket but has not tried the pants. They sound great!

  44. I love Columbia's products. It took me quite a while to get over their higher price but, my gosh, the quality just blows away the competition. I've had the same Columbia jacket for the past 5 yrs and it still looks great.

  45. I would love to have one of these for my older brother, he fish's alot and would be great for him.

  46. Hubby only ever wears jeans, but these look interesting. Would be interesting to see his reaction to them...

  47. We live in CO and it is always good to have clothing that fits well and breathes at the same time. I would love to win these for David.

  48. I like the look/profile of these pants ...no baggy pouches and pockets yet ample storage space. I like the lightweight factor also, something that would be valuable to a die-hard hiker.

  49. Well, my hubby isn't really "in" to any expedition type outings... but he did buy a shirt in this style just for going on a plane! :) He said it kept him cool so I guess that's a plus!
    Have I mentioned how much I love that you only allow one entry per person? :)

    1. Thanks for saying that, Krista! I much prefer single entry giveaways too. When I go on sites that have like 10+ entry methods, I tend to opt out altogether. :)

  50. Jordan has a pair of pants like these that he wears when he and my son go on their adventures. He calls them his Bear Grills pants...the guy who does the survival show on Discovery channel. They are incredible pants, perfect for the NW since they protect from weather but also breathe in the heat. Great gift! Would love to surprise Jordan with these this year.

  51. I would love to see my husband sporting this great quality columbia sports pants!!! perfect for a family sunday :)

  52. My favorite outdoor wear is Columbia. I would love to see my husband in these! I think I prefer the Tusk color over the Grill. I'm loving the Father's Day gift guide this year.... but my littles have already decided daddy needs a new pair of flip flops this year. I'm just making notes for his birthday later in the summer.

  53. Oh, how I adore SPF built in to clothes. I think it's a smart idea because my husband never remembers to put sunblock on (although he awfully good at remembering to remind me to!).

  54. I like that it has the UPF 50 protection. Hubby doesn't like to wear sun block all that much and this helps a little.

  55. I always hesitate to do these since I'm always the only guy to participate :( But, any pants that are described as "an excellent option for sunny places and warmer weather" makes it all worth the effort for this guy from Miami getting ready for the humid summer months ahead :) Thanks, Steph for celebrating us fathers. Always love stopping by to affirm the positive energy that comes from your blog and your life!

  56. Um...again with the great idea and for picking another one that is great for fishing! You are picking such great ideas! Markus will thank you. In fact...we should just get together and go camping and/or fishing together!

  57. We were recently waiting in line at REI and a lady was telling me all about how wonderful these pants are! She wears her pants on backpacking trips,because they are easy to wash and within minutes they line dry! I know that my husband would LOVE these for all of his hobbies!

  58. These look like they would be durable and they look nice enough to wear in different circumstances beyond the wilderness.

  59. Bob would like these- they look very utilitarian without baggy extraneous pockets. He's always complaining about how wide men's clothing is cut.

  60. I am always on the lookout for goodies like these! my family is always camping and fishing, so I am loving these- and Love that there is a built in SPF, as I always find it hard to convince my husband to put on sunblock!

  61. Columbia sportswear is THE most comfortable outdoor wear I have, and I know my husband would love it too.

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