Father's Day Gift Guide: ZÜCA Pro

Father's Day Gift Guide: ZÜCA Pro 1Every since this bag arrived, I can't help but say, "ZÜCA, ZÜCA, ZÜCA" all around the house. Try it. It's a fun word to say.

Even more fun? Traveling 'round the country or the globe with this innovative, ingenious carry-on.

Here are my top 3 reasons why the ZÜCA Pro rocks (in no particular order):

  1. It's super lightweight and easy to wheel (and it has a longer handle so you don't have to stoop as you pull).
  2. It comes with 5 packing cubes (plus, a TSA-approved toiletry bag)! They're mesh bags with zippers that allow you to color-coordinate and organize your luggage. You won't have to dump out the contents of your entire bag to try to find your underwear/t-shirt/hairbrush. Everything is accessible in seconds.
  3. It doubles as a seat (and it's actually pretty comfortable). You won't have to sit in airport seats and keep an eye on your bag. Instead, just sit right on top of it and relax with your phone or laptop. Or you can people-watch (always a favorite).

All this talk really can't do the bag justice - go watch this ZÜCA Pro in Action video for a full overview. Really. Go see the brilliance for yourself.

We haven't had this bag for long, but so far we give this bag an enthusiastic two thumbs up for inventiveness and awesomeness. It's sturdy, superbly designed, and sure to make traveling easier for the guy in your life (I have to tell you, though...this bag is perfect for moms too).

Father's Day Gift Guide: ZÜCA Pro 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a ZÜCA Pro ($285). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, June 12th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* ZÜCA sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 ZÜCA Pro for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #272 Lisa L. Congratulations!

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304 comments on “Father's Day Gift Guide: ZÜCA Pro”

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  2. I love the cubes, I have never seen this before, I love the compact organized way of this, it would make things so more easy traveling thanks for the chance to win

  3. I plan on traveling this summer and need a bag that's fashionable yet functional at the same time. Looks like this fits the bill!

  4. I could definitely use this, it sounds like just what I need for travel. I really like the packing cubes.

  5. This is such an awesome bag. To be to pack most everything in 1 bag would be a blessing. We use duffel bags right now, but this would be a big welcomed addition.


  6. I watched the video and loved that you can pack 3-4 DAYS worth of clothes without them getting wrinkled.

  7. This is the carry-on of all carry-ons! So many cool details in one package.Not having to stoop as you pull would be great for all of us who suffer with a bad back! The five packing cubes can help any of us get organized...AND...I can sit on it too! Brilliant!

  8. we would really put the zuca to use. how nice is the zuca? so nice, i would love to give it to hubby!

  9. What a great looking piece of luggage!! It would sure help on my holiday trips to have things be more organized than just clothes plopped into suitcase :-)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I love the idea of cubes. That is so much better than having everything jumbled together or in ziploc bags.

  11. What a cool travel case! I especially like that it has a seat so can rest while waiting in those long lines at the airport.

  12. This is a really nice bag and looks like zuca put a lot of thought into how it was designed. Would love to try it out!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  13. we are going to curacao in september and we need new luggage. i really really need it and it looks great.

  14. I also like that it doubles as a seat, But I really try hard to avoid airport travel these days. I've got a car seat to sit in during my travels, but I still need something to put my stuff in.

  15. That's amazing! I know that carry-ons have come a long way and that one looks like one of the nicest so far. I'd definitely like to see it in person :)

  16. That is the nicest carryon I've seen in a long time. I'd love to give it to my son who will soon be taking a new job (in your state,) and he'll need it for all the travels he'll be taking!

  17. It would be ineresting to find a way to insert ZUCA into a conversation.

    You had me at the seat. There are so many times when you have that hurry up, get in line and wait at the airports!! I imagine the toddler would want to sit on it as we go through the airport. LOL!

    susan56bft at gmail dot com

  18. This looks amazing! I love that it has a place for everything and wheels! It would be great for my husband, he travels often and this would be perfect.
    mainlandmama at gmail dot com

  19. Thanks for the giveaway...wow, this is possibly the best designed carry-on bag I have ever seen ! ... I wish I had had it on the grueling week-long NYC-Seattle-Washington D.C. business trip I was on last week !!!

  20. We're doing our first cruise this fall and this would really be great to take especially if we get stuck and have to do the 'people watching thing'...too funny. Thanks for the super giveaway.

  21. I don't travel often but last year, a short trip that I took was ridiculous with all the new airline regulations. Apparently none of my bags qualify as carry-ons. This would be nice to have for the next trip.

  22. We've recently been researching carry-on luggage, but this Zuca Pro is a new brand to me. I am glad that you like the bag. I'll have to add this bag to my luggage to research list

  23. So many pieces of carry-on luggage have plastic frames and are not durable. The fact that this luggage is durable enough for you to sit on it makes this carry-on luggage different from other brands and useful in case of crowded airports during flight delays

  24. "ZÜCAs are completely washable and serviceable. Close all Velcro straps and hand wash your ZÜCA Sport insert bag in cold water with a mild detergent and air-dry.

    From time to time, inspect the bolts on your ZÜCA . Much like a bicycle, things can eventually loosen up."

    This is right off the website. Great gift for any traveler.

  25. This would be great for my kids. They visit their grandma once a week and carry a lot of stuff with them.

  26. I deal for flying anywhere, especially because it can be used as a seat when stuck at the airport.

  27. My husband travels for work, so he would love this bag & he could be super organized. He needs some help in that area!

  28. We flew cross-country recently, and my poor husband had a terrible struggle with our baggage. He would really love this!

  29. We have been using carry-on bags since the airlines made checking your bags so expensive. This carry-on looks so much better than what we have.

  30. I need this so badly. My luggage is really old. I acquired the set when I married my ex almost 32 years ago and who knows how long he had them.

  31. My husband travels for work all the time, this looks great! It would be nice for him to really stay organized!

  32. This is something I can use. I dont have a good travel bag and I like that it doubles as a seat, now that is really handy I love that idea!

  33. lol mine and my hubbies luggage is about as old as we are all 2nd hand stuff so this would be nice

  34. I think the most awesome thing about this bag is that it's a seat also! I swear I can never find a seat at the airport that isn't way too far from my gate! Also, as a mom I can always use a seat for one of my kids so this would really come in handy! PS I bet a woman invented this!

  35. We've only ever bought "cheap" luggage - enough to get our stuff from Point A to Point B. It would be nice to have something that would actually last for more than a few trips!!

    Many thanks!!

  36. I love the styling, and having ised them I can say packing cubes are a must. My daughter is leaving for CO for a month and this would be perfect for her
    to take

  37. Whoa- this bag is impressive! The fact that it is a master multitasker. And you can sit on it? This would be a great father's day gift!

  38. I love multi tasking products. I think it's awesome that this doubles as a seat too. How practical. Why didn't I think of this. Great that it's TSA approved too!

  39. We are taking a trip next month and the ZÜCA Pro sounds like the ideal carry-on companion - especially using it as a portable seat! :)

  40. Looks very cool--I love the idea of having my own seat---I've spent many hours in crowded airports wandering around because I couldn't find a seat.

  41. I can't believe you can sit on it. That's a sturdy bag! I don't know when I'll get to travel again, but I'd love to have the ZÜCA bag along when I do.

  42. I love traveling, but I hate packing and unpacking. This is my first time hearing about Zuca. It looks awesome. I think my dad, who is also not good at organizing and packing, would like this bag too. Very interesting product. Thanks!

  43. Love the Zuca travel cover & compartmentalization! Snazzy designs too- obvious that lots of thought & practical experience have gone into it, like the details of handles on both sides & recessed wheels- and extra long handle. Not to mention how aweomely strong it is! The only thing I'd have to say is missing is I'd like wheels that roll side to side as well as front to back. Maybe this lack enhances stability so it can serve as a handy seat?

  44. WOW! this would really come in handy for the cruise my husband is planning in september. I could pack so much into this thing! He is always saying "ONLY ONE BAG", MEN! *sigh*. With somthing like this I would only need one! well maybe two! ;)

  45. We travel a lot so this would be incredibly handy. It would have been perfect for the Transatlantic Cruise we just finished taking in April!

  46. I would love to win this for my brother in law. He recently was promoted at work and is not traveling almost every week.

  47. Just what I need -- a longer handle. I'm tall so I always have to lean over to pull my luggage because the handle it too short.

  48. I love this bag! My husband has to travel often for his job, this would come in handy, thanks!

  49. My luggage is over 20 years old! This sounds like the neatest travel set! I can't believe I'm still lugging around luggage that doesn't even have wheels on it!

  50. This travel set sounds incredibly useful. After having pulled an overstuffed suitcase with tiny wheels along a cobblestone street in Europe, I can truly say that ZUCA Pro would have made my traveling easier. Thanks for the chance to win!


  51. Speaking from being on several long flights in the past few weeks (and a few more next week), I can definitely say that nothing pisses me off quite like the jerk who stands in the aisle of the plane fiddling with his carry-on bag that doesn't quite fit (has never quite fit and WILL NEVER QUITE FIT!) in the overhead bin. Then he has to complain to the flight addentand, pass his bag all the way up front to be stowed. Sigh. Thats one reason I always have taken duffle bags as carry-ons.... maybe until now :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. I love my cats but they have tinkled on my luggage. I have resorted to using plastic bags.
    Help me get back to decent travel bags... Thanks

  53. This looks like a terrific travel bag - I love being able to organize up-front and find what I need upon arrival. I also like the idea that this will make a good seat in the airport waiting room.

  54. I like that it is lightweight and that it has compartments to make it easier to separate parts of your stuff. Plus, I think I would very much enjoy saying, "Zuca, Zuca..." and I'm sure my 10 year old would.

  55. General note here to you.... you've got some totally awesome gift ideas and have provided some great inspiration for which I am greatful. With a husband who travels, I am definately taking a much closer look at this bag, it is obvious that there is much thought that went into the design!

  56. My husband travels for work every few months, so this would definitely come in handy. He tends to throw it all in a backpack, which ends up with wrinkled clothes.

  57. I would love to have this to travel with on my trip to New York later this month. Sure would beat traveling my the old, worn out luggage I have now!

  58. My husband just flew for his first time in March and absolutely loved it! He had many plans for more trips, including Disney as soon as we can after we have baby # 4. He would love this bag!

  59. This bag looks so cool! With airline baggage fees skyrocketing I'm always looking to pack light and carry-on instead of checking a bag.

  60. This ZUCA has the most unique design I've ever seen! I bet I could pack everything I need and more. Thank you!

  61. Id say I would give this to my dad, but I wont lie. I have recently been bit by the travel bug. the roadtrip bug too. This would be PERFECT for me... and I may let dad borrow it too, since i am such a good daughter. ;)

  62. Luggage is always the worst part of any trip, and I would love a piece of luggage that doubles as a seat!

  63. Hmmmm - I'd have a hard time ranking those excellent features/assets myself: at any given moment - and and all of them could lead the pack (no pun, really.)

    We have a closet full of socalled "travel bags" - none of which really pass muster...

    Wait, I just decided that even if all other things were equal (which they are not) a bag that doubles as a seat simply cannot be beat!


  64. My favorite feature of the Zuca Pro are the individual packing cubes.
    To me they are perfect for giving each person their own cube for toiletries and incidentals.
    And great for taking on vacation.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  65. I've never heard of them before but their luggage looks well made. I like that you can really organize it.

  66. This is an awesome piece of luggage. I also love the fact that you can sit on. I've not seen anything like that before.

  67. United beat the daylights out of my "carry on which is too big for regional planes so leave it by the door on the jetway" - seriously, why make the overheads so small? Anyway, the ZUCA looks like it could take a lot more than my little bag did.

  68. We travel a little bit every summer, and I can't imagine the joy of packing for my family in this cool bag! Thanks!

  69. It looks like all the special features of the bag will be very helpful on my next trip to my favorite place, Fabulous Las Vegas!

  70. I like the solid construction. Looks like it could do a good job protecting all of your stuff inside.

  71. OMG As one of those crazy organized people I LOVE this bag! I NEED this bag. I REALLY would like to have this bag! It's a great bag! (I might share with my husband)

  72. I love the inventive "cube" system for packing. No jumble in your luggage. And it's a seat too? Fabulous!

  73. I NEED this bag! If I win, I'm keepin' it for myself! I'm traveling a lot in several months and this is a must for international travel. I'm looking for something lightweight and I love that it doubles as a seat.

  74. This would be a great bag. Since I am getting older and have arthritis, something that is lightweight and can roll would be great.

  75. What a great bag! I'm currently looking for a new bag after realizing my current carry-on is just a little too big for the new guidelines. I was also looking at packing cubes as a way to make a smaller bag hold more. This Zuca bag combines both! Sounds like a great idea.

  76. I love this as it's so lightweight, which is what I need considering my bags always feel like I'm carrying around a ton of bricks! Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  77. We now are traveling with TWO little ones so the packing cubes would be so great to have for organization!

  78. I checked out the video of this bag and realized this would be perfect for the hubsters. He travels for business all the time and this would sure make his life a whole lot easier!

  79. That is truly one impressive piece of luggage. Would be great for when I travel to Florida to visit my grandson.

  80. it would be so nice to have a seat when you are stuck in line waiting to go thru security, what a cool idea. i want one.

  81. My husband is going on a trip in a couple of weeks, this would be great to replace his mismatched pieces.

  82. This looks so cool! I've never seen a piece of luggage with a built in seat before. This looks so much more professional than my current Victoria's Secret duffle bag. :)

  83. What a handy bag. I am tired of stuffing everything into one big suitcase and it all gets messed up and once you get where you are going it gets even more messed up. I am a very organized person and this seems as if it would help to keep traveling organized.

  84. This is my first time hearing about Zuca and it sounds like a well-thought out travel bag. My husband does his share of work-related travel. I love the compartments. With my husband, the compartments would be filled with computer/electronic related chords and stuff, not clothes!

  85. Any luggage that can help me be organized when I pack is great. I travel for work and need something lightweight and easy.

  86. What a great looking bag! The packing cubes look so incredibly helpful. And you said it doubles as a seat? How cool is that?!

    Thank you for hosting this fabulous giveaway - I would be SO thrilled to win!

  87. The packing cubes would be such a convenience, because I'm always trying to put everything in separate areas of the suitcase to keep everything organized.

  88. We are taking our 2 year old to Rome in September and can use all the help we can get! This would be great! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  89. wow - what a cool bag. I'm gonna have to go and check them out especially since I'm the one that travels. I hate waiting in security and would love to sit and wait. Does that make me lazy?

  90. This looks like a great bag - haven't ever heard of it before! I love all the features you point out and now I can't get the name out of MY head!

  91. We are traveling as a family to Europe this winter, and I need to buy a few pieces of luggage. This piece looks amazing. Durable, practical & perfect for my son.

  92. this is brilliant! my hubby travels a lot for work & doesn't really have a great bag.. he uses backpacks (from like 10 years ago!) and an old suitcase

  93. I would love to give this to my husband for his business trips. He likes being able to use carry-ons and the long handle is perfect since he is so tall!

  94. This company was started by a Mom whose daughter developed back problems from carrying heavy books. How awesome!!

  95. Zuca - a fun word and a fun, useful piece of luggage. The longer handle would be wonderful and I love to stay organized while on a trip, so the cubes would be a lifesaver. My husband would be so surprised and grateful if I won this for him. ;)

  96. We just returned from a trip and the zipper broke on our best bag. This would be a wonderful replacement.

  97. this looks great - we are heading off on a big trip soon and our unwieldy carry on situation has me stressed

  98. We leave for italy in a few weeks - maybe i could get my husband to pack early if he had something like this!

  99. I had to come back to just mention how much I love that the creator and CEO is a female!!!! (not trying to enter twice) ( :

    Love that, and love it in the pink color, the video is really cool!

  100. I travel alot with my job and this win would really come in handy with everything that I have to bring with me on my travels.

  101. We are due for new luggage and this bag sounds like it will help me be more organized in my packing, which I always wait till the last minute to do.

  102. I have had the privilege of trying packing cubes and they are Fabulous! I'd love to win these for my Dad for Father's Day! Thanks!

  103. Our luggage is getting rather beat up after so many years of use. I'd love to try this one! I love the features that you mentioned (especially the inner bags; I can think of so many ways to use them!).

  104. the funny part is that when I saw the word zuca i started singing a zuca song in my head cause I thought the word was fun. Then I started actually reading and felt a bit better that I'm not the only crazy one. This bag looks like a dream and I love the whole sitting feature too! so handy. I hate airport seats!

  105. Whole lotta awesome right here. My hubs would love to go on photo trips with this bad boy. Thanks, Steph!

  106. This sounds great for families with the seat! There are plenty of times when traveling that you can't find a place to park your toddler or yourself with the baby!

  107. Oh my! With all the travelling we do as a family this would be super amazing! How awesome does this look and so functional too!! Really a great gift for the travelling dad!

  108. What a great looking bag. I have used a Travel Pro for years and this looks more than comparable in quality.

  109. My husband does a lot of traveling and our luggage is showing the wear and tear. This bag looks awesome, thanks for the chance!

  110. My old bag is virtually falling apart. The foremrly stiff bottom of the bag is starting to resemble a "U" shape.

  111. i always looking for a seat in the airport here in the busy nyc so this is awesome that it doubles as a seat too!

  112. I always thought "zucca" was an Italian dish with butternut squash (that I love!), but this ZUCA is not only just as much fun to say but it's an extremely interesting product. What I love (besides the name, oh and the great seat-ability), is that there are all those little pouches - b/c haven't we all packed a suitcase and then realized we still needed something that was on the BOTTOM of the suitcase? With the ZUCA you can just slide out the pouch you need and get at the item without disturbing the rest of your carefully packed items! I want one! :)

  113. This will amke a good fathers day gift. Thanks for all the awesome giveaways. I have really enjoyed reading you reviews.

  114. Wow! I have never seen a bag like this. My husband travels a lot and this would make it much easier to manage.

  115. Interesting concept (the seat on top)...how many times have I been stuck traveling over the holidays in a packed airport with no place to sit? I've never tried packing cubes but it might simplify things for me - awesome looking bag.

  116. Ok, this is seriously cool. I can't believe that it doubles as a seat! That also makes it so great for when you are traveling with little ones who get tuckered out and like to find cool places to sit down!

  117. My husband does a lot of traveling & this would be a great bag for him to use. Looks like it will pack a fair amount & be easy to use.

  118. When my husband packs, he takes everything, including kitchen sink. He needs everything "just in case" and dumps it all in the suitcase and then at our destination he dumps everything on the bed looking for what he needs. It drives me crazy but this sounds like a perfect solution We're flying internationally this summer with our oldest and youngest and I'm dreading overweight fees for all my husbands "stuff". The Zuca even has a packing tips guide to show him how to roll or fold and he can just take out what package he needs. Hey, if he doesn't want to use it it would be perfect for the kids as well!

  119. This sounds fab - I really like the little separate bags to go inside and the fact that it's lightweight.

  120. Zuca Zuca Zuca, you're right, it is fun. This looks like it would be great to bring on a trip. Oh and now I want a trip, too! :)

  121. i love that it doubles as a seat. i always sit on my suitcase when i'm traveling and they are definitely are not made for that and are extremely uncomfortable.

  122. What a great idea with the individual cubes, would make things so much easier at the airport and when visiting family, just grab what I need

  123. This would be the perfect father's day gift for my hubby. I like the packing cubes. I bet my husband could fit all of his stuff in here, plus have room left for some of my stuff :) If I won this I bet I could talk him into taking me on a much needed vacay!

  124. I love that this has a long handle. The bag I currently use has a pathetically short handle and it hurt my arms and back last time i used it.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  125. I love the bags that double as seats; they are incredibly convenient! The wheels look really heavy duty, which is wonderful; I hate flimsy wheel on my rolling luggage.

  126. I've never seen this type of carry-on before. It would be so convenient to separate clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc. into the different cubes. What a great way to travel.

  127. This product looks amazing... could really use a nice carry on now that checking luggage is so expensive.

  128. This bag sounds like a dream come true. Nothing makes me happier than a travel bag that has all the bells and whistles in one wonderful item. It makes travel less of a hassle and love the seat feature. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've had to wait somewhere with my bag and no where to sit. This is a great powerful bag.

  129. I love that this bag is so lightweight and I can sneak it on the plane without having to pay the hefty fee.

  130. I've never seen this bag before, but it does indeed look pretty awesome. Love the organizational cubes. Thanks so much for offering the giveaway and Zuca for furnishing it!

  131. What a great idea for luggage - we have pretty cheap luggage, but it usually gets the job done - not that we wouldn't love some nicer stuff =)

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  132. You probably won't believe me, but last time we were in an airport, I said we should invent something like this! Luggage sturdy enough to sit on! GENIUS!
    you have me saying zuca zuca zuca now! heehee!

  133. Wow, doubling as a seat is really a plus for me. I cant stand very long as I am battling chronic illness.

  134. I bought one of these bags for my husband a while ago and he loves it! Now I'd love to have one for myself.....do I have to tell him I won one from a Father's Day contest? ;)

  135. My husband would love this for when we go to New Mexico for my grandma's 90th birhtday. It would allow him to organize all his stuff and I think he would really enjoy it.

  136. This looks like super efficient travel gear. Air travel has become increasingly onerous and this looks like just the thing to make it easier.

  137. That seems like an awesome travel system. I love that you can use it as a seat. Traveling back home usually takes about 24 hrs each way so having something else to sit on other than a floor in a packed airport would be so awesome.

  138. Love the name Zuca! This looks like a travelers dream bag! I travel frequently and it is tough to get everything in one bag and be organized!

  139. I love this bag! Last trip that is exactly what I was doing...dumping EVERYTHING out to find one little thing...kinda like my diaper bag...*sigh*


  140. Anything that makes traveling easier is ok in my book. This product looks like it would make traveling much easier.

    imin2fun81 at mail dot com

  141. Luggage that is not only understated-ly stylish, but highly functional - LOVE IT! Very clever to use the mesh bags to organize, especially the toiletry bag (much nicer than a ziploc). Would be a great bag to use when traveling with my two littles this summer to visit Nana and Pop.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  142. What a fantastic product. I think that they thought of everything! Even turning into a seat? Awesome!

  143. It doubles as a seat?! What an interesting idea. So many times I've wanted to take a nap while waiting for a flight but been afraid of someone purloining my stuff. Great idea!

  144. Friends have one and it is wonderful! So easy to tote things around and it makes a great seat too. Hubby could so use one of his own.

  145. I need something like this to replace my old luggage, which has been around the world too many times. Time for a change!

  146. This looks like a great bag! I am trying to pack with just carry-on, so efficiency and quality really help.

  147. As I was packing for our most recent trip, I remembered your post on packing cubes and wished I had invested in a few, particularly as a way of sorting the baby's clothes. I hope to be more efficient next time I travel!

  148. My family currently uses really cheap backpacks we got on clearance for our carry on luggage. It would be great to have real luggage.

  149. This is an interesting piece. I travel 50% of the year and have never seein anything like it. Very handy.

  150. We own a Zuca, they are great. My little sister is an ice skater and this is what all the girls have. It works out well because they can sit on the bag during hair and make up. I would love to have one for myself!

  151. I like that it comes with the packing cubes. I think they would really help simplify things.

    If I win, please contact me at hawkshoe at comcast dot net. Thanks.

  152. Do you remember the old Samsonite commercial from the early 1970's (ok, maybe before your time)... They threw a suitcase into a gorilla cage at the zoo. The gorilla proceeded to throw, hit, punch and jump on the suitcase. It survived without a scratch! I wonder if this one would do as well?


  153. This bag looks great. I love that it is so compact. I think I can actually get all of my stuff in it. Also, that it doubles as a seat is awesome.

  154. Wow! I wish I'd had this bag with me on the treks through airports and onto planes in the last few years. Major organizational appeal, as well as that 'use it as a seat' bonus ....and it looks great!

    zuca zuca zuca ...yep! fun to say! :)

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  155. I not going to lie, this would totally be something more for me. I'm the one that does all the packing and this would save me so much stress! I guess that could be my gift to my husband. A less stressed wife.

  156. Well, we're hoping to travel more and with our expanding family we don't have enough suitcases anymore! This would surely come in handy! (is it carry on size?)

  157. Now that the kids are all grown up we plan to take the grandkids part of the time and just the 2 of us the rest ... this looks perfect to pick up and GOOOOOO!

  158. I could really use this. I've pretty well destroyed my current carry-on with my last few international trips.

  159. That bag is pretty impressive looking. Our family recently fly across country and when flying it is certianly nice to have bags that wheel easily!

  160. OMG, what a bag, I could not help but be organized with this bag. And as many times as I get into the bag after I pack it, by the time I leave the bag is in total disarray. Plus my mom will be so excited that I don't borrow her bags again, they have been more places with me than her. Plus the kids would be able to find stuff when we get to our hotel instead of pulling EVERYTHING out within the first 15 mins of arrival!

  161. You've got me longing for packing cubes! This bag looks great too. I love designs that show real creativity.

  162. this is such a great piece of luggage and whats even more appealing is all the special features, I love that you can sit on it while you wait to board your plane, usually I hate checking baggage and if its just for short trips this is the perfect carry-on, Would love to win this, thanks for the great giveaway

  163. I teach a class where the word "wider" comes up. And every time I teach the class, I say it over and over and over again. Wider. Wider. Wider. It's a weird word when you say it out loud.

    My husband does not need a new carry on, but I do. I believe this would be all mine!!

  164. Wow ~ I've never heard of this particular brand however I like how it makes packing so easy because everything has its place. Hubby would definitely appreciate this on his weekly commutes.

  165. Wow, this looks like a great bag. i like the retractable wheels -- that always seems to be a problem with my carry-on. Can't tell whether it has a special place for a laptop though?

  166. The packing cubes are a great idea. I wonder why no one thought of it before! Please enter me in the giveaway

  167. This a very well designed carry-on. We have a destination wedding in the family in August. Since most relatives live and work close to home, everyone is shopping for luggage right now! This would come in handy for sure. Thanks.

  168. The seat is genius! But how exactly do you say Zuca? I don't quite remember how an umlaut changes the 'u' pronunciation... Zeuca? Zooca?

  169. Oh, my husband loves bags: duffles, backpacks, carryons... He would love this, and I would love the packing cubes!

  170. My favorite part is the seat part! When we were kids, my brothers and I would always try to sit on our bags - never quite worked out.

  171. Oh this looks awsome! Could truly put this baby to the test with our trip across the pond this summer.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  172. I especially like the idea of the packets, a great time saver,(and wouldn't it be nice to be a little organized when you travel?)

  173. My husband is the hardest person to buy for, and I think he might love a carry on, that he can sit on :)

  174. seriously what a cool idea- and great for when you have to get away from the crowds with a little one- a seat already

  175. Wow, this looks like awesome luggage! This would be great for all those trips we have been planning, but haven't taken yet. :)

  176. My husband and I are going to travel around Europe (Venice, Zurich, Prague and Paris) by train for our 25th anniversary trip. We have been looking for bags and this looks perfect.

  177. My husband could really use this bag. He is a pilot and travels all the time. This bag would make his life much easier and it would be a fabulous Father's Day gift! Thanks for the chance!

  178. My husband would love something like this for himself. It looks perfect for a man like him. It seems like the design and style are ideal for a man on the go.

  179. For some reason, European products always seems so innovative and funky to me. I need new luggage in a bad way.

  180. ZÜCA, ZÜCA, ZÜCA! How fun! This looks so great! Would be perfect for the crazy trip to Germany and Austria we are taking in August to meet up with Markus' whole family! You give the greatest reviews!

  181. That looks like a great bag that the whole family can use. That would come in handy for our trip to Colorado this summer. We are camping. In a tent.

  182. Zuca:) !!! Still don't know what to get hubby for Father's Day..this is our first!!! Would LOVE to surprise him with it...maybe he will take me on vacation!!!

  183. I have had my eye on these bags! I love the individual cubes! I am planning on traveling quite a bit in the next few months...this bag would help me save money on not having to "check" my luggage!!

  184. I love this bag! What a clever idea, to stack the cubes. I am a freak for cubes; I have about 15 of them. I'm traveling more for work these days and this bag looks like it would out perform my TravelPro. I could be packed in a moment's notice.

  185. That is one very impressive-looking piece of luggage! I hope I win so I'll have an excuse to travel somewhere (besides my in-laws).

  186. WOW this is one seriously cool luggage! We travel alot with justins family being back east so this would be PERFECT!

  187. I saw the Zuca on another blog a while back and was really impressed with its untippable design, washable fabric and nooks and crannies for anything and everything. I'd love to try one out on my trip to EVO!

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