Father's Day Giveaway: Yakima HighLite

Father's Day Giveaway: Yakima HighLite 1Is there a man in your life who enjoys riding?

I am excited to give you a chance to win Yakima's HighLite hitch rack {see below} in honor of Father's Day.

Available in a 2 or 3 bike model, the carrier is impressively lightweight at under 20 pounds. It's easy & painless to install and also has a built-in security cable to ensure that no one rides away with his equipment.

As a bonus, the carrier also includes two integrated bottle openers so he can enjoy a bottle of beer at the end of a ride.

Tim gives the HighLite a solid two thumbs up as a gift idea for any mountain biker.

You can check out more gift ideas for cyclists in last week's mini gift guide.

Father's Day Giveaway: Yakima HighLite 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a HighLite bike carrier by Yakima (~$330)! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, June 22nd at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Yakima sent me a sample for review purposes and is also providing 1 product for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #94 John S. Congratulations!

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108 comments on “Father's Day Giveaway: Yakima HighLite”

  1. This would be great to have because we take the kids to the park 3 or 4 times a week and its such a pain trying to put them in the back of the van each time.

  2. cycling is one of my favorite past times and I know all too well that a good high quality bike is necessary. This one fits the bill with its lightness for sure. Would love to test it out!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  3. I'd love one of these! We are going to be moving into a condo in a few months, and the closest park to ride bikes around is a little away, where it's not really safe to ride your bike too. This would be great to be able to take our bikes down and enjoy the weather!
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  4. Our family which includes my husband, myself and the children have recently taken up bicycling and have been stacking the bikes in the back of the minivan. Just today we added the hitch to the minivan and have been shopping for a bike rack. This would be perfect AND in our budget! Thanks for the opportunity! Happy Father's Day!

  5. This bike carrier is just the perfect thing for hitting the tails and it's great it's lightweight and can be installed easily who needs the hassle of a clunky heavy apparatus

  6. I've always wanted a rack for my vehicle so I can take our bikes along when we go on trips to the lake.

  7. It would be awesome to be able to carry our bikes with us to go camping as it is our car is too full to take them. This Yakima Highlite rack would be great so that we can use our mountain bikes on our trips!

  8. This would be fabulous. We are now a 3 bike family. However, we've been camping lately and thinking it would have been great to have the bikes with us, but without a rack that has not been possible. We've got more camping ahead. Thanks for the chance.

  9. I used to ride my bike a lot and now don't have a way to take it to the cooler parts of New Orleans. I would love to have this rack to make life a little easier and enjoy more bike riding of course!

  10. I've been looking for a bike carrier to take the kids trail riding with me. This is the model I had my eye on!

  11. I just bought a bike last summer and haven't had a chance to get a bike rack for my car installed. I've looked at the Yakima product line before but just couldn't decide on the best rack for me. I've just been putting my bike in the back end of my station wagon when I do go riding with friends and it does take up a lot of space that way.

  12. It would be so terrific to take the kids somewhere to ride our bikes safely - thanks for this chance to win a product NOT in my budget. The picture shown is of the bike rack attached to a truck - is it actually a trailer hitch? Does it require tools and time to connect/disconnect the bike rack from a vehicle? You mentioned that it is easy to install, this would be great! The mention of a security cable is great...do we need to use a lock to deter thieves (actually I would have to own bikes worth stealing - lol).

  13. This is exactly what I need. I just bought a new road bike but my car is too small to transport my bike. I would love to ride along the beach. This bike rack would be perfect.

  14. My husband enjoys riding his bike, and we are considering to buy a car soon because our current car is too small to carry bicycles. This would be awesome! Every cyclist friend told us that Yakima is the best when it comes to bike carriers. Great giveaway!

  15. My Honey/Hubby rides his bike almost everywhere and I'm trying to ride as much as I can. Hubby wants us both to go up to Northern Michigan this Fall to do a 50 mile ride up near Mackinac Island - but we need to take our bikes up there and it is a 9 hour drive BY CAR! We can't possibly fit the bikes in the car. Of course if we had a bike rack like this one - we would bring our bikes with us just about everywhere so we could take rides and have adventures in all kinds of new places - near and far.

    P.S. I just became your 599th Facebook Fan - bet you break 600 before sunrise on the ALMOST longest day of the year! Happy Summer!

    1. Thanks for entering the contest and fanning Metropolitan Mama! You were right - I have 600 fans now. :)

      P.S. Stay tuned for more cool giveaways - coming soon!

  16. I would love for my husband to be able to go riding the bike trails around the area with the kids but all of the bikes do not fit in our SUV and the trails are a couple miles away. Which is to far for them to ride there and back.

  17. We are just reviving bicycling in our family - this looks like a great rack! We'd also love to get a bike trailer for the little guy - did you ever use one of those?

  18. It really is a nice bike rack and since I am in the market for a bike rack , this one is on my shortlist.

  19. I love going on bike rides with my husband. This would be great for the back of the car so we can take them to farther away parks and destinations

  20. oh wow. my whole family rides bikes, my brother, mom, dad, husband, and myself and we could use this!!!!

  21. my hubby needs a bike rack for his truck- he just throw his bike in the back of the truck and its getting messed up b/c of that.
    tcogbill at live dot com

  22. My kids love to ride. I'd like to have the rack to make it easier to take them outside of our neighborhood for rides.

  23. My husband and I just bought new bicycles so that we could start exercising together and this would be much better than piling the bikes in the back of the truck.

  24. Our family loves riding our bikes around the Neighborhood. This would make it so much more exciting we could take the bikes to the park, To grandmas, oh and there is a bike park we would love to go to with the kids, but right now can not fit kids and bikes in one vehicle
    texaswaitress (at) live (dot) com

  25. I've been trying to get a bike for an out of town friend, and this would be perfect to go with it - Yakima is known for their high quality equipment!

  26. We bought bikes over the winter still haven't had the chance to use them. This would be a great way to transport our bikes to the bike path and get some exercise. My husband would be thrilled with this, too!

  27. Yakima has great products! Now that it is summer, this would be great for me to go biking to places further out. No need to disassemble my wheel and try to squeeze my bike into the trunk anymore!!!

  28. This would be great for our family. We love to go bike riding on a greenway nearby our house. This will help us get there more easily. Biking is a great form of exercise and enjoyable for our entire family.

  29. Oh swoooooooooon!!!! My husband has been wanting a bike rack for FOREVER. But he never would spend that kind of money on himself, even though he deserves something like this that will help him take his cycling hobby wherever the car can go. We have so many great mountain trails here.

    Oh man, wow. Fingers crossed. And if I don't win, this is such an amazing gift for whoever does! Good luck to all! Thanks, Stephanie!

  30. We could definitely use a sturdier, reliable bike rack for when we go camping and biking in the summer - and the bottle opener is an inspired design feature. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  31. i have the older version that you strap to your car it is a pain also scratched the car . I enjoy road biking and trail riding sounds great

  32. i just started riding my bike again and could really use this. there is nowhere to really ride around me and my bike wont fit IN my car. :(


  33. We were just talking about getting one of these! How wonderful to hear your thoughts!

  34. we all like to ride and in Colorado mountains we could use this for transport and thanks for the chance

  35. Ahh! I haven't read your blog in so long Stephanie! But I'm back!! Yay:) I would love to win the bike! Our bikes got stolen recently (along with our baby charriot!) so I'm in the market!! Love this one for my hubbs!

    1. I'm so glad that you're back, Elisabeth! How have you been?

      P.S. I'm so sorry to hear about the bikes + chariot!

  36. WELL, we have two LITTLE ones, so we don't own bikes - would be too hard - BUT we plan to - for sure. So this would RULE.

  37. My brother-in-law would love this! He is an avid bike rider! Or, maybe this would convince my hubby that we need to get some bikes for ourselves! ;)

  38. It's amazing how much bike racks have advanced. I like the security cable and bottle openers. We have been cramming the bikes in the back of his truck.

  39. As our kids get older we'll be needing something like this for all our bikes. What a great Father's Day surprise this would be!

  40. We love riding bikes. This would be great for when we travel every year from TX to NC ...to grandma and grandpa's house. We are there for over two weeks . My hubby and the kids would love to be able to finally bring their bikes. Thank you for the chance.

    [email protected]

  41. I would love to win this. As a mom of three boys and a baby on the way we are running out of space to hold the bikes in the van when we go riding along the parkway. I love the fact that it is light weight and easy to install. I am not that handy and it sounds like I could install it with ease.

    sbaka3 at gmail dot com

  42. We just moved to the northwest where everyone bikes, and we just invested in two bikes (well, we didn't pay as much as most people around here did for their bikes, but it was still a pretty penny!) and now we need all the accessories-- this would be perfect for our "beginners" tour of the mountains!
    thanks so much
    hmcnaron at gmail dotcom

  43. We would love something like this! We just bought new mountain bikes so this would be great for exploring areas away from home! Thanks for the chance!

  44. WOW That is such an awesome giveaway, my hubby is a huge biker. He rides his bike to work often and is looking forward to hitting the bike trails again once the hot arizona summer passes!! This would be such a great gift for him!

  45. My babies Godfather is a fabulous cyclist! This would make a great "fathers day" gift for him!!!

    I love the bottle opener. Genius!

  46. my hunnys truck has been out of commission for almost a year now ..they guy who said hed fix it ..well tore it apart..and thhen took hhis $$ and drank it all and took off..just now hes getting it back together slowly with help from my sis boyfriend... last month he decided to go and buy a bike to ride 9 miles to work. been tough getting back in shape. now he doesnt know if he wants to drive to work when its fixed..hmm who knew?
    so when i hafta pick him up from work i could have this on my car and easily strap the bike up and go on our way! that would be ideal!

    zippy573 AT netscape DOT net

  47. My oldest son could use a new bike. He does have his own truck, but he prefers to ride his bicycle everywhere he goes at times.

  48. I've been looking at getting one of these...especially now that I am selling my truck and will need a better way to bring our bikes with us.


  49. This would be great for our family. We just bought a bike trailer for our little girl and this would be a great way for daddy to take his little girl on bike rides!

  50. We used to have a bike rack for the car but got rid of it because we hadn't been bkiking. Now that we are again my husband and I could use a new bike rack!

  51. My husband has been wanting this bike rack forever.... well, at least since before we got married and my parents gave theirs to my brother (who knows where that is now!). We've had the cheapy bike racks but now he has a jeep that makes it impossible to use anything but this style. It would be so great for him so he can get back to mountain biking again without scratching up my car!

  52. Both of my sons ride bicycles for exercise. They are 22 and 18 and both just graduated. The oldest from college and the youngest from high school. We would love to have this bike rack! Thank you for the chance!

  53. Thanks for the chance to win this great bike rack. I would love to win it to give it to my younger brother as this will be his first Father's Day being a daddy.

  54. Right now, me & my husband are traveling around the country with our 5th wheel camper. We recently brought our bicycles on the road with us & have no way to haul them other than dragging them into the camper. I would love to win this rack!!

  55. Our favorite biking trip was Hiawatha in Montana. I think you guys would love it because you can bring the kiddos. It's an old rail path through the rockies and the scenery is breathtaking. Plus, it's all slightly downhill so it is easy for little ones and parents with small ones in tow.

  56. This would be great to have along on camping trips! The bikes usually stay behind ...but what a bonus it would be to be able to transport them along with us.

  57. I like this option for hauling bikes! We've got a couple of areas close to us that we would like to ride at, but getting all the bikes there to ride is challenging!

  58. Great hitch rack! We've been throwing our bikes in the back of our Jetta wagon, but now that we have a baby and we use the back seat for her, we need an alternate way to transport our bikes. This looks perfect!

  59. My husband got a bike this last weekend ( an early Father's day gift). And now he could really use a way to haul it.

  60. Wow- What a great prize. Sigh- one of our daughters will never be able to mountain bike due to her anatomy so we've decided not to do it- as there are many other things that she can do! However, we still love to bike, just not on mtn trails;)

  61. We were just checking out a bike rack at a garage sell-it wasn't what we wanted. This, however, would be perfect!

    pjames330 at aol dot com

  62. This would be nice to carry our bikes when we go on our camping trips. I hate using the car in the park so bringing the bikes would be great.

  63. OOOOOHHHHHH.... I am pretty sure Jay would drool over this (or maybe he already did?? I see a familiar bike in the photo!). It would fit on either car... making either a little more manly! :)

    1. Jay was actually IN the picture, but I had to crop it so that it would align left in my blog post. ;)

      P.S. I'm glad they got to go on at least one ride together while we were in Richmond. Hopefully, there will be more mountain bike rides in their future...perhaps in Oregon? :)

  64. Oh WOW this is cool. Kev has been wanting to get bikes but we keep changing our minds. Lately he has been talking about it more and although I prefer to go to spin class, I think we are leaning towards buying bikes so we can do something new and fun. I know that my preferred bike is one of those beach crusiers but that is not something that would work around here LOL

  65. My husband has a roof rack for his bike on his car, but soon our kids will be old enough to go on bike rides, and we'll want a rack for the minivan to take bikes on camping trips and long weekend vacations.

  66. We were just talking about this over the weekend. We have awesome bikes, and even a cart to hold two of the kids, but we don't have a bike carrier (we've just thrown them in the back of the truck). This would be awesome to have!! Hope Tim has a great Father's Day!!

  67. Awesome! Hubby and I both love to mountainbike ride. We have no problem when we take his truck, but there are times when we would prefer to use my Forester (better gas mileage!), but we don't have a bike rack for it. I like the built in security cable, but the bottle opener really sealed the deal! :)

  68. My husband and my boys love mountain biking. In fact my hubby rode in the 24 hour race this year in February for the first time and plans to do it again. This bike rack would be an awesome gift for my amazing husband. He probably bikes between 50 and 60 miles a week!

  69. We bike ALL the time, unfortunately our current rack only fits two and we are a family of four.We'd love a new rack as we are all avid cyclists.

  70. We just bought my husband a bike and he's been riding to work and all around the trails near our house. We've been throwing the bike in the back of our car (okay SQUEEZING it in) so this would be perfect!

  71. My Husband is an avid cyclist so the lightweight design of this carrier is perfect, the security cable is certainly an added bonus. I visited their site and was also impressed by Sliding SWITCHBLADE™ anti-sway cradles eliminates bike-to-bike contact and improve ease of loading.

    [email protected]

  72. Hubby and I have been talking about getting into biking for fresh air and exercise. This would be perfect!

  73. I'd love to win something like this! I love to ride my bike, but with the cap on my truck, it makes it really difficult to take my bike somewhere for a ride. This becomes even more difficult when we take my bike, along with my wife's and son's. This would be a great addition to our family!

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