Father's Day Giveaway [Valued at $270]

Happy Weekend to you! Here's a giveaway to kick off the Father's Day fun.

One lucky winner will walk away with ALL five of these prizes [valued at $270].

$25 Sam's Cub Gift Card

Stuck for gift ideas? You won't have to look far to find something awesome at Sam's Club. One quick peek at the Father's Day page will give you confidence that there is truly something for every dad. How about a Stainless Steel Fire Bowl, a Road Bike, or a Cargo Bag for the back of his truck?

Father's Day Giveaway [Valued at $270] 1

iPhone 4S Case by Sena

Take your pick from these sophisticated and professional cases that will keep his phone protected from falls and scratches. Ranging in price from $30-$70, these leather beauties offer both aestheticism and superior functionality.

Father's Day Giveaway [Valued at $270] 2 Father's Day Giveaway [Valued at $270] 3 Father's Day Giveaway [Valued at $270] 4 Father's Day Giveaway [Valued at $270] 5 Father's Day Giveaway [Valued at $270] 6

Iron Horse Skillet by Lodge Manufacturing

Tim insists that this is his favorite backyard cooking accessory. Sturdy, easy to clean, and big enough to cook for a crowd, this skillet gets weekly use at our house. We make roasted potatoes, sweet onions, basil-pesto tilapia, wild atlantic salmon, zucchini with parmesan, just to name a few. $99.

Father's Day Giveaway [Valued at $270] 7Running Hat by Headsweats

Headsweats offers hats for athletes of all kinds. The lightweight material wicks away sweat and allows air to move through the hat. The brim keeps the sun off his face so that he can focus on his form and the finish line. $20-$26.

Father's Day Giveaway [Valued at $270] 8

$50 Spa & Wellness Gift Card by SpaWeek

eGift Cards are available as last-minute gifts and can be used for facials, massages, pedicures, manicures, or waxing at 5,000 spas and wellness facilities across North America.

Father's Day Giveaway [Valued at $270] 9
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147 comments on “Father's Day Giveaway [Valued at $270]”

  1. He'd like the Sam's Club card the best but the iron skillet would be a favorite too.

  2. My husband makes the best egg omelets and that skillet looks like it would take his skills to the next level!

  3. The sam's club would def be his first choice and then probably 2nd choice would be the spa & wellness card

  4. It would be a toss up between the running hat and the iron skillet! He loves cooking and running equally!!

  5. My husband would love the Sams gc. He loves shopping at Sams and he's always adding items into our cart.
    Thanks so much.

  6. My husband is a workout fanatic so either the running hat or he could really use a massage with the spa gift card. :)

  7. You always have the coolest stuff. Cast iron skillet!? Can I tell you that we were JUST talking about getting one of these TODAY! Still can't believe we don't have one. I grew up with quite a few...should have asked my mom for some! Thanks for the great ideas too!

  8. My husband would enjoy the Sam's Club gift card the most. Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway for the dads/husbands out there!

  9. My husband loves to cook. It's one of my favorite things about him. He would love that cast-iron skillet.

  10. No doubt the skillet :) Jay makes an awesome apple pancake (dutch baby pancake) in ours, but it's too small for the 4 of us!

  11. My husband would love the skillet. He is the cook in the family but cooking is also a hobby for him. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  12. Each of the items would make great gifts. I think my husband would appreciate the Sam's gift card the most.

  13. My husband would love the spa giftcard. He is studying for a big test and is super stressed. I would love to book him a massage.

  14. My husband would like a new iPhone case. I actually got him one for Father's Day but it hasn't arrived yet! : )

  15. the skillet would be his fave- the grill is TOTALLY his domain... we dont have a fancy one, but he loves it! (and i love when he cooks!) :)

  16. My hubby would most like the iphone case for the iphone that he is planning on buying, I am most excited about the cast iron skillet though, LOL! (He can play on his iphone while I make some yummy food over the campfire. That way he can enjoy the benefits of the skillet, right?)

  17. My husband and Dad would both like the running hat, but my dad is finally jumping on the iPhone bandwagon and could use a case for his new toy!

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