Favorite kids clothing brand? It would have to be...Tea

tea-collection-meiji-floral-dressOur 3-year-old has recently decided (for the first time ever) that she likes dressing up. What Dress-Up means to her is to taking down every single item hanging in her closet and trying it on - her Cinderella dress and matching cape, her way-too-big U of A snow coat, her fanciest black and red velvet dress, etc.

She'll try on each item for about one minute and dance around excitedly and say, "What am I, mommy?" And then want to move on to the next item.

Unlike many girls her age, however, she would NOT want to wear a princess dress all day long. She's much too practical for that. She always opts for clothes that she can "race" and "hike" and jump on the bed in. She likes soft, stretchable items that are easy-to-get-on-and-off - and that have no buttons.

tea collection logoOften, when she selects her outfit for the day, she'll pull out one of her sets from Tea Collection, a San Francisco-based company that specializes in globally-inspired apparel for kids (birth to age 8).

I have to admit that she has fabulous taste. If I could dress my girls in only one brand, I would undoubtedly choose Tea Collection. The pieces are unique, well-made, stylish, AND well-suited for plenty of activity.

Take one peek (and be forever captivated by the brand):

942001_Indigo 942011_Lava 953001_Indigo 942014_Pond

The prices aren't exactly low, BUT...these clothes are made-to-last. They are crafted with care and easily survive wash-after-wash without noticeable wear. I also appreciate the fact that the materials are simple (translation: comfortable, perfect for preschoolers who like to dress themselves), yet the designs are obviously not your every-day department store variety.

P.S. My daughter is wearing the Meiji Floral Dress ($55) and the Purity Organic Legging ($25) in the above picture. Thanks to Tea for providing that sample for her.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $100 gift card to Tea Collection. To enter, leave a comment with the name of one other style (other than the ones listed) that you love from Tea Collection on this post prior to Wednesday, November 11th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #94 Shelly. Congratulations!

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206 comments on “Favorite kids clothing brand? It would have to be...Tea”

  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  2. I love the Kei Pant. All the boy's pants look nice and we can sure use pants around here. I would love to test these pants to see if they can be handed down without holes in the knees.

  3. I love the Ramona 5-Piece Set. I love their Double Decker Dresses. There clothes are so cute for both genders...makes me wish we had a little boy in the family too.

  4. I love Tea! They have gorgeous clothing! I love the Miko Floral Print Dress which is so beautiful with the colors red, white and black which work together beautifully!

  5. I love the Nippon Wrap Sweater with the adorable Yoshi Denim Pants. I really LOVE this children's brand. Great quality.


  6. My favorites are the Indigo Arts Collection, especially the Miyagawa Turtle Henley( we have a turtle freak in the house!) and the Kimono Robes, a style I've never seen. I'ts great that the sizes go from 6-12m to 8yrs, can dress the baby and the big boy alike! Thanks!!

  7. I Adore Tea Brand, and agree though pricey... Very worth it:)
    My FAVORITE has to be the Kagura Sweater Dress, love the bold pattern!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!!

  8. I think my little boy would look adorable in the Shippo woven shirt underneth the kinkakyji sweater vest paired with the citizen corduroy jeans.

  9. I'm with you on the cuteness of Tea clothing! Of course I love their selection of Organic layers clothing, but I would love to get my son the Hiroshi 5-Piece Set. It looks so comfy!

  10. They have very unique styles, but I especially like Emerson 5-Piece Set. It is adorable! I also like how they name their clothes using street names of Tokyo.

  11. Miko Floral Print Dress is such a beautiful dress, I would love to see my daughter in that, so cute. I also love the Woodcut Double Decker Dress.. love this brand!

  12. My precious twins would look darling in a pair of Kazari Floral Dresses! Ooh I can't wait to see them toddling around in dresses! Okay... maybe I can wait I'm not yet ready to spend the rest of my life chasing them around ;)

  13. I love the items from the Shinto Collection....especially the dragon hoodie. I also LOVE the Kimono Robe (which is actually a sweater). Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)netscape(DOT)net

  14. My favorite clothes for kids are clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in and have to withstand stains and lots of washings.

    I've not tried Tea clothing but I have seen them in the stores and they are all adorable.

  15. I've actually never heard of Tea until I saw this web posting. I checked out the collection and I have to say I'm pretty impressed.
    I like the colors and cuts on most of the clothes. Boy's clothing is really hard to find, especially at my son's age (he's only 6 months old). Anyway, the Kei pants are adorable! They remind me of train conductor pants. This isn't the kind of stuff you'd see at Baby's R Us, and I like that!!

  16. They have such beautiful clothing. Thank you for sharing this great company with us. My favorite is the Kimono Robe. They also have gorgeous holiday dresses like the Miko Floral Print Dress.

  17. Oh the Spencer 5-Piece Set is fantastic for little boys! Fingers crossed for these adorable clothes!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  18. I REALLY love the Ume Banded Dress! My niece would look SUPER cute in it. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Miko Floral Print Dress! Gah i wish they had stuff like this when i was cute and little.

  19. I LOVE the Sparrow Double Decker Dress, and I know my daughter would go nuts for it because it's PINK!! :D I'd probably also get her some pink Bootcut Leggings to go with it for winter.

  20. Tea clothing has everything, style, comfort and some of the cutest outfits I have ever seen, these would make wonderful holiday gifts for my many young relatives

  21. Miko Floral Print dress is one of my friends. It would look so beautiful little girl. I love the fabrics.. great blend of east and west.

  22. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for little boy pants... The Citizen Corduroy Jeans are too, too cute. With the Nippon sweater, my guy would be warm and cozy this cold Seattle winter. And stylin! Thanks for showcasing a great brand, I've heard lots of good things about Tea.

  23. I love the Kimono Robe. I think it would look great on just about any child! It is adorable!!! nanadorland at gmail dot com

  24. I love everything, but I particularly adore the Miko Floral Dress, my daughter would look darling in it,if I do say so myself! lol :-)

  25. I really like the Satori Stripe Sweater. My son could use a nice warm sweater with winter coming and it is so cute too!

  26. umm, yes...how did I not know about this? SOO CUTE! I just drooled over the 'tea sets' for like 25 minutes. Stephanie, this is bad...now I just have to spend more money on baby clothes! I love the Keiko Tea Set. I love all the tea sets, such a good idea! It's hard to find clothes of good quality that you can mix and match. I want to get a few of these because I could put Evangline in one of the outfits, throw the other top in the diaper bag and have a quick change outfit when she inevitably spits up on herself.

  27. I've had my eye on the long sleeve robot tee- I also drool over the kimono robe! Such a great clothing company- I'm glad you like it too! I always try to update my little one's wardrobe w/ a few things from Tea... Can't wait to get some for baby 2.0 coming in just 3 weeks!
    inalak at msn dot com

  28. Mmm, definitely a great collection. I also love clothes that look like they didn't come from the mall but are comfortable for normal day-to-day 3-year-old-ness. I think the Kimono Robe sweater looks really adorable... I wonder if I could squeeze into the one for 8-year-olds...

  29. I would love to give my daughter the butterfly sleep wear. And the wrap dresses with leggings are very cute! Butterflies have a special meaning to me!!! And since my husband lost his job a year ago, we could definitely use this generouse giveaway!!!

  30. I love the Spencer 5 piece set. This set is versatile and it is so smart to buy coordinating set like this. Great brand. Great find! Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  31. awww - she sounds like my kind of gal. I was such a tomboy when I was a child. Could be because I was homeschooled {hence, stuck at home all day and night} with only a brother. I was with him all of the time. We did all the boy things and I loved it. I still do! But, I also like to look nice and cute and sometimes rather girly.


  32. Tea Collection is my favorite brand, too--although the prices make it difficult for us to indulge in more than a few items. I've been eyeing the chrysanthemum bud suite sleeper set. And of course, I try to get a dress or two for every size. Hope you're doing well, Stephanie!

  33. That is so cute. My monkey likes to wear a dress if she is in the mood to try potty training. The other day she wore her Easter dress most of the day and then later on added her halloween witch dress over the top for the rest of the day.

  34. I love the Miko designs - one little dress I fell in love with is the Miko Floral Print Dress. My grand daughter would look precious in that one.

  35. I love love love love the Miko Floral Print Dress! My three year old would look so beautiful in it! Its so elegant and gorgeous!

  36. My son loves the Edo figherfigher pullover and I like it as well. Tea always has such great colors and very unique.

  37. Nippon wrap sweater is adorable!!!!!!!! Love to try their clothing, because I will probably never be able to spend 65$ on a sweater for my daughter.

  38. I really like the Fall Stripe Hoodie. My son looks adorable in hoodies and I like them because I don't have to find a hat for him when we go somewhere quick.

  39. Tea clothing is so wonderful. I've bought a few pieces used and love them! My favorite on the website is the Ume tunic.

  40. I love this collection, it's so not like what you see in the mainstream department stores. Gracie would look really sweet in the Nippon Wrap Sweater - it's definitely on my "look again" list for her upcoming birthday.

  41. I LOVE the Tea collection, if I could afford it, every outfit my daugter wears would be from there!! :) my fav right now is their Hida Floral Dress

  42. What a wonderful giveaway from Teacollection, enough to buy two or three articles of clothing and save for Christmas gifts:)
    There are several dresses that I like for my youngest daughter who will be 5 years next week like the Miko Floral Dress, the Hida Floral Dress, or for my grandson who just turned 1 year the koinobori tee with the journey pants.

  43. Lots of very cute clothes on this site. I really like the look of the Sparrow Double Decker Dress with the striped leggings in walnut. It really matches the fun and playful personality of a preschooler!

  44. oh my goodness, these are GORGEOUS clothes! I'm in love with everything on the site (I'm serious), but if I have to choose I love the Kazari Floral Dress and Nippon Wrap Sweater...oh, and any kind of leggings to go with them. SO CUTE!!!

  45. I would love the Miko Floral Print dress for Audrey to wear to our niece's wedding coming up, or over the holidays!
    Crossing my fingers....really tight!

  46. All of their sweaters are SO cute :)
    Would love to wrap up my little girl in one of them!

    I've heard so much about Tea Collection and would love to try them out!

  47. The autumn lights collection is my favorite, just such pleasing colors! I agree with a previous comment, so hard to find great boys stuff!

  48. Their girl clothes are great! The boy clothes are not catching my eye. I like the 5-piece Emerson set well enough -- but it's sold out in most sizes. The pants look very nice and I would probably use the gift card there. The Nagase romper is also a possibility.

    I don't have a favorite brand yet. But, I recently discovered this site where I think I'll be making a few purchases: http://www.comfykid.com

  49. Well the girly stuff is so adorable, but I would like the Spencer 5 pc set for my little guy. CUTE and built to last.....can't beat that!

  50. I think anyone who makes well made clothes deserves some kudos. Honestly my oldest son goes through clothes like it was plastic wrap or something. What happened to the days when you could hand clothing down to one or more children? That being said, the Playground Striped Hoodie looks perfect for my little man...he loves the stripes, stripes are "IT". Off to take a little better gander. Always my biggest question...do they ship to Alaska? We shall see...


  51. The Miko Floral Print dress is beautiful! I have a hard time spending A LOT of money on kids clothing because my kids are messy! Maybe I just need to be better about fighting stains and enforcing play clothes (no playing in dress clothes!)!

  52. Gorgeous dresses--I'd love a few for my daughter, especially the Kagura Sweater Dress. Thanks for sharing this brand--I'll definitely be spending some time there!

  53. I adore the clothing from the Tea Collection!
    The Uwangi Cardigan, Miko Floral Dress and the
    Kagura Sweater Dress are three of my favorite
    Many thanks, Cindi

  54. I'd love to get the Miko Floral Print Dress for my daughter. With so many holidays dinners coming up, she'd look really cute in it.

  55. My girls are obsessed with dressing up and in a way it has carried over to their regular dressing. My five year old hates wearing pants. She would so much rather be in a skirt all. the. time.

  56. The Satori Stripe sweater is a knock-out. The Miyagawa Turtle Henley would be great for my turtle-loving little one. Tea has great clothing.

  57. So many adorable clothes from this line. I absolutely love the two boys' items you listed in your post, but I also think my little man would look exceptionally handsome in the Nippon Pullover.

  58. Miko Floral Print Dress is adorable! I don't like girly girl clothes but this is an absolute must for when my baby wants to be a little fancy~ yes she must like it too b/c she is kicking now...haha.

  59. So many cute things...we recently outgrew a Tea outfit that was handed down to us, and I have not seen the brand in any of our stores. I love the Sparrow Double Decker Dress, the Umi Drop Waist Dress, Finley 5 Piece set, Kizari Floral Dress, Yoshi Denim Pants, and the Journey Pull-On Trouser! Could go On and On and On!

  60. Love those striped tees for the boys and the double decker tees. And for some reason I always want to put the kids in animal shirts when we go to the zoo...so I love that rhino!

  61. I love Tea and one of the best things about their collections is that the boys' stuff is just as cute as the girls' stuff! My kids are 1/4 Japanese so I especially love the Japanimation collection... the robot shirts are great and I love the bicycle tee.

  62. The Milo 3 piece set looks cute, my son loves dinosaurs so it would be a hit with him. I'm not usually a big fan of long pants that aren't denim so I would have to check them out.

  63. I enjoyed browsing the boys section, and totally love the Satori Stripe sweater, and all the great corduroy pants - my boys would look handsome in these for sure :)

  64. I absolutely LOVE the Miko Floral Print Dress. My 2 year old saw it online and said it was hers. I wish they had it in an adult version. Can you say obsessed?

  65. oooh, I love the Emerson 5-Piece Set!! It would be so very exciting to win - that would be my pick, for sure! Thanks so much!

  66. I especially love that there are no characters or logos on Tea clothing. I really hate putting that kind of stuff on my kids.

    Your daughter looks perfectly divine in her Tea outfit!

  67. I love the look of Tea, but have yet to try them. I have heard great things about them and look forward to trying them sometime soon.

  68. I've been drooling over Tea for months, now. Great styles for boys and girls...and as a half-Asian Mama, I'm fond of the nod to Asian-style in the designs. The warm and cuddly Satori stripe sweater looks great for Christmas dinner or a romp on the playground!

  69. I once got some Tea Collection clothing for my son while shopping in the city, they fit him so perfectly it looked tailored to him. I haven't gotten back to the store since but with free shipping on $50 maybe I'll just order online. I would like to buy the welcome 5 piece set, satori stripe sweater and matching tokyo romper and tokyo hoodie for my boys and the meiji floral dress for my daughter

  70. this line is sooo adorable! Oh it's so hard to decide, but, my twin girls would look so sweet in the Nippon Wrap Sweater.

  71. I love Tea too! My current favorite is the Artimation Collection (boys). My son is enamored with the dinosaur shirt. The new sleepwear line looks really soft/comfy too.

  72. I just adore the daily sets. My favorite? The Satoko Wardrobe Set. Isn't is lovely?

    We haven't tried out the Tea Collection, but I've read rave reviews...their clothing is unique and simply adorable!

  73. I just love nice kids clothes. It's so fun to have a few special outfits. I usually get hand-me-downs from relatives and Craigslist for the everyday wear stuff. But this looks great for special occasions!I'd get the solid cargo pants in brown and the long sleeve robot tee.

  74. I also love Tea's adorable clothes. The dresses are so great for dressing up or down. The Kiso Dress is my favorite right now. I'm also curious about their new line of pajamas. I'll bet they're super comfy.

  75. My best friend's little guy definitely needs some of those adorable Omotesando Cargo Pants. I think that those pants, paired with a Ryu Dragon Hoodie would be the cutes outfit ever.

  76. I'm fond of the Kimono Robe and Wabi Cargo pants for my little guy. And I second you on the quality and fit of the clothing. My son prefers being comfortable at play. And Tea gives him that--it's always a sad day for him when he outgrows one of his Tea shirts or pants since he calls them by name, i.e. Dinosaur shirt, pocket pants, etc. Thankfully, they have great sales. That's the best time to stock up!

  77. What don't I love from Tea??? I am dying to get my hands on the Kagura Sweater Dress. It is so beautiful and perfect for the dreary winter!!!!

  78. I also LOVE tea clothes! I am always so sad when my daughter outgrows one because I want to see it on her longer. For holiday dress up I love the Miko Floral Print Dress and for every day play I like the Butterfly Double Decker Dress

  79. i can totally picture my son in their Street Style stuff...i like the Journey Cargo pants with the little citizen's hoodie.

    as for my girls, i think i have similar taste as you. i love that Meiji Floral dress. I also like the Sparrow double decker dress.

  80. I love the Boys Satori Stripe Sweater - I could totally picture our 7.5 month old son wearing it this fall and winter.

  81. Wow, they are gorgeous! I love them. I had never heard of Tea before. I just checked the website and love their stuff!! I really like the Hida Floral dress. It's so pretty and would look amazing on my daughter! I really hope I win this so I can get some things from there. With our budget I couldn't justify buying anything there. :(

  82. I love love love these clothes! Thank you for introducing this line to me! I think the Kagura Sweater Dress and the Jinja Floral Wrap are beautiful...

  83. I'm sad that you mentioned the Meijia dress, because that (and the matching hoodie) is one of my favorites! But I also like the Ava four piece set (and lots of other stuff...). So cute!

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