"First Visit by First Birthday"...er...how about by 3rd birthday?

Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that dental visits begin with the appearance of a child's first tooth, typically around six months but no later than one year? "First Visit by First Birthday" is their motto.

Here's the thing: we haven't taken our 2 1/2 year old to the dentist yet. 

spiffies tooth wipes logo

We DO, however, brush her teeth every single night. We limit candy and other sweets. She's only eaten fast food twice in her whole life and she has yet to taste any soda besides a sip of the home brew root beer that our next door neighbor recently concocted.

howtospiffesWe also used Spiffies Tooth Wipes semi-regularly when our daughter was too young for tooth-brushing (approximately 6-18 months). Spiffies are designed especially for infants. Essentially, you just wrap the disposable cloth around your index finger and scrub your baby's pearly whites. 

Spiffies wipes are available in three flavors - mango, apple, and grape. A box with 20 wipes retails for $5.49. 

We're not too worried about our daughter's teeth at this point, but I do think we'll be scheduling a visit to the dentist in the upcoming year, nevertheless.

Overall, I think her smile looks pretty healthy, which I am grateful for.

And her smile is pretty cute too, I might add:


YOUR TURN: When did you first take your child to the dentist?

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63 comments on “"First Visit by First Birthday"...er...how about by 3rd birthday?”

  1. really?? we were told by the third or when they get all of their teeth, whichever comes first! hmmm, you've got me thinking...going to ask our dentist again

  2. This is terrible, but my daughter has her first dentist appointment next Thursday and she's three! She doesn't get sweets, really. No raisins or juice, and we brush twice a day. I hope it goes well!

  3. My daughter went to her first dental visit when she was around one. It went pretty smoothly. Let's hope future visits remain as calm!

  4. I hate to say it but not yet - he's two! I do brush after meals and before bedtime. He's okay with the back teeth - although the last few days he's clamped his teeth down.

    He's never been able to stand his front teeth being brushed and I think it shows. I did nurse for a long time and I told myself no dragging out sippy cup time but he loves milk! Although he will drink his share of water as well.

  5. I havent sent my little guy to the dentist yet because he is 15 months and the Dentist had told me that when he is able to stay still for a prolonged amount of time then to bring him in...he still tries to bite the tooth brush in half when i stick it his mouth! (he teethed his first tooth at 3 months and had a full set by 1 year)

  6. my daughter first went at about 2 years and she loved it especially when the dentist gave her a little ladybug ring and a new tooth brush :)

  7. Yeah, we haven't taken our son yet. He is only 9 months old, but had 8 teeth by 7 months. Our pediatrician recently told us to start brushing. Of course we haven't yet, but its on the list! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. My son is too young to go to the dentist but I've been using Tooth Tissues wipes on his gums. These Spiffies wipes look similar.

  9. My older daughter is 2 1/2 and I haven't taken her to the dentist yet but at my last checkup I was told that she didn't need to come in until she is 3 unless I had a concern. So far her teeth look good to me! These Spiffies sound like something I would definitely use on my younger daughter, who is now 5 months, when she gets a little bit older. Thanks!

  10. I agree with the above comment.
    We haven't made an appointment with the dentist, in awhile. And its important to me that we all have healthy teeth.

  11. My dentist said they would see my daughter when she turned three--as long as we were brushing her teeth properly at home and limiting juice, sweets, etc. there was no need to see her before then. She will be three this June.

  12. My son went to the dentist for the first time the week he turned four. We'd considered a pediatric dentist so he could go earlier, but we decided to stick with our family dentist instead and just wait until he was old enough.

    Turned out fine -- no cavities, and the staff is so good w/ kids.

    Thanks for the contest,

  13. I tried to take my son to the dentist when he was 18 months or so and the dentist said to wait until he was two. When he was two the dentist said to bring him in with me for my cleaning so he can sit on my lap and get used to the dentist office. At that appointment the dentist said to wait until my son was three to have his first cleaning.

    Your best bet is to just keep brushing her teeth. Take her in with you if you can for your cleaning so she can see the place. It would help if you could bring someone to hold her while you are in the chair.

  14. [email protected]
    I'm wondering if these would make brushing time a little more tollerable. I'm currently using a new tooth paste that is supposed to taste better. But I am sort of afraid to use my finger to brush a one year old's teeth! I might get bit!

  15. I haven't taken my son to the dentist yet, eeks! He is 15 months and I should soon! He used to like brushing his teeth but now hates it! I've been wanting to try these spiffies but they are not sold anywhere near me!

  16. I have four little ones and I have taken them to the dentist right before they turn 3, because their first exam is free if it is before they turn 3. So, I have never had problems with their teeth. The one thing the dentist says is that juice and chocolate milk are the worst on the children's teeth.
    This reminded me of my last visit to the pediatric dentist. ( I take them to a specialist, because I don't want them to be deathly scared of the dentist, like I am.)

    I blogged about it...check it out. It was pretty funny. My almost 3 year old freaked out.


    Hope the link works.

    Thanks! For your comments You have a beautiful family.

  17. I have been pretty good about brushing my babies teeth but the wipes sound really convenient rather than toothpaste.

  18. My first child had so much trouble with caities. This would be nice to establish good habits early.

  19. This would be a great supplement to using a toothbrush. The toothbrush is more like a sucking tool for my little one. This would also ensure that we're cleaning it!

  20. It is such a pain to try and brush a 2 year olds teeth! He loves to suck on his toothbrush, but won't let me actually brush with it. I would love to try these to see if I have any better luck!

  21. I gave my daughter a toothbrush to play with long before she had teeth (she didn't get them until almost thirteen months!)--she now loves toothbrushes at fourteen months and just learned how to say "tooth" last week!

  22. Both the girls (3 and 2) will be going to their first visit this summer. I am with you, we ALWAYS brush, and their teeth looks healthy! I think that as they are older they will understand and enjoy it a little more. This coming for a woman who is afraid of the dentist. :( I also need to go...sigh! Our son is only 8 months, so he has a ways yet. :D

  23. My oldest went for her 1st visit when she was 2 1/2 or 3 (can't remember exactly). My son went for his first visit (only because it was an emergency) at 15 months. The baby will probably not go until at least 18 months if not older. Definitely by 3 though. None of my kids have ever had a cavity...but the baby doesn't have any teeth at all yet.

  24. We have an appointment in June (she'll be just under four months), but it's more for mom than baby :) I didn't even get teeth until well over a year, but I imagine we'll take her for her first real appointment when we go for our next appointment after she has one.

  25. Both my dentist and pediatrician recommended my kids have their first dental visit at three years, unless there's a noticeable problem. The important thing is to make sure you're teaching her good dental habits, and it looks like you are. :)

  26. I have yet to take my 11 month old, but will be making sure to do so soon. I had my top 4 teeth cut out right after I turned 3, I had to have false ones! It was from having a bottle my teeth had grown in so that the bottom pointed outwards, needless to say, my daughter has 15 days left with a bottle...1st birthday it's gone!

  27. My family has bad teeth so we brush ours often. This would be a great thing to have to encourage good teeth hygiene.

  28. I actually asked my dentist when he wanted to see my son and he said "not until he's 3, unless you have some reason to worry."

    At this point? I can't imagine my son sitting to have his mouth looked at by a stranger. NO WAY would that work. We brush his teeth about three times a day, though, so I think we're okay.

  29. I brush my daughter's gums every night. Seven months old and no teeth but I am making sure she establishes good routine because in my family we have bad teeth genetics.

  30. My kids had their first dental appointments at 3 and 2. My 3 year old had his teeth cleaned by the dentist, but my 2 year old was a little too nervous, so he just checked her teeth and let her play in the chair. 6 months later, she remembered playing in the chair and my son told her that the cleaning didn't hurt, so she consented to let them clean her teeth. Now they get excited about going to the dentist. I recommend finding a pediatric dentist, or getting referrals from a friend with young kids though.

  31. What an awesome idea! We are dealing with thwe first two teeth right now!! I cannot imagine taking a 7 month old to the dentist, how crazy would that be, he hardly is still when sleeping!!

  32. This is always such an interesting topic to me because every dentist seems to vary on WHEN to take your child. My dentist told us 5 years-old (which seemed too old to me)! But in the mean time, they said we could go to a pedi. dentist if we felt the need to...which makes me think there isn't really a need! Unless there is a unique issue. However, I would still like to take my daughter by the time she is 4. It just seems right.

  33. I started taking my sons when they were about 6 months old - I knew that the dentist couldn't do anything but look, but I really wanted them to get used to going to the office and sitting in the chair. We have brought them every six months since (they are 4 and 8) and I have never had a 'dentist anxiety' problem!

  34. I was great at brushing Mikayla's teeth every day as soon as they appeared. We brush them every morning but I am a slacker at night. I took her to visit the dentist one day when I had to go and she got to ride in the chair and get her teeth counted. This was around age 2 1/2 or 3 and it was just for the experience. At age 3 1/2 she went in for a full check up and did great.

    I have not been so good with Lily's teeth and I really need to get in the habit of brushing them every day.

    Also, my dentist did not want to see Mikayla until she was 3.

  35. We took our daughter to the dentist when she was 3. I have a 2 month old baby girl now, and plan to do that same thing with her. We did brush her teeth prior to taking her to the dentist, but never had anything neat like you are showing to do it with.

  36. I actually asked my dentist last time I went in and he said 3 years old was when he would take his own kids into the dentist and that's what he recommends. Surprising, huh? I hope my daughters teeth are okay but we try to remember to brush them daily...

  37. My daughter is eight months and she had four teeth on the bottom and two+ starting in on the top. I purchased a toothbrush but she will have no part in letting it into her mouth! I think this might be a good solution to my problem!

  38. I have never heard of these things, but they sound pretty cool...would be neat to try. Finding a good, pediatric or pediatric-friendly dentist is key to getting your child off on the right foot with dentist visits. We were fortunate that our now 4-year old thought it was pretty cool to wear the "goggles" and such that our dentist uses, and he has done great ever since his first visit.

  39. Well... Sugar is 20 months old and we still haven't taken her to the dentist. She loves to brush her teeth though. Every time someone goes in the bathroom she tries to follow them in saying "brush teeth?, brush teeth?" we usually let her brush her teeth (and then help her finish it "right" at least twice a day, sometimes three times.

    I need to go to the dentist myself... it's been a few years, at least now we have dental insurance again!

  40. We took both girls at the same time so my oldest had just turned 3 and the little one was almost 1. It was not any more to have denatl insurance for for the youngest after we added the oldest. My personal denist was surprised I took my youngest to the dentist before she was 3.

  41. Whew, I was just thinking yesterday that it was really bad that our two year old son hadn't been to the dentist yet. And although we do brush his teeth everyday, he hates it and so they're probably not getting a very thorough brushing. These wipes would probably be a good supplement.

  42. Oops. We haven't been to the dentist, either, and Fly's had a full mouth full of teeth since about 17 months. (He teethed early and constantly.)

  43. I talked to my dentist about it, and he told me that there was no need to take a child to the dentist until 3 unless there was a problem. I steer clear of sweets with Levi and brush his teeth. I also used Spiffies on occasion when he was smaller. Unless, I think somethings wrong, I don't intend to take Levi to the dentist until he's 3.

  44. I was happy to read this post because we have not taken our 2 1/2 year old daughter to the dentist as well. In fact it's something that my husband and I have been talking about lately because our check-ups are just around the corner.

    I had never heard of the Spiffies brand before, but they sound like a great product to try out on our second baby that will be arriving this fall!

  45. my kids just went in for check-ups a couple of weeks ago. it was my youngest's first trip (he'll be three in august). he did really well. we took our oldest to the dentist for the first time last year when he was almost 4... he really doesn't like going. he gets himself so worked up, he throws up. not fun. i'm hoping it won't be so bad when they go again in october. we shall see...

  46. I heard that the more you put your fingers in your babies mouth, the easier it is to brush their teeth later on. I need to be better about that. :-)

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