Fit Couture - the name says it all

We know quite a few people in our neighborhood so I have to look at least presentable when I'm out walking or running. No, I don't put on mascara or anything like that. But I do try to wear flattering clothes and to pull my hair back in a decent ponytail before hitting the sidewalks. 

Fit Couture - the name says it all 1This afternoon, I wore my Rio pants ($49.99) by Fit Couture, along with a t-shirt and hoodie. These pants are made of a fantastic stretchy combination of materials that flatter in all the right places. Fitted through the waist and thighs, the pants flare into a nice bootcut below the knee. You can choose between four different lengths to get the one that is just right for you. And these pants are nice for pregnancy too! I'm 18 weeks now and I haven't hung them out of reach yet...still lovin' them.

Fit Couture - the name says it all 2I also have the Miami II top ($41.00), which has a snazzy and stand-out design...but I've only worn it once because I have found that it gaps uncomfortably and that it isn't the best option for "well-endowed" women (like me) because my sports bra straps are much wider and bulkier than those on the Miami II. That said, the top did receive 4.5 (out of 5) stars from 37 customer reviews. 

In sum, Fit Couture offers fashionable fitness apparel that you can wear without matter who you happen to bump into where you workout!

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3 comments on “Fit Couture - the name says it all”

  1. Very cute clothes. Good job on execising while pregnant. I stopped about 5 months pregnant due to my back and once my back pain went away it was too cold outside! I am trying to lose the weight now (10 pounds left to go) so I can fit into my cute workout clothes once again.

  2. That's totally cute! If I had the hundred bucks (whoa...) to blow on a cute workout outfit I'd do it. But for now it's sweatpants and a t-shirt. And keeping my marriage. :)

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