FitMama Friday: Fashionable Running Attire

FitMama Friday: Fashionable Running Attire 1I've been looking for stylish running apparel at affordable prices. Wearing breathable, attractive clothing just makes running better and easier - and it definitely motivates me. I found the GymGirl from SkirtSports and I love it, but now I'm looking for flattering v-neck shirts that are made for active women.

Tell me...where do you shop for athletic clothes and gear?

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4 comments on “FitMama Friday: Fashionable Running Attire”

  1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Keep them coming! I just bought a Nike Fit Dry Pro Layering Tee (in black)and I really like it.

  2. I know what you mean, I feel far more likely to go to the gym if I'm wearing real workout attire. Not one of my husband's t-shirts and paint-spattered shorts.

    Lucy is supposed to have great workout clothing. I've heard wonderful things about their sport bras, and they are on sale right now. Have you tried Lululemon? I haven't tried either brand. Lululemon is supposed to have flattering pants and shorts. You know, so you feel like your bum looks so great you want to wear your new outfit to them gym. So you will workout and look even better. And go back because you felt great after you left the gym and looked even better. This is a wonderful cycle. I am so going to order some new workout wear.

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