FitMama: Healthy Snack Options for Moms

FitMama: Healthy Snack Options for Moms 1Exercising regularly has many benefits, but we can't be completely healthy if we don't pay attention to what we eat as well. The food that we put into our bodies can give us energy (or take it away), can help make our metabolisms, our minds, and our digestive systems work more effectively (or less effectively), and can combat sickness and injury (or not).

Eating meals that include a variety of foods (particularly natural and whole foods - think fruits, vegetables, and grains) is essential. Snacking on healthy munchies throughout the day can also be beneficial.

Snacks like...
fresh fruit smoothies
apple slices or rings
clusters of grapes
mini tangerines
sliced veggies
cheese cubes

Although fresh fruits and veggies are probably the best bet, I especially appreciate "convenience" snacks (i.e. snacks that require no preparation that I can grab on-the-go), but unfortunately these type of snacks are often packed with sugar, fat, and salt. Thus, I appreciate when companies produce yummy snacks in this category without all of the "yuckies."

Snikiddy, "a new line of organic food products designed to embody and encourage a healthy lifestyle for children," is one great option.

Snikiddy currently offers six different snack items***: Rockin' Ranch Puffs, Pizza Pie Puffs, Grilled Cheese Puffs, Chocolate Chippers, Cherry Oaties, and Banana Nibbles. The website states that, "all the ingredients in Snikiddy Snacks are free of pesticides, herbicides, genetic modification, and refinement." With that great promise, these are snacks that you can share with your child without reservation (moderation, of course, still applies...).

***I tried all three of the cookies (chippers, oaties, and nibbles) and was impressed. I especially loved the Chocolate Chippers - they were satisfying, delicious, and easy-to-eat one-handed (an especially important feature for a mom!). I tried the Grilled Cheese Puffs and wasn't a huge fan, but you will probably like them if you like these.

You can find Snikiddy products at a store near you or buy them on Amazon.

For more healthy snack ideas, read the "40 Healthy Snacks for Moms-to-Be" article on the Parents Magazine website.

FitMama: Healthy Snack Options for Moms 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a Snikiddy Snack Pack with a variety of Snikiddy snacks. To enter, simply leave a comment and your e-mail address on this post prior to Tuesday, January 8. The winner will be announced and contacted on Wednesday, January 9. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

* UPDATED * The winner is #78 porchswinger. Congratulations!

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98 comments on “FitMama: Healthy Snack Options for Moms”

  1. I am all about healthy snacks-it's all we have. It's hard to find healthy snacks that are convenient and taste good!

  2. As a mom who is ready to have her second baby in about a month I am all about healty snacks. I must admit I allow myself more junk foods while I am pregnant but not after I have the little one. My email address is [email protected]. I would love to try these snack packs.

  3. oh I love these snacks!!!! I have been buying them at Whole Foods for months. I would love to win some... The cheese puffs and chocolate chippers are the best...

  4. I've been trying lately to keep some dried fruit on hand. It's easy to grab and go, is less messy than fresh fruit, and (depending on the fruit) can be eaten in smaller quantities.

  5. I love Snikiddy snacks. The banana ones (along with a nice glass of milk) are delicious.

  6. Thanks for this review. I'm always looking for healthier eating options for me and my little girl. Please enter me too!

  7. If I win this and my daughter likes them I will have to buy some for her soccer team! I love to bring healthy treats for them to re-energize with!

    I hope I win!


  8. Sure, count me in. My kids are in a picky food stage and I'm all for anything healthy that I can sneak into their diets.

  9. Now that I am at home, I seems like all I do is I am always looking for healthier options! Thanks!

  10. What a fun, delicious contest! I am not familiar with these products. I will go to the site and check them out! I am a vegetarian and I have two teenage sons that really watch what they eat. Please enter me in your contest. Thanks much, Cindi

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