FitMama Product Review: Mio Drive

FitMama Product Review: Mio Drive 1I've always been curious about heart rate monitors and, as a new runner, I was thrilled to have the chance to try the Mio Drive, one of the newer exercise watches on the market this holiday season.

Its sleek, understated design and the red, black, and silver color combination is very classy and is likely to withstand the test of time.

My favorite feature on the watch is the dual interval "run/walk" timer. When I first began my workout routine, this came in handy. (Now, however, I've just been running 30 minutes straight, 4 days a week).

Read my full review here.

One final comment and one question for you to answer...

COMMENT: Mio was invented by a mom (you know how I feel about supporting mom-owned businesses and mom-created products...).

QUESTION: Have you ever used a heart rate monitor and, if so, what are the biggest benefits that you receive from it?

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3 comments on “FitMama Product Review: Mio Drive”

  1. I run for fun and ran a half-marathon this year but have never used a heart rate moniter. I would like to try one but I'm not yet convinced (and don't really have the extra money budgeted) to buy one. I think it would help my training overall as my focus this year was more on finishing than running better. I know there is much room for improvement in my training.

  2. I used to use a heart rate monitor when I raced my bicycle. The major benefit I received was knowing I was not training hard enough based on what my monitor told cheating! :)

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