We've been focused on our new website launch.

We've been focused on Tim's upcoming international trip.

We've been focused on our family motto: "Love God. Love Others. Change the World."

And we've been focused on two little blonde heads, two little smiles, and two teeny tiny voices (Tim would argue the "teeny tiny" part - our girls can be LOUD).

Focused 1 Focused 2 Focused 3 Focused 4 Focused 5

What have you been focused on lately?

P.S. Did you notice our Summer Ideas poster? A few of the things on our list...

  • Pack a Picnic.
  • Go on a Scavenger Hunt.
  • Bake Cupcakes & Deliver to Friends.
  • Make Paper Bag Puppets.

What summer activities have you been doing? We especially need new arts & crafts ideas for too-hot-to-go-outside days.

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27 comments on “Focused”

  1. Can't wait to see the new website; I'm so curious as to what you've got on tap.

    I love your summer ideas poster. So colorful and fun!

  2. Love the poster - this would be a great project to do with our three year old too!

    We've been focusing on family & friends this past month - we've stayed close to home, but have had a wonderful time!

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your new project!

    LOVE the idea of a summer ideas poster! Your girls must love having that visual reminder of all their upcoming adventures. What a fun idea!

    I've been focused on our own summer "bucket list," spending time with family, and enjoying being outdoors! We've also been focused on tending the garden...right now we're in the weeding-and-waiting stage. indoor ideas for those hot hot hot days... I pulled out the easel again, and we've been using paint/markers/crayons at the easel. Cooking that doesn't involve the oven. Hitting the library and stocking up on books. We've been collecting items from outdoors -- twigs, leaves, little pebbles, etc -- and I have a big, thick piece of cardboard & school glue. We're going to make a collage with it all the next time we're stuck indoors. And I've already dragged the water table inside and let my son go to town in the kitchen (laid down a ton of towels first!) You could do the same thing with a dishpan.

  4. So excited to hear about your new endeavor!

    We have been busy this week with vacation Bible school, but beyond that lots of trips to the park, splashing around in our blow-up pool, going to the library, play dates, local events, and hanging out with our family. Hoping to get to the zoo and the beach soon!

    I'm not super crafty, but we been using glitter and practicing cutting out shapes a lot. Baking is always fun too, especially on rainy days!

  5. LOTS of swimming. And we love games like Banagrams, Uno, Phase 10. Its fun when your kids get old enough to challenge you at games. Next week we're heading to the cheap theater. Anything to escape this heat... :?

  6. Can't wait to see what kind of site you've got cooking! I wonder if it involves changing the world....

    I saw on another blog a fun project where you squeeze glue out into a circle, drop in some paper from a hole punch (confetti), then wait for it to dry. Then you put a hole in that and hang it up as a suncatcher.

  7. Can't wait to see the new website.

    I've been focused on...

    Putting together details of my new business --- not yet announced.

    Raising three active boys, in a hot and sticky midwest town!

    Finding and settling on a home church (finally)

    Beating down the door of the doctor's office, still trying to get a solid diagnosis.

    (maybe) opening back up my blog.


  8. Summer ideas!!! Great idea!!!

    I love your family motto. Your girls are so lucky to grow up in such a warm and loving environment.

    Jeremiah will finish school this week, I think we are the only place in the US that is still in school and waiting for summer break ( :

  9. I'm focusing on not being so focused! :) Sometimes I let plans and things that I think need to get done (but really don't) get in the way of creating wonderful memories. So we've been to the zoo twice in the past week where we visited gorillas and rode a camel, plus we've been to the library and to Sears to say hi to the tractors.

    Our baby sitter came up with a cute arts and crafts idea - cut an egg carton in half the long way and you have a caterpillar! You can color each "bump" and use pipe cleaners for the antennae.

  10. paper bag puppet idea + airplane = you can use the 'airsick bags' you still sometimes get to color on and make puppets

  11. I've been focused on my pregnancy and the fact that we find out the sex of our baby tomorrow!!! I'm hoping we find out, anyway. I've also been trying to make sure my 2 girls feel loved and don't feel like this new baby overshadows them. I have started to notice their behaviors changing a bit and it worries me. I'm hoping they do well with the new addition.

  12. I can't wait for this surprise new website/blog!! I'm dying! I'm re-naming my blog, and I have a new design I'm working on, and will launch soon too- so that is what I'm focused on right now :) well as a million other things!

  13. Sooo curious as to what you are up to with your new venture!

    We have swim lessons and lots of trips to the library to cool us off. And when the 'cabin fever' gets to be too much, I break out my sure fire idea: spa day! Since we don't do nail polish much around here, and make-up never!, it is always a thrill to pull out all the stops, and paint nails, play with makeup, and do hair. (Though I think they may have more fun doing up Mama than doing themselves!)

    Then we tuck a hot pink hibiscus flower behind our ear, pour a fancy iced drink, and admire each other across the table!

  14. we have been focusing on cleaning and organizing for some strange reason!!! I guess 3 month of bed rest before we had our precious baby made me anxious to get things back to what it use to be!!!

    Thankfully our toddlers thinks that cleaning is fun and a game, so they are not minding helping me at all :-)

    Have a great day!

  15. we're planning on camping, hiking, boating, swimming and just playing together as much as possible. we have a couple out of town friends coming in to play with us and just have fun.

    our focus has been on one outing at a time. unfortunately right now i'm focused on my quarter end at work - which stinks because the girls have auditions for dance, a performance and end of school blues.

    I love the Summer Idea poster. We might have to copy you :)

  16. Wahoo! So excited about your project. Take as long as you need. Of course we miss you, but we understand the need for an occasional break. I've just cone out of a self-induced coma of my own!

  17. Love the summer ideas poster, such a sweet idea. I think our family needs a motto too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. That's where I've been most of the summer, too. Well, not EXACTLY the same obviously (hee hee) but yeah, lots of focus on my little family and our little community.

    Love the summer ideas and LOVE the family motto.

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