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Favorite Things to Buy at Costco [summer 2012 edition]

Over the past few years, I've come to like Costco more and more. The prices are good. The floors are clean. The aisles are wide. The grocery carts have side-by-side seating. The samples are free. The pizza is piping hot (10bucks for a HUGE one). Lately, we've been enjoying these purchases. Blueberries - You'd be […]

Q & A about Orange Juice w/ Tropicana

How do you shop for orange juice? There are so many brands and varieties out there - and everyone has a different palate and preferences. Our family looks at the ingredient label and always opts for 100% OJ (usually with some pulp). I recently had an opportunity to submit YOUR questions to Tropicana about orange […]

how to shop for milk - what milk labels mean

Have you ever noticed that milk prices range from $2-$8/gallon? That's a big discrepancy and, while I am willing to spend more for high-quality dairy products, I want to know what I am paying for. I recently put on my "detective's hat" and now have this list of basic definitions: rBST-Free or rBGH-Free – Recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST), […]

Tillamook Cheese (plus, our cheese-shopping rules)

Our family has a few "rules" when it comes to cheese-shopping: We buy blocks rather than pre-grated. It's more affordable that way and tastes much fresher. We buy Tillamook, whenever possible. It's just plain better. In Arizona, our local grocer carries Tillamook Medium Cheddar and Colby Jack in 2 lb. loaves. We would likely also […]

how to shop for eggs: what egg labels mean

I've been confused by egg labels for some time now and decided to put on my "detective hat" to conduct an investigation. After all, eggs range in price from $.79 to $5.00/dozen (and I want to know what exactly I'm paying for). They can be jumbo, large, extra large, or medium. They are sometimes white, […]

How We Save shopping at expensive grocery stores

I am a fan of upscale grocery stores. They have wide aisles and beautiful displays. They tend to offer in-store amenities and samples. They usually offer superior customer service. AND - they save us money. In our family, we don't abide by the "eat everything on your plate" mentality. In fact, we adopt quite a […]

an entire post about ice cream

As you know, we rarely eat processed foods. We cook almost all of our meals from scratch. We buy organic and local as often as possible. We do these things because it makes us feel better - stronger, more energetic, less ill, smarter, happier - all of that and more. I'm not pulling your leg. […]

take a peek inside our grocery cart, part 2

Besides produce, dairy, and bakery products, you would also find these foods in our grocery cart. MEAT - We look for labels that say grass-fed, no antibiotics, and cage-free. Chicken is typically our meat of choice, but we buy beef sometimes too. We rarely buy ham, turkey, or pork. We try to eat meatless meals […]

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