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On a journey to healthful eating? Read articles about real foods, whole foods, and nutrition, plus recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, & snacks.

take a peek inside our grocery cart, part 1

If you bumped into our family at the grocery store, you'd probably see us with one of those humungous car-shaped grocery carts that are impossible to push. Tim can't stand them, but I usually convince him because the girls love it in there - laughing all the way. Here is what you would find in […]

The World's Best Cheesecake

Ever since Tim wrote that I make "the world's best cheesecake," people have been asking for the recipe. I actually didn't concoct it myself. It's from AllRecipes (love that site). Here you go: cheesecake recipe. It's linked right there for you to try (except please note that I use this crust instead). I like it plain or […]

this is the way we eat our food

There's been a mini FOOD REVOLUTION in our house over the past 5 years. Rewind five years ago: We were in graduate school and working our way up in our careers. We ate out. We made things out of boxes. We opted for convenience and familiarity. It's not like we ate Pop Tarts, Twinkies, and TV […]

Best Things to Buy at Costco

We don't have a Costco membership (the nearest Costco is 35+ minutes away and so we don't make the trip regularly enough to justify the cost). But Tim's grandpa does. He calls us up and says, "Let's go to Costco." We pick him up and drive together in our silver Camry. We talk about politics […]

Trader Joe's, I Love You (but not your green juice)

There are a lot of things I like about Trader Joe's. For one, it's Small(er) than traditional grocery stores, which I appreciate. And then there's the Free Sample Counter. Need I say more? It's awesome. And we musn't forget the wine-tasting. Again, self-explanatory. The organic selection is top-rate. This is important because we buy only […]

1st Bday: Zak! and Baggino

Favorite Foods: noodles, berries, cucumbers, pancakes, anything sweet. Favorite Drinks: breastmilk (she usually only nurses once during the day...but is still an avid nurser at night). -Or- a sippy cup. Cute Mealtime Mannerism: Saying num-num-num-num as she eats. Not-So-Cute Mealtime Mannerism: Tipping her sippy cup upside down or throwing it on the ground. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ […]

Kid-Friendly Restaurant: Souper Salad

We don't eat out often. With two small children, it's easier (and healthier and cheaper and more peaceful) to eat at home. That said, I can see that changing as our kids grow older because our 3-year-old gets so excited about going to restaurants...and she is so easy to take too (no need to worry […]

Make Someone's Day --- Give...Dinner

When a friend is experiencing tough times or times of change, it's often hard to know what you can do to help. For example, when a friend has... a miscarriage a baby a child in the hospital a job loss a death in the family morning sickness migraines just moved Sometimes it's best to go […]

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