The World's Best Cheesecake

The World's Best Cheesecake 1

Ever since Tim wrote that I make "the world's best cheesecake," people have been asking for the recipe.

I actually didn't concoct it myself. It's from AllRecipes (love that site). Here you go: cheesecake recipe. It's linked right there for you to try (except please note that I use this crust instead). I like it plain or with fruit on top. Fresh fruit is best, but if you use the canned sure to select one with a "100% fruit" label.

The secret to making good cheesecake is partly that you need to use a springform pan. I have one from Pampered Chef that I've used with great success.

Do you have any recipes that you or your family would put under the "world's best" category?

Also - What is your favorite food blog or cookbook?

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14 comments on “The World's Best Cheesecake”

  1. Have you been to ??? I can spend SO much time going through all those pictures and recipes!!!

    My favorite go to site is (I use their iPad app also) and epicurious. I use AllRecipes too!

    For latin inspired dishes I use, most of the site is in spanish but you can choose to see the recipes in english.

  2. I love cheesecake. I make a key-lime cheesecake that everyone around here seems to like pretty well. Outside of that I basically don't make cheesecake anymore because my sister-in-law does, so when we're both bringing a dessert I bring something different!

    I find a lot of good recipes at - an extension of The Pioneer Woman's website. As for my go-to-cookbook I have an old Joy of Cooking that I use a lot, as well as an everything-you-could-imagine, plain Amish cookbook.

  3. Cheesecake is my absolute favorite dessert! My Nana used to make the BEST cheesecake but I've never tried making it myself. I've just discovered and it looks to be a fun, informative food website.

  4. I love Allrecipes too! We also like the Better Homes and Garden's red-checked cookbook and Jessica Seinfeld's cookbooks ("Deceptively Delicious" and "Double Delicious") I also use family recipes. We have a pumpkin bread recipe that has been in the family since before I was born.

    I hope you're having fun in Disney...I'm excited to hear about the girls' favorite rides!

  5. AllRecipes is a great resource, I use it a lot too. If you like to thumb through old fashioned cook books, you should have a look at jessica seinfields "Deceptively Delicious". Published a few years ago, targeted for the mom who's children doesn't like to eat their veggies. She sneaks a ton of nutrients into traditional meals. Great for the kiddo's because they love the food and they don't know their getting their veg. Also great for the grown up because it lessens the guilt a bit when we indulge! :)

  6. YUM!!! Cheesecake is my favorite dessert. I love it plain, with fruit with chocolate or caramel...basically I just love cheesecake. I will have to try this. I make a pumpkin cheesecake that my family would say is one of our worlds best.
    Right now I am really loving The Pioneer Woman for recipes. Her personal recipes she puts up and the other part of her blog where readers post recipes. There are literally hundreds of recipes to choose. My go to cook book is almost always Better Homes And Gardens The New Cook Book. I am sure you know the classic red checked cover cookbook. It uses a lot of fresh ingredients and has a lot of made from scratch stuff too.

  7. I also really like, but I do use the weight watchers website a lot now, too. I'm loving a Weight Watchers Cookbook that I received from a friend. The book is in German! :) I'm also a big fan of Rachel Ray's recipes.

  8. My husband makes an amazing White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake, he made it for our Christmas get-together and people raved & raved!

  9. I use a lot, but I also love the food blogs of Orangette, Wednesday Chef, and Everybody Likes Sandwiches. And I'm a big fan of the America's Test Kitchen cookbooks--those recipes turn out absolutely perfectly every single time.

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