Foods You Shouldn't Eat During Pregnancy (And one you should)

Foods You Shouldn't Eat During Pregnancy (And one you should) 1When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was incredibly "aware" of my body. I wanted to protect that little life, to nurture the little miracle that was growing inside of me day-by-day. I knew that nutrition was part of that equation, but I wasn't sure exactly what that meant. Fruits and veggies? Of course! Whole grains and natural food products? Definitely! But I also wanted to know what foods were prohibited and what foods were best for my baby's little body and brain.

To help any pregnant moms out there, I interviewed Leslie Sagalowicz Barber, Bellybar’s co-founder, about nutrition during pregnancy and about their BellyBar product.

1. What foods are "taboo" during pregnancy?

We have a terrific article on our website about nutrition during pregnancy. It can be found here. If you scroll down, you’ll see those foods that are not recommended. In a nutshell, the following should be avoided: raw meat or fish, raw eggs, soft cheese, large fish, large amounts of caffeine, alcohol, and smoking. As always, women should talk with a nutritionist about their particular nutritional needs!

2. Should moms and moms-to-be eat Bellybars as a snack or a meal?

Bellybar is meant to be a snack, not a meal-replacement. Pregnant women need an additional 300 calories, and nursing women need an additional 600 calories in their diet. Bellybar can provide a healthy and tasty 160-180 calorie snack that is packed with key nutrients like protein, DHA, calcium, folic acid, iron and more!

3. Are certain Bellybars designed for new moms and others designed for moms-to-be...or do they all fall under the same category?

They all fall under the same category – pre, during and post. Basically, the nutrients in Bellybar are good for women while they are trying to conceive, while they are pregnant, and while they are nursing.

4. What healthy snacks do you recommend for new moms who usually only have one hand free and who are too sleep-deprived to spend much time in the kitchen?

Well, a Bellybar of course! They fit perfectly in the pockets of the Boppy or My Brest Friend. So, while she’s nursing, she can pull one out and enjoy a bite. One new mom told me that she keeps a box of Bellybars and a stack of water bottles next to her glider so that she can munch and hydrate at the same time.

BellyBars are available in four delicious flavors: Mellow Oat (Oat Graham and Almonds), Baby Needs Chocolate (Chocolate Toffee Crisp), Berry Nutty Cravings (Crunchy Nuts & Berries), and Burstin' Chocolate (Deep Chocolate Orange). They can be found at Wild Oats, Whole Foods Market, Target, Babies-R-Us, Motherhood Maternity, and other select retailers in the U.S. They can also be purchased directly from the NutraBella website.

WIN IT! Win your very own box of 12 BellyBars by leaving a comment and your e-mail address on this post by Tuesday, November 13th, at midnight. The winner will be announced and contacted by e-mail on Wednesday, November 14th. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

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36 comments on “Foods You Shouldn't Eat During Pregnancy (And one you should)”

  1. As a nursing momma, I ALWAYS feel hungry! I believe these are designed for nursing moms too? I've never had them before, but have heard lots of good things about them.


  2. well, i will try my comment again, sorry if i repeat...i would love these bars as I can never seem to eat enough as a nursing mom...bring on the calories!

  3. I'd love to try them..and if by chance I don't like 'em, I've got two friends due within 2 weeks of me to pass the on!

    cutlers819 at verizon dot net

  4. Sounds like the perfect "I'm so hungry I feel sick I-must-eat-NOW" snack to have on the run. I'd love to win it for my almost-second-trimester self!


  5. I loved these when I was prego with my now 4 month old son. My sister in-law is now 5 months along - and I know that she could use a little extra nutrition...

  6. I blogged ya of course! Enter us.. I would love these I normally go without a snack and end up regretting it later. As much as I love breastfeeding it has its moments. LOL ;)

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