FOR ANY MAMA: Carole Hochman

I haven't bought myself a pair of pajamas in years.

It's not that I don't like pajamas. I do. I love slouchy pajama pants, satiny PJ shorts, shirt dress nightgowns, baby soft robes, and stretchy sleeveless tops.

But that kind of purchase seems like a "luxury" in my book. So I spend our money on milk and laundry detergent and toddler underwear...and I wear my pajamas from 1999 (ha! I'm exaggerating... sort of).

All that to say...most moms will appreciate a new pair of PJs or a new robe for Mother's Day. And one good thing about buying sleepwear is that you don't have to know exact sizes. Usually your best "guess" will turn out just fine.

If you decide to shop for sleepwear, take a peek at Carole Hochman's collection:

carole hochman striped pajamas carole hochman pajamas shorts carole hochman floating violets robe

The pieces are "simply pretty." Carole's favorite color is white and you can tell in her designs. Most of the items look fresh and "clean" in white-based or pastel colors...perfect for spring.

SHOP @ Carole Hochman: Receive 20% off your order by entering promo code mmama20 (expires 5/30/2009). Be sure to shop before May 8th to ensure delivery on Mother's Day. Free gift wrapping is included with all orders.

YOUR TURN: What "style" of pajamas do you like best?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Floating Violets Robe (on sale for $43.20) by Carole Hochman. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, May 5 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #121 Gloria Dornin. Congratulations!

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196 comments on “FOR ANY MAMA: Carole Hochman”

  1. I know what you mean all my $$ goes towards the baby now, so having a nice pair of pajamas or a robe would be so nice!

  2. I like flannel pj's in the winter and in the summer its usually a short nightgown. My robes are all from yard sales so it would be great to win this one.

  3. I like "Mandarin" style pajamas with the high neck. It always bothers me when my long hair gets down the back of my shirt at night, because I have sensitive skin and it itches.

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  4. (A large in blue water)... for my wife, who would wear this no matter what the outside temperature is! Note: her pajama 'style' is sweatpants. :)

  5. boo hoo - you're reminding me that my favorite nightgowns no longer exist. My sister and I used to go to the Vanity Fair Outlet every year to buy the long, silky nightgowns they sold for 50% off retail. Vanity Fair Outlets still exist, but not my favorite PJs

  6. I like pj's that are cotton, otherwise I'd wake up sweating. I like a simple boxer/tank top-type of pj's.

  7. i need something loose and something that doesnt come up around my neck like those old grammy nightgowns..boxers and a tshirt works for me :)

  8. Well I lost 65 lbs and I have 1 pair of pj that are huge on me so I sleep in a large tee shirt because it was been 20 years since I bought any sleepware. These are so nice and look comfortable! Thanks for a chance to win

  9. This robe by Carole Hochman looks so super soft and comfortable. It would make a gorgeous set paired with the floating Sleepshirt for my mom for Mother's Day.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  10. The kind of pajamas I like best really depends on the weather outside since we have some very harsh winters here, and very warm summers! In the colder months I prefer traditional 2 piece pajamas, long flannel or thick cotton pants and long sleeved button up the front matching tops, in pretty, feminine patterns, nothing too flashy or abnoxious! Just simple feminine pajamas that are warm and comfortable. In the warmer summer months I love to piece short and tee pajamas, again in pretty, soft feminine colors, and lightweight material too! I enjoy lounging around in my pajamas so I like to make sure they always look new and fresh! Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter.

  11. I could use a new robe to replace the ratty old thing I have now. Every Christmas I tell everyone I want a new robe but I never get one.

  12. My favorite pj is an oversized shirt, very comfy, this robe would be swell. wombatspurple[at]

  13. I need something cute to wear to bed! My night clothes pretty much consist of gross baggy old t-shirts with holes in them, haha.

  14. I like cozy fuzzy PJs in the winter and light "gauzy" ones in the summer. But with how high my husband puts the AC in summer I should probably stick with the fuzzy ones then too!

  15. The Floating Violets Robe and matching Floating Violets Sleepshirt, seems like it would be a great travel sleepwear set, that would pack nicely and be great for summertime

    Thank you


  16. oh this robe looks fabulous! in fact, all of carole hochman's sleep/lounge wear looks great. I love pajamas! Cool night gowns and shorts sets in the summer and fleece pants in the winter

  17. Let me see, Oh yes, the last time I had a new robe I had to order coffee from a coffee company and that was my extra gift. One size fits all, white terry cloth, ugly. The worst of it is I don't drink coffee.

  18. I'm right there too! I'm a mom to 5 and jammies and such for me is a luxery I just can't do very often. I was actually googling for a robe and came across your site!! How neat is that! I've discovered with teenaged boys who have company over, a robe is past being a must around here! would love to win one so I could buy more laundry detergent instead ;-)

  19. I love cotton pj sets with a touch of romance, my husband bought me this awesome pair for Valentine's day and they're so pretty I'm afraid to wear them :) A new robe would be lovely

  20. oops it entered before i was i was saying wow i love it because they even have it in my size.

  21. it depends on the time of year - i used to sleep au'naturale but not after kids -- so I usually pull on some boxer shorts & a beater

    autumn398 (at)

  22. I can see myself having my coffe wearing this nice Floating Viloets robe. I like to have a light robe handy just in case someone rings the doorbell and I can look presentable.
    Thanks for the nice giveaway.

  23. I would love to win the Floating violets robe. I have violets all over my kitchen. I have tried Carol Hochman's sleepwear, and they are very comfy.

  24. The sleepwear from the Carole Hochman’s collection is awesome! The Floating Violets Robe - is a super prize.

    What better way to prepare for a restful night's sleep than wrapped up in a Floating Violets 79% cotton 21% polyester baby terry 38" robe?

    This easy-to-wear piece has a small band collar that folds into a small collar.

    There are modern slant pockets and a wide belt.

    Available in blue water and white.

    I would want mine in blue water!

  25. I don't have a robe of my own, and to be wrapped up in something as comfortable as this robe - yes please!! :)

  26. I like tank tops with pants style of pajamas best :D I would love to win this robe, I really need it!

  27. Floating Violets/ sounds neat and I need a new robe& violet goes with my bedroom!Thanks for the cahnce to win this!

  28. i invested in a $15 satin pj piece from target and i love it. its confortable and classy. helps to wear that when you have guests spending the night w/ you..pls hubby loves the feel of it against his hands! win win :)

  29. I'd love a new robe. The one I have now is long and I need something sorter for summer but don't usually buy things for myself. Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  30. With my belly button looking like a turkey button popper and my gut stretched as far as a swear it can go, fav pj's at the moment consist of Hanes pj bottoms for men from Walmart and a very large top. Not the sexiest of outfits to be sure. I am looking at Carole Hochman's site at the moment and I'm thinking I need to upgrade. Only wish my legs looked like the girls' in the picture :)

  31. I'd love to win this robe for my mom--her robe is pathetically shabby but she'll wear it until the arms fall off instead of buy a new one!

  32. My favorite style of pajamas is a top with bottoms. I have an insulin pump, so I need bottoms to which I can clip it! :)

  33. Yup, I can't remember the last time when I bought one! It's always somewhere at the end of the list if it makes to the list at all :)

  34. I am with you on the pj's I usually wear a old pair of shorts and a tshirt. Got other important things to buy then something ima sleep in. Would love to win thanks for the chance

  35. I can relate to your own experience with sleepwear. It seems like a luxury, not a necessity. That said, it sure would be nice to own some really pretty and functional sleepwear. Would you believe I don't even OWN a robe?? So I could sure use this if I win!! Right now my favorite sleepwear is a set of hospital scrubs. They are comfy and if you have to go to the door suddenly, they don't actually look like pajamas. :)

  36. I sleep in a big t-shirt. Not too pretty...
    It's amazing how a simple thing like a new robe or pjs can make you feel like a new woman! Thanks.

  37. I like to sleep in pj's although mine are very old and could be updated. This robe would be great for my mom. She would love it.

  38. I would love the Floating Violets robe in blue water. My sleepwear is pretty ragged and mismatched. I would feel so pretty.

  39. The Floating Violets terry robe looks so comfortable and wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  40. That robe looks AMAZING. I have had the same robe for 14 years and it is time to upgrade for sure. And her robe REALLY looks like a major upgrade!


  41. I love soft and loose shirts and soft pants. I would not mind getting the Floating Violets Sleepshirt also :o)

  42. I am in love with her things; everything looks so pretty, bright and comfortable. I'd love to have a robe with violets on when I go out in the morning to look at my gardens and I have lots of violets there also. Thank you!

  43. I love flannel pajamas. I get at least one new pair every year on my birthday because I request them (socks too)!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  44. I tend to like the "shirt and pants" pajama stlye, as long as the material is nice and soft. That robe looks really comfortable and stylish. Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. I generally just sleep in big white t-shirts. I seem to have a ton of freebie ones from various places and they make good nightshirts. It would be great to have a robe to wear on top of them, for as the kids get older I should try for a little more modesty and cover up a little more.

  46. A robe- wow - I dont think I've owned one in years - Very cool- It would be great for cool monrnings!

  47. That robe is so cute. I could really use a robe for summer. The robe I have is heavy, good for winter but much too warm for summer.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. Pretty and cozy looking. I need to buy new pj's for myself. Its been since before I got married 14 years since I had new.

  49. I've been without a robe for years. This would be a treat. All of these PJ's look so cute. I think I need to update myself.

  50. My wife would look great in any of these. She wears my stuff and this would be so much more comfortable for her.

  51. I have never had one of Carole’s products but the robe look so compfy :)i like alot of other women here - an oversize shirt - yeah not very sexy - :(

  52. My favorite style of pajamas are women's pajamas that are styled like traditional men's pajamas, only feminine and classy.

  53. You are a lot like me then - I have t-shirts from volleyball tournaments from 1994 that i wear to bed!! I always end up spending extra money on milk or something for my kiddos too....could use a new robe thats for sure....thanks for the opportnity

  54. CUTE! Honestly, while I'm pregnant I love a nighty gown - something not heavy and comfortable but when i'm not pregnant I'm a short and tank tops girl for summer and pants and t-shirt in the winter!

    mommainflipflops AT

  55. I love the color blue of the robe! My mom's bathromm is an icy blue and this would match....great gift for her and she is so into matching things to her decor lol!

  56. I've been wearing the same funky terrycloth robe for over 6 years and a new lovely robe would be so awesome after soaking in the tub!

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  57. I would love to win this robe! Right now I wander about in old t shirts and baggy pants. Anything (especially this) would be MUCH better!

  58. I'm not a jammy girl. And as for a robe, I use an old, oversized flannel shirt as a cover-up. The Floating Violets Robe would sure come in handy! Thanks.

  59. PJs are one things that I don't splurge on. I'm a t-shirt and comfy pants kind of gal. I'd love something a little more "girly" and I'm sure my husband feels the same way. LoL!

  60. I would need size XL. I would love to wrap up in this for breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. Ahhh. Blessings

  61. I could really use this robe - it would be perfect for traveling, and wouldn't take up my entire suitcase like a full-length robe. Keeping my fingers crossed...

  62. My sleep attire consists of an old sweatshirt and sweatpants...I keep thinking I should buy PJ's but it seems like something more important always needs to be purchased :)

  63. I love the old man flannel style. the botton down shirt and rubber band waisted pants. they're comfy and don't ride up when i sleep.

  64. Cute stuff! I usually wear an old t-shirt to bed, because like you pjs are a luxury! I guess I would rather look sloppy at home than when going out so I spend my money on clothes not pjs! Would love to win!

  65. You sound just like me. I'm always putting off buying nice things for myself because there always seems to be something else that is more pressing. A nice pair of pajamas would be a luxury to me. Thanks for the chance.

  66. I would love to hop out of the shower and have that robe to wrap around me. It looks so soft and comfortable.

  67. Ha, sounds like me! When I was pregnant and so very sick last year at this time my friend bought me two pairs of pajama pants and I swear they're one of the only things that got me through the summer. They're knee-length knit fabric and completely unflattering on me, but sooooooooo comfortable! I wish all clothes were as comfortable, but much more beautiful. ;)

  68. I'd love to win this for *my* mother -- I've noticed that she's always so busy making sure everyone else is taken care of that she almost never goes shopping for herself. I won't even tell you how old her current bathrobe is :-D

  69. I am a 100 percent cotton loving v neck long sleeve tee and pj pants gal! I like fluffy robes, which is why I always love a day at the spa because of the robes, lol! On Carole Hochman's site, I fell in love, love, love with the Floral Droplets PJ! They just look so comfy yet pretty/feminine too.

  70. I love pj's! I usually wear something completely boring like a giant t-shirt, but I also have some cute pajama pants and a couple matching tops and bottoms for winter. I'd love something with a shirt and matching shorts for spring and summer (although my hubby probably prefers the underwear-only fare of mid-summer in the desert...).

  71. I prefer the capri pjs. Anything more than this and I get all tangled up in the night.


  72. Depending on my mood, I'll wear an oversized t-shirt, a cute nighty or a tank top and boy shorts. I've been given Carole Hochman nightgowns in the past and I have always loved their softness and quality. This robe would be wonderful to win!

  73. I love anything from tank and cotton shorts to a nice chemise, depends on my mood. That robe looks nice and comfy without being bulky

  74. I love the robe! It looks so comfy and I was very happy to see it comes in larger sizes. Thank you so much!

  75. I would love to finally have a robe and it looks comfy. I usually don't splurge on myself often and would love to try there products.

  76. I haven't bought jammies in forever!! These looks so soft and feminine! I love that! It's amazing how a nice comfy pair of jammies can make you feel! Great giveaway - thanks for offering!

  77. love pjs I can wear all day and be comfy in since i work from home and yes i bathe but forget to dress up- heck why

  78. There is nothing better than a brand new bathrobe! I checked out the site and it looks awesome! would be so happy if I won this! the product looks awesome and so comfortable

  79. Hummm! I'm pretty sure my newest set of jammies came from my husband the first year we were married...2001. I generaly sleep in tank tops...and I do have some newer ones there!

  80. Awesome giveaway! I'd love the robe for my mom for mother's day and I love to wear jammies around the house myself!

  81. I appreciate the fact that the Carole Hochman Company supports the Sarah Burke Sanctuary. I don't say this to win anything, but it's the truth. I remember many a night growing up when my mom, sister, and I had to run for our lives out of our home being pursued by our violent alcoholic father. It warms my heart to know that this company is doing there part to comfort domestic abuse victims.

  82. I love comfy (but not oversized) pants with a cute tank/cami and maybe a hoodie if it's chilly. Her stuff looks adorable!

  83. I love my long terry cloth robe, but it's way too warm to use in the summer. This one would be perfect with the over-sized tee shirts I wear to bed.

  84. I'm a sleep shirt kind of PJer, but I do have sets (short sleeve/shorts, tank top/capris, long sleeve/pants). I tend to just... kick off the bottoms for comfort. LoL.

  85. I'm a flannel fanatic. I love the softness of it, and I like 100% cotton. This robe looks like it would be nice for the warmer months. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  86. i don't like to sleep in anything that binds or is too tight or made out of materials that don't breathe.this line looks promising.the robe is very pretty.

  87. This robe looks so pretty and confortable! Sometimes I like to sit on my screened in front porch in the morning and have a cup of coffee and a donut or write a letter and read a book. It would be great to wear this robe. thanks!

  88. This is such a feminine, yet comfortable brand, overall. The little robe you are giving away is so cute. Perfect for running around the house in the morning! You have some great ideas for Mother's Day presents!

  89. This is a must have for mom's!! I lived in my robe and jammies when I had my new baby and comfort is a must! Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. I love this brand. I have her pjs that I love to lounge in at home :o) If I win I'm giving the robe to my petite mother-in-law. She's home on the mend from a fall at work (no more high heels for a while!)and could use a short robe. She reads your blog too, but never enters anything. Thanks!

  91. Lately, I've been in the habit of wearing my husband's t-shirts. My favorite style of pjs tend to be slightly over-sized, really soft, and super comfy.

  92. I love wearing pyjama pants around the house late at night, but I can't sleep in them - they get all tangled up and I wake up from nightmares! The boxer short style pj's are good though. I would love a new robe. My robe is an el cheapo thing someone gave to me in 2003. It's falling apart and has always been so bulky and heavy that it's not comfortable to wear.

  93. I love my flannel pajamas in the winter but it gets so hot in the summer I usually just wear a t-shirt to bed. The sainty pj shorts look really cool to wear this summer to bed.

  94. I like long nightgowns in the winter, and shorter ones in the summer. Flannel PJs in winter is great too!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. I like comfortable pjs with NO TAGS. I hate tags, they annoy me. I wear flannel nightgowns in winter, and assorted chemises and short nightgowns in the warmer weather.

  96. Sleep in as little as possible as far as on that site for pjs i like the springtime floral capri pjs talking robes though, that is wonderful looking

  97. It's so true that PJ's are something that seem like an extravagant purchase! I have been eyeing them lately as I browse stores and can never convince myself to buy them.

    This robe looks comfy! I would love to try it :)

  98. I am always looking for a comfortable pair of pj.
    I try to tune into when Carole Hochman is on QVC because I like her product.

  99. I gave up on PJ's years ago. Always got tangled up in them when I slept. So, I wear simple camisoles and shorts to bed and save the PJ's for Christmas morning.

  100. This robe looks so comfy and the material looks nice and soft!! I love cute short robes..perfect for lounging around the house in. :)

  101. Nothing feels softer than a nice Terry cloth robe. I love these because of the short length and wide belt. It's beautiful!

  102. My favorite PJ's are shorts and a top, tee or tank but I also like capri type pants. I have so many night shirts. Mom buys me fun ones all the time but now I have ones that are too big so I need to replace them.

  103. Like you, I don't remember the last time I bought PJs for myself. Boy do I love a lazy Sunday morning in a robe, with coffee in one hand and the Sunday paper ads in the other though.

  104. I have never had one of Carole's products but I would love to win the robe. I'm a stay at home mom of two boys, one of whom is on the autism spectrum, and he loves to get up early. I'd love a nice robe to keep me cozy while we head downstairs in the early morning hours. Thanks for a chance to win.

  105. I'd love to be "floating in violets"! Carole Hochman's items are so comfy and cozy. Thanks for the chance!

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