FOR EVERYONE: stocking stuffers for the whole family

Here are a few last stocking stuffer ideas for dads, moms, kids, grandparents, just about anyone on your list.

hanes logoSocks and Underwear from

Sometimes the simplest and most practical gifts are the very best. Stock up on socks and underwear from Most packs are under $10 and are available at Wal-Mart, Target, and other clothing shops.

maine muchiesMaine Munchies by Gladstone's Under the Sun

Sweet treats for your sweet peeps! Maine Munchie's all-natural fruit and nut mixtures feature dried wild Maine blueberries, dried cranberries, dark organic chocolates, and crunchy nuts. Available in 1.5-5 oz. bags, the snacks retail for $2.50-$4.95/package and are available for purchase online.

clementine cutiesClementine Cuties

Seedless, super sweet, and snack-sized, Clementine Cuties are absolutely delicious and so fun to find at the bottom of the stocking! Available at your local grocery store.

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27 comments on “FOR EVERYONE: stocking stuffers for the whole family”

  1. As part of our holiday tradition, our family always takes time to volunteer at the local homeless shelter. It is all about giving this holiday season. Putting smiles on faces that normally have nothing to smile about:)

    Happy Holidays!

  2. We love Hanes products, and a tradition in our family has always been to put fresh oranges or tangerines in the Christmas stockings. Great giveaway!

  3. My husband never got anything practical for Christmas until we get married. Now he gets something "useful" every year.

  4. My family and I always need socks and underware!!! nice thick cumfy socks would be nice. My familys only had clementines once or twice, so that would be good too!!!! great idea!

  5. mmmm oranges and i know the family needs more socks lol Its the winter time and I like wearing 2 pair at a time to keep my feet warm

  6. Ooo, those Maine Munchies look really yummy. I confess that anything that has Maine in the title automatically gets a thumbs up in my book. I'm a little partial to the state.

    When I was younger I obviously didn't have much for my parent's stockings but I would always get an apple and orange from the fridge for them.

  7. We always got Clementines in our stockings, and we loved them. They are one of my favorite fruits and will certainly be making appearances in my kiddos stocking.

  8. What sweet prizes. I often put food in the kids' stockings, treats I don't usually buy like candy and gum. I like the idea of those healthy snacks much better.

  9. haha... socks and underwear as a stocking stuffer is a great idea. I use to get socks for Easter when I was little. I think socks would be great for my DH... He tends to wear out his socks, and believe you me they can get pretty bad at times. I guess that is a man for you. One other thing... this year for Christmas because of tight finances he has said that if he got anything for Christmas(which he will) he wants a bag of Clementine Cuties. Growing up in the family I did we never had any, so actually for the first time tonight I tried one and I was pleasantly surprised by them. I am not a fan of oranges, but those Clementine Cuties are great!

  10. I like practical stuff. And we always had an apple or orange in the bottom of our stockings. As much as I love Cuties, though, I just can never seem to get myself to pay the five bucks for the bag of them.

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