FOR FAMILIES: a router by Linksys

A typical night in our house:

  • Dinner 'round the table.
  • Walk in our neighborhood.
  • Bath.
  • Books.
  • Bedtime.
  • Breath.

At approximately 8:00 pm every night, the house becomes quiet. Tim and I pull out our laptops and work side-by-side, our fingers tapping the keyboards and our minds energized by the silent togetherness. Often, we'll stop to chat, to compare notes, to reflect on our day, to laugh about this-or-that. Sometimes, we'll just work together and words won't pass between us for a little while. That's one of the nice things about knowing someone so well. Familiarity allows for comfortable quietness.

Because we are extremely "connected" to the web at night (and throughout the day a bit too), having a speedy wireless connection is of utmost importance. Being able to surf the internet efficiently and effortlessly drastically improves our days (and nights).

cisco simultaneous dual n band routerCisco - one of the most-trusted names for network hardware - recently sent us the Simultaneous Dual-N-Band Wireless Router to review and I must say that it is both dependable and speedy. The router is easy to set up and easy to use - and even includes a Mac set up wizard for us Maccies. Tim swapped our Apple AirPort Extreme router with this one...and, thus far, he is super satisfied. As am I. Our network is more stable than ever.

Buying a router may not be the most glamorous gift, but it IS practical and usable. And - seriously - if I were writing out a wishlist, I would undoubtedly add "The Fastest Wireless Internet Available" to my list. My favorite kind of Christmas presents are presents that last beyond December. I like gifts that improve quality-of-life, that make day-to-day doings more doable.

A high-quality Linksys router will ensure that your family has faster wireless connectivity - an important thing if your family enjoys surfing the net, e-mailing friends, playing games, watching movies, listening to music, and more.

linksys router wrt320nWIN IT! One winner will receive a Dual-Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router (WRT320N; approximately $100) from Linksys. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Friday, November 27th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog or Tweet about my Christmas Gift Guide (or about this giveaway)…and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

*UPDATE* The winner is #68 Kim Young. Congratulations!

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71 comments on “FOR FAMILIES: a router by Linksys”

  1. Nights are when I do my work online as well and I want to get it done as fast as possible at times. A slow computer/connection is never fun and makes the work drag on. But when everything is working at it's peak its wonderful

  2. This Dual-Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router from Linksys sounds great, it says "Your wireless connections are radio band selectable to avoid interference in your area." The one we have right now gets interference once in a while.

  3. My husband is extremely techie. He would really like this cool looking router. The specs sound way better than the one we have. He would be extremely impressed that I knew enough to tell the difference. lol.

  4. Our son-in-law just installed a new router. When we are at their house I can tell a difference in the response time and the stability.

  5. Would love this since we have multiple laptops and computers throughout the house. Right now the connection isn't so hot and sometimes very weak. This looks like it would fit the bill!

  6. I am using my sons right now and am going to loose it when he makes his final move, so I would love to be able to replace it with the same brand and model.

  7. The router might not be a traditional type of gift for Christmas, but it would make a great family gift. That being said, it would be great to have a good wireless router.

  8. I agree about practical gifts. Something that lasts beyond December 26 is way better than some romantic, cutesy gift. This router would make a perfect gift for so many people on my list, me included!

  9. I don't know much about routers other than I can use my laptop anywhere in or near my house and get the internet as well as access to my husband's computer from my own through our network as well as all our hard drives(2 Seagate Go drives and a seagate external hard drive)So I am sure he would love a new router.

  10. great gift idea! We too enjoy quiet time together starting at around 8 pm... many nights that includes each of us on our laptops taking care of a few things!

  11. we JUST bought a new router last week. what a difference!!!
    we have recently switched our home phone to our cell phone. we also use the cell to tap into our internet to talk that way while we are home so it doesn't come out of our plan.
    this new router has made the signal and quality of talking over the internet so much better.
    my husband bought a Belkin router. ever heard of it?

  12. My boyfriend and I bought one of these quite a few years ago, so it's def lacking in effectiveness at this point. I would love to own this updated one! Linksys is a great company and make great products - we always buy this brand!

  13. We are SO not very technologically educated. Very sad since it is such a shame when something goes wrong with the computer/internet! We're pretty sure our old router died a while ago, but we just hooked the computer directly to the modem, so we didn't really have to find out if it did or didn't work!

  14. AH! Our router is *this close* to hitting the hay. I am constantly getting stuck when I am uploading my photos and such, a new router would be awesome. I dont know much about this brand, might have to look them up!

  15. Router stuff is the hubby's neck of the woods at my house. I showed this one to him last night, and he gave his big thumbs up stating it would be much faster than his. I just got his old computer as he is working on an upgrade. I am loving the faster computer so why not add to the speed with a new router? Another great gift idea!

  16. We're going to be buying a laptop and this would be great to have wireless in the house w/o having to buy one to do so. Also I'd like to get a phone with wifi on it and this would work. =)

  17. This is a great gift idea! Nice because it's unconventional, no one would ever think about giving a router for a gift, but I love it because it's something you'll actually use.

  18. We could so use this! Our router keeps getting overwhelmed with the amount of traffic that goes across it. NOt that I'm sure this one would be able to handle it, either. What are we doing with all that bandwidth? I'm sorry. That's classified.

  19. I am constantly on the internet because I am a self taught photographer. I like to find photoshop tutorials to brush up on and lots of different things to try in order to make my pictures better. Our internet it so slow, though, and it means I am on the computer a lot longer than I'd like to be.

  20. Would love the route! We also frequently use the computers after kiddos are in bed-unfortunately that still means two different rooms in this house...

  21. Hehe. When I read the title of this post in my reader I thought you were referring to routers of the woodworking kind. I thought, " I gotta read this to see how she works that into a good family gift." Just imagine, the family all hanging out in the workshop each taking a turn routing the edge of the new coffee table. It could work.
    We're not wireless (woodworking or internet) in our home but we sure wouldn't mind it!

  22. Our cheap-o Linksys keeps freezing up and we have to unplug it, wait 10-20 minutes and then restart it. We'd love a new one but it isn't in the cards right now. Would LOVE to win one.

    PS...What the heck did we do before wireless?

    PPS...What the heck did we do before the Internet?!

  23. i never even knew about wireless routers until after i paid a bundle for wireless through my cable company. This would be interesting to try, and cheaper i' sure

  24. We,ve only been wireless for a little less then a year now. I would never go back. I love being able to move my lap top whereever I need to be. I've never thought about diffferent kinds of routers before. This would make the perfect present for my parents. Thanks.

  25. We have Verizon Fios, and are considering buying 2 net books as opposed to our desktop computer. This wireless router would be perfect for us to use! Hubby & I enjoy the computer at night after the kiddies go to bed, like you!, but ours is in our living room so one of us is two rooms away inthe family room while hte other is on the computer. Not so much "us" time then! Thanks for sharing!!

  26. In our home, often times I have to shut down my computer so that my husband can do his work and one of our sons can do his homework. They tell me I am slowing them down! I could really show them with this Simultaneous Dual-N-Band Wireless Router!!!!!
    A speedy and stable network sounds marvelous.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  27. Wireless is where it's at! I was intrigued to hear that this router proves to provide better connectivity than your Airport Extreme. Your evening sounds similar to ours with the exception of two computers - we only have one laptop.

  28. Your night at home with your husband sounds almost identical to my night at home with mine. He pulls out his laptop and comes and sits by me while I work on my desktop. It is kind of fun. We too take the time to stop and talk about different things.

  29. The thought of having a wireless connection has never even entered my mind. But it would be nice to check email other places besides our school room.

  30. My husband is a super techy guy and would love this. He is always so hard to shop for and I have often had to do a return on something I thought he would love.

  31. I hadn't thought about adding a router to our wish list - since we already have one... but ours has been acting up lately so thanks for this great idea!

  32. This would be perfect for my inlaws house - which I have to move into in a couple weeks. Hubby works in another state & since I'm due in 5 weeks... I would like to skype from the inlaws house so we can stay connected. They don't use internet but internet is a must for me. I believe the one at their home (not usable) is from 10+ years ago that their older son had. The router you are offering is sleek & fast -- awesome.

  33. I want a router that allows a usb modem to be connected directly to the router - that would be awesome. But I am very grateful we have a router at all since it allows me to work online from my bed in my jammies :)

  34. I think any family would appreciate a gift like this ~ I wouldn't have thought about it but it is something that everyone can use for a long time. We just got a router and have gone "wireless" at our home and love it. I hope to find other useful gifts like this for families.

  35. Ok, I feel a little bit like a dinosaur--but we only have one desktop computer, and therefore have not had a need for a wireless router. However, the desktop has been making some ominous sounds lately/randomly freezing up, and I'm pretty sure it's going to need replacing soon--and we're planning on getting a laptop to replace it.

    So it would be super handy to already have a wireless router in hand when we get a laptop!

  36. Yes a rounter is a great idea- I totally agree with you on getting something usable then something that ends up in the church rummage sale box!

  37. Great idea Stephanie! I wouldn't have thought of this as a gift, but now that you mention it I'm thinking of getting one for my sister's family. Thanks!

  38. OH this would be perfect for our family! We pretty much do the same thing. And usually right after we all get home everyone is on the computer @ the same time for awhile! :)

  39. Now that we have had wireless routers, it's hard to live without. I say routers because my first one broke down and for a few days I was lost without it. Got a new one and Linksys is the best. Love it.

    And hubs and I can also be online on separate computers in silence and be happy.

  40. I never thought about the speed of the wireless router making a difference but now you have me thinking! Especially since at night I'm on the computer and my husband is using the internet for his video games.

  41. I have no idea what kind of router we have, but we use the internet so much (especially, like you, the two of us at night at the same time) that I know this would be something we would like. Right now sometimes if we're both working on the internet it gets a little slow.

  42. That is a great gift idea, I dont think that I would have ever thought of that. We use a cheap little linksys usb wireless adapter to "steal" internet from our neighbors, who know that we are by the way.

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