Sometimes it's easy to forget that home improvement stores offer more than just paint, wood, and ceiling fans. They really are home, garden, and lifestyle super stores - and the products beyond those double doors are absolutely perfect for gift-giving.

For the men in your life, yes. But also for the whole family.

weber-apron-and-mittFOR HIM: How about a Weber Original Barbecue Apron ($9.99) + matching Barbecue Mitt ($6.99)? This rich, espresso-colored apron and mitt is constructed of a sturdy, stain-resistant canvas that is both attractive and practical. Exclusively designed for Lowe's, this set is sure to be a good pick for any barbecue master.

fiskars shearsFOR HER: The gardener and backyard maintainer in the family will appreciate receiving a brand new pair of razor sharp shears like the Fiskars' 10" Bypass Powerlever Hedge Shears ($21.98). Sturdy, sharp, and comfortable to hold, these over-sized scissors will help her prune bushes and trees with ease. I'd have a picture of me using the shears, but my husband tends to do most of the "shearing" around here. Who is the landscaper in your family?

quik shade 12 x 12 canopyFOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: For athletic and outdoorsy families, consider the 12' X 12' Midnight Blue Canopy Quik Shade ($225.71). The shade is lightweight, easy to assemble, and provides ample shade for sporting events, backyard picnics, and other outdoor festivities. For entrepreneurs, it also doubles as a great booth at community fairs and business expos.

build and grow clinicFOR THE CHILD: Give the gift of time/interaction and take your child to a Build and Grow Clinic at your neighborhood Lowe's (FREE!). The monthly clinics are designed to teach skills and nurture parent/child relationships. On November 21st, you and your child(ren) can build a wooden snowman that doubles as a gift card holder. Is your schedule already booked for this weekend? No worries. Sign up to build a festive gingerbread house on December 5th. Both workshops are held on Saturday mornings at 10am and run for one hour. Be sure to reserve your spot online or by calling your local store.

lowesWIN IT! One winner will receive a $100 Lowe's gift card. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Friday, November 27th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog or Tweet about my Christmas Gift Guide (or about this giveaway)…and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

* I received product samples for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #164 Nicholas Nieves. Congratulations!

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245 comments on “FOR FAMILIES: Lowe's”

  1. My parents currently have several home improvement projects going. I don't know if they will ever get their house completely finished. This would be a fun gift to give them. Maybe it would be used to finish that kitchen

  2. This would be a fantastic Christmas present. My family is renovating the house, and this would be so helpful. $100 would finish off one of the rooms!

  3. I am glad you put the Build and Grow CLinics on here. We go to all the ones that they have at our location. We have made a fire truck, a garage, and monster face game, and the snowman gift card holder. My son absolutely loves building them!

  4. I have been helping my mom pay for her home improvements so she can get her home remodeled since its falling apart. This would help her a lot.

  5. My husband does remodeling and home construction as a second job (in addition to being a firefighter). Lowe's is his store of choice for all his job-related needs. He visits Lowe's literally a couple times every week. I would love to be able to give him a Lowe's gift card to help out with some of our own home remodeling projects.


  6. I think we go to Lowe's at least once every two weeks. We're constantly doing home improvements. Up next, a new front door!

  7. I went with our daughter to Lowe's on Nov 21st so the grandkids (ages 2 and 5) could build their snowmen. They are all ready to go back to build the gingerbread houses. The 2 year old loves wearing his Lowe's apron!!

  8. Just this morning I said to my Husband "What would you people do in this house without a Man" LOL, the man I was referring to was me. Our bathroom door wasn't closing properly so I did some investigating after being mortified that people couldn't close the bathroom door yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner. Anyway, after replacing 3 screws on one of the hinges on the door jamb it now closes beautifully.

    I could think of a few more projects I could complete with a $100 gift card.

    Happy Holidays!

  9. Lowe's is one of my husband's favorite stores. He loves looking at the tools. We have bought paint from them before-they have a great color collection to choose from

  10. I absolutely love to garden, so I'm always looking forward to getting started early on my spring plantings. One of my Christmas wishes is to get better lights to grow my seedlings for the upcoming growing season. My goal is to double the amount of tomatoes that I grew last year. I know that Lowe's has everything that I need!

  11. Lowes was the only place I could find a stevia plant this year. I will be going back again for my plants even though the closest is 150 miles away.

  12. A Lowe"s gift card would sure come in handy. There are a few things that need to be repaired and the gift card would cover it.

  13. I just recently added cabniets to the laundry for more space. I would love to add cabniets to the bathroom as my next project. Well my dad's next project anyway. I buy them he installs them.

  14. This is really a great idea, I love going to Lowe's because it just gives me so many ideas about the things I would love to do with our house or garden. I think anybody could use a gift card to Lowe's at any time of the year. However we just bought a house that is a bit of a fixer upper so we would love to win this!

  15. Great gift ideas! If I could only get my husband to actually grill! I guess I could get the apron for myself!! I can always find a bunch of things that I do not have on my list that I REALLY need when I go to Lowes. There is always something to be done in the house; it is NEVER finished.

  16. We've been in our house for almost two years now, and there is STILL so much that we would love to do to it.... what a great way to be able to get some of those things done!

  17. My family loves to browse Lowe's and find all sorts of goodies that we'd love to own! lol But, it is a good time to spend together, and dream about future projects. I know that the Lowe's card would go to good use! Thanks.

  18. I guess when I've gone to Lowe's, I've been after a certain thing, and never really looked around. I'm going to go browse around, and see what new ideas I can come up with for gifts.The Build and Grow Clinics sound great,the kids would love them!

  19. I am such a huge fan of Lowe's. I was thrilled with their service when we got our washer and dryer there, and we are there all the time with our constant home imporovement projects. A G.C. would be a great stocking stuffer for my husband! :-)

  20. We are SOOO excited to be getting a Lowe's in our smallish town in the next few months...otherwise it would be an hour drive each way! Just in time for us to (hopefully) build a home next spring! The gift card would be wonderful!!!

  21. We've been talking about getting one of those Quick Shades. They sure make mid-summer double header soccer games a little more bearable... Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Great giveaway! I always find so much I need/want in Lowe's that I'd have a hard time choosing how to spend this gift card!

  23. We could spend so much money at Lowes!!! Love that place... We specifically want to buy (in the spring) new seat cushions for our outdoor furniture! Can't wait to see what 2010 fabrics are out there!

  24. Could really use this gift card. We desperately need to update our bathroom. The whole thing - sink, vanity, toilet, tile, paint, etc. Husband practically lives at Lowe's anyway. :o)

  25. I love the beautiful blue canopy,but what's not to love. everything at lowe's makes my house and yard a better place to be.

  26. I'm already planning to be spending quite a bit of time at Lowe's after Christmas hunting for paint and shelving units and other such things to finish all the projects I want to get done before the baby comes! A gift card would make the shopping even more fun!!

  27. My favorite home improvement store is Lowe's. I can spend hours and hours in that store looking at everything and always end up with something in my cart. I'd love to use a Lowe's gift card to help towards the purchase of a quality vacuum to pick up all the fur on my carpets from my "fur children."

  28. Ok I thought the garden shears for her is a great idea. I am a gardener myself so anything garden related would make me happy! Especially since I need to restock my supplies lol! But I can see that Lowe's pretty much has gifts for anyone! It is one of my favorite stores :-)!

  29. I always forget what great stuff lowes has like the grill and tents - I always associate them with yard work for some random reason.

  30. We love visiting the Build and Grow clinics with our little man. The older my son gets, the more he wants it to be just a "Daddy and Me" thing, and although sometimes I miss going with them, I think it's awesome that he wants that special time with his Daddy!

  31. This would be great to win. My husband would love if I won something that he could use. He loves shopping at Lowes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. We were very excited when a Lowe's opened in our town - it's much more shopper friendly than Home Depot. Women don't have to feel intimidated.

  33. We shop at Lowe's all the's within a mile of our house...I always find things there that I can the garden and the house :)

  34. I regularly shop at Lowes and my nephew works there. We buy a lot of lumber and paint for home improvement projects at Lowes. The gift card would help with Xmas presents.

  35. I am always impressed with the selection at Lowes. This past spring i got all my flowers and bird feeders from them. I havent been there yet this season but i know i could get some great stuff

  36. Our Lowes store has been open for only a year or so, and I'm finding it to be the best place for buying supplies for our home and craft project. Don't know how we lived without it.

  37. Lowe's is a family favorite here. We (includes me) are in and out of Lowe's every week for something. I have 5 men who will be receiving gifts from Lowe's in our family.

  38. Well I recently went to Lowes to get some workout equipment for my husband. He wants to start getting fit and we can't afford weights or a gets cinder blocks for weights and such, a wooden beam for pulls and lifts, and stones used for paths will be used for situps. =) His idea and he's quite happy about it. Thinking outside the box that's for sure.

  39. I love Lowes! I love to go there and get ideas for updating our aging home! Next two projects are painting my daughter's room, updating it from a baby room to a toddler/preschool room and next we need to change out our kitchen faucet...badly! We're saving up for them but would love to do it sooner!

  40. We have a Lowe's store literally 2 minutes from our house - guess where we are at all the time? You guessed it, Lowe's - at least once a week minimum. You are right that it is more than a home improvement store, we get all sorts of stuff there, including gifts this time of year. I've also learned from shopping there with hubby that if I buy him a new tool he will complete new projects around the house! This has been a very beneficial thing to know!

  41. My husband is always wanting to do projects around the house, last summer it was a deck and i am sure this year will be another project that would really help with the lowes gift card.

  42. i have so many home projects that need to be done, but they just remain on my list of things to do.. I would use the gift card towards metarials for a screen in porch for the summer.

  43. I've had several home improvement projects with our new house this past year and lots of experience dealing with Home Depot and Lowe's.. I have to say, Lowe's wins hands down (both in Connecticut and Seattle) on customer service - their people have been friendly and helpful every time, whereas I've only had disappointment from Home Depot employees and their general lack of know-how. They might as well flip burgers.

    A man who grills with an apron.. I've been wearing aprons since my photo darkroom days.

  44. we love lowes i'm always finding myself in their checking prices yea right. but what a great place to spend money they have everything

  45. I buy my basement block windows, lights, & ribbon from Lowe's to make glass lit Holiday Presents, they made great gifts!


  46. We love Lowe's. Over the summer, our grill went flooey and we had to buy a new one. We picked one out and brought it home but it was damaged when we opened. Lowe's offered us a discount if we would bring it in (rather than them pick it up) and then gave us a replacement that wasn't damaged. Their service is great!

  47. I would love to win this for my mom. She has so many things she would like to do to her home but not the cash to do them.

  48. We love Lowe's. We just bought a set of lamps for our living room. We couldn't find an accent rug we liked so we went online and their was no shipping charge if we had it sent to Lowe's and picked it up there.WE have been very pleased with everything we have bought there.

  49. We always find great stuff at Lowe's. We are currently looking into buying a house right now so we have been pricing a lot of stuff at Lowe's that you would generally need to get when owning a home. :)

  50. Lowes is so fantastic. Right now we are in the market for a new grill but will hold off until next year. I also love going to Lowes for all my gardening needs!! I got the best herbs there last year.

  51. Having just moved, there are a million projects that need to get started/finished/planned. Right now we're working on the kitchen, and we're sinkless in the bathroom - this would really come in handy!

  52. We are in serious need of some organizing and need some shelves and containers to help[ kick start things. Lowe is the place to start.

  53. I realy need new cabinet hinges and door knobs in the kitchen. I sa some at Lowes that I really like.A gift card would really make my day!

  54. Thanks for the great giveaway. We really need this. We have water damage in our laundry room and need to replace the floor but my husband has been out of work for almost 3 months. This would come in handy to redo our floor!

  55. Lowes is our place of choice when it comes to home improvement buys! Thanks for the chance.
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  56. I love to shop at Lowes. I would use the gift card to buy a new ceiling fan for the entrance way. It makes such a difference in the summer and winter temperature. My poor old fan has been out of commission for 3 years. Thanks for the giveaway.

    [email protected]

  57. Oh man, would my husband go crazy with this! Hopefully I would be able to sway his purchase a bit, but I doubt it! LOL!

  58. What a great giveaway! We are going to be putting our house on the market soon & are in desperate need of some home improvement projects before then! The $100 gift card would be a great way to start- maybe for paint! :) Thanks for the chance tow in!

  59. Love the thought of a Lowe's Clinic. I didn't know that they offered those. That is something I will for sure have to check out! Thanks for letting us know.

  60. Since we rent our house, there isn't too much to do around here by ourselves. But, we do have one big bush in the front of our house that we planted and about 2x a year it needs a good pruning. I bought those same shears to do the job!

  61. We could not survive without Lowe's! We started an addition a year ago before my DH lost his is now slow going and he is doing all of the work! Lowe's has been a life saver! Plus they do have interesting shopping ideas!

  62. We LOVE Lowes. Some of the greatest memories in our family thus far have been our home improvement projects. The girls get a HUGE kick out of helping out, and we are all together working for a common cause. The biggest project we did was wiring our home network out of one of the girl's closets on the opposite side of the house from our computers. It meant running wires across the attic, down walls, through ceilings... While it sounds like a pain, it was SOOO fun. So much so that we got our oldest a kids tool set for her birthday, and it is still her favorite gift. She is the little helper. I'd always heard that working together is the best way to spend time as a family, but whole heartedly believe it now. Great gift idea!

  63. We don't shop Lowes all that much because it's about an hour away but whenever I do I'm always happy with it. I would love to purchase something for my bil and future sil for CHristmas with this gift. As you mentioned in your post there is something for everyone and this would be fantastic for Christmas as they are remodeling their kitchen.

  64. My family has lived in apartments our whole life. With a single mom and three kids, (one of which is me) we've never had it easy. We've just never had much money, but my mother was always saving up. She managed to save up enough to rent a house. It's amazing as a 13year old girl to finally have my own bedroom, but there are things we need. The house is in horrible condition, and we just don't have the money to fix it up, let alone make it a home. This hundred dollars would help us, and would go to something to make our ugly house into a beautiful home. :)

  65. My pure dirt backyard is desperately yearning for some grass, a tall tree to shade, and some beautiful flowers.

  66. We have so many home improvement projects we'd like to start where do I begin? Tiling the backsplash in the kitchen, fixing our basement into a playroom for the twins, tearing down our deck and adding a patio, closet organizers, organize the pantry, the list goes on and on. Anyway each project takes money so it's nice that with LOWE's reasonable prices we might be able to tackle a project or two next year.

  67. Lowes is wonderful for finding everything we need for taking care of our house and more. In fact we bought my Mother-in-laws Christmas gift from them several years ago.

  68. Love Lowes! We move every couple years, and seem to be visiting Lowes all the time- either preparing the house to sell or getting a new house just the way we like it.

  69. We could really use a Lowes gift card around here. Every time we think we are finished with the house, we come up with another project that just HAS to be done. Weekends at Lowes are a family affair!

  70. my husband is always doing projects around the house and building different things. he recently built me shelves for my shoes and then decided it was so neat, he built himself one. we love lowes- it helps that we live 1/4 of a mile from one.

  71. We're working on re-doing our yard and adding in a vegetable garden; those hedge shears have been on my wish list! My daughter loves "helping" me in our flower garden...

  72. Lowe's is my favorite store for supplies and for ideas in home improvements and decorating. I could browse there for hours and was so delighted when one finally got built near me!

  73. Lowe's would be a great place for me to get my own Christmas gift. That is so cool that they have the build and grow clinic. I didn't know they did that.

  74. I'm not sure if my hubby would consider this a fantastic gift (...more work for the list...), but this would help turn our basement into a useable family room. Just bought the fabulous floors at Lowes and still have paint, lights and rug to go...

  75. I take my friend's daughter to the building clinics at Lowe's and/or Home Depot about once a month. It's so fun for both of us- I get to spend some time with an older child and she gets some time away on her own!

  76. Lowe's is definitely project central. In this economy we have a lot of projects! Faucets to replace, painting, furniture to refinish. What a help this would be!

  77. This would be awesome to win since we are soon replacing our living room carpet and painted walls. Thanks for the chance.

  78. I am definitely the landscaper in the family. Lowe's is the first stop for me when I need tools, supplies, or plants for my landscaping projects. After Hurricane Katrina badly damaged our southeastern Louisiana home, many of the materials, fixtures and supplies were purchased from Lowe's to repair/rebuild our home. When we moved to Virginia for 2 years after Katrina, we purchased a fixer upper home. Guess where the materials, fixtures and supplies came from? Yep, Lowe's! I should own stock in Lowe's! I hope I win. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  79. great giveaway! If I win I would but some more insulation and flooring to finish our attic. We have no closet storage in our house and we need to finish the insulating before the really cold weather comes. thanks.
    [email protected]

  80. In the past, we haven't hung out much in our backyard. We know that will be changing soon because we have a little one. These are some great products that could help nudge us outside!

  81. We love Lowes! I'm always getting gift cards there. Humm, what would hubby buy....I think he needs a new chainsaw or maybe this could go to his dream of a bagger for our lawn mower.

  82. I'd agree that the Quik Shade canopy can be really useful. I would add a warning that leaving one up overnight when it's raining could be a bad idea, though. We found that out the hard (expensive) way when a ton of rain dropped on it overnight and collapsed the tent upside down into a pool and bent the supporting frame horribly. I doubt many people would do something like that, but a warning in case you've considered it.

    And the classes for kids are great - just be sure to register ahead of time.

  83. I don't know if this counts as kinda sweet and romantic or not, but my hubby and I like to wander the aisles of Lowe's dreaming about our next project. Usually we stop in to pick up something specific. Then what happens is we remember we wanted to check out something totally different and head over to that aisle. The next thing you know, we are literally strolling the aisles just dreaming! It ends up being a fun time together planning/dreaming about what future things we want to do!! :o) We love Lowe's!!

  84. My next home improvement task is to rebuild the steps to my bedroom upstairs. A recent trip to Lowe's revealed that it would cost me about $400 just for the lumber, yikes! I could use this gift card!

  85. We love going to Clemson football games; we are HUGE fans!! It's a fun family event and we go and tailgate, bringing our grill nd having fun with the boys before going in the game. I would love to use this card to by a really nice tent for tailgating. This is an exciting time of year!!

  86. Ah man, we could really use a Lowe's gift card...we have so many projects around our house that need work...crazy! It is amazing how many things can need fixing in a home (especially when it is no longer new :))

  87. It's funny, Lowes really is a store for the whole family. I love going there as much as my husband... and the kids, they never complain when we say, "We're going to Lowes." In fact, we were just there yesterday picking out ceiling fans (with lights) for our latest home improvement (making the boys' rooms bright enough to see in after dark). We settled on plain white, after I promised the kids we'd turn the white blades into an art project (This because they saw a fan with rocket ships painted on the blades at a price of 3x the one we selected). Once home, the boys (6 & 8) spent all afternoon designing their blade murals. They were actually quite inspired. Now, to find the time to paint in between schooling, holiday preparation, and relatives visiting... I wish Lowes could help with time management as well as they help with providing materials for projects!

  88. Honestly, I'll be shopping at Lowe's for my father-in-law this year, since he's done so much for us with working on our old house. Their prices and items are great, and I just love buying plants there in the spring.

  89. Lowe's is definitely a store for everyone. From construction projects for young and old to appliances to make the housework easier to everyday common needs (and some not so common) - it's all there under one roof.

  90. My husband is a general contractor so you can imagine the money we dish out to Lowe's each year, THOUSANDS! But it's never on something for us or our home, until the holidays! Lowe's gift cards are the perfect gift for my hubby and I "hope" he spends them on "homey" items instead of tools! :)

  91. In our house, I'd be the one receiving the grill tools! It used to be the other way around but somehow I ended up being the flame-master.

  92. We just bought our first home and are so excited to get started on the renovations... kitchen first! A gift card to Lowe's would be used up in a second!

  93. You can never spend enough time in a home improvement store when you own a home.

    We have about 100 projects that need to get done, including the mid paint paint job of the stairwells.

  94. I am not a fan of cavier, celebrities don't impress me...
    My family and home are first, and shopping is "my cup of tea"....
    I love LOWE'S and it shows,
    from inside our garden hose!
    We have the best in quality, and our house is pretty to see,
    The backyard is fun and cool, and shoppping at Lowe's is the rule!

  95. Who couldn't use a little help from Lowe's?
    We would love to redo the bathroom......get a Weber something with the yard....a new front door... and the list goes on. I am loveing the Christmas Guide BTW.

  96. The build and grow program sounds like fun! I'll have to clear our calendar for the 5th! I always love shopping at Lowes, you just never know what project it will lead to.

  97. When we first moved into our 1926 home we spend every weekend and probably half our paychecks at lowes. My in-laws have just bought a condo to be nearer to us (grand baby) and this would be a wonderful Christmas/house warming gift for them.

  98. I can't decide if I'd want to use it for us or give it to Chris' stepdad, who does all things handy. Maybe a little of both?

  99. The other benefit of a construction related store? It opens at 6 AM. Great for me when I have an awake (and loud) 1 year old in a house full of sleeping family and a house under construction.

  100. Lowe's is great!!! We have so many projects to finish and the gift card would help tremendously. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  101. We are in the middle of two big projects at our house. One is our backyard (HUGE project) and the other is getting my son's ready for him to move in. We are close to done painting, but still have several things to do. This would come in so handy as the backyard itself is still needing lots of supplies. Thanks!

  102. We love Lowe's, they are close, always have a great selection, and fun race car carts to keep the kids happy!! We just finished re-plumbing our house, so we've been there a lot lately!!

  103. The nearest Lowes is about 20 miles away, so we end up going to Home Depot. But a gift card would be the perfect excuse to explore Lowes. It would be a great Christmas gift for my hubby. Normally he has little patience for shopping, but set him loose in a home improvement store and he's happy for hours.

  104. Do you realize that you have the COOLEST giveaways? I am sure you do...

    Hmmm.. a Lowe's gift card... My husband was just talking about making a set of cornhole boards. If you don't know what they are, you should google it and get playing. It's the best game for this time of year!!

  105. My husband is a real do-it-yourself guy so we buy a lot of things from Lowes. You're right that there is something for everyone there. I often go there if I need an organizational product. Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. Thanks for the info, I didn't realize they had free workshops for kids! I am going to contact my local store to see what the age requirements are...this would be a great to do this Saturday!

  107. The shears remind me of myself this past summer trying to trim some peony bushes. It did not go well, as I trimmed my fingers. I believe a new pair is due here at our home. Just one of the many awesome garden tools that Lowe's offers that could simplify our life in the garden dept. Oh, and the canopy, that would be great for family picnics. Lots of good stuff here.

  108. We used to go to Lowe's every weekend when we lived in KY. We LOVE that store and the employees are always so friendly and helpful!! I was just thinking that we could sure use some new curtains, so that gift card would come in mighty handy!!

  109. This is an awesome giveaway, I just started really getting into DIY projects after finding a new blog about two first time homeowners who do pretty much everything themselves. I mean, Jon has always been handy but I have been really enjoying making things for the house too. I painted a dresser in our daughters room and I am about to make a headboard for our room. So fun.

  110. I think their build and grow workshops sound wonderful. Can't wait til my 2 kids are old enough to go with daddy to one of his favorite stores to build something fun with him.

  111. My girls already like Lowes. Of course it could be because of the race car carts they get to ride in...
    I took my oldest the other day to buy a gift for my husband (a mallet if you'd like to know). She spied the kid sized tools and thought they were great. I actually think that may end up being one of her gifts so she can help daddy around the house.

  112. We're trying to sell our place so anything we could get from Lowes to help improve it would be wonderful. Paint! A new bathroom sink!

  113. Even though my husband works there we don't get much of a discount, so we'd still really love to win this... unless employees aren't qualified to win.

    We'd probably buy paint and then a ceiling fan for the living room.


  114. I think my little family has spent more at Lowes then any other store, we love to build, grow and create. This would be a perfect family gift!

  115. Lowe's rocks! We have to finish the remodel on my bathroom plus we need a new washer and dryer. So much to do, so little time OR we choose to vacation rather than finish up home projects LOL

  116. We just bought our son a woodworkers starter set from Toys To Go ( for Christmas! I didn't even know that Lowes had these classes! Thanks for letting me know. So maybe I'll use that $100 that I want to win to do some damage while I am there with him one Sat.!!

  117. Oh, I know plenty of people who would be happy with a Lowe's gift card. It's crazy how much useful stuff you can find wandering around the aisles there!

  118. My husband goes to Lowes on his lunch break all the time just to look around. This would be an awesome stocking stuffer or I might be able to get a project done before Christmas gets here. We love their workshops. My kids have so much fun using a hammer and wearing their aprons.

  119. Lowe's clinics are awesome! I wish we didn't have plans for the 21st already because my kids would love to do that. I like that quik shade too....great for backyard parties.

  120. I think I love home improvement stores more than my husband... mainly because I'm amazed at all the things you can find inside them! And it creates great memories working on house projects together.

  121. Okay, so the build and grow clinic looks so fun! We have been talking about building and creating a garden in our yard next spring. My daughter LOVES going to stores like Lowe's with her dad. They make special trips out of it.

  122. I'm glad Lowes is included on this list. We moved into a new house two weeks before Christmas last year, so all we asked for from family members was Lowes gift cards. It's probably our favorite place to shop as a family. There are plenty of things to interest my husband and I, and my daughter loves the race car shopping carts.

  123. I love Lowe's! Seriously, I'm there probably once a week getting something to remodel my house. Right now, I am working on Christmas presents with my mom and I've been in the lumber section of Lowe's 2 times this week!

    If I got the gift card, I'd use it on a new Christmas tree or a new fan for the living room.

  124. We have been to the kid's projects before and love them!!!! We have so much fun and my 5 year old is so proud of the stuff he makes. It makes a perfect date! We always can use stuff from Lowes!

  125. Oh, my goodness...Lowe's! We have spent TONS of money there in the past two months, with our living room project and now the bathroom project. From paint to brushes, a tub to flooring, you name it, we bought it. They had the best prices, and they also have TONS of stuff for everyone! Great giveaway! :)

  126. Yes, I could walk around Lowe's for hours... and we have - which I think is what put me into labor this past March :) Our son is almost 8-months old, so still a little young for the clinics, but they are on my "when he's older" to-do list.

  127. There is a Lowe's very close to where we live and I just love to go there and walk up and down the aisles. I always see something new and something that inspires me for that next home improvement project. You can find something for everyone at Lowe's.

  128. We have recently found the Build and Grow Clinics and just love them!
    We will be spending alot at Lowes soon, as we are doing some work to our basement. Drywall, insulation , paneling! It never ends when you are a homeowner.

  129. oh, what don't I need from Lowe's? We found out yesterday that someone had snapped our furnace's exhaust pipe in two, letting Carbon Monoxide eke out into the air, so now we have to get a door for the furnace room. I want to build shelves in my livingroom, so I can put books and dvd's UP and AWAY from the children. I need to paint the interior of the house, again. You can tell the height of my children from the various handprints all over the house! I could seriously go there every week for a year and not be finished.

  130. My husband just got a similar grill to the one you have pictured. He REALLY needs a mitt and some longer tongs to go with it. I may have to get him something like that for Christmas. Great list today!

  131. My nearly 12 year old loves going to the Build & Grow Clinics. Most of the time she is the oldest one there, which is a shame because looking around most of the younger kids enjoy doing it, but its mostly the parents helping with whatever and staging the kid for a photo here and there. She gets to learn how to use tools safely and we get to spend time doing something together that is free. The items she makes are great gifts for others-last spring she made a hang glider model that works on a string and she is saving it for Christmas for her uncle who hang glides.

  132. I think the past few days, when I have desperately needed a nap, my husband and son have gone on Lowe's expeditions. My husband is a handyman and is building a BEAUTIFUL piece of furniture right now... and hopes that there will be many more to come. OH! He would LOVE to be able to spend $100 at Lowes. I am sure it would go fast. I would love to see what his creativity would do with it.

  133. I don't even want to try and count the weekends we've spent doing projects around the house, walking the isles at Lowes. Next projects in our house - a backslash in the kitchen and organizing the master bedroom closet.

    My husband would freak if I actually won something her would classify as "useful". Ha!

  134. I love home improvement stores and can spend hours and lots of dollars in them! We have a canopy and love it - I bought it when we were running hunt tests with the dogs and needed to camp out in the same place all day long through the spring and summer months. Now we use it for picnics and garage sales!

  135. We just added shelves to my daughter's room thanks to Lowe's. :) We like Lowe's--so many things you can do for your home!

  136. You know we've been to Lowe's at least a hundred times and I couldn't have imagined all the things you can find there! These are great ideas. I should pay more attention to the workshops they have ~ this sounds like one to attend.

  137. I don't know if I could talk my hubby into wearing an apron while cooking but it would be a great idea =) I didn't realize that Lowe's even sold stuff like that

    autumn398 @

  138. My family and friends always laugh at me because of all the home improvement projects I have going at the same time.

    My newest project is organizing the garage with the Gladiator series shelves and cabinets from Lowes. I can only afford to buy a cabinet every other payday or so. A gift certificate would go a long way toward buying the next piece which would probably be the 36" wide Gearbox.

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