ceiva-digital-photo-frameOur girls are fortunate to have three sets of great-grandparents still around. They are all super sweet and adoring, but...Grandpa Sheaffer, in particular, dotes on them. He always says that they are the prettiest and the smartest girls around (along with their cousin Ava, who is both pretty + smart).

If he doesn't see them for a week, he always calls to make sure that we know about it. He likes to hold the baby and to buy fruit smoothies for our 3-year-old. And he always asks for pictures.

For the longest time, I wasn't very good about that. I took hundreds of pictures, but rarely got around know...actually printing them.

Then, I started The Grandparents Project and it's been a huge hit.

Most recently, however, we gifted Grandpa Sheaffer with a CEIVA Digital Photo Frame. He opened it and said. "thank you," but it was obvious he didn't quite know what to make of it.

digital-picture-frameAfter we explained and set it up, he was thoroughly delighted. He now has a steady stream of recent photos that display in slide show fashion all throughout the day.

AND we can send pictures to the frame from absolutely anywhere - even from our phones. How cool is that?

The PicturePlan Photo Delivery Service is easy-to-use, efficient, and fast. It's nice to be able to remotely send new pictures to the frame...and the recipient doesn't even need to have an Internet service! The frame can connect via Wi-Fi, but it also works over the phone line.

CEIVA frames are sure to be one of the most-talked about and memorable gifts of the season. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

ceivalogoWIN IT! One winner will receive a CEIVAshare with WiFi adaptor (~$150). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, December 8th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog or Tweet about my Christmas Gift Guide (or about this giveaway)…and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

*UPDATE* The winner is #34 Angie. Congratulations!

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111 comments on “FOR GRANDPARENTS: CEIVA Digital Photo Frames”

  1. This is what I have been telling my husband about for years, what we need for his 86 year old mother that lives 450 miles from us and is stubborn as heck! No internet so the phone should be good. I looked it up on the computer and viola, here you are.... It could be a perfect gift for a grandma who doesn't want a thing but her family! For all her sons family's that do not live close, this is the ticket! We all only see her twice a year... California is a huge state.... Finnaly we can share our lifes!!

  2. We are thinking of doing tihs for my husband's parents for Christmas. They don't live near us and have health restrictions that keep them from being able to travel to us. And with 3 kids (and one on the way), we are limited in our abilities as well. Sounds llike a great idea!

  3. I too seem to take more pictures than I print. This dismays grandma entirely too much. This would be a great gift for her & she deserves it.

  4. This would be perfect for my mom who's always asking me for photos of my son. I tried to tell her I have an online photo album but she somehow cant figure out how to access it. I never thought of getting her a digital photo frame, what a great idea!

  5. I never thought about this idea! It is very difficult to find a meaningful gift for grandparents, until now :) Being able to update new pictures anytime is actually a gift in itself, something that they can look forward to seeing everyday and of course look forward to showing off their granchildren!

  6. I've been wanting one of these frames for awhile now. My kids are grown, and they take lots of pictures and email them to me. One is engaged, so we'll have lots more picture taking moments in the near future (I'm thinking the grandchildren can't come too soon!) :)

  7. That's so cool you can send the pics to the frame. I take a lot of pictures but don't usually get around to emailing them!

  8. I would love to win this for my mom that lives in Texas (we are in Illinois). I can't believe you can send pictures to it. I could surprise her everyday with a new picture of the kids!

  9. Wow. Being able to update the frame from anywhere is really awesome. I got gramma a digital frame two years ago, but it's been a chore updating it (mainly trying to remember to update it). Being able to surprise her with new pictures the day they were taken would be great.

  10. This is totally what my in-laws need! We were just talking about digital frames but my mother-in-law, who LOVES having pictures of her grandkids around, is not tech-savvy at all and would never figure out a normal frame. This way it could be done for her without any effort - how cool!

  11. I would love to win this for my parents. They live thousands miles away from here and such a gift will be just amazing

  12. This would be a great gift for my baby's grandparents as they are so far away we have to keep pictures in a steady supply! Would love to win this so I could gift it for Christmas!

  13. I have just mentioned recently to my husband that I'd love to have one of these. His parents have one and I wasn't crazy about the idea at the time -- now whenever I visit I can't take my eyes off of the slideshow it shows. :)
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. I never wanted one of these photo frames until my sister bought one for my mother for Mother's Day. Then I was smitten. It would be wonderful to have one for my desk.

  15. My grandfather just turned 95, and has met my kids (his great grandkids) only twice. I'd love to be able to update him with pictures that he can enjoy often, until we get down there (soon, I hope!) to visit again.

    This would be a great gift for both sets of grandparents, too! Thanks for passing along the idea.

  16. This really is the perfect gift for doting grandparents! I've always struggled with printing doubles (and triples of pictures)! And this is the perfect solution!!

  17. How wonderful to be able to update the pictures remotely! It must be so cool to be the frame owner and to never know when you're going to see new pictures popping up!

  18. Seriously, any grandparent would be stoked to have this gift! That is an amazing feature, to be able to send photos to the frame remotely, genius!

  19. I would love to give this to my dad for Christmas. I'm always sending him photos of the kids for his screen saver. This would be much better!

  20. I would love to win this to give as a gift to my mother. This would be great for her to have so she can get photo updates of her grandson who's 2.5 hours away!

  21. Since we live so far away from our families, this would be a perfect gift! We only see them a few times a year, so being able to send pictures up like this would be perfect! I didn't know this technology existed yet.

  22. I think it's fantastic that you have some older relatives to share memories with. It's so cool that we have technology to share these precious photos with everybody almost instantly.
    weird chick online at gmail dot com

  23. I've seen digital frames before (I have one and think it's so fun!), but I've never heard of one you can upload pictures to from afar! As we live so far from the kids' grandparents, that would be an awesome gift for them with less hassle for us.

  24. I have been wanting to have one of these for so long! I have one on my wishlist, but this one seems so much nicer...I love that it has the WiFi ability! I think I'm gonna edit my list! ;)

  25. This is the best gift for a grandparent who already has everything and little room for anything else. It would be perfect for my parents who live in a very small house and can't hang up all their photos.

  26. I have not heard of these WiFi digital frames. How cool! It takes out the pain-in-the-butt part of having to constantly hook up the frame to a computer to upload new pictures.

    I'm not sure I would appreciate a digital frame but I KNOW my mom or grandma would. It would also be a neat thing for my husband to put in his office at work.

    P.S. How sweet does your grandpa look?! I have no living grandpas left. :( But I do have two grandmas that are still strong into their late 80s.

  27. My husband really wanted to get one of these for his grandparents, but his dad and even his grandpa thought it would be too confusing. It would be so fun to have one "just to show them" and then see if they might like it! ;)

  28. I wanted to get one of these for my Grandmother-in-Law in Florida but we're too strapped right now. She's never met me or the kids in person and I know this would make her feel like she was actually closer to us...waking up and seeing our faces!


  29. My brother and sister and I gave one of these to my parents for their 40th wedding anniversary, and now I want one too!! :-)

  30. this would be ideal for my inlaws. although i blog, they don't read it- so if I could send thme pictures that they didn't have to put on their frame, i'd be in better shape than i am now :)

  31. This is amazing! I have grandparents that don't have a computer and would absolutely LOVE to be able to see the kids! We used to live ten minutes away and we saw them everyday, now we live in CA (they are in FL) so we only see them once a year. This would be fantastic!!!

    Thanks so much for letting us know about this!!!

  32. Pretty neat idea! I'll have to keep it in mind for next year for my grandparents. My parents have a digital frame but I don't know how the pictures get uploaded. If it's the sort that you can send photos to that would be pretty amazing.

    I'd also missed the grandparents project before - but wanted to say what a terrific thing to be doing! I bet they really appreciate it.

  33. THis is SUPER awesome!
    Ive wanted to get one for a while but there so expensive! I could use that 150 for someting else!! :)

    Good luck to all!

  34. love this idea...thanks so much for sharing! now someone just needs to share this with my daughter-in-laws :) i think this would be a great gift for my mom as well!

  35. This is great... I didn't know there were digital frames out there that you could send pictures to from anywhere. What a great gift idea for grnadparents that don't get to see our infant son very often.

  36. That is a really neat frame! I have a digital frame but not one that I can send pictures too. Both of our Childrens sets of grandparents would love that!

  37. This frame would be perfect for my in-laws. They are always complaining about all our digital pics that we rarely print. Oops!

    athrahans at hotmail dot com

  38. Wow, that is so cool that you can send pictures to it from anywhere. I was thinking about getting one for my grandma but actually thought through whether I would ever update it for her or it would just end up being the same photos over and over. That is really neat.

  39. We just gave my In-laws a digital picture frame but this one seems way cooler. I'd love to give this to my own parents. So many cute grandkids, so little space for frames, awesome solution.

  40. What a GREAT gift! My mom and dad would love this. My mom works at a school and would love to have this on display and show all the latest photos of Miss Olivia! Thanks for sharing this FABULOUS gift idea!

  41. We are blessed in that our girls have 3 sets of great grandparents as well! My mother in law lives 5 hours away from us, and she uses her computer screensaver to display her photos of the girls at her antique shop, but I would love to give her one of these for her condo. She would love it!

  42. I love the idea of digital picture frames and hadn't considered giving one to my grandparents (the girls great-grandparents) but now I think I have my idea for Christmas presents!

  43. I was given a digital frame last year. It is really cool. I like that the slideshow mode. I keep my frame at work and love having my family "nearby". I would love to gift this to my parents who live several states away - I'm like you...I have too many pictures that have never been shared with family members.

  44. WOW!! I love that you can "send" it pictures!! My kids have 3 sets of great grandparents too :) They are great!!

  45. Being an only child means that my girls get ever so much grandparent love from my parents. Unfortunatly they live about 14 hours away and we don't get to see them very often. My mom has pictures in all her rooms of the girls and is always asking for updated versions. I'm really bad about that whole printing out thing too. This would be fab-u-lous!

  46. I tried to give my parents (not even grandparents!) a GPS device once. Complete disaster. Between trying to explain it and the frustration of explaining why it sometimes isn't totally accurate, I just gave up on technological gifts :-) You're genes are clearly more sophisticated than mine!

  47. Oh my goodness!! What a great gift! This would be an AMAZING gift for my husband who is most likely deploying within the next year for the second time. This way he could have an easy and portable way to have pictures of us, mainly our two babies. Love it!

  48. i'm typically also guilty of taking a bazillion pics and never printing them. would love to have a frame like this for my parents! and sending pics to it would be amazing- very cool technology! :)

  49. We bought Ceiva frames for both grandparents a few years ago. My mother-in-law has ZERO interest in anything computer related, and she was puzzled by it at first. We set it up for her and she liked the photos...but when we got home from our visit (250 miles away), I uploaded photos from the trip, and they appeared on her frame the next morning, she was SO EXCITED!! She still reminds us often that it's the best gift she's ever gotten.

    We photograph or scan the kids' art projects to send. On her birthday we put special messages on it. Last Mother's Day I changed her entire queue to be photos of our kids as babies and photos featuring her.

    My parents have a little more skill and manage their own frame more, so while they like it, it's not as 'magical' to them, but it is handy...the online content management is so much easier and more immediate than fiddling with memory cards (and I wish I had one of my own!) I often use the Ceiva site, but also use the Facebook app to post photos to the frames in a snap!

  50. I would so love to win the digital photo frame, as I had bought one from Target, but hubby lost it while we were moving and it has yet to be found after 2 yrs. I would love to win, we have a lot of pictures to go into it.
    brownatural @ gmail dot com

  51. We absolutely love digital photo frames. You can never have too many LOL We got one as a gift for our 10th anniv. a few years ago and have given them as gifts since then. So fun!

  52. My guy's mother got a digital frame for her birthday and she always has it running! I know that my mother would love this gift and the fact that you can upload photos to it from anywhere is AMAZING! Thanks stephanie!

  53. This is such a wonderful idea! I love that photos can be sent from anywhere. I'm awful about printing pictures too and I always hear about it from the great grandparents. This would make a perfect gift!

  54. What a wonderful gift idea - I especially love that it can be updated remotely - that's brilliant! We gave my Grandpa a similar one of these for his birthday recently, and both he & my Grandma seem to really, really enjoy it.

  55. I would absolutely love this! I am a grandma to 5 and they all live so far away I don't get to see them nearly as much as I would like (you know, like every day!)... Maybe I could actually get my girls to send photos to the frame...

  56. What a great idea! We have never given these frames, because the grandparents wouldn't be able to figure them out. This would be wonderful!

  57. I agree that this is the perfect gift for grandparents! My daughters would love to give this gift to theirs! Thanks for the offer.

  58. This is absolutely perfect for my father. Seriously. He is the "i don't know what to gt because he has e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g" grandpa. Yeah, this is awesome.

  59. As someone who is challenged by regularly printing pictures and mailing them to grandparents, this would be an incredible gift, both for me and them! The hardest part would be deciding which set of grandparents would get it!

  60. I have always wanted one of these! But this is by far way cooled than the ones I have seen. I didn't know they made them so you could send pictures to them, how special is that! I can see how this would be an amazing present for the Grandparents, how neat would it be to wake up to new pictures of your grandkids?

  61. Ok the feature that you can send photos to the frame is invaluable! We have thought of getting one of these for my mom but the idea of constantly having to manually update it drives us crazy! This sounds awesome!

  62. Okay...SO cute that Grandpa Sheaffer loves you guys and the girls so much!! What a special blessing! And really...the frame? So cool! I haven't heard of a digital frame with wi-fi. What will they think of next!? With my parents in New Hampshire and husby's parents in Uganda, this would be fabby!

  63. We are fortunate that my 91 year old dad is still can stay in his own home! It is where I grew up.
    He has pictures put up all over his kitchen so he
    can see them everyday! Dad/Grandpa would really enjoy this digital photo frame~!
    Thanks, Cindi

  64. What a PERFECT gift for the great grandparents!! I am still in shock that Max's Great Nan checks his website daily...and often comments LONG after I have gone to bed. Haha!!

  65. My mother-in-law recently started her own business, so she isn't able to see her grandkids as much as she would like. This would be a perfect gift for her to keep on her desk at work.

  66. Oh, I would love to have this to give to my Father-in-Law. He lives in North Carolina (we live in Texas) and just recently moved into an assisted living apartment. We invited him for Thanksgiving and he is just not up to the trip. This would be fantastic for him to be able to keep in touch with our sons.

  67. What a great idea! My grandmother who is not very tech savvy would love this. She wouldn't have to go to my uncle's house so often to see pictures we've posted online if I could send them to her via a phone line. So cool!

  68. Wow! I've always wanted a digital picture frame, but one that pictures can be sent to from anywhere? Sign me up! :) I am seriously thinking about buying one of these for grandparents who don't have access, or aren't very techincally savvy.

  69. This is such a fantastic item! It would be a perfect gift for my mom who is soon to be a new grandmother. My in-laws have a photo frame but the pictures don't get rotated very often. This would solve that problem. :)

  70. I especially LOVE that you can send the photos from anywhere! Because my grandma and my husband's grandma don't have ready access to technology, so adding photos to their inventory would be hard. This is brilliant!
    And with another grandbaby (great-grandbaby, in this case!), who wouldn't want more and more photos?!

  71. We gave a digital frame to my mother-in-law for Christmas last year but it doesn't have the feature where you can send pictures to it. That's awesome. I know my dad would like a gadget like that.

  72. Oh my goodness! I need that! I've never heard of one that you could send pictures to from somewhere else. That would be perfect for my out-of-town parents to keep up with the kiddos!

  73. What an awesome frame! That's really cool that you can upload them from anywhere. And I love your grandparent project. I think I might try to do that myself.

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