FOR HER: a sweatshirt from Hanes

When the cold weather sneaks up on us here in Arizona, I catch my breath in surprise. After the long days of popsicle-licking, flip-flop-wearing, and staying-indoorsing, it is invigorating to feel the chilled wind on my cheeks and to marvel as the crisp air whips through my curls, to suddenly realize that short sleeves are out of season.

When the weather dips below 70 (Don't laugh! I'm clearly an Arizona girl, through-and-through!), I love the casual comfort of sweatshirts (and sweatpants too).

In case you're wondering if I'm one of THOSE moms with the ratty lounge pants, no make-up, and a half-hearted ponytail, I'm not (well, sometimes I am, but not when anyone can see me...).

I would like to stand and say, once and for all, that I think sweatsuits have gotten an undeserved bad rap on fashion shows and in fashion magazines. I have seen PLENTY of stylish moms ROCK the sweatsuit look.

I certainly agree that you shouldn't wear these:

ugly sweatpants

But I think this red velour tracksuit is totally cute (The price is a little hard-to-swallow, however - $186 from Juicy Couture):

juicy couture red velour

And I have a set kind of like this one from Aeropostale:

aeropostale hoodie navy blue aeropostale sweat pants navy blue

And then there's the tried-and-true Hanes zip-up sweater:


Affordably priced at just $16 (or 2 for $24), the Women's Essential Zip Front Hoodie is super soft, deliciously warm, and totally comfy. Hanes may not be the most sophisticated brand, but it is a dependable kind of brand. I like dependable. And I have a feeling I'll be wearing this sweatshirt all winter long. is an excellent place to find picks for everyone on your list because the prices are out-of-this-world and the items are very, very wearable.

If you shop at this winter, don't skip over the clearance section.

Check out these pieces for pennies...

short sleeve hoodieboys sweat shorts girls underwear

  1. FOR HER: Short-Sleeved Hooded Pullover, $3.99
  2. FOR A BOY: Graphic Sweat Shorts, $2.99
  3. FOR A GIRL: 100% Cotton Sporty Hipsters, 5-pack, $1.99

Those are my kind of prices. Wouldn't you agree?

YOUR TURN: What do you think about the sweatsuit? Is it a fashion no-no or a yes-yes in your book?

hanes-logoWIN IT! There will be two winners. Each winner will receive a sweatshirt of choice (mens, womens, or kids) from To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Friday, November 27th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog or Tweet about my Christmas Gift Guide (or about this giveaway)…and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

I received product samples for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winners are #49 Joy and #79 Robin Haws. Congratulations!

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98 comments on “FOR HER: a sweatshirt from Hanes”

  1. I'm all for sweatshirts, I just try to keep it to more the more fitted kind when I go out of the house and not the turn-me-into-a-marshmallow kind.

    I could live in sweatpants though, they are just so comfortable! I'm glad the yoga pants look is in because that has seemed to make it more acceptable to go out in stretchy soft pants!

  2. I love to being comfortable-I wear sweatshirts quite a bit. Our weather here in Michigan has finally turned colder-so a toasty warm sweatshirt sounds great

  3. In the middle of winter and at home, sweats are great. I woke up this morning to snow and thought it would be a great day to stay bundled up in sweats but went with jeans instead. I didn't know who might be stopping by today and wanted to look presentable.

  4. Sweats are definitely a no-no if they are worn outside of one's own property but are acceptable (and comfy!) inside the home.

  5. I wear sweat suits around the house, but not out. Though I do always have a zip up hoody on. I don't think they are fashionable, they are functional.

  6. Well, around the house I wear my comfy sweats. Of course I wouldn't wear them out and about, except for an emergency. I think a nice looking sweatsuit is fine to wear. Why not wear something that is comfortable?

  7. I totally agree about the drab sweatpants--they should not be worn outside! But CUTE comfy stuff can be totally adorable. I would actually wear the boy's sweatshorts that you featured!

  8. I love comfort clothes, especially since I am pregnant and I love being comfortable in my house, which is usually where I am. When I get home I usually change right into comfy clothes too.

  9. i'm not so sure about the suit. but i can appreciate a casual sweat pant. in my family we always say "sweats are a privilege NOT a right!". i applaud those people who can pull it off. i prefer to sport mine at home. :)
    on another note: that clearance section is amazing!!! i had no idea that existed. wooo hooo.

  10. I think the sweatsuit is a fashion no-no. Sweatshirts are always in style, especially here in the Northeast, and I love wearing sweatshirts and hoodies.

  11. I wear sweats in the winter around the house and for quick errands. I like zip up sweatshirts when it is chilly in my house!

  12. I love sweatsuits and always wear them aroung the house. But when I go out I change into regular slacks/jeans. I still have the sweatshirt or hoodie but feel sloppy in the bottoms.

  13. I've never been completely gung ho about sweatsuits... but I don't think they are fashion no no's! I think they should look cute and presentable... but should probably be saved for lazy days and such instead of being used as everyday attire.

  14. Once upon a time when I lived in sub zero temps, I lived in sweatshirts. Granted I usually had long johns on underneath too. However, after having adjusted to heat, I am freezing in the 60's. New sweats would be wonderful as I still sometimes sport those ENORMOUS 90's BUM and ENUF sweatshirts that three teenagers could fit in at once. They do the trick, but are a bit outdated! My husband would actually love to win this one for me ;).

  15. I wear a lot of Hanes products, they're great quality and always feel and fit great. My husband and children do as well. You are so right about a sweatshirt... I love zip ones while nursing!

  16. I completely agree! I rock the yoga pants all around town and I feel pretty good. But make-up and hair being done is a must for me no matter what.

    I heart Hanes. So comfy. For PJs I sleep in Hanes mens undershirts. They are SOOOOO comfortable.

  17. I like the zip up hoodies. These would be great to wear for running errands or shopping cause they aren't big and bulky like my coats.

  18. We love Hanes!! Every year, pretty much without fail, I have bought each of my girls 2 sets of sweatshirts and matching sweatpants as part of our "winter wardrobe" school clothes. Hanes sweats are comfy yet they always have coordinating looks that make them stylish enough for school. Yet, my girls LOVE to wear them on the weekends as lounging around the house clothes! And they are priced nice, yet the quality is great! Great giveaway!! :o)

  19. I love sweats! I have days when I live in them, though I still force myself to put on makeup and brush my hair. I definitely think the right sweats can look cute.

  20. I am all about comfort baby!! So bring on the sweat suits!!! I love them, and there are some really cute ones available these days!

  21. I try really hard not to wear sweatshirts and sweatpants outside the house - especially sweatpants! Just went to a kid birthday were the Dad wore sweatpants - quite offputting to me....

  22. I tend to wear my "sweats" at home. If I am going out to run errands, visit family or friends, then I put on jeans with the sweatshirt or another top!
    Hanes does make the most comfortable and reasonably priced casual wear. Thanks, Cindi

  23. I think they make me look and feel frumpy...BUT they are so comfy that they are my "go to" cozy attire for the cold mornings before I get my change to shower & dress for the day. That and if I don't get my chance to get ready for the day I get to wear them all day!

  24. I am often one of THOSE moms :-). Unless I have somewhere to be or someone coming over I tend to go for comfort. I am an Arizona girl living in Colorado so I like to be warm. Therefore, I love sweats.

  25. I've gotten out of the typical sweat suit that we saw years ago. I'm more of a heavy cotton lounge pants and long sleeve shirt kind of guy now. I really like the hooded sweatshirts with or without a zipper.
    mattschmunk at hotmail dot com

  26. The problem with soft stretchy fabric is that it is often very unforgiving. I think sweats can be very cute and fashionable-looking on women who exercise regularly. On someone like me, however, jeans are a far better choice!

    I do wear sweatshirts regularly though. Like you, this weather is c-c-c-c-cold to me!

  27. I love the style of sweat suit you have in this post. I wear them a lot as a stay at home mom. If I have an appointment or lunch with a friend I will dress a little more appropriately.

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment today. It was so nice to see what you are thankful for too! :) ~Lanie

  28. I've gotta say no to a traditional sweat suit- it just lookis like you rolled out of bed. The alternatives you offered though are a yes.

  29. I love that the sweat pant and sweat suit look is back. There is really nothing more comfortable to wear inside or outside! Especially during our chilly Fall and winter months here in Boston :)

  30. I say yes! In the winter I just want to be snug and warm. And last year I got a velour sweat suit that is appropriate enough (for me) to wear out-and-about.
    I'm glad you reminded me of Hanes. I am needing some warmer clothes to walk/run in at 6:00 in the morning in "cold" Arizona. ha

  31. I love sweatpants to exercise in or to slip into after a day a work or for a relaxing weekend. Hoodies are nice and comfortable and warm too. Not necessarily something to go out for dinner in, but they are an essential in my wardrobe non-the-less.

  32. No problem at all with a sweatshirt, but I am not really a sweatsuit person... I don't usually feel comfortable with workout-type pants on all day (if they are tight) unless I have a longer shirt on.

  33. I love a simple classic zip up. I find it hard to find one that fits well as I'm kinda busty. How was the fit? Thanks for all you do in trying these products and sharing the ones that are wonderful!!

  34. I used to wear sweats all the time. Then in 11th grade or something I slipped on the ice and destroyed my favourite pair (and my knee). Somehow I've never been able to find a pair since that measures up. Most of them have too much polyester for me now too (boo fabric sensitivities).

  35. I'm a big fan of hoodies and I think sweatsuits are so comfortable, but I can't imagine going out in a sweatsuit, particularly a velour one. I did go out in sweats when I was in college, but wouldn't now.

  36. I live in Colorado, so I definitely wear sweatpants and sweatshirts. But I only wear them together if I'm sick. It's like comfort food in clothing form. But as for the Hanes zip-up hoodies, my husband has one, and I love to throw it on over a t-shirt when it's chilly in the house. It's SO comfy! He would love it if I had one of my own.

  37. I think sweatsuits are great for toddlers and for moms. I don't tend to go out in mine...I will throw on jeans in place of the sweat pants if I have to run to the store...but otherwise I wear some variation many days. It is comfortable, easy to play in, and easy to get spots out of.

  38. I've always been a fan a sweatshirts. I couldn't live without my hoodies but I have yet to buy a set. Now that I have kids in school I find myself going to the bus stop some mornings in my yoga pants and hoodie but I don't think I've gone shopping in them yet. I'm not saying I won't at some point but going shopping is as exciting as my life gets some weeks so the least I can do is put on some jeans.

  39. Being in college, hoodies are a HUGE part of my wardrobe! I usually wear them with jeans but sometimes I will wear them with sweatpants. But I never have matching sweatshirt and sweatpants. That's a no-no in my book!

  40. I think they are great! For a mom who doesn't want to get all glammed up just to stay home with the kids, I need something comfortable, yet cute and not sloppy. I think these are a great option!

  41. I Love the comfort of a sweatsuit, and totally agree that they can be stylish! The velour sets are especially attractive, I love to wear them on a Saturday for running errands, etc. Thanks for the offer!

  42. Sweatshirts, especially hoodies, are a happy face in my book. I also love coordinated sweat outfits, so long as they're more fashionable than frumpy. I add yoga pants to that list, too. I like that Aeropostale one you pictured. I might have to check them out sometime...

  43. I love zip up hoodies! I wear them all the time! I only have one pair of sweat pants though...need some more. I am not a 'sweat pants in public' person though. Some people can pull it off, however I never feel comfortable at the store in sweats. Hoodie yes, pants no. But you are right, some moms can rock the whole outfit!

  44. Love the sweatsuit but there is no way I would pay that much for one LOL Even if I did have the money to freely spend on clothes I wouldn't spend it.

    Love the Hanes zip front hoodie though. I have a few and they are so comfy and keep me warm!

  45. Because it's obvious that I'm going to need some new shirts once I'm postpartum, a good sweatshirt would be perfect! (especially for breastfeeding).

    Woot! Thanks so much Steph!

  46. Wait-- Hanes has hoodies specifically for women?? Are they curvy in all the right places? ie do they have shape to them?

  47. I am so cold natured, the older I get the worse I get. I wear sweatshirts alot, they keep me warm. I give sweatsuits a big thumbs up. I dress it up with funky socks, I'm crazy!|o|

  48. I love sweatshirts and sweatsuits! They are so warm and comfortable. When I used to have a job, the first thing that I would do when I got home was to put on my sweats.

  49. I love sweatshirts! In fact I wore one yesterday and will likely wear one again today. I especially like the zip-up hoodies because I can wear a tank top underneath them and then unzip a bit if I'm in a warm place or zip it up tight if I'm going outside!

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