FOR HER: a wallet by WalletBe

logo walletbeWhat do YOU carry in your wallet?

I prefer to carry just "the basics": my license, my debit card, my health insurance card, and my grocery membership card. That's about it.

For the longest time, I carried around a huge wallet that was designed to carry a checkbook (does anybody really carry around a checkbook anymore?). It was bulky beyond reason and, as a mom of two little ones, the LAST thing I need is more to carry.

Fortunately, WalletBe recently sent me one of their Keychain Wallets (on sale for $6.95; see images below) - and it is perfect for my purposes. Lightweight, slim, and super stylish, the two-toned leather wallet is excellent for minimalists. I particularly appreciate the outer ID window.

walletbe fashionable wallets for women leather keychain wallet

Available in six eye-catching colors, these keychain wallets are currently on-sale for $6.95 and would make super stocking stuffers for tween/teen girls, new drivers, college students, or moms.

If you'd rather tote around a larger wallet, you might consider WalletBe's Croco Double-Wide Accordion ($29.75). More like a fashionable clutch than a wallet, the Double-Wide comes in stand-out, seasonal colors like Kelly Green and Purple.

leather wallet kelly green leather wallet purple

WIN IT! There will be two winners. Each winner will receive a wallet of his/her choice from WalletBe. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Friday, November 27th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog or Tweet about my Christmas Gift Guide (or about this giveaway)…and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

*UPDATE* The winners are #22 NGS and #54 Amy @ Finer Things. Congratulations!

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89 comments on “FOR HER: a wallet by WalletBe”

  1. My wallet is old and faded... the money is starting to fall out. I like that there is a good selection of men's available!

  2. I have never heard of WalletBe before. I cked out their men's wallet/found one my husband would like:
    the crocodile men's front id wallet

  3. These are cute, they kind of like the Vera Wang wallets I see around here with the window pocket. Except they are not clothe and quilted with cute patterns. I would love to win this for my sister! She loves wallets!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! I am ALWAYS wishing that I had a simple wallet that I could just carry the necessities with. With a 15 month old and a 7 1/2 week old, less is best! LOVE this wallet!

  5. funny thing... I just put a wallet on my Christmas list. I've had the same wallet for about 10 years! YIKES! Walletbe looks to be a nice choice.

  6. This wallet would be perfect for me! I love that it would hold everything I need. My wallet now is too small and easy to lose.

  7. i'm a medium sized wallet girl. I like a spot for any point cards as well as coupons or receipts. i also like a wallet that zippers closed. i don't want to ever worry about any bills sliding out or loosing spare change.
    definitely a big fan of their larger wallet in the purple.

  8. Great looking wallets - that women's purple color is to die for! The men's wallet with the zipper all the way around is really nice too, but it doesn't look "kid-ish" like some zipper wallets do usually. My hubby and teenage son both have stuff falling out of their wallets now so I may just have to get both of them a zippered wallet from here to put in their stockings this year!

  9. Okay, so the wallet I currently have is the same one I've had since I was about 16 years old (I'm almost 29 now). It's got paint spatters on it (too close to where I was painting one day), and it is beginning to fall apart (how it lasted this long I'll never know!). Time for a new one, and these are SO cute!

  10. My wallet is a rather funny looking Samsonite lavender thing that when my husband first saw, he said, "Oh that is a pretty cute little toy for our little one!" That was about 5 years ago, and I still "hide" it in the diaper bag or pockets if we go anywhere. When I go to the store, library, etc. I take out the card(s) I need and carry in a pocket. I even make sure I am wearing pants with a pocket suitable to do so just so I don't show my ugly wallet! I'd love to give my current one to the little one and sport something prettier than what I hide in the diaper bag! Great gift idea - my husband will have so many great ideas this year that his shopping should be pretty easy!

  11. I have just recently been on the hunt for a handy compact wallet. This one looks like just what I was looking for, and what a great price.

  12. OK, I have to admit that I have way too much stuff in my wallet! (Although I did just clean out my whole purse last night!) So the accordian style would definitely suit me better. I love all the colors they come in!

  13. I still carry a HUGE wallet, I hate it but it's just one of those things I haven't bought for myself because of finances. I would love to have one smaller than my newborn :)

  14. As a new mom with a diaper bag and baby to tote around, I get tired of a purse to lug as well. I carry one of those keychain wallets but mine is ugh-leee! I'd love to get a new wallet.

  15. I really like the small wallet. I often grab the essentials- driver's license, credit card, a little cash, and stash them either in a backpack pocket or my jean pocket. Inevitably, I have an 'oops moment' a few days later when I realize my purse never got those items replaced... and I need them. They're at home in the backpack or jeans!

  16. I am one of those who still carry around her checkbook. I would be too worried that I get to the grocery store and for some reason my debit card won't go through but I know I have money in there and I would hate to have to come back later to pay - so I would use my checkbook instead.

  17. I have been looking for months for the perfect wallet and the double-wide accordion wallet is exactly what I've been looking for. There are plenty of card compartments, a feature many wallets are lacking, and no space is wasted on the useless checkbook cover. I'm going to order one right now!

  18. I used to have a smaller one like the one you are showing, but about 3 months ago my purse was stolen and I haven't really found/looked hard for one to replace it. I am currently carrying around an old one i had from before I had kids that is larger. I find that the larger it is, the more "stuff" I don't need gets into it. Would love to have something smaller again :)

  19. Since I keep so many receipts, cards, rewards cards, etc. in my wallet, this one looks like it would fit the bill for me!!

  20. I used to carry a big heavy wallet like the one you described, complete with checkbook. It was stolen so now I just carry, cash, insurance, debit card, and a few other punch cards in a little square purse that's about the size of the palm of my hand. I keep thinking about getting a new wallet, but I'm very picky and haven't found "the one" yet. I really enjoy this one though! Super cute and chic.

  21. I love both the wallets you mentioned. Gosh, how hard would it be for me to choose. I suppose depending on the day. Although who has time to switch out wallets? Besides having MY essentials. I always make sure to carry the kids insurance cards. So I have three extra cards with me. =o) But really it's just my license, debit card and insurance cards. I keep my check book at home on my desk for writing out bills. And rarely ever do I have cash on me. Who doesn't except debit/credit cards?!

  22. These look great! And I need a new wallet so badly right now. I love all of their style and color options. They look functional and classy--a good combination!

  23. Just last week I started shopping for a wallet for myself. I'd like the idea of the smaller one, but there's a good chance I'd lose it, so it probably wouldn't be right for me. Plus I tend to be more of a "kitchen sink" person when it comes to these things. I do like the bigger one - thanks for the tip.

  24. I've tried to move to the smaller version-but always find that I'm missing something I want. I would love the accordion version for myself I think!

  25. always looking for a cool wallet... this one looks great! i carry way too much in mine, and half the time i just grab it out of my purse to take into a store and leave the purse in the car... which usually just has fruit snacks and matchbox cars in it for my kids :) small would be a nice change!

  26. These are so cute! I carry a ton of stuff in my wallet, but the one thing I love is all the photos that fill it. I can always show off my son, and when he's bored, he looks through them and talks about "when he was little."

  27. This is the motivation I need to cut back on all the stuff I carry in my wallet and purse! I like how you try to simplify your life in so many ways, Stephanie. This is just another example -- and a good one. Stylish, too!

  28. I've been trying to carry less and less with having two little people in tow. I like the idea of the smaller wallet, especially since I don't need too much when going down to the grocery store!

  29. I've pared down my wallet since having my son too. I keep the essentials in my regular wallet (DL, Credit card, insurance card, Costco Card and grocery store card, pediatrician's card -in case I don't have my cell on me) and all my other frequent user cards are in another wallet in my glove box.

  30. I think they both make a great combo. You could use the larger one to hold ALL your cards and the classic checkbook. Then you could use the smaller one for your main credit card, drivers lisence, and cash.

  31. I just recently made the move to a small wallet since I found myself pulling my license and debit card out of my wallet and just putting it in my pocket every time I went into a store. I realized that I should just get a smaller wallet.

  32. I am totally guilty of carrying a huge wallet in my purse. I have gift cards and coupons and my blood donor card and grocery cards for stores I rarely shop in and, yes, even my check book.
    I would love to be "forced" into something smaller. Maybe I don't really need to live by the Boy Scout's creed...Be Prepared.

  33. I'm guilty of carrying my checkbook around in my purse. I think it's only because whenever I need it it's not there so I always have it just in case. But lately I've been having back issues so I really need to cut down on the number of bags I'm carrying -- currently it's my purse and diaper bag. Would love to win a cute little compact wallet for all my necessities. Maybe someday I'll be able to let that checkbook go...

  34. This looks so handy. When I go to the store I want to carry just the minimal and get in and get out. This would be such a great asset! I love the purple one! And I agree who really carries there checkbook around anymore, debit cards have really taken checks place! Thanks for the cool new idea I have Christmas and shopping on my mind!

  35. I am clearly not ready to pair down yet. My wallet has everything I could possibly need because I can't remember what I'll need for the day! Clearly I would need an Accordion Wallet!!

  36. The cellphone accordion wallet would be extremely useful to me when I'm out walking and need some basic items with me. Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. I have to admit that I want this just because of the name. I have family in Australia and for that price I think I could justify it.

  38. I have often gotten a sore shoulder from carrying my main purse around on a daily basis! These wallets sounds to free and easy to use. Great
    price and colors. Thanks, Cindi

  39. I like the larger wallet. I tend to carry lots of stuff and that's an awesome wallet! It's so stylish!! I wish I was like you and only carried those few things though.....maybe I can strive to be more minimalistic. :)

  40. I've always carried as little as possible with me--now with a child that is even more true. I try to carry nothing whenever possible. I usually carry just my wallet into the store with me--or occasionally I just put money or my card into my pocket, if I'm wearing the right kind of pocket that day. I love the style of the WalletBe--the clutch look is really cute, and the wristband just seems practical.
    Just a little side-note, slightly off topic. I have an old wallet that is one of my son's favorite toys. I fill it with business cards and those fake plastic credit cards that come in the mail with credit card offers. He just loves emptying that thing and then "restocking" it. I know it makes him feel super grown up. :-)

  41. I really need to move to a smaller wallet - mine is the heaviest thing in my bag! Has way too many cards I rarely use.

  42. I like both small and large wallets, just depending on my purpose. One thing I like about a larger, clutch-like one is that I can stick my cell phone and chapstick in it and use it like a small purse on a date without asking my husband to hold my little stuff in his pockets (but he does...'cause he loves me!).

  43. My wallet is packed with receipts, credit cards, change, etc. I have to get a handle on it LOL The double wide accordion is more my style but that smaller one would be good for vacation.

  44. How great these are! I have a 9 year old who would love this (of course, I would too).
    I don't carry too much in my wallet. Only the necessities.

  45. I really like the larger WalletBe’s Croco Double-Wide Accordion. I guess I still carry around a lot of extra stuff but I need it!

  46. your wallet of choice is a bit small for me, and the big wallet is a bit large for me (although I do carry coupons and a checkbook - so maybe it would actually work out well...) but the cell phone accordion billfold looks neat - I think that would work for me - a way to carry my phone and my wallet at the same time!

  47. I used to carry a honking big wallet because I needed "everything" but ever since I had my little one I've really paired down. Funny how having a child really helped me to focus on what is really important in all aspects of my being!

  48. Love this wallet! I see you're also up late. Although you're an hour behind me... So I guess I should get to bed :)

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