FOR HIM: Alpha Pac boots by Sorel

man in black jacketThere are cold weather people and there are warm weather people.

Tim is the former and I am the latter.

He likes trudging through the snow and ice, wearing bulky jackets, and sipping hot coffee.

I like basking in the sunshine, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and sipping icy lemonade.

That said, we both can appreciate the perspective of the other.

I, for example, DO understand the magnificence of a quiet morning of snowflakes floating unhurriedly from the sky. I DO like wearing pea coats and boots. And I DO think that drinking caramel apple cider at a bookstore during a storm is a delightful way to pass an afternoon.

I just don't like scraping snow off my windshield, driving on icy pavement, or that uncomfortable feeling when the cold air seeps through your shoes to your toes.

Sorel recently offered to send me a pair of boots to review. I fleetingly looked at the gorgeous women's boots (especially after I saw April wearing hers! So cute!), but then I did the practical thing (I am a very practical person, as you may be aware) and told my husband to pick out a pair. After all, he will be the one that will be more likely to go snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, and pioneering in cold weather. I will go do all of that too...eventually...but probably not until I'm beyond the pregnancy/baby season of my life.

alpha-pac-bootsTim selected the Alpha Pac boots ($130). They are solid, sturdy, stylish boots...strong enough to keep even the most arctic temperatures at bay (the Alpha Pac is a -60 below zero rated boot). The cold air certainly won't be creeping in to HIS toes this winter. He'll also be able to keep his footing on slippery services, thanks to the multi-directional rubber outsole AND his natural aptitude for such things.

If a guy on your list likes winter sports or lives in a cold weather climate, he is sure to be stoked (Can I say that word...or is it too 1990s? I told you I was a dork...) to receive these boots.

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P.P.S. Isn't it funny that he's wearing shorts with the boots in these photos? I said, "Quick! I want to take a picture of you in your new boots!" So he put them on - and he just so happened to have shorts on. Such is life in Arizona. I, for one, am glad that it's not even close to being -60 degrees.

YOUR TURN: Are you more of a warm weather person or a cold weather person?

alpha pac bootsWIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Men's Boots {winner's choice; subject to availability} from Sorel. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, December 8th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog or Tweet about my Christmas Gift Guide (or about this giveaway)…and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

*UPDATE* The winner is #22 Blessed. Congratulations!

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107 comments on “FOR HIM: Alpha Pac boots by Sorel”

  1. My honey is turning into qquite the sportsman lately. Wanting to do the hunting, fishing... all the outdoorsy stuff... and he works outside too. These would defintitely keep his feet warmer than what he has now. I know he would love them. More importantly they go up to a size 17... who wears a size 17?

  2. These boots would be a nice gift for my brother-in-law! I'm a cold weather person, I like the cool, crisp air...makes you feel alive! It also gives you an excuse to snuggle with your sweetie on the sofa with a giant mug of hot cocoa!

  3. My husband could use a new pair of boots so this would be a lovely Christmas gift =)

    I am definitely a warm weather person. Love the sun, wearing flip flops with a tank top & shorts and the beach! I don't know how people like the cold weather, it's freezing & gloomy all the time.

  4. My hubby is so picky about his shoes. His boots from last year make his back hurt this year. He usually goes with one specific brand, but these would work if they're free :)

  5. Hubby and I were just talking about boots and how he needs a new pair this winter. We're supposed to get our first snow storm tonight, so he's in dire need! finding nice boots in his size (13) isn't a fun or easy task, I hate shoe shopping with men!

  6. I'm a warm weather person. I love the heat. I bask in heat. I've taken a few glass working/ glass blowing classes and loved being next to a roaring fiery gloryhole. (Sorry, I know what some may be thinking, but it's the proper name for the hole in a glass working furnace.)

    I get cold, I pull in and my muscles tense up and cramp and... bleah.

    Warm is definitely better!

    And since this seasons boots (worn for only 2 weeks) have ALREADY started to leak, I would LOVE new Sorel boots to keep my toes warm, dry and positively toasty.

  7. That is such a great picture. I wish it was warmer. I'm not ready for the cold yet. I do like varying seasons though. I just wish our winter wasn't so long.

  8. After nearly freezing my toes completely off yesterday and this morning in Denver's 6 degree Winter temperatures, it has become abundantly clear that I need more appropriate footwear for this time of year. And for the days in the Rocky Mountains hiking this season, the height of these Sorels would come in quite handy, warding off unwanted powder inside the boot and wet socks, thus avoiding hypothermia and crippling pain.

  9. Warm. Warm, warm, warm. My husband likes to get out in the snow though, so these would definitely come in handy for him.

    By the way, I like the big boots with the shorts look - it's a good one!

  10. My husband desperately needs new boots but refuses to spend money to get them so winning this would be heaven sent!

  11. I grew up in New York state where we had alot of snow and long winters. I prefer warm weather. My husband needs a pair of boots-these would be perfect for him.

  12. Oh, I'm definitely a warm weather person! It takes me hours to warm up after I've been outdoors in the winter.
    I'd love to win these for my husband or my dad!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. These are some awesome looking boots! I really love winter but not the length of it!! I guess warm weather is just easier, esp with kids! Less layers means a whole lot less fuss! But snow around the holidays is just gorgeous!

  14. Sorels are great boots! (use to live in mine with I worked at Bear Valley) My family and I travel to Montana a lot and are always in need of good snow gear.

  15. I'm a cold weather girl! I've always lived in hot, humid climates and I've always wanted to live somewhere I could experience all four of the seasons as they should be, instead of one long summer with slightly milder temps during 'winter'. That said, I would probably freeze if I was subjected to true winter temps! My hubby is an outdoors guy who loves the cold - never happier than when he's stomping around out there!

  16. I can't stand the cold but my Husband grew up on the gulf coast and he is loving our freezing cold snowy winters. So these would make his winter!

  17. We just had a huge downpour last night and my poor hubby had to go out in the rain to put some sandbags out so our house wouldn't get flooded. These would have been perfect for him to keep him nice and toasty!

  18. Well I'm just a T-town Arizona girl. I do love snow but I also like to be able to "visit" the snow up on the mountain and then bid it farewell.

  19. Funny, we moved from upstate, NY to New Mexico and gave away all our winter boots because we didn't think we would need them. It's 20 degrees outside and there is snow on the ground. Guess we shouldn't have given the boots away. My husband would really make great use of these boots. And I can imagine my husband wearing them with shorts too!

  20. Ooh boy, am I a warm weather person! I hate the cold, and yet, somehow, I am living in the midwest. Something is wrong with this picture!

  21. I like moderate weather: 50-75 degrees. Sweatshirts and jeans some days, t-shirts and jeans other days. :) One thing I do love about the cold weather, however, is the fact that I can always pile on more clothes and blankets to get cozy; when it's 100+ degrees, you can only get so naked before there's nothing else to take off!

  22. Sorels work great on Mt Lemmon. Mine burned, but I did get others. Duane could use some, he is wearing his tennis shoes in the snow right now.

  23. I am a cold weather person. I definitely appreciate the warm weather, but when it begins to get cold I have a little dance. I would love to win a pair of these boots for my husband. Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. DEFINITELY warm! I love the warmth, but my husband likes the rain and snow. He would love these boots as the ones he owns now are...not really working...

  25. I think your husband's knees are going to get very cold! But the boots are awesome. I have a pair but my husband doesn't. We just got some snow here today, so it has me thinking that he needs a pair!

  26. I love Sorel boots. I have a pair and these would be great for hubby. I swear by these boots. They are high quality and wear well. I am a warm weather person too but living in the mountains of NC I am getting use to the cold and snow!

  27. I prefer the warm weather--spring is perfect here in Co...hubby likes the cold !! hunting, ice fishing--he could use some boots! thanks for the giveaway

  28. Hmmm thats a tough question. I hate hate HATE being cold and i absolutly love it when its like 90 out. However, Im a HUGE buffalo Bills fan and absolutly could never give up going to games and tailgating out in the freezing cold snow!

  29. So here's the thing about me. I'm totally a warm weather person. When the sun is out I point my head to the sky and let every last ray beat into my skin. But...I know I would be super sad if I ever left Minnesota. I have a thing for experiencing four distinct seasons. In fact, I think it's experiencing our bitter cold winters that makes me appreciate the warmth of the sun all the more.

    I'm pretty sure everyone is nostalgic for the climate they grew up in no matter how cold or how hot. Would you agree? Did you grow up in AZ?

  30. I am definitely more of a cold weather person! And my hubby could so use these! He has a pair of used mountaineering boots that we got at an REI sale, but no real snow boots. And yes, we live where you get lots of snow! :)

  31. I don't know if my husband would wear boots to work, but those sure look very comfortable and he is always running out of shoes. He walks, walks, walks and complains of his feet hurting. Who knows, these might make a difference.


  32. I think Im a warmweather person- but living in wisconsin I've never had a chance to test it out. Im looking for boots and im definitely checking out sorel its only been -60 here once that I can recall- all schools were closed!

  33. These boots look great. We've only lived in a northern climate for a few years and my husband is still resistant to buying boots for himself. But he always complains about the cold! I think these would be classy enough for him AND keep his feet warm. Thanks!

  34. My hubby is such an outdoorsy guy and would love these boots when working out in the yard during the winter or when taking our dogs for walks in the snow and slush.

  35. The Alpha Pac's look awesome! We just moved to MA and this is our first winter with the kids where we'll probably have snow. My husband could definitely use a good pair of boots!

  36. Since we live in Northern MN where temperatures can get down to -40 good boots are a nessesity for all of us! Sorel is a great brand and I am sure my husband would be very thankful for an update!

  37. I'm a warm weather person but we live in one of the coldest places in Utah. I was just talking to my husband about finally buying some winter boots. No more shoveling the driveway in tennis shoes.

  38. Those boots look super warm and comfy.. What a perfect christmas present too

    I dislike the cold. I can't wait til spring!! I am a warm weather person

  39. I don't think your hubby has much a chance to wear his Sorels in Arizona! I have had a pair of Sorels for over 5 years now and they are wonderful and have held up great. They were worth every penny. My hubby could use a new pair of snow boots his are old and a cheap pair from I don't know where. He also does most of the shoveling in our house!

  40. Great boots and last a long time. Had my last pair for 10 years and then they melted by the campfire this summer. Quality boots. Heck they are labeled with my last name but no fame here since I am not part of the great company.

  41. Sorel boots have always been some of the best out there, in terms of warmth, comfort and durability, i know my man would love a new pair for the upcoming ice fishing season!

  42. We do live in the cold and have a pair of Sorel boots, but my husband could use a new one. I love the ones that I have!

  43. I am a warm weather person. I loved living in New Mexico where we had sunshine and warm weather almost all year. My husband is too BUT we live in Rhode Island- a cold weather climate... so this year we are STOKED to get long johns and winter boots. We'd love to win some guys sorel boots!!!

  44. Cool boots!

    I am definitely a warm weather person. I currently live in IL and am originally from VA so I have always been around cold but would LOVE to move somewhere that is warm year round!

  45. The boots look wonderful! I'd love a pair for hubby so that maybe he'd offer to shovel this winter!

    I'm definitely a warm weather person. I'll take sun over snow any day!

  46. I'm definitely a warm weather person, currently living in a very cold climate. Having warm boots definitely helps. I'd love to win a pair of boots for my husband who walks to work in the snow half the year!

  47. These boots seem perfect for South Dakota/Wyoming weather. I'm in Southern CA but my hubby relocated for work up there... he refuses to wear "girly" Uggs... but these seem man-enough for him. I don't want hi to have cold feet. These also seem perfect for after snowboarding :)

  48. Well... I don't like it hot - but I do enjoy warm summer days when we can play in the sprinkler or swim at the lake and I don't like it cold - but I do enjoy watching the snow fall while I sit by my fire with a cup of hot coffee, and sledding and snowman building and the crisp stillness of the morning. My favorite weather is what we've been having lately - right in between our two extremes!

  49. I just bought myself Sorel boots! Living in New England I will definitely need them and so will my guy! They are so comfy and stylish and ready for the snow we hope to be trudging around in soon with our 3 year old! Great giveaway Stephanie!

  50. I am a medium weather person ;) Living in Santa Cruz, CA gives us weather that is pretty great year round. Warm summers, cool brisk winters, but no snow. I love snow, but like you, I am thankful I don't have to scrape ice, etc. I LOVED growing up in the snow and I am not opposed to living somewhere in the snow again. My husby is from Austria, so who knows...maybe one day we will end up in the Alps!

  51. That is funny with your husband in shorts and the boots! We live in a not so sunny/warm place (Seattle) so we won't be wearing shorts with boots up here. My husband would love these boots for Christmas!

  52. I am a warm weather person.
    And although Tyler grew up in Utah he is also a warm weather person.
    He is the one who introduced me to Sorel boots. "What kind of boots?" I said. "Sorels" he said as if this Arizona girl would have any idea.

  53. Since I live in the Midwest, I appreciate the beauty in all of the four seasons! Sometimes, they can blur from one to the other. Fall is my favorite time of year because I love the changing leaves, bonfires, hayrides, etc.! Winter is my second favorite season. Every other winter, we try as a family to go snow skiing. I haven't advanced far
    from the bunny slope.....The boots are fabulous and I have a husband and son who would love to get a lot of use out of them.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  54. The boots with the shorts... too funny! My hubby would love a pair of those for cold hunting days. Me? I like both the cold and the heat. Good thing we live in KS; the weather changes every day. :)

  55. I'm both! I love warm weather when it's cold, and cold weather when it's warm. LOL. I prefer a mild, in between temperature.

    I'd love to get some new boots for my dad. He's a tree farmer, and baby, it's cold outside!

  56. My 16 year old son would love these. He is one of those guys that wears shorts all year round, too.
    It must be a guy thing.

  57. I used to be a cold weather person, but as I age, I really enjoy the warm weather more. Unfortunately, we live in a very cold climate, so there is not too much "warm" here. My husband could really use a pair of these boots for his work.

  58. I grew up with wearing Sorel boots back in the 80's. They have come such a long way with all the new and fashionable styles!

    My husband would love to have a pair for the winter, we get a fair amount of snow here in Indiana...

  59. i am totally a warm weather person. i love it. grew up in southern ca, so its in my blood.
    now i live in new england. and do NOT appreciate all your comments about warm weather when i'm currently wearing two pairs of socks ;-)

  60. We don't get much snow in VA, but frequently visit family in MI (and FAR north in MI, I might add!). These would be a nice surprise for my husband, who is an outdoor lover! Someone once told us that there are different ways of worshiping God -- for my husband, it's definitely in nature!

  61. I am mostly a warm weather gal (flip-flops are my perferred shoe choice!) especially in our current location. Winter comes and is cold and miserable, with the occasional ice storm. Fun fun! I always say that I would prefer the cold if there was beautiful snow on the ground that we could be sledding in, having snowball fights with, or skiing on! So, the boots would have to be for my husband (in fact some good insulated ones are on his Christmas list this year-this giveaway is perfect!). He spends a lot of time out in the cold hunting, fishing and traipsing through the woods just 'cause he can!

  62. My husband is definitely a cold weather guy too. These boots look great and he would love them. I am more of a warm weather gal myself but have gotten used to the colder weather since I now enjoy it while sledding with my 2 kids. :)

  63. My husband could really use a pair of Sorel winter boots. I bought myself a decent pair when I took up snowshoeing back in my single days. My husband enjoys it with me now, but the boots he uses are definitely sub-par.

  64. I'm am very much a warm weather person. Every winter her in CO I try to talk my husband into moving back to Phx. and it's not only because my family lives there. My husband on the other hand enjoys doing things like hiking into high altitude lakes to go fly fishing. There is still snow up there in June! He's crazy!

  65. Those look like great boots I know my husband would love. Your picture reminds me of my husband. He's always outside in shorts and boots, even if there's snow on the ground and it's freezing.

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