FOR HIM: Answer 3.25 Knife by Gerber

answer 3.25 knife gerberSleek, stylish, and undeniably useful, Gerber's Answer 3.25 is a knife that any guy will be proud to carry in his pocket. Midnight black with a super sharp blade, this medium-sized knife is equipped with quick opening F.A.S.T. Technology...and it IS easy to maneuver. My husband keeps it in his pocket and swipes it out almost daily to open packages and boxes. In fact, I find myself saying, "Do you have your knife?" at least a few times a week (Hmmm...maybe I should be the one carrying the knife).

Any way you look at it, knives are a classic, go-to gift...for any kind of guy. He'll be impressed. He'll show it off to his friends. Best of all, he'll actually use it.

gerber_smallWIN IT! One winner will receive an Answer 3.25 knife ($95) by Gerber. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Friday, November 27th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog or Tweet about my Christmas Gift Guide (or about this giveaway)...and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

*UPDATE* The winner is #51 Jen. Congratulations!

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87 comments on “FOR HIM: Answer 3.25 Knife by Gerber”

  1. How ironic-my husband just recently lost his trusty old knife. I know he would like this one-pretty impressive looking.

  2. I have a little swiss army knife that my father gave me a few years ago and find I use it all the time. I think he got tired of me asking if he had his knife available any time I was with him and needed to use it.

    It would be great to be able to say "Here use this knife instead" as he is pulling out his little knife.

  3. This is a wonderful gift for almost any man. I checked the specs on it and it has Aluminum handles that keep it lightweight and textured inlays which give it extra grip.

  4. I love Gerber gear. My dad got me a multi-purpose tool from them when I was in middle school and it was the coolest thing ever. It would be nice to return the favor with this knife!

  5. I love men who can be handy, mostly because I am so oblivious that my husband saves me a lot and the whole time he is giving me this funny look that says 'How did you manage to survive this long?'

  6. All the men in my family collect knives. this seems like one you actually use, not collect! We love spiderco knives for everyday use, but gerber is a good brand too!

  7. My dad is one of those guys thaat always has his knife...and it is constantly being borrowed by all of his daughters! This is such a great idea for a gift, I never thought of getting him a new one...

  8. Gerber knives are fabulous. I bought my husband one a few years ago, and he LOVES it, as do I. It is always in his pocket. His is VERY similar to this one. I am ALWAYS asking to borrow it for boxes, hard to open bags, zip ties, etc. I am sure my husband would love to win this one to put in MY pocket on Christmas morning!

  9. This looks like a great knife. My husband would love it, but so would my brother who my husband has as a person from our Christmas exchange. We don't typically spend that much money, but I'd love to give him something like that.

  10. What a cool looking knife! And my hubby is like yours, he always has his knife in his pocket and I'm forever "borrowing" it, too! I know he'd love this one! Great gift idea!!

  11. A little story for you to see why I need this for hubby...

    I decided to take the kids for a ride in their wagon this weekend....1 1/2 miles each direction. No biggie, right? So I thought. Hubby won't let me leave until I strap a knife to my, nothing small and easy to stick into a pocket...a knife you would use while, say...hunting. So, here I am, tugging my kids along next to a busy street, with 3-4 police cars passing every few minutes...completely paranoid that I am going to get "pulled over" while driving 2 toddlers in a wagon, because everyone in the world can see this knife hanging from my belt in broad daylight! I made it there and back, without incident, but am afraid to take them for another long walk, because I am going to be forced to strap on a huge knife each time I do.

    Seriously, can I win a nice COMPACT one for him, so next time I don't feel like RAMBO going out the door? *sigh*

  12. Knives for men have always been perfect gifts. They can then "save the day" by opening stubborn boxes and cutting annoying plastic ties that hold so many packaged items immobile!

  13. Having a knife on hand is SO handy. I have a tiny little SOG knife on my key chain. It is so nice to be able to open stuff at a moment's notice.

  14. i think the company name 'Gerber" was pretty funny too :)
    My husband carries a little dinky knife in his pocket- and it is SOOO useful, would love to se ehim with a nice one like this!

  15. Have I told you before that my dad always said it was bad luck to give a knife as a gift. If he "gives" a knife the recipient has to actually "buy" it from him...for a quarter.

  16. My husby would like this. The knife he currently has is an authentic Swiss Army Knife that was his grandfathers (who served in the Swiss Army). This would come in handy with all of his fishing escapades!

  17. My brother would totally love this knife. He mountain bikes, works on cars and camps all the time. I bet he could use this daily as well!

  18. That would be a great gift for my husband. I'm never sure what to get him. This year will probably be too tight for us to give each other anything store bought so I'll have to keep it in mind for the future!

  19. My husband is the same way, always with his knife. The other guys at work are always asking to use his. He could get a knife at every occasion and be happy :)

  20. That is a nice looking knife. My husband did have one attached to his keys but he lost it somewhere so it would be nice to win a new one for him. I do have a pocketknife but I never think to carry it unless I am camping. I just don't like having a pocket full of stuff but guys don't seem to mind. I know my Dad and brothers are never without their knives.

  21. My husband would love this knife. Such a reliable, well known company and a great all around product. And I'm sure he will show me just how sharp it is by shaving the hair on his arm; like he does with all his new knives.

    Tonyababyrn at aol dot com

    Thanks for such a great giveaway and especially one for a man. :)

  22. Well, I hope this is a relevant-enough comment! :) My dh asked me if I'd enter this contest for him -- LOL! Then, I saw the title: "Gerber knife"? (I'm clueless as to names for knives.) Anyway, my immediate thought was, "Why would my husband, a grown man, want a knife made by Gerber... the baby products company?" ;)
    roseinthemorning [at] gmail [dot] com

  23. I'm always looking for new knives! I'm pretty rough on knives, so I never really spend much money on them. I'd love to have a nice knife like this!

  24. Their knives are really cool- I like the locking mechanism on them and how slim they are. Bob actually had one stolen when his truck was broken into.

  25. My husband is the type of guy who really values a nice pocket knife. He has received many in the past that he has "misplaced" and always is quite upset that he's lost them. But he loves being the guy who has a knife handy for any type of job necessary!

  26. My hubby and father are knife collectors, so this would add to their collections! I'm a knife carrying girl myself, a Spyderco! :)

  27. What a great size for a usable knife! My husband loves small gadgets and such. He can be so difficult to buy for. The knife could be used instead of his utility knife. Great choice for the
    men. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

  28. I'm not sure my husband would actually carry a knife around, but maybe. His brother definitely would, or we could just keep it in the toolbox :)

  29. I'm always asking my husband if he has his knife, too! Unfortunately, his knife isn't nearly as nice as this one, so I would love to put this under the tree for him!

  30. Now that's a knife! If I win I'll let my husband open this first on Christmas so that he can help open all the rest of the presents.

  31. My husband and two sons are all involved with Scouting. Both my sons are Eagle Scouts and camp quite often. The one camping tool that they cannot be without is a knife. They use a knife for everything.

  32. My husband always has a knife in his pocket. He learned the habit from his dad. Coming from a non-knife-carrying family, I used to be so tickled whenever I was at a loss - for a knife! - to open a box or something, he (or his dad) would suddenly and silently be at my side with their pocketknife gentlenmanly held out to me, opened and handle directed toward me.

    He (or my FIL) would love this!

  33. My hubby used to carry a knife all the time, but he got out of the habit after becoming a teacher. I would love to give him a nice new one!

  34. This would totally be the greatest gift for my brother. Actually, my husband could really use one, too. Maybe I should get two!

  35. Isn't it funny how guys just love a nice, new shiny knife! I know my hubby would be impressed if I were to "gift" him a knife like this!

  36. My Hubby has a Benchmade knife he carries that I bought him a few years ago and he loves it - but I know a few other guys that would really enjoy this gift... or I might simply replace my knife with this one :) If I would happen to win that is...

  37. That is seriously classy-looking. Much nicer than the knife my husband currently carries around. I have a feeling he'd be Mr. Brag if he got one. (Which, to clarify, would be a GOOD thing.) He's definitely Mr. Handyman, and tools are a joy of his--and I can rarely afford to get anything he really can use or want. This would fit the bill on all counts!

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