FOR HIM: Fishing Gear from Bass Pro Shops

I still remember the first time I caught a fish. I think I cried...and not from joy.

I was about 10 years old and it broke my heart to watch that shiny silver fish flop around with a jagged hook lodged in his throat.

My husband Tim, on the other hand, experienced no such remorse. He was out fishing, hunting, shooting, and sleeping under the stars from toddlerhood.

It should come as no surprise then when I say that he could spend hours in Bass Pro Shops. HOURS. Actually, I'm pretty fond of the store too. It's kind of like Disneyland for the outdoorsman (or woman). The displays are fun for the whole family and there are products for almost every hobby. Boating. Camping. RVing. Hunting. Archery. Golf. Hiking. And every kind of Fishing.

chest pack for fly fishingIf you have a fisherman on your Christmas list this year, you pretty much can't go wrong with the White River Fly Shop Technical Tri-Chest Vest ($49.99). It's versatile, comfortable, and full of pockets that are strategically placed for maximum functionality. If you're in a warmer climate, you'll especially appreciate the mesh interior. It's breathable and ventilated - perfect for days when you want to fish, but don't want to add any extra heat.

rod and reel outfitOr, you could always go with a White River Fly Shop Ultralight Classic Rod and Reel Outfit ($199.99). That's a surefire gift that will enthuse any fisherman - whether amateur or experienced. The rod IS super lightweight and the wood finish makes it a classy, good-looking piece for any fisherman to add to his collection. A reviewer on the BPS website stated that, "it's the best small stream rod" he's ever owned.

gift card bass pro shopsIf you think he'll have more fun selecting his own gift, a gift card to Bass Pro is always a good pick. You can opt to send one via traditional mail (it takes 3-6 days to be delivered; shipping is FREE) or you can have it sent via e-mail and it will arrive almost instantly. Your choice.

While you're shopping, why not make it super special for kids by going on a Saturday or Sunday between noon and 5pm? Now through December 2oth, there are FREE crafts (and other activities) offered in-store.  This weekend (Nov 20-21), your child can make a Reindeer Cone Ornament. After that, check the schedule to see what crafts interest you most: Santa Bobber, Reindeer Hat, Reindeer Candy Cane, and Cookie Decorating (my favorite!).

basspro logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a White River Fly Shop Technical Tri Chest Pack ($49.99) by Bass Pro Shops. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Friday, November 27th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog or Tweet about my Christmas Gift Guide (or about this giveaway)…and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

I received product samples for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #28 Madeline. Congratulations!

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66 comments on “FOR HIM: Fishing Gear from Bass Pro Shops”

  1. I know several people who could spend hours in the Bass Pro Shop. The one thing I like about fishing is sitting in the boat just relaxing and enjoying the rocking of the boat.

  2. Thank you, you just gave me a wonderful gift idea for my brother, a Bass Pro Shop Gift card, he loves to fish and I never know what he has or needs.

  3. Isn't it interesting how we are all so different? I found fishing very interesting and not quite as exciting as my hubby however it is something that we learned to love to do together!

  4. My dad would love this! He is the ultimate outdoorsy type. He loves hiking, fishing and hunting(both bow and gun) so I think he would love this. He was telling me he got a 7 point buck the other day, I guess it was opening day for deer season or something? I have no clue. I asked him where he was keeping it because he told me he had to clean it the next day. I asked if he had it in the basement and he said no. I said good because that would be creepy! and he said he would keep it down there in the winter but it is too warm still and it wouldn't bother him because he loves the smell of dead deer? I said now that is creepy!

  5. We live near THE Bass Pro Shop and our family can spend hours in there. My husband is an avid hunter and fisher and would probably love the vest under the tree this year!

  6. Bass Pro Shops is one of the fishing stores I don't mind going to with my husband - there is great entertainment for the kids. The giant fish tank is wonderful.

  7. I grew up fishing in a fish oriented family. Life has taken me many directions, but fishing has not been happening for me. Ryan on the otherhand loves fishing would so appreciate this prize.

  8. Hubby would be in hog heaven with this giveaway. We live right across the street from a river so fishing is huge around here. He needs new gear and this would be perfect. Thanks.

  9. My little brother and dad have been spending a lot of time fishing together in the summers. I think they would love to share this item so I would love to win. I'm glad they get to spend some quality time together when they go fishing together. :)

  10. I am jealous about everyone else's location. We do not have any Bass Pro Shops even in a long car length away. The nearest store in a similar category is a 1.5 hour drive to Cabelas which turns into a day. The Bass Shop sounds like it would turn into a weekend of shopping.

  11. Every summer my husband goes to Wisconsin to fish with his dad. They've been going to the same place since he was a little boy, and his father went with his father before that. My husband is hoping to pass on the tradition to our kids. A rod and reel would be a good start!

  12. My husband sounds just like your husband. From the time he was little, he was either out in the woods hunting with his dad, or he was in the boat fishing. He loves it and I love it too! Even though I know I will see less of him at times, I'm glad he can have a super fun time and go out hunting after working so hard for our family.

  13. My husband would be ecstatic if I won this for him!! You should see him try to carry all his stuff out there all adds up...he would definitely put this to use!! Thanks for the chance :)

  14. What a great fishing pack. I haven't seen one like this before. We love to go fishing. Every labor day we go with my sister and her family and fish for the entire weekend. It's so much fun.

  15. I think my husband found out that fishing can be fun!!! We went fly fishing in Greer Az last summer and maybe it was that the pond was full of fish, but he seemed to enjoy fly fishing very well. I didnt get a chance to do it myself but I would like to some day.

  16. All the men in my family LOVE Bass Pro Shops! I actually love to fish myself, so I enjoy shopping there as well! This would make an excellent Christmas present for one of the men in my life!

  17. My husband loves fly fishing. Loves it. He fishes in the snow during the Fall and Spring. If I ever get him to move back to AZ I'm sure he willspend just as much time back here in CO visiting the streams and rivers as he spends with his family. I also like Bass Pro Shop especially during Christmas and Easter because at least last year they had free pictures with Santa and the Easter Bunny.

  18. I don't fish :-( We have a friendly animosity towards Bass Pro Shops in this house. See my wife used to be a construction project manager and we moved all over the country for 4 years building Cabelas Outdoor stores. So we like to shop at Cabellas out of loyalty even though there isn't really any reason to :-) Anyway, I really would like to learn to fly fish -- sort of a River Runs through it kind of guy!

  19. My husband is in pig heaven when he is in Bass Pro Shops. As he navigates from one section to the next, I can see him mentally traveling to places where he could enjoy using fishing gear, a boat, firearms, archery gear, cookout gear, camping gear....I could go on and on. I often have to go find a place to sit down and rest while he completes his rounds. What a great gift the White River Fly Shop Technical Tri Chest Pack would be for him! I hope I win! Thanks for the great giveaways.

  20. My brother in law is the fly fisherman in our family. He would love the vest, I'm quite sure.... and best of all he and my sister are moving back to live near us in the mountains and he'll be able to fly fish again early this summer!!

  21. Bass Pro Shops is the ONLY store that my husband can outlast me in. I am so glad that they have chairs/benches in there because he can spend the whole day in there looking around! Every time we go into the city where the nearest one is located out he starts talking about going to it. He could also go fishing every single day!

  22. We went to the Bass Pro shop in Mo, and it was our first time, and we loved it. We would have stayed longer if we could. My hubby, when he has time, loves to be outdoors, riding horses, fishing, hunting, you name it.

  23. My grandparents had a pond on their property that was stocked with catfish. We spent many a days fishing, feeding the fish cat food, and even losing a rod or two to some giants growing down under! Fun memories!

  24. We love Bass Pro Shops! It is so much fun to go and look at everything. My husband loves to fish. I know he wants to do more with the children.

  25. I'm not a fan of fishing either-the worms and slimey fish I could do without. But my hubby and 5 year old are avid fishers. The vest looks very practical for fishing trips!

  26. My dad is an avid flyfisherman, and I'm sure a new vest would be a welcome Christmas present for him. Do we have a local shop? 'Cause I'd love to go check out those craft days!

  27. Tyler loves to fish and flyfish. Calvin is quite a little angler himself. I appreciate it as an activity they can do together and where Tyler can teach us something new.
    We were especially fond of the "aquariums" at the Bass Pro Shop in Phx.

  28. My Dad loves to fish! I would love to win this for him. I personally have never been to a bass pro shop but I was looking at their flyer in this weekends paper, and I was thinking that I would love to check it out when I am in that area. Thanks!

  29. The exact same thing happened to my brother... only he was really concerned about the worm, not the fish. What if that worm had a mommy that was now looking for him. My mother had to crawl in the backseat and console him for quite a while. I love the tender hearts of little kids.

  30. Some of my favorite memories involve either my brother or father and a perfect fishing trip. What a wonderful gift this would be!

  31. I usually get my husband something very simple for Christmas (ie new jeans)... this would be the ultimate fun gift! And my some would be so happy too. Happy joy for all!

  32. My husband has just begun learning about the art of fishing! Believe it or not, my 91 year old dad is his teacher. When my brother was alive, my dad and he spent a lot of time fishing ( when my Veterinarian brother wasn't constantly working )!
    They always put the fish back in the water. Great contest prize giveaway. Thanks, Cindi

  33. I must agree with your husband...I could spend HOURS in Bass Pro Shop as well! I can remember when I caught my first fish, although a little different from your experience Stehpanie! I could bate a hook, clean a fish, reel 'em in...but I could not grab the fish to get the hook out or to put him on my stringer! Without fail, every time I would simply scream like a little girl!! It wasn't until this past fishing trip in September 2009 that I was able to finally conquer my fears and just grab that fish!! Now I can be fearless :)

  34. Oh good gravy! If my husband knows you have this giveaway on here he will try and make me sneak in 100 entries!! He is a fly fishing fanatic. He has been counting down the days until Dec. 1st which is the first day of Steelhead season here. He is also praying for rain as that fills the rivers and brings the fish. He spends many of his evenings in the fall and spring tying flies and organizing his fishing gear! This giveaway is just amazing! Nice work!

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