FOR HIM: Flash 65 Pack by REI

I'd rather be in the mountains thinking about God than in church thinking about the mountains. -Ace Kravhl

rei-backpack-for-men rei-flash-65-pack

That quote reminds me of my husband.

He loves being outdoors (as do I). He is comforted by nature - by the rush-rush of the wind, the shhh-shhh of the water, the peaceful cacophony of animals and plants in the great wide open.

When he wants to pray or journal or reflect, he prefers the mountains to pews.

He doesn't like singing or long sermons or saying religious catch phrases.

He gets restless indoors, surrounded by flickering lights and blank walls and the humming of office machines. He'd much rather be digging a ditch, building a house, scaling a mountain, or backpacking through the wilderness.

Sometimes, he doesn't even like going to church.

{Oh, did I mention he's a pastor?}


flash 65 packP.S. Did you notice his super cool Flash 65 Pack by REI (LOVE that store, by the way!)? Ultra-lightweight (it weighs in at a scant 2 pounds!) and undeniably durable, the pack is comfortable to carry, yet rugged enough for tough terrain. The pockets are plentiful, yet not pointless. The hip and chest snaps provide extra support. Truly, this is THE pack to get for weekend jaunts in the wilderness.

rei_logoPriced at $149, the award-winning Flash 65 Pack will put YOU in first place as the best gift giver ever. This versatile pack is sure to be well-loved and well-used by any outdoor enthusiast (The Flash 65 is also available as a women's pack).

Need something at a more affordable pricepoint? Shop at REI and you won't be disappointed by the variety.

How about...

campware percolator 12 cupthe REI Campware Percolator, 12-Cup ($46.50).

petzl headlampOr a Petzl headlamp ($39.95).

bicycle bottle openerOr a Bicycle Bottle Opener ($7.25).

crochet beanie greyOr even a super cute beanie for the winter ($29.50).

Seriously. When it comes to holiday shopping, REI is where it's at. For Him. For Her. For the Whole Family.
DISCLAIMER: My husband makes a great pastor in spite of (or, perhaps because of...) his lack of affinity with tired traditions. He is an outstanding listener and he knows what it means to be a friend - in good times or in bad. His genuine compassion for people is deeply rooted in his soul and he'll be there in a pinch if you need your car towed or your tree cut down or a snake removed from your backyard. You'll thank him profusely for his hard work, his sweat, and his time (as you should). But the truth is that he revels in those moments - in using his back, his hands, and his heart (literally!) to make a difference. THAT is why he is a pastor.

I received product samples for review purposes.

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25 comments on “FOR HIM: Flash 65 Pack by REI”

  1. I have the Flash 65 too. Unfortunately 2 days prior to it's planned inaugural trip, my wife's grandfather died so it sits unused until May. He remains sorely missed. I plan to say Kaddish for him while on the AT in May. G-d bless.

  2. where did you find that quote? i have used that quote for many years now and honestly cannot figure out where i heard it first... in fact i have no idea who Ace Kravhl is! i've googled it and come up with nothing!

  3. Wonderful pack! I have a friend who spends all summer out side camping. This would make a great gift - it would be well used!

  4. i too am in love with that quote.
    we are reading a book right now in our small group that is challenging us to reduce the stigma around the church "culture".
    when i think of this i think of the "traditional" eater morning service outside watching the sun come up. i wish we could do that more than once a year.

  5. This would be a great family gift for us. We love to head up to the mountains and spend the day exploring, I can't wait 'till the kids are older and we can spend weekends up there.

  6. REI is such a cool store... the one nearest us is a hike, but we have made the trek many times! My father just drools over everything in there... planning his next backpacking adventure :)

    And i am a former youth driector, currently a volunteer, who gets what your husband feels. It can be so much easier to be a christian leader OUTSIDE of the church sometimes...

  7. Your husband sounds like what we'd call a "keeper" around here. You two must make an incredible team. And, in my opinion, the world needs a few more pastors like your hubby and a few more pastor's wives like you.

  8. I love reading about the friendship you and your husband have. What an amazing match you two are!!

    I agree that REI is great! That pack looks very nice.

  9. What a great backpack and I echo the sentiments expressed=). I give him a lot of credit as it can be a stressful job.

  10. This sounds like a cool store. We are an outdoorsy family. We really don't watch TV or let our kids play video games. We are always camping as a family, I really love the fact that the pack is only two lbs!!

  11. My husband is definitely an outdoorsy kind of guy. It's one of the things that first attracted me to him. Sometimes when we just feel like getting out of the house we load up the kids and go hang out at REI. Even with little ones in the family, there is still something that interests each of us.

  12. I'll have to check out REI for gift ideas, my husband, dad, brothers, basically all the guys on my shopping list love the outdoors.

  13. Your husband is the kind of man that makes the best kind of pastor. We need more like him! REI is fabulous! I always see so many things I want when we go there! Have you ever been to one of their garage sales?

  14. I totally get it. Some of the times I've felt closest to God have been high in the mountains. I think there's a reason Moses went up to the mountains to get the 10 commandments, that Christ went into the wilderness to pray for 40 days, that he took Peter, James, and John into the mountains to see him be transfigured. Mountains are holy places.

  15. My husband also has a strong affinity for being outside, in nature. I hope that one day we will relocate to a part of the country that has a more inspiring landscape!

  16. This makes me miss the mountains of AZ. I want to go hiking!!! I can settle for the mountains and valleys of Virgina, but it's not the same.
    What a great pack! Perfect for weekend expeditions! I wish our husbands could have met. I think they have a fair amount in common.


  17. REI is the best place to shop for outdoor gear. As the Mom of two Eagle Scouts and the wife of a Scoutmaster, I have made many trips to REI.

  18. My father-in-law (who is our pastor) is always the first one people call when they have a house problem... because before the church could support him he did construction work. Now he does it on the side, giving away his time and helping people out - fixing doors, windows, etc... pastor's with the heart of a servant are the truly great pastors.

    Oh and the pack looks awesome too :) When I show it to Hubby he'll be sorry we aren't exchanging gifts with each other this year ;)

  19. I don't remember ever reading that your husband is a pastor! I am not one for organized religion and used to want to be a minister. Your husband sounds very spiritual and compassionate. Cindi

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