FOR HIM: tools @ Lowe's

Men are notoriously hard to shop for.

Here's one likely scenario: most men like tools. BUT...most women don't quite know how to shop for tools. I realize I'm stereotyping here, but that's usually the way it goes.

So what often ends up happening is women pick up a 50-piece work kit (with screwdrivers, sockets, drill bits, you-name-it) - a "cute" little $20 kit on the front page of the weekly ad in the newspaper or online. They present it with high hopes...

But from my "exhaustive survey" of men, I have found that - by and large - they would prefer to get one or two higher-quality pieces than cheapy kits. Go ahead - ask your husband - I'll wait.

Because it's a bit scary to venture in to the tool-buying world for many moms, I'm happy to present you with some guy-approved gifts this holiday season. These are gifts that my husband has given his stamp of approval on as things that men will *really* use.

Like, for example...

FOR HIM: tools @ Lowe's 1Bayco Rite-Lite Deluxe Pro-Series 26 Watt Fluorescent Work Light ($29.98)

You can check out the specs on Lowe's site, but this is a serious work light! It's super bright and will get any area glowing in no time. Whether your husband likes delving into projects in the garage after-hours or barbecuing out in the backyard post-sunset, he'll be thrilled to receive this high-powered lamp.

FOR HIM: tools @ Lowe's 2Stanley 35' FatMax Xtreme Tape Rule ($34.98)

Call this little tape measure a "fatty" and he'll stand up a little a bit straighter with pride. This chunky tool - featuring the longest tape standout in the industry and a wide blade for easy readability - is a must for any handyman.

FOR HIM: tools @ Lowe's 3Greenlee 3-Piece Electrical Test Kit ($26.89)

I'm still confused about what exactly this is for, but my husband seemed thrilled by this little green set. Apparently, he can use it to test the voltage of batteries and outlets in our house.

FOR HIM: tools @ Lowe's 4Stanley 10" Steel Snip Set ($24.97)

This 3-pack of colored snippers might seem like just another "pretty" set, but these snips are also extremely strong - with the ability to cut up to 18-gauge steel. He'll love the slip-resistant cushion grips and their high-powered performance.

That's just to get you started. You can browse Lowe's site for more fabulous ideas for everyone on your list.

FOR HIM: tools @ Lowe's 5Still too intimidated to make a specific purchase? Why not go with a Lowe's gift card {available in denominations between $5-$5,000}? Always a smart choice...

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $50 gift card to Lowe's. To enter, browse Lowe's website and leave a comment on this post stating (1) what you would buy with the card, (2) what you like about the website/store, and/OR (3) what you would improve about the website/store...prior to Monday, December 15 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

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***For a complete listing of all of the reviews and giveaways in my "Super Stocking Stuffers" series, click here.***

*UPDATE* The winner is #1 Tammi. Congratulations!

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358 comments on “FOR HIM: tools @ Lowe's”

  1. There are a couple of things I would buy with the card. I would buy some more energy efficient light bulbs for my dad and some new planks for the deck on my house. I really love Lowe's and their website especially the do it yourself tips they provide. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  2. The Disney Cars Fan, we have been wanting to get this for our son for awhile now. We just love this store and really like in durning the holiday season for their decorations.

  3. i'd want the Arrow Fastener 110-Volt Electric Nailer, that looks cool!

    they don't cut smaller pieces of wood there, it makes it really inconvenient!

  4. I would purchase Dremel accessories or a drill if I won.

    The thing I like about the Lowes website is that it's very easy to navigate. Thanks for the contest.

  5. I would use the card to help me save up for the siding for my house the old stuff that is on it is chipping and falling off.

  6. I would put up more seasonal suggestions, especially with the economy being the way it is, people appreciate suggestions.

    liz b

  7. I would use it towards a grill from lowe's..they have the awesome grills...My old grill finally died this summer after havin it for 7 years. =)

    I love the site, it's easy to get around and found wat your lookin for.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  8. I was just in Lowe's a couple weeks ago and got stuck at their book section. I absolutely love dreaming about building my own home and how I would decorate it. I spent a lot of time just flipping through some of the books that I notice are also listed online. I'd love to use these books as resources in the future...

  9. i like how lowes employees know how to help you and are knowledgable. i would like to buy paint for my bedroom if i won. thanks!

  10. I would buy either a wallpaper remover steamer or paint for my kitchen. What I don't like about the website is some of the small print and the blue gray color. Need brighter bolder colors and print

  11. would have to go towards some new appliances for my daughter and daughter in law who have just moved into their new homes...4 slice toaster,or a blender,maybe some stuff for the bathrooms..They could choose.It is a little hard to navigate on dial up but i do love lowes,,they have everything!!

  12. I'd love the Kobalt SPEEDFIT 36-Piece Chrome Vanadium Precision Tool Set for my sweetie! You have to love fabulous Lowes!!! : )))

    Thanks so much for this give~away! : )))


  13. Lowes has great prices! My husband needs a new cordless drill. they have a really nice one -Black & Decker 12V Smart Select Cordless Drill - for 39.50 . I would use the rest of the money to buy some grilling tools for the summer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. The card would be for my husband and I assume he would buy some sort of tool although we need a new wheelbarrow thanks the the kids....long story there.

    I would like to see Lowe's improve their web site. I do not find it easy to navigate and apparently nothing is ever in any of my numerous local stores.

    With that said, I like shopping Lowe's in person and find their paint selection to be outstanding.

    Did I mention this would be a gift for my husband?

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  15. If I won the $50 Lowe's Gift Card, I would purchase 3 of the Collector Series 26" Poly Leaf Rakes. I have 3 boys who rake our yard every fall and the last set of rakes that I bought were too cheap and have all become useless for my 3 hardworking boys. Lowe's website is great to use - especially the search engine that makes finding what you are looking for a snap. I have found however that oftentimes when the local store that you search through does not have what you are looking for, you have to select, one-by-one, different stores in your area. I would like to see their website give you a breakdown of which stores within a particular radius have, in stock, that particular item.

  16. This would be great for paint but, my husband needs some tools for repairs around the house.
    I like the store. Everyone is helpful. If they can't, they find someone who can.
    It would be nice to have someway to find the little things when the employees are busy.

  17. My hubby and I would have to have a "discussion" on this one. I know I would love to spend it all on garden supplies, but my hubby could sure put this to good use as well, since he is a wonderful do it your selfer.

  18. (1) what you would buy with the card,

    Recently our son thought he needed to build something in his sand area, he built a (wobbly) table, turned out cute! What we didn't know is he left the hammer and screw driver case outside, we found it during winter cleanup (the time of year we clean up the sand area before the snow falls) first on the list would be Item # 169629, a hammer. Would also pick out Item # 189990, a screwdriver set.

    (2) what you like about the website/store, and/OR

    My favorite section of the website has to be the Lowes Creative Ideas. I am not exactly the most creative person, coming up with the ideas on my own is not an easy task, Lowes makes it easier.

    (3) what you would improve about the website/store

    I would love if they would put a kiosk somewhere in the store. A place you could type in "hammer" and it would tell you what aisle it is on. I know there are employees but a lot of the time they are busy with someone else or you cannot find one, this would make it so much easier.

  19. I would buy a floor lamp for the living room and a comode seat for the bath room. These are what I need. On a fixed income there are nothing left over to buy things like this. I like that the site has the option to break down in catagories.

  20. I would like to get a new light strip for the bathroom. I need to get something in nickel. As far as Lowe's improvements, it's hard to find someone to help you there. They need to better with that.

  21. I would spend it either on a tiffany style lamp for my bedroom or for a complete toolkit for my use at home. I like the ease of locating items in the different categories on their website. I was able to find what I was looking for quickly. Thank you!

  22. My husband agrees that he would rather have 1 or 2 really good quality tools than a bunch of cheapo ones. So, he basically only has 2! This would be great to buy him another one! I have ordered off the Lowe's site a few times and I liked it because it was easy to track my order on there....puts your mind at ease when ordering online if you can see that it is shipped or not. Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. I would gives this to my husband, the one who promised to fix my bathroom three years ago. Still using my kids bathroom.

  24. This is my hubbys favorite home improvement store. I would love to put it towards projects in the house but it would probably go towards a miter saw! Thanks! Love the site and shop their often!

  25. I would give this to my son for Christmas. He bought a fixer upper home and I know he needs some molding and paint and lots of other stuff.
    I thought the website was easy to use and navigate.

  26. I would love to have this for my husband since this Christmas year money is tight and I spend majority of our budget on providing toys for them. He is a great husband and father and deserves it very much. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway :)

  27. I would buy the kids bin organizer, what could be improved is that when I went to the kids section there are no prices on the items just a click here to see price and availbility in your area. I don't want to click on each of them to get the price. Also when I first went into the site it said you have to have Java script enabled to see this section, but while I was looking at the catagories on the main page then the error went away and showed the info to me anyway. Well just a few items.

  28. My husband would buy the Kobalt 10-Piece Pliers and Wrench Set. I like the Shop by category feature and the Inspiration link.

  29. I would apply it toward the purchase of portable electric heaters for our home. We had issue arise with our furnace yesterday and it will be after the first of the year before we can get it fixed. With the weather ever changing and a little one in the house we've got to come up with an alternate heat source until after the first of the year.
    I love being able to go the the store and see hands on what I'm going to purchase. I browse Lowe's website quiet a bit and sometimes find it cumbersome and not real user friendly. It would be nice to see a more user friendly layout.

  30. I would buy a new mailbox because there were some teenagers on the loose the other night...well I probably don't need to tell you the rest of the story.

  31. I would get the 19-11/16" Solar LED Path Landscape Light. I love this website because it has absolutely everything my hubby could want!

  32. I would buy some paint to do my daughters room. She has been at me for awhile to paint her room. She would love it. I wouldn't change anything me and my husband love Lowe's.

    [email protected]

  33. I'd put it towards buying my husband a Dewalt mitre saw so he can put molding up in our house. A gift for him and for me! I love their store/website, they both give me great ideas.

  34. I would get my husband clamps for woodworking, such as the Quick-Grip
    12" Bar Clamp. I like the website because there are items that my husband can use for his favorite hobby.

  35. My husband built our home by himself over the course of 2 years almost 22 years ago. In that amount of time, things could use a bit of updating, so I would give him the Lowe's card to get whatever he needs to do the work. He really enjoys puttering around anyway!

  36. Holy Cow! I had no idea pneumatic tools were so pricey. I guess I could apply the $50 to one of those things that the hubby wants. :-) Thanks!

  37. I would buy the DeWalt 9.6V Cordless Drill/Driver Kit. I actually like the seasonal theme of Lowe's website with the snowflakes on a blue background.

  38. I would buy paint with the card. Their site is very easy to use. I like that so then I can go to where I want to be without going thru too many steps.

  39. I would buy a programmable thermostat. We've been talking about getting one but just never seem to get to Lowe's to look at them.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. I would use it to buy some Olympic paint to use to paint the bedroom, which I've been wanting to do for a long time. I love that Lowe's staff is always helpful. Thanks!

  41. I would use the gift card to buy a five-gallon bucket of ceiling white paint. I am in the process of remodeling my first 70s-era home into my own home.

  42. I would buy painting supplies, so I could re do a few rooms in the house. I like that you are able to search to find a store with the product you want in stock.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  43. I'd love to put this towards some fresh paint but I'm sure my boyfriend would use it for some new tools though. I love that I can go into Lowe's and find exactly what I need quickly, and there's always someone to help.

  44. I would give this to my dad and I'm pretty sure he would buy wood to finish framing the windows in the house. I think the Lowe's Web site is very easy to use.

  45. I would put the money toward a closet organizing system for our very basic closet. We NEED shelving so badly. What I love about Lowe's is that they have everything you need and the workers are so helpful when there are questions.

  46. I can't tell you exactly which product I'd buy because there's so many to choose from, but we need some mortar for installing tile in our family room. We've had the tile since right after we bought the house, um, four years ago, so it's high time we get it installed. I'd like to try the pre-mixed stuff, to make it easier, but even with that, there's several options on the Lowe's website. That's a decision that DIY hubby will make.

  47. If I win the gift card from Lowe's, I will get the Black & Decker 36" Accumark Beam Level with Gecko Grip. This is a great invention! I love Lowe's website because it is so organized! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  48. If I were to win I would use the money towards a new washer and dryer machine. Ours is just about shot, and in a household of 5 there an everyday used object.


  50. I would buy The Lasko Ceramic Heater...our house gets so cold and it would be nice to use this in the room we're in the most!

  51. I think my husband would buy a new drill with it, there are so many to choose from so I can't really say which one he would want. He's so hard to shop for!!

  52. I know my husband would want a new ceiling light. He has been trying to fix the one that went out for some unknown reason for months. He thinks he finally has to break down and buy one. I am thinking maybe he would choose something like this: Portfolio
    2-Light Bronze Ceiling Flushmount
    Item #: 85780 Model: 38092

  53. Great giveaway, I would buy paint for our Master Bedroom. I like that on this site you can check if a product is available in stores.

  54. Oh, AWESOME!! This would be perfect for my boyfriend - there are all kinds of tools he could use, plus we're doing tons of remodeling. Like you mentioned, I'm not 100% sure exactly what model he'd need, but I do know that he needs a Miter Saw, so I'm thinking maybe the DeWalt
    Heavy-Duty 12" Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw? I love the Lowe's has such a great selection of home improvement items, and their site is easy to navigate. One thing I would improve? It would be an improvement if they built a Lowe's closer to where I live! LOL! In all seriousness, I'm not sure what could be improved upon. Perhaps they could offer more coupons on their website or something?
    Thanks so much for the giveaway, this is fabulous!

  55. We would probably buy an instant canopy (I like the 12' x 12' Quik Shade Instant Canopy) for summer BBQs, park outings, the beach, tailgating, etc. I like that you can check for product availability by entering your zip code. For an improvement, I think they should offer product reviews, not just ratings. Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. If this was for me I would buy paint but I would give it ti my guy for Christmas! Lowe's is an awesome site!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Pricousins at aol dot com

  57. I'd give this to my hubby to spend as he wants. He's always working on our house and will often mention the many tools he'd like to own. Though I know if I tried to get them for him, I'd absolutely end up with the wrong thing. I mean, do you even know how many different saws there are?

  58. I would put this towards a new garage door opener. Ours isn't working.

    I like going to Lowes. It's a great place with lots of cool tools.

  59. I would get my husband the GearWrench
    18-Piece SAE Combination Wrench Set. He can always use more tools.

    What I like about the website is that you can check to see if an item is available in your local store.

    What I don't like is that the search gives too many irrelevant results.

  60. Forgot to add - I love that the prices are listed on the website. Other home improvement sites either don't list the price or have such a limited choice you are almost forced to go to the store in person.

  61. Tough choice. First on my list is the Skil 3315-01 120V 10" Miter Saw. We just finished a job using a hand miter box and it was not fun. Electric is the way to go.
    But we have so much more to do. So I would also look at a new band saw and perhaps a Dremel tool.

  62. I would use this card to get my hubby a 12volt mini drill my husband raves about. We were there this weekend and he stopped by and he already has a big drill but he said its great for little things like screws etc since its so small

  63. I would use the card towards buying my husband a router or other power tool.
    I like the way the website is set up, divided into sections so its easier to find what your looking for.
    I don't think they need to do anything to improve the site.

  64. Would love to get this to possibly get that router I would need to finish a project for my wife has always wanted a table top arcade machine, this would help do it..the site is great, again because you can find everything without going to the store, not much to change it...

  65. We've been eyeing some Whirlpool appliances on their website. This would go towards our "appliance fund." We've been saving for a year!

  66. Since we moved into our new home Lowe's is our new favorite shopping store! I like that the website categorizes products by room. I wish they had a "green" section for products (I see the Energy Star products)
    We actually need a new dishwasher and a new stove so I would use the gift card towards one of those purchases!

  67. My husband just opened up his own business so we are in the process of fixing up the office, there was so much that had to be done...paint...light fixtures..floor(everything came from Lowes of course), he has been working so hard to get it ready for the new year, so after navigating the lowes site(which by the way i love i have ordered things before with NO PROBLEM) I found that lowes sells a NY YANKEES LED SIGN item # 279389, i would definitaly put the card towards this sign. He would Love it and put it up in his office, he deserves it, he has worked so hard!! Thanks

  68. The site is still down and I'm going to be busy tomm. but I know the store - I'd get a heater for our back bathroom - its like the Artic Zone of the house.

    I like the convenience of the online website - and of the actual store - I love how helpful the employees are!

  69. I would buy interior paint for my family room. It's in need of a makeover! I like Lowes because they price match and offer a wide range of supplies for everything in your home and more!

  70. I'd use it to help buy a new kitchen sink and faucet. I like the featured promotions part of their website. Who can pass up a good deal (like $20 off a Kohler kitchen sink/faucet combo). Thanks.

  71. I'd use this gift card to buy my Husband a new charcoal grill-
    BBQ Grillware 22-1/2” Charcoal Kettle Grill

    His is falling apart and he loves to BBQ all year round.

    I like the Lowe's website because it's easy to find what I'm looking for. I really like the Lowe's store locally because not only do we find what we're looking for but it's bright and fresher than some of the other home improvement places. I like shopping there.

  72. I love Lowe's. I could seriously spend hours in there just looking. I would put this towards a storm door for our house. We need one desperately, but it seems there is never enough $ left after bills!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  73. Lowe's is my husbands Mecca. I will definitely be giving the card to him. He has a long list of tools on his wish list and this will help him complete his list. I learned a LONG time ago (year one of our marriage) to NOT attempt to buy him any tools on my own. Gift cards are definitely the way to go!

  74. I dont think I already entered but I thought about it. If I missed my name above, just delete me! I would buy some wood blinds if I won. We are slowly starting to replace our gross plastic blinds, but it is EXPENSIVE, especially with 3,000 windows! Great giveaway!

  75. I'ld put the money towards new faucets & sink for our bathroom. I love the ease of navigating their site. It's easy to find what you're looking for.

  76. I would give it to my hubby and suggest he uses it on drywall to keep building out our basement. We are working on his office and ran out of money before we were finished.

  77. I would buy paint with the card

    I like that you can look from the comfort of your home in lieu of traveling to the store.

    I really cant think of an improvement, its great!

  78. If it were up to ME I would put it towards some new hardware for our kitchen cabinets! it. Also Lowes is the only place that has our new lightswitch covers. So, as we slowly redo each room we purchase our favorite little accent piece from there. I really can't think of anything they need to improve on except in our location Lowes is not as convenient to get too...there seem to be a million home depot's within 5 minutes of our place so we have to go a little out of our way to get to Lowes.

  79. My husband could really use some more tools for the never ending list of projects. Although, I might use a little of it to buy some more plants for my front yard.

  80. Lowe's is so great because they offer everything. It's a store where both guys and girls love to shop when they have a home to decorate. If I could buy anything with the Lowe's gift card, I would put it towards buying a new synthetic Christmas tree that could be used in our house for years to come.

  81. I'm thinking I need the Lasko ® Remote Control Ceramic Tower Heater to add a bit of heat to the computer area. I freeze when I sit at the computer.

  82. We're redoing the ceiling in our basement, so it would go toward ceiling tiles....Armstrong
    12" x 12" HomeStyle Pinehurst Ceiling Tile

  83. I would put this toward a new Christmas tree - the pre-lit variety. I like Lowe's for its wide selection and ease of use online and that it shows what my local store has in stock. I dislike that my local store is out of so many things!

  84. I would but paint to spruce up our apartment, and I like that Lowe's site is really organized. It's easy to find what you want

  85. I would buy a programmable thermostat

    I really like the gift adviser

    The only thing I don't like is the web pages loaded slowly for me.

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  86. My husband is a electrician and is always in need of new tools. I would use the gift card toward a dwalt 96 v cordless drill/driver set. the site was so easy to use. Everything is seprated into its own area that made it alot easier to find things.

    Have a happy holiday everyone

  87. As you said in your introduction,it is very difficult for me to pick out and buy tools for my husband,i have done this in the past but they never seem to get used. I am clueless about picking out a quality tool so i would just gift him the card and let him choose. The site was great with easy to find and click categories and subcategories. I even entered to win a GMC in the sweeps they are running!Thanks

  88. I would be getting the Waterloo storage chest. We are in dire need of a tool box here! They are all just sitting on a shelf in our basement right now, very unsightly!

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  89. I would get him the troybuilt lawn equipement with detachable pieces. I love the fact that you can find helpfull ideas but I did have a hard time finding the product I wanted. Thanks for the giveaway.
    [email protected]

  90. I would just hand the card over to my husband and let him decide what to buy. We are currently adding onto our house, so I'm sure he'd use it for supplies. I like being able to check prices and availability on their website.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. 1. What I would buy with the gift card... I would buy my hubby a DeWalt 9.6V Cordless Drill/Driver Kit-- he would love it to replace his old corded drill (it would be a bit more expensive than this gift card, but worth it!)

    2. What I like about the web site/store..I like that I can order something on line, but pick it up at my local store...this is a big help when you are in the middle of a project and need something ASAP!!

    3. What I would improve...I can't think of anything to improve, since the web site is nicely organized and easy to search.

  92. We love Lowe's! I would probably use the card to buy paint and fixtures for our kitchen that could use an update. Thanks!

  93. I would love to use this card to by bit for the new router that my mom bought for my husband this year. We love Lowe's!

  94. I LOVE Lowes because it is the easiest "hardware" store for me to navigate - everything is always easy to find and employees don't treat me like a "woman who doesn't know anything" whenever I visit!

    My hubby would get this card and he'd probably put it toward something boring like window plastic...

  95. If I was buying for myself I would get the KitchenAid® Chrome 3-Cup Chef's Chopper. For my husband...I don't know. He would just get the card. It is really handy that the Lowes site will tell you if what you are looking at is in your local store. Thanks for the giveaway.

  96. 1) Plants!
    2) The joke at our house is that Home Depot is for men and Lowes is for Women. It's better lit and nicer than a typical "warehouse" store.

  97. I'm hoping after the holidays hubby will finally take the panel down throughout the house so I would spend it on paint. I like being able to use their location search for a product to find out which one has the product in stock.

    Thank you.

  98. I would buy lawn fertilizer with a preemergent weed preventer for the spring. Sometimes my lawn gets neglected but I know the importance of a preemergence for the weeds or else by summer you are regretting putting it off. I found Lowes web site fairly easy to negotiate. Thanks!

  99. I think I would have to use this for paint! We had some peel+stick stickers in the bathroom, and well.. they didn't come off so easily. So now we really need to re-paint our bathroom! :)

  100. I find the layout of the website a little confusing...too cluttered! Anyway, I think we would use the gift card to buy some gutter guards--boring, but much-needed!

  101. I would get Moen Single Handle Brass with Polished Chrome Tub/Shower Faucet. Looks really nice! I love shopping at lowes!

  102. My husband would love a drill for christmas! I think he would like the DeWalt
    9.6V Cordless Drill/Driver Kit. I have never been to Lowes site, I love all the inspiration ideas!!

  103. I'd buy the Peerless Double Handle Lavatory Faucet for my bathroom sink and replace the ancient faucet in there now (and the Peerless is only $54!)

    I love shopping at Lowe's. They have great prices and there's always someone available to help you there. We recently went to Lowe's and had them cut shelving for our bedroom closet. We were in and out in 15 minutes.

  104. I would buy the Mr. Christmas Ferris Wheel, Item #: 157464, Model: 19917. I saw it in the store and was so excited! It's beutifully lit and when it plays music, I feel so joyful just like a child again!

  105. I would buy a Bosch plunge router. It's the last tool I need to start work on my rotating cd/dvd rack and to complete my tool kit. Ok,ok you can never have enough tools.

  106. New hardware for my kitchen cabinets. And their site is nice, but I like their competitors site because it will show me which local store has the item I am looking for.

  107. Paint, paint, paint! Our house needs it everywhere. I love that Lowe's does those "Build & Grow" clinics for kids. Awesome.

  108. I;d buy a miter saw so I can rebuild my steps. I like going to the store by my house because the staff are very friendly!

  109. I'd buy the Toro 12-Amp Electric Snow Thrower. My poor ol' back doesn't want to face the snow shovel ever again.

    Great giveaway. Thanks!

  110. I'd def. buy my husband a snow blower with it cause all he does is moan for the 4 months of snow we get!

    I love the fact that they offer free Parcel shipping of order $24.98 and above!

    I think I'd have them take some stuff of the page a little to much!

  111. I would buy paint and supplies to paint my kitchen and dining room.

    No improvements are needed, the site is fine as it is.

  112. I would buy a new toaster...but I am sure my h usband would have a lot of other things in mind! Lowe's search for that site isn't very good...I would put somethingin one way and it wouldn't come up but then I would see it browsing through the categories.

  113. I would buy a new fan and/or a new humidifier.

    I don't have any comments on the website -- I found it easy to navigate and not too "busy."

  114. It seems weird but I really really want a new mirror for my bathroom- and oh all the options they have! Thanks so much for the very mery give-oh-way!

  115. My husband does most of our home repairs and loves tools. Right now, though, we desperately need a new kitchen faucet. Ours is leaking all around the base very badly! Thanks for the chance.....Cindi

  116. Humm, I would probably buy some gardening stuff or flowers and veggie plants in the spring, but who knows what the hubby might find.... We are lucky since the Lowes is super close to our house only a couple miles away. Humm, what would I improve, maybe more eco-friendly options for items.

  117. I would gift this giftcard to my dad, and he would probably buy some tools he 'needs' :) Also, I really like the 'shop by room' option on their website- it was easy to navigate.

  118. Ohhh man...where do I start! My husband LIVES at Lowes! There are so many things he's dying to fix / update around our house. We'd probably buy new window screens (as glamorous as that sounds) to keep out the house cooler during the summer months (it gets 100+ degrees). I love that you can search the website by room :) Thanks for the contest!
    jmrolfsen (at) gmail (dot) com

  119. i would give this to my father who needs to do some major repair on our childhood home. he might get some of their windows or they have some nice white siding...

  120. I would buy my son-in-law a new ratchet set and adjustable wrench, and then I'd splurge on an area rug for me. I'd have to see how much was left after that!! We definitely need a new dishwasher too. Too many choices!

  121. I like that they offer free shipping on purchases over $24.98. That would make me MUCH more likely to purchase online. Oh, I also like that their return policy is easy to find on the first page. I won't order from an online store without checking on that and it drives me nuts if I have to hunt for it.

    Thanks for a very useful giveaway!

  122. I liked that the website offered the option to put in a zip code for local store to check availability. Very nice option. As far as what to get believe it or not, I'd get my husband an "ax". He really needs a new one after his brother got a little to into cutting down our tree two years back and broke the handle. No kidding!

  123. I would buy the Garden Treasures Cambridge Cage Bird Feeder, and plenty of bird seed. I am an avid bird watcher. As far as Lowes goes, I have been there a number of times, we have one 15 minutes from our house. Each and every time I shopped there, the store was absolutely immaculate, and there were plenty of people to help us in the store and checking people out. It's much less frantic than Home Depot, that's for sure. Great giveaway!

  124. actually, we would buy those foam pipe insulators. my husband always says the shower water takes too long to get hot in the winter, so these would help keep the water from getting cold in the pipes. He would love that.

  125. would put it towards slar lights for the backyard- we have outside dogs adn some are getting older and would like them to be able to see where they are going even at night

    I like the lowes website because I can see if they have what I need, how much- the store Ilike becuase its right down the block and is easy to even walk to if I really needed a part

    I agree with lowes having a sitdown section, even without the drinks- just a place where someone can wait while waiting or reading over brochures, etc

  126. I would put it toward a really high quality measuring tape for my husband to replace the one that I recently broke and we also need a weed wacker. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  127. I'd buy my husband a new blender. Ours is going out and my husband isn't too happy about that because he usses it several times a week.
    I like that the store carries all my husband's favorite brands of tools.

  128. I would buy my husband the AWP 10-Pocket Oil Tanned Double Apron tool belt. I like that it's easy to check availability of products online (that saves me a trip all the way down to Lowe's)

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  129. I would buy a new sink for the kitchen. My kitchen sink is in bad need of replacement and we would use the gift card to help pay for a replacement.

    I like going to Lowes. I like the general design of the store and it feels less like a big-box store than other "home" stores. If I were going to change anything I would suggest some better signage in the store.

    As for the website: I like that the break out different needs by room. But I think that adding a breakout by project would also be good. i.e. adding air conditioning, replacing kitchen cabinets, etc.

    Those are my 2 cents.

    Thanks for the contest.


  130. It's easy to shop at Lowes. There's a ton of things I'd get, but I'd put this towards a Portable Dishwasher. I'm tired of washing dishes by hand and I need to conserve water.

    Their website is easy to navigate, but it might be nice, in this day and age, if they really featured Energy Star appliances and gave serious tips on how to Green Up our homes.

  131. I need a bunch of the Rubbermaid 50 Qt. Clear Impressions Boxes, but I'm sure my hubby would snatch this for tools. I like the website, very easy to navigate. Tons of categories, make it easy to quickly find something!

  132. I'd put it toward one of their area rug, since my Dad is in dire need of rugs. Well maybe not dire need, but being a little overdramatic never hurt anyone =)

  133. I like that the site has the departments easily listed on the site so it's not hard to find things!
    I don't know what I'd get with the card, simply b/c I'd love to give it to my dad. His job involves lots of tools and he's always going to Lowe's so this would be great for him!

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  134. i would buy my boyfriend some steel pipe to build the workshop bench he's been wanting to build. i would benefit greatly because he would now have a place to work and keep his stuff organized instead of the living room.

    i LOVE that lowe's website has the listing for items that would be in the stores. it was nice when we were trying to find a shop vac on black friday... wasn't nice that they were sold out everywhere!!

    the navigation sometimes is a bit confusing, i've tried searching for things on there that i know i've seen in the store but it's not listed on the website if you search it. but if you know exactly what department it would be in it is listed.

    my dad is a lowe's man. he refuses to shop anywhere else.

  135. I would buy a pliers set, a chisel set, and a 16 oz. hammer.
    I like the gift advisor.
    The site is easy to navigate....change nothing.

  136. 1. I would buy the Maytag 7.0 Cu. Ft. SuperSize Capacity Centennial® Electric Dryer (Color: White)
    2. The site is easy to use. I was able to narrow my search by brand, by choice, or both.
    3. I could find nothing to change.

  137. Hi! If I won the Lowe's gift card, I would put it toward a Christmas gift for parents. I would love to purchase an electric fireplace for them. Thanks!

  138. I would like to put thsi towards that hunterton middleton heater ceiling fan. talk about amazing and I need one of those in my bedroom. If not that I would use it on different things to help update our home that we are slowly doing. I like the ease of finding things on the site. Thank you.

    mommainflipflops AT

  139. I just bought a new house in my home town. I will get to move in the week before Christmas (keep fingers crossed for good weather). I am having a Christmas party even though the boxes won't be unpacked. But, once I get settled in, I'm going to need Lots of paint to to make this house my own. So I would buy Paint and supplies. [email protected]

  140. i would wait till " After Christmas Sale " starts and buy some Lights,Bows etc when they are 50-75 % off for next year :)


  141. I was just at Lowe's today as a matter of fact. Oh, and Friday too. We're in the midst of redoing a bedroom for my 10-year-old so we've been spending a lot of time (and $ btw) at Lowe's lately.

    Enough about that though. What would I do with the gift card? I'd use it buy a new light fixture for our dining room. I've been scoping them out for awhile now.

    What do I like about Lowe's? I've found that the store associates are so very helpful. My husband and I were looking to replace our kitchen sink and the associate who helped us offered all kinds of hints and tips that we otherwise would have been clueless about.

    What could they improve upon? Hmmm. When I was there earlier today I waited over ten minutes at the paint counter for someone to come and help. It would have been helpful if they had one of those buttons like Target does where you push it and it pages someone to a particular department for customer service.

    Thanks for offering this very timely giveaway Stephanie!

  142. I would be able to buy my husband a christmas present instead of him buying himself one. That would be great. I would get three things. First a black & Decker cordless drill - second the 109 piece drilling & screwdriver set - third I would get him the skil speed jigsaw. He loves his projects. I like the fact that Lowes has a gift advisory for someone to help them decide what to get. Thanks for the chance.

  143. Well, I would pass this prize onto my husband if I won. He would be thrilled and probably buy another power tool to add to his collection. I like the Lowe's website in that it is easy to work my way through all the categories. I also love that you can order online and pick up in the store to save on shipping! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  144. I would buy a Black and Decker extra battery for my husband's drill. I have no idea which one it is though so I'd have to ask him. Actually I'd probably just give him the card and have him go get it. I liked their "gift adviser" on the bottom of the page. Maybe it's somewhere else too but that's where I found it. A little help is always good.

  145. There is so much I would buy, but instead of getting those LED lights I've been dying for I'd have to get that tool box Del has been eyeing. We just recently moved into the new house here and he finally has some man space of his own. I guess I wouldn't want to win for myself, since well he lets me win every day. So that's what I would like.

    From the Lowe's website I really love the layout, it's easy to find what you are looking for. Which trust me is a plus. I often leave websites I find too difficult to navigate.

  146. I would buy paint. We desperately need to paint our guest room and guest bathroom and I would buy paint and supplies!!!

  147. Ok, this card would go toward the MANY MANY projects on my husbands to-do-list. Probably repairing the wall we have that is currently covered in a beautiful mirror that was thought to be tasteful in the 1970s! You know the kind, swirls and gold specks in the mirror! Lovely, but must go!
    I have used there site before to compare prices on appliances and it is easy to use.

  148. This totally wouldn't be for my husband, but we'll soon be needing a new dishwasher. We're moving into a new home next week, and we were told by the inspector that the current dishwasher is very noisy. "Like a jet plane" where his words. I've got my eye on a KitchenAid double drawer dishwasher.

  149. i would use it to buy new flooring for my living room, just cant afford it right now with all of the holiday expenses right now, boy do i need new flooring for my living room

  150. I would buy the Portfolio 5-Light Nickel Contemporary Chandelier. We need a new light above our table in the dining area.

  151. I would like to put shelves in my laundry room to store some of my kitchen gadgets (of which I have way too many). As a single mom I haven't really had the extra money to put into it this would really help. Then all I'd have to do is bribe my brothers to come do the work. LOL. So I would by shelves!

  152. I probably would use it to repaint the house.
    But if I won this, then I would use towards getting him the dishwasher he's been begging to buy for 2 years now.

  153. We are in need of a new kitchen faucet, so I would probably put it towards that. Or, we want to paint our powder room and perhaps do a litte wall papering, so we could put it towards that. There's always something we can use at Lowe's!

    tfisher83 AT myexcel DOT com

  154. I would love to win this for me! I would without question put it toward one of the Sentry Safe Fire Safes. My most valuable positions are photos, scrap books and family history, all of which I would store in that safe.

  155. We live in the high desert outside of LA, and the sun is intense. I have sheer curtains up at our front windows and realized this would not be enough to keep the intense sun out. I would love to apply this GC to new blinds for the windows! I see Lowe's carries the Levelor brands and I know those are good quality!
    Great giveaway - thanks for offering!

  156. We were so pleased to have Lowe's open in our region - hubby and I always dreaded going in the other two big box hardware stores around here. Remodeling a kitchen right now so have plenty of uses for a gift card! MKW

  157. I know he'd like to tile the kitchen and we need to paint the living area so those would likely be the purchases that the card would help go towards. :--)

  158. I would buy paint - and while yes, I did ask for Home Depot cards for Christmas this year, I would be happy with Lowe's paint too! My house is desperately in need of color.
    Their site is pretty easy to maneuver, but the "Featured Promotions" section repeated itself several times on the same page. It was a little kooky.

  159. I would definitely use this to go towards materials for my little man's playset! The website was a little hard to navigate for me...Too many subcategories. But that could just be me!LOL! I'm a pretty simple gal! Have a great weekend!

  160. It would go towards a lawnmower! For the first time in our marriage - we finally have grass in our yard that needs mowing.

  161. I'd buy the programmable thermostat. I liked that they had info about how to keep your home energy efficient on the Lowes website. But I found that the site was a bit slow because of all of the info it was loading on the front page.

  162. I could so use one of those. I would buy paint for my bathroom. It needs some sprucing up. I like the selection and quality of products in their store, and the people in the hardware section are generally helpful. However, they are often lacking in good, helpful employees elsewhere in the store (and it's a big store). Employees are where they need the most improvement in my opinion.

  163. You know, I was browsing around trying to find something for my husband...there is SO much! I'm sure he'd want a DeWALT 6-Amp Variable Speed Band Saw, I don't think that he has one of those, but one can never be sure! :) This would make my Handy Brandy (Brandon is his real name, and he doesn't laugh much when I call him Handy Brandy, but I think it's cute!) very happy!

    One thing I would do to improve Lowe's. Have a girl section. Something with comfortable seating, maybe a selection of magazines, perhaps some coffee, nice lighting. I wouldn't mind paying for it. We can spend HOURS in that which I always bring a book, find myself a quiet corner and read. I have my cell on so Brand can call me when he's ready to go. But you's just a wish!

    [email protected]

  164. I browsed around & found something I know is on my husband's list - a heavy duty tool tote. The one I found at Lowe's that looked the best was the "AWP 12" Collapsible Handle Tool Tote", and, at $32.95, I'd still have a few bucks to buy some tools for it!

  165. I would put it towards two units of steel shelving. We're constantly trying to make our store room work better for us.

    I like being able to see if my Lowes has an item, and easily check the nearby stores if it doesn't, via the drop down window.

    The site is not easy to navigate, and the search could use some work. I can't find, for instance, an insulator kit for my hot water heater. I'd bet they have them, though - somewhere.

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