FOR KIDS: a nice pair of shoes

eleven-collection-sylvieLast night, she prayed before dinner. With her eyes squeezed halfway shut, she said, "Dear God, Thank you for mommy and daddy. Thank you that other kids not get hurt. Thank you that other kids not fall down. And thank you for this food. The End."

Then, she smiled a silly, sweet smile - and asked for "A LOT" of Ranch dressing to go with her chicken.

I'm liking age three so far. It can be frustrating, but it's also fresh and new and full of conversations. I love her questions and I love her answers (In case, you haven't noticed: 3-year-olds are exceedingly wise about very important matters).

I love that she dresses herself and sleeps in her own bed and can ride a bike. I love that she picks out long books from the bookshelf and will actually sit through the entire story - chiming in with observations and making dramatic facial expressions. I love that she has distinct preferences and I love that she gets so excited about the most "insignificant" things.

She is an extraordinary girl and I have a feeling that this is going to be an extraordinary year.


You may not have noticed her shoes in the above photo because her smile is undeniably taking the spotlight, but now that I'm directing your attention - aren't they cute? They are the Sylvie dress shoes ($50) from Eleven Collection.

Did you know that Eleven (and sister company, See Kai Run) is my FAVORITE brand for kids shoes? It's true. The shoes are sturdy, buttery soft, and super stylish.


eleven shoes helena eleven trainer eleven collection simone boots eleven collection james

Told you so.

If you are a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or the friend of a 2.5 to 8-year-old, consider buying a durable, fashionable pair of shoes from Eleven this Christmas. It's a gift that MAY end up under the bed, but that will be pulled out again and again all throughout the year.

YOUR TURN: Which pair is your favorite?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of shoes from Eleven Collection {winner's choice of size and style; subject to availability}. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Thursday, December 3rd at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog or Tweet about my Christmas Gift Guide (or about this giveaway)…and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

I received a product sample for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #16 Musings of a Housewife. Congratulations!

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107 comments on “FOR KIDS: a nice pair of shoes”

  1. I have not looked much into shoes for my 8 month old yet. But now that the weather is cooler, I would love to have something on her feet to keep them warm. I am all about simple and sensible shoes. Ones that are easy to put on. Velcro is my friend when it comes to kids shoes. And for little babies soft soles are a must so they can learn to walk easier.

  2. These shoes are wicked cute, and my DD could really use a pair. She is growing like a weed and has outgrown all her shoes!!

  3. Baby Girl has yet to make her shoe personality known, other than being at the stage when she tries to pull everything off her feet. (People are constantly pointing out that my baby's only wearing one sock. I know. She pulled the other one off). She'll be walking soon and that means shoes, whether she likes it or not, at least when we're outside. And I soooo have my eye on the See Kai Run brand. I'm thinking the Alexi's would be cute.

  4. I really like their boots and especially the Kasota sneakers. I feel like I'm buying shoes for my little girl every 3 months.

  5. I think I've told you before that so far I've only bought Stride Rite's for my son. As of now I've been extremely satisifed with how they've held up to his very-busy-boy activities. But I just noticed a tear on the toe of his new Stride Rite's. It's in a part that's not on a seam so I don't think they are repairable. Because the shoes are fairly new and I did spend a decent amount of money on them I've been thinking about writing the company. What do you think? Or maybe it's time for me to switch brands!

  6. Love their shoes - especially Josie. My 4 year old is distraught today as her pink cowgirl boots are too small. She said "But I have only had them one year!"

  7. Of course I will enter for this one! Eleven and Kai are my favorite brands as well. (I'd rather buy shoes that will still look nice for the next kiddo.. and i usually find them at a great deal :)
    both of my babes already have HUGE feet that grow quickly so I buy new ones more quickly than most but it is worth it!
    My 2yr old, Jack (who has 4-5yr old size feet :) has some trainers and this cute pair of suede slip on loafers (Carlo?) like his dad. I love it!

  8. You learn something new every day, I didn't know See Kai Run and Eleven were sister companies! My nephew has some and I love them!

  9. I love those cute little suede shoes. They look perfect for hiking and such. My 3 year old loves shoes. She always thinks we should buy a new pair (we don't though) when we got shopping.

  10. Your daughter is gorgeous! And those shoes are super cute. My daughter would LOVE a pair of them!! :) I have never heard of Eleven shoes, but I have heard great things about See Kai Run.

  11. So hard to pick a favorite - I think I would go for the "Kai" pair for my 4-yr old, because he loves this color red, and would think red shoes were pretty awesome. I love the idea of a nice pair of shoes as a kids have way too many toys already. These would be a fantastic alternative!

  12. My daughter has a pair of See Kai Run shoes and I've been wanting to get a pair of Eleven shoes for my son. Since they are made by the same people, I'm sure the Eleven shoes are amazing!

  13. I am so jealous that these shoes do not come in sizes that I could wear. I would love to get my son a pair of the Caper shoes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Love See Kai Run! Haven't tried Eleven, but would love to. My 13-month-old loves shoes- I'm afraid that I have created a monster. I thought that she simply liked them because it usually meant we were going outside, but she recently has strong preferences about which ones she puts on. It starts so early!!

  15. I love the shoes your daughter has on!! I just took advantage of the sale they have on, but I would love to win a pair as well:)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. My son outgrows shoes so fast that I can't see myself spending $40 or $50 on a pair of shoes that will only last a few months! However, I would LOVE to win a pair!!! I am torn between the Josef and Caper. They are both so adorable!

  17. I didn't know Eleven shoes went up to such a high size! I love reviews on shoes, because shoes can be a pretty big investment when those toes keep growing and growing. Thanks!

  18. I would love some durable leather shoes for my daughter. I have been bying generic brands, but they wear so fast and they are not very comfortable either.

  19. I love it when toddlers have on stylish clothes and shoes and these shoes are just too cute!! And I love that these shoes are stylish for boys as well as girls. Girls shouldn't be the only ones with cool feet!

  20. My youngest turned two a couple months ago so her prayers aren't as elaborate as your daughter's. Still, it's so sweet to hear her pray, "Help Daddy." She knows he's looking for a job. I just love their simple ways.

    You got the best looking pair of shoes of the bunch. My sister was supposed to get my daughter a pair of Mary Janes for her birthday, but she procrastinates and hasn't brought them over yet. Maybe I can win a pair and not have to wait any longer.

  21. I love the Sylvie shoes - they would go with just about everything that my princess wears! The Simone boots are too cute to pass up though. If I won, this would be a really tough call!

  22. such a cute picture!! i have seen quite a few blog postings about this brand and think they look super cute! i love the capers - its so hard to find cute boy shoes!

    autumn398 @

  23. Ok, so just the fact that you used buttery to describe them makes me love them even more. As for age 3, I can't say that I'm adoring it as much as you seem to be. It does have it's wonderful moments and I try to remember those when the not so wonderful moments take over!

  24. Oh 3! It is sooo very fun! I loved 3 and 4 so much...and the sayings, they just keep comin'!

    Checked out the website and they do look comfy, some are so cute I would order for me! :)

    Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, it's raining here!!

  25. Great price, look good. Nervous about buying them online and I didn't see what their return policy is on the website...

  26. These are great shoes! I LOVE the Caper shoes for boys. And I would totally use them for my girls, too, if we have some.
    Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I overate, but not as bad as some years! And we had a good times with family. Can't wait till Christmas to see my family (in MI, tho, not AZ :( ).
    Do you guys do two thanksgivings or do you just pick one side and stick with them?

  27. I love the Mira for my daughter. They have so many cute one's and she is still too young to have an opinion on what she wears so I get to pick!!

  28. What a cutie! I'm not having the best time with 3 so far, we seem to have had more of the frustrating side of it lately. I'm looking forward to it getting better though...

    I would definitely choose the Sylvie shoes for my daughter too, they're my favorite. The Astrids are pretty cool though, how fun are silver shoes?

  29. Your little girl is adorable, and it's always interesting to hear what they say thank you for. I know mine comes up with some interesting things too.

    I love the Trevor style over at Eleven!

  30. I love Eleven's shoes. They are very comfortable (at least they seem comfortable and the girls love to wear them)

    My current favorites (it changes all the time) is Helena or Mira. Those Simone boots are pretty cute as well.

  31. There are several cute pairs, and one of them are the Josie pair. Very cute and versatile. They could be worn casual or even a skirt.

  32. definitely a sister company. i immediately thought "See Kai Run" when i saw the picture but hadn't read the text yet.
    there's something about the "Pixie" shoes that draw me. I also love the "Simone" boots. it would be a tough decision.

  33. I love her prayer! Make sure you write a lot of the things she says down, I wish I would have done that more with my oldest. He said the sweetest things, only a kid would say.

  34. Eleven shoes are really too cute! Levi's about to outgrow his current pair of shoes, and I'm seriously considering buying him some Eleven shoes.

    P.S. Your daughter's prayer has me grinning. She is such a cutie. I thought nothing could be better than snuggling a teeny, little baby, but watching that baby grow is ranking right up there.

  35. There is NOTHING like a good pair of shoes! I will skimp on many things for my kids, but not shoes. These look great; I saw them at Darcie's site too. I'm hoping I'll increase my odds of winning by entering BOTH of your contests! :-)

  36. I love the Laura shoes! We have See Kai Run shoes and they are very well made. I can imagine the Eleven shoes are just as good.

  37. I love the Simone boots! My niece Emma would LOVE wearing those to kindergarten.

    That's another gorgeous photo! How do you display your favorites at home? Do you use a digital frame? We bought digital frames for the grandmas' birthdays and they love them.

  38. I sure wish our girls could get together and play! I love these shoes! See Kai Runs were the ONLY shoes that fit my girl for a LONG time due to her wide puffy feet. We are having better success as she gets older. The Helena shoes are so cute...and so is your girl!

  39. I love their unique styles ~ it really is cool and hip! I love so many of their styles however I'd have to say the Eli looks perfect for our traveling little one.

  40. I'm still attempting to win something from that darn company with the cute shoes. It's only been two years. I'll keep trying. Anyway, right now I have a little shoe crush on the Kasota tennis shoes; I think they'd look so cute on my little one! :)

  41. I love the Eleven Trainers. They are so cute and pratical. I like that they don't look like every other shoe out there!

  42. The Laura shoes are sooo cute. Ever wish you were size 3 shoe again? Kids get to wear the best shoes.

    I'm suddenly reminded that I never did get the shiny black shoes I always wanted. Suspect that my niece's sudden desire for ballet slippers aren't going to suffer the same fate...

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