FOR THE ALL-AMERICAN DAD: Freeman Stag S30V by Gerber

gerber_smallI'm not sure why guys like to carry knives around with them. But they do.

If you give a guy a knife, he'll probably be happy. He'll likely show it off to all of his friends and they'll all ooh and ahh over it. Except their oohing and ahhing will sound more like grunting.

This Father's Day, take a gander at Gerber Gear - the place to buy knives.

freeman stag s30v knife by gerberConsider the Freeman Stag S30V, a sophisticated knife with real deer stag grips and a sharp blade. This knife is "pretty" - if a knife can be called that. It's a tough little knife infused with class.

Box it up. Tie a ribbon around it...and he'll go wild.

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20 comments on “FOR THE ALL-AMERICAN DAD: Freeman Stag S30V by Gerber”

  1. I know all about this! Just today, we had to head to the courthouse and hubby ended up getting his keys taken away from him! Why? Because he had a little 3 inch knife keyring from Guatemala that he'd gotten years ago! He keeps it just in case he needs to cut something, but obviously the courthouse wasn't taking any chances!

  2. My husband is an avid hunter and fisherman that could never have enough knives! Thanks for offering!

  3. I'm sure my dad could find a few uses for this really nice looking knife. I know I'd end up borrowing it from him, and hoping that he'll let me keep it! It really does seem handy to have.

  4. Oh yeah, my stepdad would definitely like this. For hunting, camping, whatever. He has been a ranger, firefighter, and does elk conservation. This would come in handy.

  5. Gerber makes the BEST knives. My husband still mourns the loss of his fold-up Gerber knife for key-chains. He's been talking about this for YEARS. I've even offered him mine. I'm going to have to buy him his own this year. He'll flip.

  6. My hubby would love this! He is a fisherman and sometimes hunter, but all around Boy Scout at heart (some English teacher/poet/musician mixed in. This would be at treat for him!

  7. My husband always has a knife on him. I'm nervous he's going to get into trouble with a conceal and carry law someday, but he assures me the blades aren't long enough to be an issue. It's amazing how frequently he uses his knife!!

  8. My dad has probably never gone a day in his life without a knife in his pocket.
    However, he taught me that it was bad luck to "give" a knife to someone. I remember that even when he gave them as gifts, my cousins had to "buy" them from him for a quarter.

  9. This is something my Hubby would get completely excited about - he loves knives! We have two dressers in our bedroom - one of them is the one that goes with our bedroom set and it is the one we use, the other one is my childhood dresser and we used it to store stuff we didn't want to pack away but didn't need to get too real often. It has a closet in it so it is going to be Baby Boy's dresser now, Hubby was disappointed when I informed him of that - mainly because it meant that his knife collection had to move out of the dresser and into a plastic tote to be stored in the closet!

  10. A knife is a great suggestion! It has actually come in handy numerous times at our home and when we are out and about so no complaints from me.

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