FOR THE CONNECTED DAD: Voyager Pro by Plantronics

My husband talks on the phone A LOT.

His phone is *always* ringing. Partly because he's a popular, likable kind of guy. And partly because he makes an effort to stay in touch with other people so people are often returning HIS phone calls.

He also makes tons of calls for business purposes - in the office, at home, and on the road.

I, on the other hand, tend to shy away from the phone. I'd much rather text or e-mail or meet up with you for coffee.

The truth is that it's hard to concentrate on the phone, while I'm holding a baby, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and checking my e-mail...not to mention, I'm a tad bit distracted by the squeals and screeches of delight and/or devastation that manage to escape my two-year-old's mouth.

Because my husband uses the phone a lot, a bluetooth headset is a handy gadget for him to have around.

He has tried several bluetooth headsets and has been rather unimpressed with all of them. They all have that echo-y quality that makes the person on the other end say, "Am I on speaker phone?"

voyagerproBut not the new Voyager PRO ($99.99) by Plantronics.

It has exceptional sound quality - for crisp, clear, undistracted conversations. The batteries also last quite a long time. It's comfortable and professional - an excellent choice for any dad who is constantly making "connections" with the world around him.

My husband uses his PRO every single day and has an overall positive impression of it. In fact, he's wearing it right now.

YOUR TURN: Just out of curiosity, who talks more on the or your husband? Do you prefer talking on the phone, texting, e-mailing, or in-person meetings?

plantronics logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a Voyager PRO by Plantronics ($99.95). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, June 8 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #60 Liz. Congratulations!

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239 comments on “FOR THE CONNECTED DAD: Voyager Pro by Plantronics”

  1. I definitely talk more than my husband...and I LOVE talking on the actually semi drives him crazy when we're together on a sat and I'm catching up with friends since it's nearly impossible to do so with a toddler in the background!

  2. No mate here, so I am the only one who uses the phone. I use the phone and email as my my preferred ways to communicate. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  3. My husband would be so happy to win this,he
    is one of those that drives around holding his cell phone in his hand I am always on him about
    doing this and of course he doesn't listen

  4. Hubby definitely talks more than me - he is self employed and all of his office calls are forwarded to his cell phone which may ring 24/7---- i talk on the phone a lot at work so the last thing I want to do when I get home is talk on the phone- unless its to my daughter who is off at college! I enjoy texting a lot as well.
    This would be very useful for him!

  5. I only talk on the phone every few months for any long period of time. I think the husband talks on his phone at least three hours a day! No joke! I tend to email or text more often.

  6. i love in person chatting!! but thats what i do for a living as a bartender!! i talk more than my husband, but we talk alot to each other on the phone! he is my bff!!

  7. My brother is on the phone alot at work and has been looking in about bluetooth and I think this would work out for him. And by the way you have two cuties.

  8. My husband is in sales, so he is on the phone all day and lothes the phone when he gets home. I prefer email during the day, it is so much quicker to relay information when you have a million things going on during the day.

  9. my hub talks more on the phone..i hate talking on the phone which stems from my sister in law deanie who used to call and keep me on the phone for minutes are too much for me.i would rather email

  10. In our house the stereotype is correct - the woman wins in quantity of phone time used (and probably quality too). I prefer meeting in person.

  11. I recently got a new phone when my old one broke. It has blue-tooth compatability, but I don't have a receiver. This would be great. Thanks.

  12. I talk more on the phone than my gf. It is usually for business though, not for fun. haha! Thank you.

  13. I currently use a Nokia. I love the way it fits my ear (unlike any other) but my boss swears by the Plantronics devices so maybe if I'm luck enough I can test one out :o)

  14. My husband most definitely talks on the phone more than I do. That is partly because of his job, and partly because he has more time!! I am busy taking care of our 3 young children all day so my time to talk on the phone is very limited. I would talk more on the phone if I had a hands free headset to use, but with a baby and 2 other young children, my hands are always in use, LOL! You have no idea how much having this Voyager PRO bluetooth headset from Plantronics would change our lives. There would be no more missed cell phone calls because we would be able to get to them all even if we are busy driving or tending to our children. It would be fantastic. I prefer to handle talking with people in person, I enjoy being with my friends and family, but since many of them live out of state then talking to them on the phone is the next best, most personal way of communicating. Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  15. I use a plantronics headset at work! And it's lasted three years so far, and STILL sounds awesome! I would love to surprise my husband with this one! If it's half as good as their other stuff, I'm sure it'll rock!

  16. He talks on the phone more than me! I use more internet to connect with people. He doesn't use any of it really :) And he works all day so he's on the phone a lot because of that too.

  17. With 5 kids, someone is always calling my cell phone. I would feel much more safe having one of these headsets to put on in the car!

  18. Haha the only time my dad talks on the phone is when he's playing WOW with some of our relatives that live far away. He would totally use this while playing his computer games.

  19. My husband talks more on the phone than I do and currently uses his speakerphone to talk when driving annoying us all. This would be a great gift for Father's Day.

  20. I talk on the phone much more than my husband. He works with deaf people, so his communication is through a videophone. But everyday as I drive an hour or more home, I would love to have a hands free device to talk with him.

  21. My husband is always risking tickets by using his phone when driving. This would make ME feel better!

  22. My husband has three cell phones. Two for work and one for personal. The only time my phone rings is when he is on his way home or if it is a sales or charity call. I hate the phone. Everyone who knows me knows to send me an email.

  23. My boyfriend is on his phone ALL THE TIME! He has a Blackberry and with him, it is definitely a Crackberry!

  24. Perfect for my son as he has to drive all over LA as a computer tech and needs his phone all the time!

  25. My husband talks more on the phone than me - he has his office and clients calling him all the time as well as friends..I am more of texter myself

  26. My husband talks on the phone a lot more than I do and he drives for a living making this something he'd use all the time! I prefer emails; phone can be difficult with the boys in the background and everything else.

  27. My husband definately talks on the phone more than I do. I'm more of a quick text "Let's get together and talk face to face" kinda gal! He is in sales so he is in the car A LOT driving around, this would make me feel a lot better that he is talking safely while he is driving!

  28. Oh I talk alot more than my husband does...but he texts more. I might have to steal this from him!

  29. My husband talks on the phone much more than I do, I prefer talking to people in person. My husband is also a fan of services like skype and online phone calls.

  30. This would be wonderful to have while shopping and one of my friends calls. I could keep shopping while they talk. I typically don't take calls while driving because I find them distracting and I would never forgive myself if I hurt someone because I was busy talking instead of watching the road. But it would be wonderful to be able to chat while at the monitor or doing the ironing. Could even talk while giving the baby a bath.

  31. I talk more. So much in fact that my wife calls me, "Chatty Cathy." Is that a good thing?? I'm not sure. I have to keep in touch with clients. During the evening hours as well as daytime hours.

  32. My Father talks on the phone A LOT. He is involved in many community organizations. I am sure he would appreciate this as a Father's Day gift. Thanks for offering!

  33. For me, I prefer speaking with someone in person or on the phone. I really believe more can be understood by a persons facial expressions or tone of voice. My teenage kids never talk, it all IM and texting. (It drives both my husband and I crazy).

    I thing texting, im'ing and email are great tools to use for communicating with those who you would not otherwise be able to keep in contact with on a regular basis. (Ugh... my age is showing! lol)

  34. I prefer emailing, my teenage daughter prefers texting (no surprises there) and my husband runs around all the time talking into his bluetooth. It can be annoying because you think he is actually talking to YOU and he isn't. BUT it is so much safer when he is driving and that makes me happy.

  35. My husband uses his phone more, mainly for business. I really shy away from the phone, I feel more at home calling someone only to arrange a get-together so we can talk face to face. I think I avoid the phone because of all those years working at a call center in my youth! It put me off of the phone in general! My husband would sure love this prize though, thank you for the great giveaway!

  36. LOL- we both don't care for talking on the phone much- but I'd have to say I probably do more talking than he does. I can talk to my mother for hours on end.

  37. I prefer talking on my cell phone over texting, e-mails, etc. and without a doubt I talk much more than my husband; however, doing so while driving is a different scenario. In fact, I try to make it a point not to use the phone when we're together in the car because I think it might actually be giving him an anxiety disorder! Now the Voyager Pro sounds like the perfect solution - I can talk while still keeping both hands on the wheel and my husband can get his medication reduced! ;)

  38. I got a hands-free headpiece when they first came out and wasn't happy with it. So I haven't gotten another one since. I am hoping that the tech has improved and I will like the new ones.

  39. I think I would talk more on the phone if I had a hands-free device like this. That way I could also multi-task! I do computer tech support and many times I'm in the car on my way to one stop when another client calls with an emergency and I often spend lots of time doing tech support over the cell phone while traveling. I know, that's a no-no. And not safe, especially holding the phone to your ear with one hand while the other is holding the steering wheel weaving in and out of traffic. At least with this I could still conduct business but do it a lot safer!

  40. I talk on the phone more between work and my personal life a good deal of my day is spent on the telephone

  41. Plantronics is a great brand. I've had a bunch of their products and had good experiences with them.

  42. I hate the "am i on speakerphone" question I get it often with my dad. You rock keep up with the awesome giveaways

  43. I would say I talk on the phone more, but only by a little bit because I'm not on the phone that much. We're both emailers for the bulk of our communication.

  44. I know this would be the safest way to talk on my cell while driving, but I need it for grocery shopping, too. It never fails, my youngest daughter invariably calls me while I'm at the grocery store, and I'm not great at talking on the phone while doing something else, much less trying to get what's on my list, find my coupons, etc.

  45. My husband would be the one to benefit from this -- I'm leaning more toward the speakerphone device in your adjacent post. As long as the sound quality is good (need to hear that VOICE) this would work well for him.

  46. This device looks like a "mature" technology design without making the wearer appear to have been "assimilated" by the Borg -- very classy. I'd love this.

  47. My husband rarely talks on the phone to anyone but me. When he is on the phone it is usually when he's out or with the kids and wants to keep in contact. This would be perfect.

  48. Sound quality is what sold me when I read your article. I have to keep repeating, "what did you say???" And I'm not that old that I need hearing aids. lol. But my wife would probably want this.

  49. My husband definitely talks more on the phone than I do. But, once I'm on I will sometimes talk to a friend for hours. All communications are good with me - email, phone, texting and face to face. Unless I have to get dressed up. I have a hard time holding a phone for long periods, and do not believe in driving and using a phone unless you have a handsfree device. Bluetooth devices are wonderful. Mine finally bit the dust.

  50. This looks like a good set. I always like to have clearity in this type of headset


  51. My husband would be able to get his calls without using his phone (which seems to get broke a lot). This is better because he does grounds work and he mows over his phone amongst other ways he damages his phones.

    mercsmercado at yahoo dot com

  52. I had an accident a coupe of years ago that keeps me from being able to hold my phone to my ear. The Voyager PRO by Plantronics looks like it would help & looks great.

  53. I'm not a big phone person anymore, I used to be.. until texting started to become big. Now I text most of the time rather than calling.

  54. I talk more than he does in general but if he is talking to his Dad their conversations can get long.

  55. I prefer to talk to people face to face usually. At work (IT Helpdesk) I prefer to go to someone's office many times rather than trying to talk them through stuff on the phone. We actually have a few VoiP headsets at work and those users love the quality and ease of use. I'd love to win this for my personal use.

  56. I probably talk more than he does... but we just moved away from where his family lives so I have a feeling that will be changing!

  57. My husband is the talker, more of a gossip than me. i'd rather get to the point of the phone call or better yet send me a text.

  58. Normally it was me who talked on the phone alot - had to for work. MY husband moved (we will soon be following) and now he is a jabbermouth.

  59. He talks way more on the phone than I do, because he always has to be conected for work. I talk way more for personal use, though.

  60. My husband definitely talks more than me on the phone. I much prefer to text, and keep it short and sweet. My husband could definitely use this great product.

  61. who talks more? its a tie :) i prefer email over phone b/c i can answer at my leisure. but email isn't good for urgent things.

  62. I see people walking around with these on their heads, and I know several family members would love to have one. Just would have to decide who got it!

  63. I hate talking on the phone, I'd much rather use e-mail. So I guess my hubby talks on the phone more. He would really love this prize!

  64. My dad could really use this. Cali has a new hands free law and dad is without a blutooth set. Shame on him!

  65. I talk on the phone more than my DH most days. I would prefer to be able to text but we have a really old plan that doesn't include it, and we won't change because it has alot of minutes, we talk and don't text. The cord-free earpieces are so great. I would love to have this for myself.
    This would be a great win!

  66. Cool, I like that it has the thing that goes behind the ear because my ear holes are small or something and head phones barely stay in them.

  67. This would be great for working around the home. (No one should talk on a cell phone while driving)!

  68. I have heard so much about Plantronics and I could really use this so I dont risk getting arrested by the police.

  69. My husband talks way more on the phone than i do! I much prefer email because I can communicate when I have time on my own schedule. Much easier with a toddler!

  70. Totally agree with you. I'm much more a texter/email girl but my hubby loves the phone. and He's a SAHD so this would be crazy handy!

  71. I think my husband talks on the phone more, but 99% of it is for work. Personally, I prefer emails and text messages.

  72. I talk on the phone more, but having this might encourage my husband to keep in touch with his friends more.

  73. I have a 3 1/2-hour drive each way to pick up my two oldest boys, so I definitely need a hands-free way of talking with those calling me during the day.

  74. I've always stuck with wired headsets. Maybe it's because of a bizarre phobia of radio waves sinking into my brain or simply because they're cheaper.

    A quality headset that doesn't hurt my ears each time I take the buds out would be nice improvement over my current wired one.

  75. We've moving back to Jersey where you're not allowed to use a cell phone. This would be very convienient.

  76. This would help me when I am having a long conversation, after awhile,my back and shoulders start to hurt,so this would be a great help.
    Especially when my sister and I have out hour or more gab fests LOL
    Thanks for yet another great contest =)

  77. I like the long battery life. Six hours of talk time makes this very attractive. My dad would love it. thanks.

  78. OMG the "Am I on speakerphone" comment is so bothersome! That's great this item is gold in my opinion for that.

  79. I think we're pretty equal in who talks on the phone. I do more for pleasure and he does a lot for business. He prefers to use a headset or Bluetooth to talk on the phone so he is hands free.

  80. This would be great for me. I talk on the phone along and always try to to do other things. It's hard to do other things with one hand. I'm normally on the computer while I'm on the phone. I have to try to type with one hand. Thats hard to do.

  81. My mobile phone never seems to be within reach when it rings, having the Voyager PRO by Plantronics headset would be a convenient solution to taking calls.

  82. My husband and I don't use the phone much, but when he does, he talks FOREVER and LOUDLY! But I love him! He would like this because he is always out and about and needs to contact people for work.

  83. My husband has always want bluetooth, just haven't gotten around to getting it yet...I hope I win!

  84. This would be perfect for when I have to take work conference calls while driving my teenage daughter to her social events!

  85. He is definitely the talker. I hate phone conversations. I'd rather be face to face. Thanks for the giveaway.

  86. My husband is always reluctant to try new-fangled gadgets. How many times did I hear,I'll never have a cell-phone,computer,DVD player, plasma tv etc... and now he can't live without any of it. He makes fun of people walking around talking to themselves with the funny looking thing on their ear,but if I win him one it will be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  87. I actually prefer emailing because then I can concentrate on what I'm writing! However my sweetie loves talking on the phone (and he does it more than I do) and this would be ideal for him! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  88. My DH is the talker, especially with his business. I am more of an e-mailer as it takes me too long to text a simple sentence-much to my kid's entertainment. :)

  89. my hubby owns a business and he talks on the phone alllll the time, its so annoying. i hate him talking on phone while driving it scares me.

  90. my husband would love to be able to talk without having to hold the phone. It's always frustarting to him, when he gets a call while trying to do something.

  91. its a close race between me and my husband on who talks the most but i would say i talk the most he texts the most between the two of us. Although he needs a headset because he talks a lot while driving

  92. I talk more on the phone then my husband. However, when he talks on the phone he always have it on speaker phone. With the Plantronics Voyager PRO headset, he won't have to worry about the speakerphone anymore!!

  93. we're all slowly getting over the 'geek factor' of people wearing these type of super handy devices--not unlike how odd people looked carrying huge cell phones around in fannypacks back in the early 80's...gotta have it, much safer when driving too!

  94. I definitely talk more on the phone...but I prefer to text...however, it's hard to text while driving, so this would definitely come in handy then!

  95. If I were a salesman then I would constantly be telecommunicating. And what luck! This Voyager Pro gadget would not only curtail the speakerphone sound syndrome, but also make me look like I'm a salesman.

  96. My husband talks more on the phone then I do but that's because of his job the Plantronics Voyager PRO would be a awesome gift for him on Fathers day!

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  97. I probably talk more on the phone. I like to talk on the phone but I hate calling people. I prefer talking face to face with someone.

  98. I like not dying while I drive and talk on the phone- so I can't do it! This would be perfect for me!

  99. My husband is constantly on the phone, for work and to just chit chat. I myself prefer to text! This would be an awesome gift to give him, plus I love Plantronics!

  100. i ususally text a lot more than i talk on the phone, but i'd love this for my dad who doesnt text at all

  101. Hmm. Neither my husband or I are spend a lot of time on the phone. I definitely do more emailing or in-person ocmmunicating. I guess he is on the phone more because he commutes 1-1/2 hours round trip each day.

  102. I would really love to get my husband one of these! He drives a truck for a living and whenever his cell phone rings, he either pulls over or calls back later. This would make the perfect gift for my hubby.
    Thanks so much.

  103. I really like the little microphone on this headset. I think that my husband would actually use this one. He loves to talk on his Iphone, but doesn't like the bluetooth that I bought for him before.

  104. Any idea how it fits with glasses on? I've had 2 headsets and both got a bit uncomfortable after an hour or so.

  105. I am surely on the phone more than he is, but I"m in sales and he's a farmer. Not really a fair comparison, is it? However, the bluetooth would be more handy for him as he often has his hands full of things and it's not terribly convenient to hold the phone to his ear.

  106. My husband is a pastor, and he is always receiving phone calls from church members, as well as folks asking him to conduct weddings, funerals, etc. This Bluetooth would help him tremendously, and be much safer than holding a phone while driving. Thanks

  107. I've always hated my other bluetooth headsets but this one looks ideal! thanks for the great giveaway!

  108. I'm a phone person and my hubby is an e-mail person. Since the bluetooth feature that came with my cell never worked... this would be awesome!

  109. I talk more on the phone than hubby, but I do like one-on-one personal direct contact with people. I don't even know how to text! My kids are whizzes at it.

  110. I always tease my fiance- he's like a teenage girl with the phone! He talks on it more than I do.

  111. I would love to have one of these things. I talk on my phone daily, about 4 hours a day... and it starts to get warm in my hand. It would be super cool to have something in my ear so that I don't have to hold it all day long, or so I could talk in it while driving, because I am a nervous driver. Thank you.

  112. This is an outstanding headset. Some are just so cheap and do not work well. This is one of the best!

  113. I talk on the phone more for pleasure, and he talks a lot for work. He hates the phone, but his job forces him to use it! I prefer email for the most part.

  114. We both talk on the phone a lot for work. He has already gone through 2 bluetooth's at work in the past 2 years.

  115. My husband travels quite a way to go to work, so we are often talking to each other while he is on the road. This handy device would be quite nice for him to have to make our conversations...and the myriad of other ones he has while on the road...safer and clearer!

  116. they should make something like this that would work on regular phones that have equal as good quality. maybe they do and i just don't know about it but that was my first thought. (oh and don't enter me in this contest- just wanted to comment anyways)

  117. My husband works from a home office...and is on the go A LOT. Since he works from home, much of his business in conducted over the phone. I know he would just LOVE this Plantronics device.
    Thanks so much!

  118. Chris and I just might talk equally on the phone. Me mostly for pleasure (catching up with friends and family), and he mostly for business. E-mail is generally my preferred method of communication, but sometimes it just doesn't work as well. I refuse to e-mail my mom back and forth when we have hour long conversations on the phone. My fingers would get tired! In any case, this would be good for driving, and especially driving on our trips to California, where it's illegal to drive while talking on the phone unless you use a hands-free device. I dislike, however, when people use these all day long. They walk around talking, and I think they're talking to me sometimes, and I answer. Sure, call it selfish that I don't like it, but I don't care. :)

  119. I would say he talks more on the phone in the car but at home it would be me taking surveys or calling mom and dad but other than that I prefer email or in person. I'm not quite up with the texting thing yet. We are getting new cell phones soon and so I'll have texting once we do that.

  120. My husband lost his bluetooth; just can't seem to find it anywhere. It would a great surprise to win him one!

  121. My husband uses his cell phone more than I do.
    Mostly, for business purposes! I have heard that they are about to pass a law that one can't use cell phones when driving. Please count me in on this drawing. Thanks, Cindi

  122. Definitely me! That said, I prefer in-person meetings, but it's not always easy in our harried lives. My hubby is not 'Mr Tech', but this would rocket him into coolness in this area!

  123. My husband is definitely on the phone more - he uses it for work. But I use the bluetooth more so my "free" hands can deal with the baby while I'm talking. I love my Plantronics products, but my current bluetooth isn't sounding as good since it went for a swim in my coffee - oops! Definitely don't recommend that to anyone. Oh well - just one of many kid adventures!

  124. I hate talking on the phone as well. I'm someone who thinks that Caller ID is worth every cent. But my husband can have a half hour conversation with a telemarketer. Maybe he's nicer but seriously...

    Although I think this prize is handy I must also say that I find it hilarious when I see someone who looks like they are talking to themselves inside a Target store only to find out later that they were on an invisibile phone the entire time.

  125. As a single mother, I have to admit, I feel a bit excluded- there isn't anyone for me to compare my phone use with! That said, I *love* to talk on the phone, most likely due to the fact that it is a rare pleasure, my 3 y/o usually makes a nice phone chat impossible! "Mommy? Who is it?" "Can I talk now?" "Is it Grandma?" "Is she coming over...?"


  126. My husband spends a good portion of his work day on the phone. Often times, he even uses his commute home to finish up calls with the "project office" (whatever that means)...And so, considering the time he spends on the phone in the car, this little diddy would make a great Fathers Day gift.

    Oh, and btw, *my* preferred method of communication is email. I know, I know. It's cold and impersonal. It's easy though. And when you've got four kids to deal with, a house to run, and a blog to keep...easy is good!

  127. I talk all the time. Sometimes I email and sometimes i text. But I definitely talk the most. My husband has a cell but never takes it with him unless he's on a long trip. I have to set it to call me or he wouldn't even know how to do that! I like to talk person to person unless it's a quick conversation but the cell is so convenient.
    My headset just broke so I really need this one.
    [email protected]

  128. This would be a great prize for my hubby to use in our many travels. (and I would inherit his current one!)

  129. This sounds like it works so well. Hubby talks way more than me as I rather do a face-to-face conversations. Although, I think we'd all appreciate this.

  130. this is a great idea! My husband talks more that I do on the phone. I actually have a phobia when it comes to talking on the phone (weird, I know), but my husband loves it. This would be very useful for him!

  131. My husband is always talking on his cell. When he is driving he does it too. This would be so much safer so he can keep both hands on the wheels.

  132. I talk on the phone more but my husband uses his phone to surf the net and check email for work. His web use on the phone is double mine!

  133. Hmm tough call. my husband rarely talks on the phone & I am the texting queen. But now my dad is on the phone every waking moment. He's been through at least 6 blue tooth headsets this year. So this would definitely be a dad gift rather than hubby gift. :)

  134. My husband yaks on the phone much more than I do! In fairness to him, some of it is business. I like all forms of communication except text messaging.
    We could use this bluetooth, our cat chewed up the one we have now!

  135. My manager has this one and LOVES it. My husband is a bit of a tech nerd, he would find this a wonderful gift. Is it really less echoey than others? That would be incredible, as that is my biggest complaint with these things. Well that, and looking like you talk to yourself when in public. :)

  136. I also am not a fan of talking on the phone. Though I am shy by nature, I can chat up a storm with the right person *in* person, but the phone is definitely not my preferred medium. What did mom's do before email?? I remember my mom's best friend calling her to chat and my mom on the corded phone, us hopping around just out of reach, and her snapping her fingers at us to behave! Too funny looking back, but we must have driven her crazy.

    My husband talks more than me on the phone, but that is not hard to do. Still, he gets much of his non-business calls in on his commute to and from work. This would be ideal for him as he has not found a headset he is satisfied with.

  137. This would be good for the husband. He's on the phone more than I am (lots of work conference calls and the like).

    As for the computer? Even though he's a software engineer, I'm afraid I might have him beat on who's on it more!

  138. My Hubby talks on the phone way more then I do. Its mostly business calls.
    I prefer text and email to talking unless like you its in person.

  139. My husband is on the phone often, but I do a bit more than he does since we are all stay-at-home mom's! This looks like a great hands free tool that he could use in the car as his phone won't even hold the full charge for one phone call! Thanks for a great recommendation.

  140. My husband hates talking on the phone, so I would definitely end up using this more than him. It would sure make multi-tasking a whole lot easier.

  141. My husband does not talk on the phone that much but my dad (who is a pastor) is on the phone quite often and would love something like this.

  142. My husband is definitely more of a phone person although I wouldn't say he loves doing it either - he just has to for work all day and night! I am like you and prefer e-mailing and texting.

  143. As much as I'd like to say I'd give it to my hubby for fathers day, I cannot lie. I'd use it myself! I love talking on the phone in the car but hate blue tooths, the sound quality is never good. I'm always looking for something better.

  144. My husband and I both talk ALOT on the phone. We are very talkative, by nature. Since I work mainly from home, my cell phone is my point of contact, but I also talk to my mom and sisters in Michigan, a few times a day! It's hard to live 2,000 miles away. We also text and blackberry message often. If I could, and time permitted, I would LOVE to sit and chat in person, with friends and family. We all know that it is not always possible, so thank goodness for cell phones! This Voyager Pro would be great for *hands free* talking, since I am always on the go and multi-tasking!

  145. My husband is ALWAYS complaining about his 'good-for-nothing' headset! He definitely uses the phone more than I do, mainly for business reasons. I prefer chatting in person (=

  146. This would be such a great product for my hubby. He hates talking on the phone but has to do it quite a bit with work. I think this would make it a little bit less annoying for him because he would still be able to use his hands.

  147. To be honest, I talk more than my husband at home because I talk to my family in NY nightly - my mom is the only one i'll talk to for any length of time because she can handle me interrupting her every 30 seconds to help my kids! I definitely prefer texting or e-mailing for the same reason you do - My children always want my attention when I am on the phone and it's easier to just e-mail or text! My husband, though, travels a lot and always uses a headset that work gave him, but it's horrible! I often find myself telling him to call me back when he can sit still and talk.

  148. I talk more on the phone than my husband, but he and I often need to chat while he's commuting home. I'd feel so much better if he had something hands-free like this to use!

  149. I would have to say I talk on the phone more often during the year, but during the summer Bryan does with all the counselors calling him at all different times of the day!

  150. thank you! i'm always wondering how other moms can chat and still make the sandwiches, put kids down for naps, wipe bums... email and face to face is way more my thing. thanks for the bluetooth recommendation too!

  151. I probably talk on the phone more than hubby does, but I also work from home for myself and live 1500 miles away from my parents and sisters and 4 hours away from my best friend so... about 1/2 of my phone time is spent on business and 90% of the rest of it is spent talking to one of those 6 people!

  152. Neither one of us is big on phone conversations, but he definitely talks more than I do. I hate talking on the phone, I much prefer email or IM chats. If only I felt that way when I was a teenager :)

  153. My husband definately talks on the phone more than I do. I prefer talking to a person face to face but if I'm ironing or cleaning around the house, I like to talk on the phone.

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