FOR THE DAD ON THE ROAD: Motorola T505 Bluetooth Speakerphone

I was going to open this post with a paragraph about how Bluetooth Speakerphones help keep dads safe on the road. After all, the less that dads "look down" or balance their phones precariously on their pant legs, the better.

But then I asked my husband to edit the post and he said, "Dads don't want to be safe. Dads want to be dangerous."

Okay, Mr. Mission Impossible.

I'll just stick with all of the super cool features of the Motorola T505 Bluetooth Speakerphone ($139.99) instead.

motorola t505

The T505 will clip conveniently to his visor (no installation required) and allow him to have his hands-free as he converses with coworkers, clients, and friends.

The digital FM Transmitter with its trademarked StationFinder technology ensures that he will be able to locate a station with the clearest possible transmission.

The T505 also comes with a car charger so he'll always have power on the road.

So, let's see: he can use the T505 to make top secret phone calls, to listen to a podcast about extreme sports, or to talk with a friend as he 4-wheels over big boulders...all kinds of "dangerous" pursuits.

Of course, it will probably keep him safer on the road too. But there's no need to mention that...

motorola logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a Motorola T505 Bluetooth Speakerphone ($139.99). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, June 8 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #3 Annette. Congratulations!

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257 comments on “FOR THE DAD ON THE ROAD: Motorola T505 Bluetooth Speakerphone”

  1. I love these bluetooth devices for hands free calling - that's so important in the car! Hubby and I both have to keep our cell phones out of reach in order to avoid the temptation of texting or checking emails in traffic. These are great to be able to still take calls and not be distracted from the road.

  2. This would be great for my husband for he is always talking on his cell phone when he is driving,not a good thing to do.It also causes road rage with other's seeing him doing this
    while driving

  3. my husband has scared me enough with talking on the phone and swerving around in traffic. I have threatened him with a bluetooth before lol... because he needs one so he can drive with both hands on the wheel! I always worry about him ending up in some ditch someplace because he was reaching for the ringing cellphone...

  4. this is a new product to me! I think my husband would find it quite handy! Would make a great gift for him!

  5. This would make a great gift for my dad. Generally he is cautious about staying off the cell phone while driving, but the T505 Bluetooth will eliminate any need to do so. Thank you for the chance to win.

  6. This would be awesome for my klutzy self. I always have my phone in the bottom of my bag, and nearly run off the road just *thinking* about answering it.

  7. actually my teenager would prefer this to use while skateboarding! right now he's trying to break a world record!!!

  8. This would be a much safer alternative to my husband looking down all the time. He scares the crap out of me.

  9. I worry about the hubby talking on the cell while driving, especially in the city. Hands free driving is safer driving.

  10. Where I live, you get a ticket for driving and using the cellphone without a bluetooth or similar device and this kind of danger gets kind of old.

  11. Wow- I love the versatility of this gadget. Guys love things that do a bunch of things, but doesn't require much effort on their part.

  12. my daughter just got her license and i have given her all the lectures on talking on her phone while in the car.this would sure ease my mind somewhat.

  13. This would come in handy as we talk on our cell phones for extended periods of time and sometimes our necks begin to hurt!

  14. Looks very sleek and would fit in well in the car. We need one of these for driving in the city of Chicago, where you can't drive and use a handset without breaking the law.

  15. This is a great prize. (generic comment). My dad would use this to drive safely. He's not into living dangerously. Thanks.

  16. My dad hates talking on the phone while driving and he doesn't want one of those blue-tooth headsets either for some reason. I think this would be the perfect car accessory for him since it is hands free and he doesn't have to stick it in his ear.

  17. That is a great prize. I didn't even know that Motorola made one of these. This would make it much easier to attend conference calls. Thank you.

  18. My husband spend a lot of time commuting and I call him frequently and he uses the time to talk to his mom...He would be much safer with this little device on his drives!

  19. My dad could really use this. He scares the crap out of me when he tries to drive and talk on the phone at the same time.

  20. My husband would love this for Father's Day. He is always on the phone and when driving his loud Jeep it is hard to hear from the phone's speakerphone.

  21. My husband could really use this. He never answers a phone call while driving and this would be great for him.

  22. Love it, so much better for chatting while stuck on the freeway. That is something my husband is prone to do already!

  23. Ooh, this is nice. I've never seen anything like it before, but it would be so much safer to talk using this than a handset.

  24. I said this before but my Husbands commute is long and boring so this would be PERFECT for him.

    He wouldnt have an reason to not let me know he is running late now!!! lol

  25. This would be a perfect gift for my husband he is on the road a lot with his work and his office and clients call him a lot so if he had a hands free option while driving he would really appreciate this

  26. I would love to win this for my husband. I know he would love it even though he won't admit it.

  27. My Father-In-Law could really use a new blue tooth. He travels a lot, is on the road a lot, for his job and needs a hands free way to conduct business while n the road.

    We'll just tell them it's for the cool features when really we know we're keeping them safer, lol.

    Many of the states have already or are in the process of making it a law that you have to use a hands free device, it is already a law where I live.

  28. My dad has the terribly bad habit of talking on his cell phone while driving, and my family just can't seem to break him of it -- winning this terrific speakerphone might just do the trick. It would definitely give us (and fellow drivers, I'm sure!) peace of mind knowing he has both hands on the wheel. Thanks!

  29. That is too funny...dangerous hubby is a teddy bear--can't see him being dangerous! But it is dangerous when he texts and drives...wish there was a way a speakerphone could text for him!

  30. Wow, the features of this incredible Motorola T505 Bluetooth speakerphone are fantastic! This would literally rock my husband's world because he travels on the road so much for his job and having this would make his work life so much less stressful. Right now when he needs to make or receive calls when he is on the road he has to pull over onto the shoulder of the road to do this. We have laws in our state that you cannot talk on the phone while you drive or you will receive a hefty fine if you are caught. So being the law abiding citizen that he is, my husband spends a lot of time on the side of the road conducting his business calls. Unfortunately the company he works for did not provide him with a bluetooth headset of any kind, and this Motorola T505 Bluetooth speakerphone is even more desirable than a headset, so it would literally take so much stress off of my husbands shoulders! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  31. This looks like one of those communicators from the old Star Trek series. Seriously though. The battery life is awesome and my dad (who still works)would use this. He;s a road warrior and this would be a great addition to his evolution into technology.

  32. Bluetooth technology has come so far in the 10 years since I first heard of it....why didn't I buy the stock then?

  33. The way my husband drives he needs all the safety mechanisms, tools and gadgets I can give him. Seriously. And his phone is falling apart so this would be great.

  34. Hands free is what my husband needs. HIs little work car is a 5 speed too so he needs somehting he doens't have to hold onto.

    Thank you!

  35. This is great because my husband just loves any new technology, and I am a stickler for making sure that he never talks on the phone while driving. It drives me insane when people do that, its just too easy for people to get into an accident. So it would help us both out, thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  36. My husband hates to use his bluetooth earpiece, but it's against the law here to use a cell phone while you're driving unless you can do it handsfree (not to mention dangerous.) Thanks for the generous offer!

  37. DH has a stereo bluetooth. Great for music, but scares me as I am afraid he might not hear horns and other warning noises on the road. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  38. I love the idea of having this for hands-free talking! My husband and I always call each other while driving.

  39. This is definitely needed as I don't often allow any calls when driving and for my dad who isn't exactly gadget savvy to be able to concentrate on the road rather than fiddling the phone or radio.

  40. i would love knowing my hubby was using this when driving he has a bad habit of talking and driving

  41. I like this since it's hands free and so much safer. I see so many people driving while texting or holding their cell phone.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  42. This would be great because cell phone driving frightens me and this would lessen the chance of accidents.

  43. My husband would like to think this is a "manly-man's gadget", but I'd probably end up using it more frequently - so that makes it a win-win gift in my book! ;)

  44. I think this is a great idea, especially since they just past a bill in my state outlawing talking on handsets while driving.

  45. As I mentioned on another blog post, I often have to do computer tech support over the phone while driving, so having a hands-free gadget would help keep me safer on the road!

  46. Hands free.....this is the greatest...he would believe I love him so much and care about his safety. Really I just want to give him an excuse to call and chat with me.

  47. Driving safety is definitely important, but so is clear reception and that non-echo-y or garbled speaker conversation. Talking while driving in the car is now improved with this little gadget, and would I ever love to gift it for the resident chatterbox :) Thanks!

  48. My husband would LOVE this. He commutes for over an hour to/from work, and does quite a bit of business by phone. Anything that will keep him safer makes me happy!

  49. Hey, since it's a speaker phone that means that everyone in the car can get in on the conversation.

  50. I'd like the opportunity to figure out whether I prefer the headset versus the speakerphone "hands-free" mode. I suspect the speakerphone works much better for everyone in the vehicle to take part in the conversation -- just have to be concerned about how the device handles road- and wind-noise... Certainly willing to give it a shot!

  51. You certainly have quite the collection of technology contests for Dad-stuff going on -- I wonder if this device would collide with the iPod/iPhone transmitter device your next post over?? The whole 'hands-free' speaker-phone thing is much safer than any of the distraction-prone alternatives. Thanks for the chance!

  52. Oh, he'd definitely use this to listen to podcasts,,,but not about sports...he's a comic book guy. I bet you didn't know there were podcasts about comic books, did you?

  53. The charger is what sold me on this MOTO. I hate to look at the phone and seeing only one bar left. Plus I love gadgets.

  54. oh this would be good for my husband when he's traveling. Hands-free is the only way to go now


  55. My husband just had rotator cuff surgery and holding a phone to his ear is nearly impossible. He would enjoy having a Bluetooth Speakerphone.

  56. My husband will not talk on his cell in the car unless it is hands-free. His old "bluetooth" is almost on it's last legs and needs replacement. This would be awesome for him. Thanks.

  57. Great idea!

    Would love to win this!

    My wife is constantly 'scolding' me about talking on my cellphone while driving!

    This would make an 'awesome' Father's Day gift for the both of us!

    Thanks for the 'great' giveaway offering and good luck to all!

  58. Our phones have bluetooth capability, but we don't have anything like this to use with them. I think my husband would really like this.

  59. My husband is constantly taking work calls in the car, this would be great for him. Not only would it make his life easier, but I would feel better knowing that he's less likely to drive off the road while he's talking!

  60. Wow, that would be really handy for my dad, if it's loud enough...he drives truck and it's really hard for him to talk on the phone and drive at the same time!

  61. My hubby loves any kind of gadget, but this looks like something James Bond would use, and he would get a huge kick out of that!

  62. Great item...I need one myself (the $40 version just doesn't cut it). Hubby's car has built-in Bluetooth, so he's set, but we're stuck when in my truck.

  63. Haha! "Mr Mission Impossible" is so my dh too! He really could use this product, since he has to talk while on the go at work. The car charger is a big bonus.

  64. This would be great for my bluetooth-happy hubby. He usually uses a wireless headset, but I think the speakerphone would be much safer (easier to hear any sirens or other road noises).


  65. I have at least 4 members of the family who would fight for the chance to have this. And to be honest, since I use my cell phone less than all of them, I might have to have a mini-lottery if I would win it!

  66. They are passing these "Hands Free" laws everywhere. I am sure it will be here in no time so this would make the perfect gift!

  67. Cali has new hands free law and this would be great for my dad. Plus, he works in construction so his hands are always dirty. You should see that sorry excuse for a cell phone. I wouldnt even pick it up with tongs! ;)

  68. I try not to answer the cell when I am driving but it is always my daughter with instructions for picking her up, this would be great

  69. This would definitely keep me from being arrested for talking on my cell phone while driving.

  70. What a cool gadget!! I wouldn't mind trying this! maybe while going across town with my toddler in tow!

  71. I love that it is hands free and comes with a charger. If I win this one, I'll have to buy one for me too!

  72. This motorola speakerphone is awesome. I never knew such a thing existed. I guess I need to get with the times. It would make driving so much safer. Thanks

  73. My husband so needs this. He's not the greatest driver to begin with, but while talking on the phone? YIKES!

  74. I love the fact that you don't have to hold the phone up to your ear! That's huge for me. I've been trying to find a product that my husband would actually use that would make him hands free on the phone. This one looks great!! Thanks for the chance!

    [email protected]

  75. I've always liked the idea of using either a headset or speakerphone while driving, this just makes it all the more easier to do so

  76. is this a throwback to the pager/beeper (oh dear, did i just date myself? when drug dealers/doctors looked important with one?

  77. This is an absolutely fantastic giveaway. Any and every man could use this, especially my husband. Hands free talking (especially to me at home.) And I agree with you, safety above all.

  78. My husband needs this. He is always on the road and I worry about him trying to hold the phone and drive at the same time.

  79. I have a 3 1/2-hour drive each way to pick up my two oldest boys, so I definitely need a hands-free way of talking with those calling me during the day.

  80. I'd love to have this for driving. It's so much safer and w/ 3 kids and a husband in the car- I'd feel alot safer.

  81. I have wanted one of these for awhile. My husband has a 45 minute drive everyday and he is always on the cell phone. this is perfect

  82. This is a great way to converse without looking like you're wired up like a Secret Service agent! I think those bluetooth ear clips make people look they are being GPS'ed, awaiting confirmation from the mother ship to beam them up!

  83. Oh, this would be great. You wouldn't have to stick one of the uncomfortable blue tooth headsets in your ear. Sounds like it's easy to use, too.

  84. My dad is always on the phone while in the car, not always driving. This would be a wonderful gift for him. Maybe it is something he will actually use.

  85. Great idea that this comes with a charger. And at least you won't look like Mr. Spock with that weird thing coming out of your ear.

  86. I think those bluetooth ear clips make people look funny. I think my hubby would feel much more dangerous with this device hidden out of view.

  87. I hate driving unsafely or hearing of others drive safely, my hub would appreciate this piece of tech I think cause he talks about bluetooth and stuff hehe.

  88. I would love this for hubby. His earpiece Bluetooth is always dying on him and he likes to chat while he is in the car.

  89. Safer is always good. Dh rode with a friend once and he kept dropping his phone and reaching for it. While speeding of course.

  90. This would be perfect for my hubby--he has a headset but doesn't like wearing it. Since he only really needs the hands-free ability in the car, this would be a great device for him! Thanks for the contest!

  91. I do more listening than talking on the phone, so the Motorola T505 Bluetooth Speakerphone would make my drive time alot more enjoyable.

  92. My husband would love this! He's always on the phone in his car, because he's always late for work. Plus, our city might pass a new law that you can't use your cellphone in the car. Yikes!

  93. This is a great idea!!! :) I think everyone could use one of these. My husband especially, for fathers day.

  94. would be the ultimate hands free in the car for medont have to hear what what that noise its louder then you thanks

  95. Well my dad already has a motorola phone. Now he just needs a bluetooth speakerphone to match! I don't know, consider the fact that I haven't done much for my dad, I think this gift would really show my appreciation of him

  96. My husband travels a lot due to the nature of his job. He is constantly getting calls while driving, this would obviously decrease my worrying, and increase his safety. GREAT IDEA for Father's Day!

  97. My husband has a bad bad habit of talking on the phone while driving. I dont allow it when I am in the car with him. I hate it. So, he can certainly use one of these. Thank you

  98. This would be a great Father's Day Present for our son who needs a hands free bluetooth in his car!! Happy Dad's Day Gentlemen...

  99. This would be great for my husband. As he gets older and blinder he scares me enough with his driving. Not having to fumble his cell open would definitely be a plus.

  100. Wow, this seems amazing, especially the hands-free part (great for a guy who loves doing many projects) and the FM Transmitter. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  101. Hands-free, digital FM Transmitter, and Audio Caller ID--how cool is that?! Thanks for the fabulous contest.

  102. I just recently took a new sales position where I'm on the road driving 1000 miles a week. The Motorola T505 Bluetooth speakerphone would be a lifesaver. I wouldnt have to keep a earpeice in my ear all the time and I would be able keep my hands free for driving and not fiddling with my cell phone.

  103. i want a blue tooth for my hubby for fathers day. it would be great for him he works in the truck all day driving around.

  104. you can always humor him and tell him he's dangerous and then give it to him to keep him safe. every time he uses it tell him he looks like james bond, who of course is a dangerous guy!

  105. This would be so handy to have on road trips as I don't even like talking and driving at the same time either :)

  106. My husband and I talk on his way to/from work all the time. At times his cellphone would go dead, or he needs to hang up before he hit someone. The Motorola T505 Bluetooth Speakerphone would definitely be handy for him.

  107. great contest and hands-free is an absolute must-have in the car due to how dangerous it is on the road when people are distracted!

  108. Well, if one were actually a spy then one could be doing both a dangerous & safe activity simultaneously (escaping from evil doers in a car - speedy & reckless driving while keeping your life safe). And if one had a T505 one could give real-time updates to agent XXXXX and perhaps request back-up while all this is happening.

  109. This is to cool! clipping it on the visor would be so convenient! Hands free, I love it!!

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  110. we're still dealing with the "wonderful" new hands free law here in california, this would be a lot better than clipping that thing to your ear

  111. This looks awesome! I hate those things that go in the ear so always use the built-in speakerphone - but it is not very good. Love this!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  112. My husband commutes 45 minutes each way to work and uses some of that commute time on the phone. This device would be terrific for him!

  113. My husband drives a truck everyday and since he doesn't have a hands free phone, will either pull over or call back later when anyone calls. This is such a great idea! I really love the speakerphone capability!
    Thanks so much, this would make a wonderful gift for him.

  114. My husband loves to talk on the phone when he drives. He is quite aware that it is taking some of his attention from the road. He'd love this speaker, as it would allow him to keep his hands free.

  115. What a great idea! My hubby is a driver and his Bluetooth ear clippy is the most unreliable little thing. It constantly slips off & is a total pain, this is a great alternative.

  116. Oh great, now I have the Mission IMpossible theme music playing in my head! But seriously, this would be great for my husband who is a farmer and often has his hands full of tools or equipment.

  117. I hate using my ear bluetooth and have tried others that hang on the visor, this one though looks perfect for my, or anyone's needs! thanks for the great giveaway!

  118. It wasn't until Christmas that my husband even had a cell phone, now I can't get him off it. He's always talking to his dad or friends while he's driving. With the new cell phone law in effect in my city, you can't be caught talking with a phone in your hand while driving anymore...but this is perfectly legal.

  119. Talking on the phone while driving is one of my pet peeves. I wish the whole world could win this prize,lol! If anyone calls me when they are driving, I ask them to pull over and call me back.

  120. The nice thing about a speaker phone like this is that anyone if the car could join in on the conversation.

  121. What a great prize. My husband would definitely use this. I worry he will get a ticket from talking on his phone!

  122. It's illegal in our state to talk on the cellphone while driving, and so I'd love to win this. How convenient.

  123. At the end of the month the law goes into effect that you have to be hands free to use a cell phone.

  124. This is a great product- we can talk on the phone and drive and still abide by the hands free and drive law we have here!

  125. Dh went to California for work and his project was right by where Google is. Ever since then, he is literally getting to the point of annoying me, to buy a new phone, just any phone, better than what he has right now..This would be a wonderful gift for him(I promise, I will not keep it.)

  126. why are men/boys so into "dangerous" things??? My son, who is 6, has liked "being dangerous" since I can remember. My toddler climbs on TOP of everything. Well, anything to help keep those dangerous boys a little safer is welcome in my home!

  127. Since my husband drives a lot, (30 min commute to and from work), on top of road testing cars in order to fix them (auto tech), this would be super great!
    Thank you for gathering all these wonderful prizes!
    It would be so neat to win something because it is really weird for me to buy him a gift using his own money. (I know it's OUR money, but he works for it so it's not the same, know what I mean?)

  128. My husband seriously needs this. We are staying in CA for awhile and it is illegal to use the handset. He has to pull over to use the phone. This would be perfect.

  129. Wow! I would love my husband to be safe while on the road. He is on the road a lot with the business and has all the calls transfered to his Cell. He would love this! I can't count the number of times I have been in the car with him while he was on the phone, writing down an order and driving! Ahh! It scares me. Safety is a good kids need their dad.

  130. My husband works from a home office...and is on the go A LOT. Since he works from home, much of his business in conducted over the phone. I know he would just LOVE this Plantronics device.
    Thanks so much!

  131. I always laugh at the people using bluetooth in the cars next to me because they look like they're talking to themselves...however, I am all for keeping the roads safer and admit that even I should probably be using bluetooth. This would be a neat father's day gift especially since my dad is always griping about how my husband and I need to not talk on our phone while driving...typical dad advice :)

  132. This hands free device is very cool. It will mean 1 less thing to hold and an extra free hand to give the 2 year old snacks or toys or whatever during the ride. thanks for the chance to win.

  133. This would be great for my boyfriends work truck. Colorado is passing a hands-free law in July, I'd hate for him to get a ticket... he talks a lot.

  134. Oooh, this one I like! No clipping on to the person, and no walking around town with an alien-looking thing attached to your ear? Just the car, where it's best to have both hands at your disposal anyway? I want two!

  135. Oh gosh I think this would be perfect for Kev. I can't stand it when he talks on his cell while driving. And when he calls me while I'm driving, I can't get off the phone fast enough. If he got one, I would have to get one too LOL

  136. I have not heard about this fantastic Bluetooth
    Speakerphone! How impressive. My husband travels a
    lot for his job. Sometimes, he is gone a week or two at a time! How fun it would be to surprise Jon with these beauty on Father's Day!
    Thanks for the chance.....Cindi

  137. My husband just told me about this on our drive home from Ohio yesterday. He thinks it's a great idea! too.

    judy7885 at gmail dot com

  138. I think you should have opened this post talking about how men are inept at multi-tasking! And that's not a put-down. It's a fact. It really does scare me when my husband even touches his phone while he's driving. "Pay attention to the road!" I always say and then I end up making all his phone calls and texts for him.

  139. I think this would be a wonderful gift for my husband because he is a truck driver and always on the road, and we talk quiet often. We looked into buying one but when we went back they were gone.

  140. We spend lots of time traveling. This prize would be a great - and safe - option for my husband's many calls.

  141. This speaker looks great! In my opinion, much more convenient than the ear bud. My Dad would love it! Thanks for offering!

  142. Sweet! We are constantly taking trips to visit my family that lives 3.5 hours away, and in Washington you can get fined for talking on a handheld phone while driving (if there is also another reason to pull you over, and they can make ANYTHING a reason). This would be SO super convenient.

  143. It is against the law to talk on the phone without a ear piece in WA so my husband could use this to concentrate on the road and not fiddle with his phone!! You could be saving us from a serious accident or a ticket!

  144. I think this would be the perfect gift for my hubbby. He can never drive and talk on the phone at the same time. Not that he's uncoordinated, he just doesn't like to hold the phone and talk so this would be perfect.

    tkglenn2002 at yahoo dot com

  145. Ok now this one one definitely be a hubby gift as the reason he barely uses his cell phone is because he drives a lot and doesn't like to A. hold the phone & drive & B. doesn't like things in his ears. It would also be cool to have when we are driving upstate, we can call my parents and put them on speaker phone so my son can join in on the conversation.

  146. I love your husband's addition...very cute. My husband does always think he might die while talking on his cell phone while driving...this might ease his pain.
    alisonnay at gmail dot com

  147. This would be great as the new job my hubby is going to hopefully get soon will have him traveling much more often! His current phone doesn't hold a charge for even one phone call so he could REALLY use this! I like SAFE!

  148. I'd give this to my husband on the condition that he never uses it while walking through a store or other public place. Those people just look crazy!

  149. My husband is ALWAYS on the phone! This would be great for him to have. It always cracks me up to see people driving and talking with no phone up to their heads. It looks like they are having a conversation with themselves:) It is a great safety tool, too!

  150. I really like that it comes with a charger; my husband is notorious for forgetting to plug in his phone and having it die during the work day!

  151. That is exactly what my hubby would use! He's in and out of his truck all day long, and can't stand sticking the bluetooth in his ear. I don't blame him, I can't stand having something stuck in my ear either.

  152. What cool technology! Bryan and I often talk on his way home before the kids take him over. This would make it safer!

  153. This is a great product and one I haven't seen before! I think my Dad would really like something like it. My hubby prefers the bluetooth he can stick in his ear!

  154. I think that the danger thing is a man thing but this would be great! My husband loves to talk on the phone, so this would be perfect for him.

  155. I think anything that makes them feel "dangerous" and "cool" but also is safe and helpful when used is a great gift for any dad. Now I know how to get my hubby to like something ~ a cool gadget with tons of features that he'll love. Thanks for the idea!

  156. I think my husband would have said the same thing... Danger = awesome. But then again, so does bluetooth :-)

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