lowesIf I were the President of Lowe's, I would devise a comprehensive marketing plan with the intention of drawing in...moms (and their kids).

Dads are the primary audience of the super store, of course. But they don't need much convincing. They could walk the aisles for hours and hours, contemplating the subtle differences between light bulbs.

I don't mind stopping by, but I don't jump up-and-down the excitement at the prospect either.

I would, however, change my mind if it were marketed as a family -friendly place.

chocolate tool kitFor example, the store could:

  • Hand out individual packs of tool-shaped animal crackers to toddlers.
  • Create a "play land" for kids with mini toy tools, coloring pages, DIY projects, etc.
  • Construct an interactive "Design Center" that looks like a model home.
  • Open a cafe or ice cream shop in the store where wives could grab a drink/sundae and browse design magazines (you could even sell chocolate tool sets there!).

If you can pull in moms and/or make Lowe's a fun place for dads to take their kids, dads will stay in the store longer and make more purchases. And moms will buy more too...which is a good thing, considering that moms control 85% of household purchasing and spend $2.1 trillion annually in the United States (statistic taken from Mom 3.0: Marketing with Today's Mothers by Leveraging New Media & Technology, 2008).

That said, it is true that most dads love this store regardless. My husband is a do-it-himself kind of guy and is enamored by power tools and barbecue grills, woodworking equipment and lawn care.

If your husband or dad is a project-oriented guy, he'd probably love to get one of these this Father's Day:

lowes gift card tools

But maybe you'd rather get him something tangible, something you can wrap up and stick in his truck. Don't know where to start? Consider these three suggestions - approved by my husband:

dewalt 10-amp 4-position reciprocating sawDEWALT 10-Amp 4-Position Reciprocating Saw ($99)

I'm not sure exactly what this is used for, but my husband assures me it's cool because its powerful enough to cut through walls. Don't ask me why it's important to be able to cut through walls, but apparently it is. Your husband will likely agree with mine.

true temper total control elite hatchetTrue Temper Total Control Elite Hatchet ($24.98)

The True Temper premium hatchet features a nail puller and sharpening stone so that he'll be able to quickly sharpen the blade for a smooth cut. A sturdy cover keeps the blade protected and will allow him to hang the tool on his garage wall.

kobalt 1/2" drive breaker barKobalt 1/2" Drive Breaker Bar ($24.96)

This "Made in the USA" tool comes with a lifetime guarantee and a high polish finish. In case you don't know what a breaker bar is, I'll tell you: it's often used to free stuck nuts and bolts. How do I know that? I asked my husband, of course.

If you do decide to purchase one the above items or another product from the Lowe's "make Dad's day" gift guide, remember that you can order online and have it shipped directly to your dad's doorstep...or you can order it online and pick it up in the store. Is that convenient or what?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $100 gift card to Lowe's. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, June 8 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #21 Annette L. Congratulations!

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638 comments on “FOR THE DO-IT-HIMSELF DAD: Lowe's”

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  2. I'm laughing because I just talked about the store that rhymes with "bows" and bows and Lowes have absolutely nothing to do with each other. husband spends much time (and money) there working on projects around the house. We just bought some planters and soil to do some gardening! Sorry for the tangent.....this would definitely be used!

  3. I love to checkout the many varieties of plants, flowers, and trees. I usually get my extra keys made there too for a reasonable price.

  4. I am always bored to go to the hardware store. I always visit garden in any hardware store. My husband always enjoy lot there and so he knows to choose wisely any tools he prefers if I win.

  5. I love Lowe's and always have! When I was little I went there with my parents and loved taking home samples of the wallpaper and paint colors and making collages from them.

  6. Lowe's is not just about toys for the men. It is a playground for us women too! Thank you for the chance to win!

  7. We have Lowe's over in the next town from us. We don't get there much, so don't really know what they have to offer. This would be lots of fun to get us out to visit Lowe's and see all the great household improvement products that they have!

  8. I always used to hate going to the hardware store with my dad. I think your suggestions would make it a lot more fun for kids to go to Lowe's!

  9. We have a Lowe's about 5 minutes from our house. If I win, I'll suggest that we buy pre-mixed mortar and finally tile the family room. The tile's only been stacked up in there for five years!

  10. Our house is definitely a fixer-upper. Now that the weather is nice, there is so much that needs to be done! This gift card will be put to good use. Thank you for the chance to win.

  11. I'd let hubby pick something out with it - i don't particularly enjoy going to Lowes or stores like that unless were getting some type of appliance or something like that. I get bored looking at all of the tools etc.

  12. ok, so I just wrote my entry for the Home Depot gift card. My husband loves Home Depot. But, sometimes things are cheaper at Lowe's, and even when I ask him to go there instead (if I happen to know something is on sale) he still goes to Home Depot. HOWEVER, if I won this, I know for a fact he would go to Lowe's! Thanks!

  13. We are happy that Lowes have extended their hours of operation as we have been "repairing" many items in our home. A Lowes card will be a great help, as we are the DIY household. Winning this card would help to pay for a new faucet to replace the leaky one.

  14. Since I've apparently already bought the husbands Father's Day gift, I'd use this to buy recycled tire stuff for the landscaping. Yay, me.

  15. I've spent a lot of time in Lowe's. I practically had to rebuild the interior of a house after my tenants left it in shambles.

  16. This would be fantastic to the ever long list of household tasks we have been working. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  17. The first thing Lowes needs to do in my area to be more child friendly is to fix their parking lots. They have raised cement areas between the parking rows (kind of like medians in the road). So if you've got your child in the cart and you go down the wrong row, it's really hard to get your shopping cart over those things on the way back to the car.

  18. I so agree with you on not being overly excited about going to a hardware store. My husband just doesn't understand why I don't want to go up and down the aisles of the store looking at every tool while I watch the kids.

  19. It would be geat if Lowes would do more to encourage families to come in.My kids would love an area where they could play while daddy shopped(of course I would also love being able to keep the kids happy).Thanks!

  20. I agree that home improvement places should make their stores more "family friendly", but then again, I think my husband likes to consider places like this his hour of peace and quite on the weekends.

  21. I actually just went to Lowe's this past weekend to buy some flowers and shrubs for my yard. They had a really nice selection and the prices were great.

  22. i have been to lowes just once but my hubby makes trips there now and then he loves any place that is wall to wall tools :)

  23. We need to pick up some molding to finish up the trim job he's been working on. He loves going to Lowe's.

  24. My husband loves it when I plan a new job for him because he always grabs the opportunity to buy more tools. There is no way he could possibly need a tool that he doesn't already have, but we play that little game anyway.

  25. The nearest Lowe's is about 20 miles/35 minutes away, not somewhere we often get to. I asked my husband if, hypothetically speaking, we were to get a Lowe's gift card, would it be worth the trip? His answer? A resounding yes! The boy loves his home improvement!

  26. My husband loves Lowes! He is always coming with an excuse to run over there and buy more tools. This would be a great gift for him! Thanks!

  27. I like your idea! Right now, the only time I go to Lowe's is when I'm buying things for the garden.

  28. My dad could have this giftcard easily spent within about a minute of walking into Lowe's. He would probably use this to get another tool to put in his workshop that he doesn't have much time to use.

  29. My dad would love to have this gift card. He thinks that Lowes is a place to go to for fun - even when he doesn't buy anything. Thanks for the contest.

  30. Wow, could always use something to offset the cost of home ownership. It's just me at the moment and If you've ever owned a house where the previous owners never knew the word "pruning" then you understand where I'm at. Constant work, and little in the way of finances these days always leave the door open for welcome gifts. Thanks!!

  31. Lowes is great. I highly recommend checking out their gardening section. They have tools, seeds, books to help you grow your garden. Thank you.

  32. Oooh,Ooohhh - I Lowes with a nail and nail daycare provided ;)
    P.s - I love your Animal cracker idea! You should sell that!!

  33. My husband and I love to shop at Lowes. We are lucky to have a Lowes within a 15 minute drive from our home. My husband is not a Mr. Fix It, but he has been able to get a lot of products at Lowes that he has been able to install himself due to the wonderful expertise of the people who work there. Little jobs like changing showerheads, hooking up a new light fixture, painting, these items we have purchased from Lowe's and received great instructions on how to install them or do the job needed to be done so we are very loyal Lowes customers. We would love to use this gift cards towards the purchase of paint as we are trying to paint our upstairs hallway and kitchen this summer. Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  34. The staff at Lowe's are always friendly and helpful where I live, so I stop in there quite often.

    With a gift card, I could finish some projects.

  35. So funny! I actually don't like to go to hardware stores, but lately have loved going to get plants & look at lawn furniture! My husband could spend an hour in the nail aisle, LOL!

  36. We recently moved and found out we are expecting! This card would be wonderful for helping paint and put shelves in the nursery...would also be great to go towards a lawn mower that we still need to buy...or he could use towards the grill he wants.

  37. If Lowe's were to implement even one of your suggestions, it would likely become our go-to place for family shopping fun, a title currently held by IKEA with an honorable mention going to ACE Hardware. It would certainly be in their best interest. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. This is a great giveaway! The best place for tools, building materials and appliances. Would go a long way for a new lawnmower, as mine is shot!

  39. I would use the gift card for outdoor lawn work. My yard really needs grass seeding for new grass. This gift card would help me in so many ways. Thank you for the is opportunity.

  40. My husband would love all of the items you talked about, he thinks that every job needs a new tool and needs a new trip to the hardware store. He would love to go to Low's for a free shopping, no thanks!

  41. My fiance is always trying to fix things. He always assures me that we don't need to call anyone because "he'll take care of it". Hah! He needs this gift card to fix all of the things that he says he will get around to.

  42. The thing that I love about Lowe's is that if I am getting bored in the tool or home improvement section with my husband, I can always go to the garden center and sometimes he has to come looking for me. Thank you!

  43. I would love to win this for my dad. He has done so much for me throughout my teenage years and continues to do so much for me now in college. I'd love to repay him for some of his time and love. Thanks.

  44. I would give my hubby the gift card because the thought of me picking out tools would be scary. Of course I'd go along if I could pick out some gardening supplies for myself. Great gift for hubby or dad. Thanks.

  45. Ohhh this would make a great gift for my husband for father's day!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  46. When my husband goes to Lowes, he spends hours going up and down each aisle. He has a wish list for new tools so we always know what to get him for any special event - a Lowes giftcard!

  47. Thanks for the chance! My husband is craving some new gardening equipment. Lowes carries quite a lot of it.

  48. You know we joke that Lowe's is the hardware store for women and families and Home Depot is for men. I love your idea about the tool shaped animal crackers! My kids don't need any coaxing for trips to hardware stores. They love them!

  49. We've made about 20 trips to Lowe's in the past few months. Now that our garden terrace project is complete, my hubby deserves to treat himself and I'm sure he can find just what he's looking for at Lowe's.

  50. what a great give-away for father's day....i love the plant department....but for hubby their tool dept is the best

  51. The Elite Hatchet from Lowe's would be a great gift - perfect for camping and fishing! The Lowe's gift card would be really appriciated by my hubby, he would be in heaven!

  52. We are in the home stretch of a whole house remodel and need to buy appliances! We were planning to go to Lowe's anyway with our 10% off coupon, but this would make things even sweeter!

  53. A Lowe's just opened near us! I am really excited cuz they have great prices, but even greater customer service! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  54. we have so many improvements to be made as well as repairs and just decorating, inside as well as outside the house, thanks!

  55. My mom just bought a new house and is having a lot of stuff done. She just commented the other day that she was really surprised at how great Lowe's was -- that they had so much better stuff than some of the "other" stores! Probably because they have more "decorating" stuff.

  56. Hmmmmm, Depot or Lowes... that is the question. Frankly, we like them both. Usually hardware and lumber from Depot, but fixtures and homey stuff from Lowes. They're actually across the street from each other a few miles from home, so we visit often. I don't think its possible to have everything in one store, so its not uncommon for us to swing thru both. This would come in super handy this year though, we've got to get our yard into shape and rip out a deck to put in a patio. Its going to be a busy summer. Thanks for the super giveaway!

  57. I like your great ideas, especially after seeing countless folks relaxing in the outdoor furniture department. But I am the Lowes shopper in the family. I love the garden section, I could spend hours there. My husband on the other hand is not much of a tool guy. He just sticks with his basic lawnmower and weedeater.

  58. You are so right! The play land is a great idea... and a chocolate tool set.... I'd eat it :) Maybe they could build a play structure that the kids could play on and sell materials for it.

  59. They do have kids books up the registers taht are really cute. We have bought several after we let the kids look at them during our Lowe's expeditions. We have one that makes all the tool sounds and tells you how to build a birdhouse that my son just loves!

  60. Oh we love to go to Lowes....I like to look at the appliances...he likes to look at the funny is that?

  61. I love shopping at Lowe's - they are always so helpful in helping me find what I need.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. I'm a woman and I can say I love Lowes as much as my hubby. But if I had kids to tote with me, I think i'd be a lot different. I'd be worried about their safety.

  63. It's funny. We bought our first house last summer. Since then, our favorite store has become Lowe's. We used to love to go clothes shopping but now we would rather spend our time in Lowe's or other home improvement stores! We could definitely use this gift card! I have a very long honey do list waiting for my husband!

  64. Lowe's has great do-it-himself and do-it-herself and let-someone-else-do-it (like lamps!) items! How could anyone not love a gift certificate to Lowe's?

  65. Great idea you have there of marketing to women and making it family friendly- actually I have gotten some very cool Christmas ornaments and plants there, but it is NEVER the store I think of first when I need these things since I consider it an *icky boy store*. Ken, however, loves it.

  66. I'd love to win this - we have so many little projects around the house that need to get done. A gallon of paint here, a new valve for the toilet there, I think I'd be the one that could wander around there for hours... if only I had a bigger budget!

  67. I'd love to win this for myself. It'd be the finishing touch on porch re-finish project for the summer.

  68. My dad's undertaking the huge project of rebuilding my family's deck this summer, so this gift card would go a long way toward buying supplies and tools for the task. Thanks for the chance to win and give him a chance to go wild at Lowe's!

  69. more tools daddy always needs tools esp since the boys seem to borrow them and forget they have a home here

  70. Our home is in a constant state of renovation.My family spends so much time at Lowes that they know us all by name!This would be a great gift.

  71. Lowes is my husband's second home. I'm not kidding , he spends sooooo much time there. I guess it's sort of like a toy store to him ;)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Can I shop for myself? lol
    This would make a great gift for my husband..
    His birthday and fathers day is nearly the same day!

  73. My husband loves to go to Lowes but rarely comes home with everything needed to complete a project!! I think it's just an excuse to go back!

  74. These are trying times. Especially when I go to Lowe's with my dad. I can expect to be inside for at least and hour. And he always looks at the grills. Dad. You already have a grill. But it's fun just to spend time with my dad. He's a lot smarter than I remember.

  75. I will *never* understand how he spends so much time at Lowe's. I can usually be in & out of there in about 15 minutes - which is why they are *SO* much better than HD, btw. But then, I doubt he understands how I manage to spend so much time at Macy's....

  76. Lowe's is our second home! My husband just got finished remodeling our basement. We our now working on new doors. This would be a great win for him!

  77. My dh's dad borrowed his drill set and we haven't seen it since. I know he would love to have another one. Thank you!

  78. I love wandering around at Lowe's. Maybe there is not so much for kids and maybe I'm not much of a girly-girl, but I can waste tons of time looking at paint chips, decorative lighting, and appliances while hubby checks out the power tools.

  79. I think you ideas are great to get more mom's into the store. Personally, I don't mind shopping there, but my kids...ugh!

    When they find out we are going to Lowes, they both drop to the floor and sceam "I hate that store, I'm not going." I would love to have and area that they would like to spend time at in the store.

    Another reason to have an area for childen, is that it is not a child friendly store. I have heard stories of children being hurt and if I remember correctly, I think a child was killed at either a Lowe's or Home Depot. They had reported since it is considered a warehouse, they stack items very high, and this can pose a danger.

    Our local home imporvement stores are now using wire and screening across there shelving to keep items from falling off the shelves.

    That being said.... my husband has many summer projects pending and he would love to have a gift card to help with those. Thank and best wishes!

  80. We are at Lowes all the time,we are currently insulating and dry walling our garage,so this would be great so we could actually finish a project!!


  81. My husband loves Lowes. His winning a $100 card would be like me winning one to Victoria Secrets!!

  82. I have bought a lot of things from Lowe's. I could browse in there forever. But that is because I am always dreaming of the things I could change in our home!

  83. I visited Lowes today for an outdoor light and thankfully they had very nice ones clearanced. We keep trying little by little to get our house where it's a home. As I said in the other giveaway, that backroom hasn't been used since we bought the place. It owuld be so nice to be able to get it done next. Thank,s so much again, I really appreciate the chance to win you give us :)

  84. My mom and I were at Lowe's this Saturday. Returned some shower doors, bought water and a hanging plant. If I win, every dime will be spent on garden items. I want a cucumber plant. I want nice veggies.

  85. My husband has wanted to make some shelving for our garage! $100 would go a l-o-n-g way toward making that project a reality!

  86. My husband loves home improvement stores. Fortunately he actually is quite handy--right now he is building a new dresser.

  87. since I am happily single I am the one shopping at the hardware store, lucky for me my daughters are handy with a hammer

  88. This would particularly come in handy with an upcoming move. It seems with every move there are at least a dozen trips to the local Lowes.

  89. Dog decided the screen part of the screen door was optional, so this would be useful. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  90. My dad loves Lowes and I always enjoy going there with him! There's definitely something for everyone!

  91. my husband would love this i would love it because i would push for new flowers around are house and he could get a tool we would both be thrilled

  92. My dad is a hands-on type of a man. He loves loves loves going to Lowes and seeing what he could do around our house. He does a lot of handy work such as replacing the shower tiles, using one of those power hose to clean the driveway. He just loves tools.

  93. We bought our kitchen cabinets at Lowe's and love their customer service. Now we need to work on our closets and could definitely use this.

  94. Lowe's is a favorite store for my Father as well as for me. Dad goes straight to the tools section and I hit the garden center.
    Thanks for another great giveaway.

  95. We currently are in the process of a landscaping 'overhaul' in which most of our purchases have come from Lowe's. A gift card would be nice to help the project along! :)

  96. Aside from all the obvious things that I could use this for, there is something else that Lowe's carries that I would love to go crazy on: plants! I could do some serious landscaping with this gift certificate! Or at least get a serious start on it. :)

  97. I like your ideas to make a supercenter such as Lowe's family-friendly. I know that, at least in some stores, (Lowe's and/or Home Depot) they offer free craft sessions for children on Saturday mornings/early afternoon. We've never gone, but I bet the kids would love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  98. My mother and father just moved into a new home, and they really want to fix up the deck, with some new patio furniture. This would be great for them!

  99. My hubby has been wanting to retile the bathroom and he could pickup every scrap of the materials he would need there. Well, I guess it is really me that has been wanting him to retile the bathroom, but you get the idea, Right?

  100. A power washer could be bought to wash our vinyl siding. Thank you for the enlightenment on what a breaker bar is.

  101. My boyfriend is buying a house this summer, so this would be very helpful with buying paint and other tools he will need.

  102. I bought a new Washer and Dryer and was soooooooooo dissatisfied with the installation from local 'home store' I told them I would buy from Lowe's now!

  103. My husband loves to barbecue --he barbecues 2 or 3 times a week during the summer--unfortunately a new company purchased our apartment complex and they don't allow charcoal barbecues--so now we need to invest in a gas grill---and with 3 kids money is tight. I would love to use the llowes card to get a gas grill.

  104. I love Lowes and usually stop at least once a week. They have slightly past there prime plants and flowers for 50% off in the back of the garden center. A little bit of water and love and they perk right up. I've nearly done my whole yard with these.

  105. My husband is always at Lowes. If he's out, and I call him...he whispers "can't talk now, I'm in Lowes." That store seems to just beckon him. Just today the Sunday ad had a washer and dryer on sale at Lowes that I to browse through their appliance department. You're right about the fact that they should make the stores more "family-friendly." I've said that I'd be in there more if they had more home decorating stuff. Love your idea of a spot to read decorating magazines and have a snack!

  106. My husband and my dad would both love anything and everything from lowes. I don't mind going there, but I do agree there needs to be more things to keep the children entertained. I like those ideas you have, cookies, play area, etc.

  107. Hey, not all women dislike the home improvement store! I love going to Lowe's more than the mall myself.

  108. Lowe's is right near by us, it's just as good as any Home Depot. A gift card to Lowe's would turn him into a kid in a candy store!

  109. That is so funny, because my mom and I are always the ones who o to Lowes and similar stores. I agree that they should target female shoppers more.

  110. I think the chocolate tool sets are cute! My husband is a big dity-er, so this would be a great thing to win, thanks!

  111. My husband has some projects he's been wanting to do, but we just don't have the money, so this would be a perfect gift for him for father's day. He would be in his glory and would have no problem finding this to buy. Thanks.

  112. I think I said this before but I would hand this to my son and tell him there are no more excuses for NOT painting the fence. AHA. This might do the trick. Lowe's has everything he needs. Drop clothes, paint, scrapers, primer.

  113. We make frequent trips to our local Lowes so this prize would come in handy. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  114. We have so much work we need to do around here that we would easily spend the $100.00 and more.

  115. My hubby is always at Lowes or Home Depot for something. The funny thing is, he never seems to make much of a dent in his list of projects, lol. Great idea to have an area for kids with toy tools, but if there were a snack bar, I don't know if my hubby would ever come home!

  116. My hubby practically lives in Lowes. He is constantly working on something around here and "has" to run to Lowes at least 2 or 3 times a week. He is having a fit to buy a scaffold, but I keep stalling. Maybe I can win this GC so he can actually get to buy it! Thanks

  117. I love all the products that Lowes offers, it never ceases to amaze me. You can usually make one stop shopping for whatever you need and that's a real plus in my book!

  118. My hubby is on a mission to construct many different things in our play area for my son this summer. This would be great to help.

  119. We could use this for our front door. We are in need of a new one.

    mercsmercado at yahoo dot com

  120. My husband goes to Lowe's all the time. He is always looking for something to do around the house just so he can go to Lowe's.

  121. I love going to Lowe's with my husband, we get a lot of great decorating ideas. It also gives me a chance to get his opinion on what he likes. Thanks.

  122. $100 for Lowe's!? What could be better?! We have so many around-the-house projects going on right now, so this would be the PERFECT gift!

  123. My husband would find many uses for this card. We always have a lot of projects going on - painting, refinishing the basement, and finishing our bedroom.

  124. My husband loves playing "handy man"... I say playing because he works all week in his suit and well, never gets to do typical guy stuff.

    On the weekends when he can sweat, get dirty and do Mr. Fix It stuff he is stoked. Makes me happy cause I know I can always add those home improvements to the honey do list, problem is he is just too darn anal and through to complete a task in one day.

    I am still waiting for him to rewire the dryer so I can use it to dry the laundry! If I gave him a gift card for fathers day do you think that would send a hint?

  125. Our house is getting a lot of renovations and we could really use this card. Thanks for the opportunity!

  126. Well, my husband and I go to Lowe's every week just to browse. It seems that hardware stores energize him (while it really bores me...) He loves looking at the tools, thinking of the stuff he would like to do. He has a nice collection of tools but I usually hire someone to come and fix whatever needs fixing.

  127. Thanks for the 'great' giveaway offering!

    My wife and I could sure use the Lowe's GC!

    We recently found out that we're expecting another 'little bundle of joy' in August!

    And I'm currently converting my old computer room into a nursery!

    The Lowe's GC would be great for purchasing new paint for the nursery!

    Please, include my wife and I into your giveaway drawing!

    Thanks and good luck to all!

  128. We have a Lowes near us and go there often as we are updating out kitchen. My husband is pretty handy around the house but he would rather be golfin.

  129. I love shopping for father's day at Lowes, they have so many things he likes. I know my father needs a new hedge trimmer.

  130. Your ideas about building up for a family enviroment is excellent, having a mini tool/play area would be just the perfect fun. I have become to love Lowe's, for the last 3 years we have been remodeling our 1908 home and I have learned so much. I appreciate my husband and his patience for putting up with me during all our projects.

  131. My husband like to take our kids to the Lowes build n grow clinics. I think he's jealous that he doesn't get to build one of the projects.

  132. We were just in Lowe's this morning and came home with a trunk full of plants. We didn't buy the mulch yet, my husband would probably use a Lowe's card on that.

  133. We are finishing out our attic and could really use this -- love Lowe's -- THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY !!!!!!

  134. althogh i LOVE lowe's gardening section (I bought the the most beautiful flowers there) my hubby is the project-happy person in the family.

    If Lowe's had a place to eat i'd never see him before bedtime!

  135. Besides all of our painting projects, we need to replace one of our doors. This would help toward that purchase.

  136. I liked your ideas to draw in moms and kids! Our Lowe's sometimes offers kids' workshops where they can make projects like birdhouses!

  137. We could really use a Lowe's card to continue fixing up our house -- it's one of our favorite stores, especially lately since everything seems to want to break!

  138. Love to go to Lowes and browse..I can spend several hours at a time there just getting ideas and never come out empty handed. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  139. My husband loves Lowe's. In any other store, he's rushing me and won't look around. In Lowe's, I can't drag him out. He can find a cart full of 'must haves'.

  140. My husband would have a field day at Lowe's if I won this. He can spend hours there. Thanks for another great giveaway!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  141. We'd use a Lowe's gift card to buy a new bathroom faucet. The one we have is beyond repair, and leaks continuously.

  142. I like heading into Lowes and the other big hardware super stores when I need specific items for projects, but I practically have to drag the hubby out of them. I'll go in with a list of stuff we need, and he'll just wander off getting "guy ideas". Then they put all the "man toys" near the checkout lane, like the little super bright LED flashlights and updates on the basic utility knife and other gadgets designed to attract the eye of the adult male "kid", and one of those always seems to get added to the shopping cart. I'm sure he'd find lots to spend a Lowes gift card on!

  143. I always have a hard time figuring out what to get for father's day. I know he loves tools, but I am completely lost in the tools department!

  144. we are do-it yourselfers too. We have several projects on the list. My hubby is laid off so this would be perfect for us right now!

  145. My husband is a huge do-it-yourselfer. His current project is a series of raised garden beds for veggies, herbs and flowers. This would really help.

  146. We spend a lot of time at Lowe's, as we are big do-it-yourselfers. Admittedly, it's more the hubby's idea of a "fun shopping trip," but I usually tag along as well and find plenty to look at myself.

  147. Lowe's is another one of the nome improvement stores we can't stay away from. There is one very near us, so we are there practically every weekend!

  148. We only go to Lowes once a month, maybe twice during the warm months. When we do go, we spend a good deal of time wandering around thinking up ne projects to do. It can be cheap entertainment too during these tight budget times.

  149. I actually love Lowe's. I think they are much more attractive to the female shopper than Home Depot. And the service is always much better, in my experiences!

  150. This would be awesome to win! We have to replace some windows in our house before the end of the summer...we're saving up, but this would sure help us out!

  151. A new Lowe's just opened in town, and a gift card would be the perfect excuse to go and check it out!

  152. It's all about the garden center for the ladies. Kids may lose interest here, but I was always into flowers and would help in the garden, even as a kid. Bring along a Tonka dump truck and an extra small shovels into the yard, and you'll have the kids working for you in no time. The garden will always remind you of the good times, too.

  153. I spend more time at Lowes then my husband does. I'm always going in for something. A gift card for my husband might get him in there more often.

  154. Hubby could definitely put the Lowe's card to good use. There's stain for the deck, or some sprinkler equipment he needs to get, or some paint for one room, still left to be unpainted. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  155. My dad is constantly working on the house, and could sure use the gift card to help with expensive repairs!

  156. Lowe's is a frequent stop for all members of the family. Sometimes for a major project, but often just to pick up things like filters, a few fasteners, etc. This card would be greatly appreciated!

  157. we love to go to lowes to get all our veggie garden needs. we are trying to grow organic veggies and could use this for fertilizer and bug spray. thanks.

  158. Tell you the truth I am the one that loves Lowes I take my husband as he can't get out from in front o the TV. For the first time though we went to Lowes this year and bought equipment to plant a garden and it is growing very well. He is enjoying working in it. Thanks for an opportunity to win as I am looking at the tin decorated piecies to go under my kitchen cabinets they are expensive and I have bought two but this would finish it.

  159. This would just about cover the cost of the tin I need to finish fixing the leaky roof on the pourch!

  160. As we prepare to start baby-proofing the house, this would be a great win for my husband. He really loves Lowe's and would enjoy getting to spend this to make the house ready for his little girl!

  161. The last time we went to Lowes, my husband bought a little green garden cart. Who knows what he will bring home next.

  162. He has been seeing a new tool on a commercial - some right angle drill that is new. He calls me everytime it comes on....Do you think that's a hint?????

  163. If I were lucky enough to get this I would send hubby to the garden center there. After 8 years of having a veggie garden, he won't do it this year because he is laid off but there is still time, he could get his fencing he needs and the plants there. It makes me sad that he gives up his 2nd favorite thing to do (1st thing is cooking) because of these stupid hard times.

  164. I love Lowe's and jump in the car when my husband makes one of his trips there. He always finds me in the garden section.

  165. There is something about Lowes which brings out the little boy in my husband. From the minute he enters the store he is in awe and I swear he would live there if they had a tv and bed. Seriously though, I have to admit I love Lowes too as it lets you dream of all the possibilities of what could be!

  166. I have no clue what to get Dad this year. If I gave this to him, he'd probably use it to help get my grass growing. We've been fighting that for months.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  167. My dad would love this for Father's Day! He's redoing his backyard and adding on a huge deck so this would be great!

  168. We just bought a new home about six months ago. It is our dream home because my husband retired from the Air Force this past October after serving for 26 years. We lived in base housing for 25 years, so we're new to home ownership, and finding out it's alot of work! I can't count how many trips my husband and I have taken to Lowes these past few months. We were just there yesterday! lol An extra #100 to spend there would really come in handy. Thanks for the contest and the chance to win!

  169. My husband isn't a do-it-yourself kind of guy, but he has tackled quite a few projects around our house. I cringe when my father-n-law comes to town to help him with projects; my husband always ends up getting hurt by his Dad. A couple of years ago when they were putting insulation into our garage ceiling my husband ended up hanging off of the garage door opener by his arm, because his Dad knocked the ladder out from under him. He got banged up pretty bad. Oh Bother, I can't wait until he comes to our house this summer! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  170. Omigosh...we are putting an addition on our home right now and I'm so totally excited. I have lived in this house in the northern plains for 14 years with no garage (can you say snow?) and I'm feeling like a princess watching this construction knowing that I don't have to worry about a snow covered car this next winter! I'm also getting a new extra room off the back which we are finishing ourselves! You KNOW Lowe's is gong to be on our list of stops to finish this baby off!

  171. My DAD is at Lowe's all the time lately. He always has a project that he gets us all to work on. This would be the perfect gift to pass on to him! Thanks so much for the chance to win! I like your suggestion for the chocolate tool set, though.

  172. I am the Mom and the dad so the the DIY projects are up to me, Love the card for helping out with some new flooring I need too get

  173. When I first read this I thought it said a temperature controled hatchet...I was like what is that for but luckily I re-read it.

  174. A lowes just opened near by and we like to go in there and look around but usually never get anything. We could use some shelves or like a storage cabinet!

  175. We have a Lowe's 5 miles from our home and we are trying to redecorate. This would be a nice ceiling fan!

  176. It's great to know you can order on line, especially if your Dad doesn't live close by, what a great idea to send him something from his wish list. Everyone loves Lowes!

  177. My SO gets lost when he goes into Lowe's. At least that is what I think when I am waiting in the car for him...LOL. He can literally spend hours in there! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  178. There are also so many household related items that are also available at Lowes like appliances and lamps.

  179. I can think of about a half a dozen things my husband would love to get from lowe's this would be a nice present!

  180. I am probably not your typical wife and Mom, but I absolutely love to shop at Lowe's. My kids, however, last about 5 minutes.

    I think it would be a big plus if we were able to get something to eat as part of our trip to Lowe's experience.

    Another idea would be instructional and interactive group activities or classes.

  181. Lowe's has plenty things to entertain me! Lamps, and fancy coffee makers and food processors galore! We love Lowe's around here.

  182. As stated on the Home Depot card giveaway, we are moving at the end of this month and this would help us buy a new fridge!

  183. I'd give this as a surprise to my Mom and stepdad, who would have a ball with it. They have an amazing, creative garden, and love to update it each summer.

  184. Lowes is great and my Dad just loves it there. He's very much like the kid in the candy store when he goes to Lowes.

  185. I actually love going to lowes or home depot. All the home possibilities! With the gift card, I think my husband would like one of those nail punchers (instead of using a hammer). However, with a new house, I think we could use a patio set. I bet the nail puncher would win when asked what he wanted to buy with the GC though, ha!

  186. My husband has almost every tool known to mankind but he could still spend hundreds of dollars at Lowe's . Its his favorite store and our unfinished house needs all the help it can get.

  187. My husband is a tool addict-unfortunately he doesn't always treat them to kindly. This would be nice way to replace the ones that aren't in the best working order.

  188. my dad loves lowes but he is a go get what he needs and come home no lingering for him. thanks for the giveaway.

  189. We want to put a deck on the back of our house this summer. So this would be put to great use for us. Thanks

  190. I'd give this to my dad for fathers day, he's currently making over a room and can really use it!

  191. Lowe's is great! We don't have one too close to us anymore and we really miss having one nearby--I'm always doing some kind of DIY project.

  192. We love Lowe's-we take our grandchildren to their children's builing clinics on Saturdays. Thank you!

  193. I think it would be nice if Lowe's had some sort of food stand and a small seating area. As far as hanging out in there I don't think it's something I would do, but I know I would have taken advange of the food a time or two. I go in there when I am working on a project and getting in and out in a hurry is my main goal. They may not want to encourage people to bring small children in the store with all the forklifts etc driving around. I would love to win the GC for my next project!

  194. I am THE shopper in the family, so I agree with you 100%. I don't get goosebumps at the thought of going to a home improvement store. But we need to paint, terribly. It would be great if all home improvement stores had kiosks where you could enter a search, for whatever you were looking for, and tell you exactly where to find it.

  195. I have so much painting to get done and so many supplies to buy, this would be a great help. I love Lowe's.

  196. Lowe's has the best prices and we have so many home projects to get done. This would be fantastic.

  197. I would give the card to my adult son. I am so proud of how he keeps up the house, fixing things. He is close to a Lowe's so he goes there often for his needs. This would be a blessing to him.

  198. I love Lowes, they always have great prices there. I have wanted to paint the bathroom forever and this would help pay for that. I would paint it pink, hubby would hate that

  199. I bought all my garden plants at Lowes this spring. They carried the "bonnie" brand. Bio-degradable pots that you could plant right in the ground. High Quality.

  200. I would love this to buy some pots, potting soil and ect, we are trying to landscape, and wow it can add up, even trying to find things on sale.
    Thanks for the contest =)

  201. I can understand about not having a place for the kids at Lowe's. I think that's a great idea. I don't mind going there, because I like to find the stuff I make my husband put in to our yard and home.

  202. My husband and I love to shop Lowes together. He's such a handy guy to have around. He can fix or build or do anything. He always tells his friends that if I give him a new project to do, he gets a new tool to do it.

  203. I'm not a do-it-yourselfer, bat as a guy I could still get lost in the store for Hours. I think your ideas about the tool shaped cookies and restaurant are brilliant. They should hire you; they would double their sales in no time.

  204. I never turn down an invitation to go to Lowes with my husband. Fortunately, he doesn't ask that often, since I don't love it as much as he does. He could spend hours there.

  205. Lowes is such a reasonable place, I was just over there a couple days ago, this would help out awesomely for the family!

  206. When my older son was a baby, he was obsessed with ceiling fans, so we treated him to a field to the Lowes ceiling fan section. It was his Disneyworld! It's time to take my younger one.

  207. I could wander around Lowe's for hours. Plus I would use this to change out the knobs on the cabinets. They are an ugly porcelain and I would like to get polished silver.

  208. I always end up getting more than I intended when I go to Lowes. I agree I don't think of it has family friendly. Too large and nothing for the kids to look forward to.

  209. I spend so much money at Lowe's I feel like they owe me $100 gift card. In that spirit, I hope I win!

  210. The house we built 16 yrs ago is starting to really show it's age so my things are needing fixing or replacing and we always go to Lowes to get the components for our fixing-up chores

  211. lowe's is my husband's favorite store.I am sure he could easily find something he really wants with this giftcard

  212. My husband would love this gift card, as would I. There are so many things that we both love to shop for at Lowe's, so this would be a great win. Thanks!

  213. We like to go to Lowes and dream of what we'd like our house to be or have. Our next project is flooring for the kitchen.

  214. My husband can spend an entire Saturday afternoon at Lowes, and comes home with a van full of stuff that he absolutely HAD to have! He'd love this gift for Father's Day! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  215. I love lowes not only for DIY projects but the atmosphere is relaxing and they always have ideas for you for your home.

  216. We can wonder for hours around Lowes, just looking and making a wish list. We have learned to just tackle one project at a time.

  217. We could use some deck furniture for the deck that my husband is building. My 2 yr old helps him by giving him the screws.

  218. Lowes is home away from home in this house. We're currently building a four car garage/house on top and any help would be welcomed for sure.

  219. We have a Lowe's less than a half a mile away and just love their plants and flowers and gardening tools. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  220. I have a motley crew of old, missing or damaged tools, a Lowe's card would help get me update for home repairs.

  221. We are in process of building a deck and any extra to help pay for materials is welcome. Thanks.

  222. $100 at Lowe's - that would go quick! We have a lot of projects we would like to start around here and that would help us get started!

  223. I love your idea of making Lowes more family friendly. It would be so fun to have a little tool-time play area for kids! Well, my husband is not a DIYer, BUT, we have tons of projects that need attending around the house, and I'm hoping that if it's free, he might actually get something done this summer.

  224. this would be a great gift for dad since he has been redoing our kitchen for the last few months but now that the economy went downhill he took a break so now our kitchen is half new and half a mess.

  225. We are just about to start to remodel our bathroom. I think my husband and I would both enjoy strolling around Lowes right about now and get ideas. Lowes has a great selection of products.

  226. Lowe's is a great store...they carry so many home decorating things there that I always go when Hubby goes to buy lumber or tools. And of course I always find something to buy :)Right now both of us are buying landscaping items.

  227. I'd love this for me. No dad in the picture so I show my son that moms can do it all. Biggest need right now is for light fixtures. The ones in the bedrooms are from the 50s. Not cool.

  228. I don't know who would be happier for me to give this to Dad on Father's Day--mom or dad. Dad likes to shop at Lowe's, but mother likes it even more when she can get him to do a home improvement project around the house and save a bill from the elusive handyman.

  229. True, all men could spend hours at Lowe's and maybe walk out with a packet of screws or a truckload of lumber. My husband would love a $100 gift card but maybe I'll spend it in the Garden section.

  230. Well the $100 Lowe's gift card would certainly be a different gift for my father. I know he likes to do hands on things, so I guess it just depends on what projects he has to do.

  231. Yep, my husband loves lowes. We need to do so many things in this house; that the gc would be used in about 5 minutes flat. My hubby is a do it yourselfer so we would be busy. THank you

  232. My husband has a list of to-do projects around the house this summer, so we could certainly use this.

  233. My hubby would love a Lowe's gift card to get some of the tools he tells me he wishes he had in his toolbox! Happy Dad's Day Gentlemen...

  234. I love your suggestions to Lowe's. I would add step-by-step project sheets for the clueless (me). Thanks for the giveaway.

  235. So many projects, so little times. I enjoy shopping at Lowes and discover new ideas each time I am there. a gift card to Lowes always comes in handy for all my projects

  236. As I said in a previous post,my husband isn't handy but we always have every tool imaginable so that the kids can fix something and none of them has their own tools.

  237. My sweetie loves all sort of wood projects (he's taken items and recycled them into beautiful furniture!) and we love to walk around Lowe's ruminating about new creations! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful gift certificate!

  238. We are trying to get our house ready to put on the market, but first we are fixing and making things nicer in the house so it will hopefully sell fast! This would sure help out our budget!!

  239. I'm building a storage shed right now with materials from Lowe's. I'm sure we can find a use for this project or the next.

  240. Great ideas! Not exactly sure what will be purchased. Seems something is always needed at Lowes to finish the never ending projects that make a house a home. Tools, paint, screws...

  241. My husband needs some motivation to start working on our house projects and this card would do the trick.

  242. I would use the $100 Lowe's gift card towards the purchase of a WAGNER Power Roller Max. This tool would help make painting the house this summer a little easier.

  243. Oh La La!! Hubby Loves Lowes!!! Boy if he won this INCREDIBLE Giveaway, *I* would be the winner! I would have a man who would be puttering around the house fixing and repairing! This is one FINE giveaway that would Make HUBBY a HAPPY man !!

    When Daddy is Happy, Mommy is Happy too!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  244. Forget the men! I go to Lowes and do most of our home improvement. My husband bakes mean cookies, tho! lol

  245. Life keeps throwing us curves, furiously. Would love to win the Lowe's giftcard to ease our burdens.

  246. Well, this home repair novice would certainly enjoy a Lowe's card....and I know my father would too.

    Thank you. :-)

  247. My fiance and I have quite the to-do list for the house we juts bought. The gift card would really get us started making this house a home!

  248. The advertising campaign is a cute idea.
    One of the reasons I like Lowes is that it is a dog-friendly store.

  249. I thought once we'd bought a house, my husband would be a do it yourself. Turns out owning the house doesn't change you :)

  250. Lowes actually has workshops for building things for kids that they can actually help make. One project is a putting green, its kinda cool.

  251. I prefer the yard selection at our local Lowes, over the one at Home Depot, always more interesting selection/

  252. Again, Hubs and I are going to move to our own house the end of this year and this would be perfect! I'm kinda thinking all about Kiddo's room and all the cool stuff we can get for that.

  253. I LOVE Lowes, I could spend the entire day there. No husband or father to give this to, but I would love to win it. I would put it to good use.
    Great give away.

  254. I like walking around Lowes looking at all the things I would like to buy to upgrade my house if I had all kinds of money to spend.

  255. If you can believe it or not, my husband would spend every minute in this store if he had the time. From Fall till Summer he is always in there. Either dreaming of what he can do next with the house to the yard of his dreams. Such a perfect gift for my hard working man.

  256. My husband is constantly redoing something in the house. This would make the perfect gift for him.

  257. We are halway through replacing all the flooring in our house. This would help us get done a little faster.

  258. Lowe's just opened up by us so this is our new favorite store! I can walk around and look at things for hours there too :)

  259. Like I said on the Home Depot giveaway. We always have projects around the house going on and this would help out.

  260. Boy, could we use a reciprocating saw--starting to redo a room and it's the one tool we don't have. BTW I prefer Lowes to Home Depot

  261. there's a lowe's by our house and we have many many diy projects just waiting for the time/money to complete--this would be a great start!

  262. I like Lowe's. Not too far away and good prices, too. I'd probably get more flashlights and batteries the next time I go.

  263. It would definitely be great if they had a kids' zone! My preschooler hates being stuck in the shopping cart, but there's just too much temptation and trouble if I let him walk rather than ride.

  264. For the past two years, I've found myself going and spending more at Lowe's than Home Depot. They have more varieties of specialty items (fabric tacs, 3m mini-hooks, etc.). And it doesn't have that sawdust soot feel.

  265. Lowe's is great, we have gotten some unique items there that we didn't see at other stores, including great stained glass privacy film for our windows looks great!

  266. computer crashes as I clicked subit. Don't know if my comment went through or not so...I love your idea about making Lowes mom friendly and we could really use this to finish up our bathroom remodel.

  267. I think your idea of making Lowes a mom friendly place is a great one. Maybe they would consider a Tiki Bar in the Home & Garden area, passing out samples of Pina Coladas, while allowing us moms to kick back on one of their lounge chairs. I'd be more than happy to accompany my husband on his shopping trips to Lowes if that were the case :-)

  268. Lowe's is a great store we buy a ton there. This gift card would be an awesome fathers day surprise! :)

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  269. I enjoy walking around Lowe's and getting ideas, especially in the paint/wallpaper department. I guess if kids were really little it would be hard to get them interested in the things there (not many children oriented toys in Lowe's). Gardening is my thing, so when spring comes I'm always looking over what vegetable and fruit plants I'd like to plant and buy seed packets too.
    You could probably encourage the children to pick out seeds they'd like to plant. Yet, beware one zuchinni seed and you'll have zuchinni coming out of your years all summer long (at least you will where I live).

  270. Lowe's is such a good company for supporting the community. They just awarded our school a $4500.00 grant to update some of our classrooms. I would love to win the gift card, it's great to support a company that also supports it's community!

  271. We love Lowe's in this house. I swear we are there about once a week! Thanks.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  272. My dad is currently remodeling his house and I would give this to him to use for the projects he's working on like removing wallpaper and painting, replacing broken tiles in the kitchen, and updating the countertops in kitchen and bathrooms.

  273. My husband loves Lowes. I hate going there with him because he takes forever. He even bought the plants for our garden their. We live in a fixer upper so he has to make plenty of trips to Lowes.

  274. We are always at lowes. Just bought some tomato cages there. I could spend that giftcard pretty quick at lowes in the gardening section. I have my eye on a utility wagon.

  275. My dad just loves home improvement projects and I'm sure a gift card to Lowe's would inspire him to start something new - maybe a new deck?

  276. Steve's been spending most of this week's time off at Lowe's. He's building shelves and closet rods for our closet-less apartment. I'm sure he'll find something else to improve in the near future, and he'd love to make another Lowe's run.

  277. My dad passed away last year but he was always the do-it himself kind of guy. He could fix and build anything and always had me by his side helping out. I miss those times. He would of loved a lowe's giftcard. My boyfriend and I have acouple projects we have in mind but don't really have the money to do it. I think this would be a great gift!

  278. I love Lowe's just as much as my husband does! We are in need of a new medicine cabinet, as the door just fell off the other day. I would love to win.

  279. thats a good price on the reciprocating saw, but i'd use this to get some paint as we're re-doing our bathroom

  280. we will be doing a renovation soon and my husband is handy and so am i. this would be great

  281. Perfect father's day gift! my husband almost lives at the hardware store- he goes there almost daily.

  282. We love to walk around Lowes and look at all the projects you could do. Sadly, we are not handy.Lowes is so good at explaining how to do home projects

  283. My husband is not exactly handy, but Lowes carries all kinds of things we need. Right now I'd load up on some plants, a new hose and solar lights.

  284. so this would help with the backyard also. We are redecorating the whole yard, so who couldnt use a lowe's card? My husband loves that place.

  285. My husband loves to do woodworking and build items. He recently finished building our kids two desks and made us a nice wooden TV stand. He's always buying new toys...oops tools to improve his woodworking skills. What a wonderful gift this would make for him.
    Thanks so much.

  286. My husband has been promising to paint our front porch and this would be a good incentive for him to do it.

  287. Lowe's is kind of like husband day-care. I could drop him off and he'd be entertained for hours. Right now, I think that he is jonesing for a new router.

  288. I remember going to a hardware store when I was young... they gave me an apron to wear & a play saw. I thought it was the neatest thing.

    Thanks for the contest!

  289. My son LOVES going to these type of stores with his Daddy. He could spend hours just "driving" the riding lawn mowers.


  290. My husband mentioned painting the living room two days ago so with 100.00 we can chose really good paint. We painted the kitchen with "oops" paint that we got at a big discount...not sure we want to do that again tee hee.

  291. My dad and I love going to Lowes. In fact, we just went there the other day. We initially went for a window fan, but we spent 2 hours just looking at stuff!

  292. Projects! Always more projects! We really need a new kitchen faucet before the handle breaks off of the old one.

  293. Thanks for offering this great giveaway. I'd like to win this for my husband so he could get some new tools for Father's day.

  294. We are lucky to have our own home. The draw back is that we have to fix everything ourselves. We are well acquainted with Lowe's.

  295. He never has any shortage of things he "needs" from Lowe's and I enjoy finding new projects for him! :)

  296. OHHH we could really use this. We have 2 projects we are working on right now that we can't finish because we ran out of funds (the bathroom and the backyard). This would really help us get these done!! My fingers crossed that we win this one!! It would truely be a blessing!!!

  297. We finally have a Lowes in our area and my husband goes there it seems like once a week. There are so many things we need done around our house and this gift card would really help out. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  298. Well who couldn't use a Loew's GC. I probably would use it for gardening supplies-love their garden center-looking for a nice rocker for my porch and I had seen one there.

  299. I agree with you. Lowes should market more to moms. And they are the perfect store for it, too. Unlike Home Depot (which seems to focus more on actual building materials) Lowes seems to have a greater selection of "cosmetic" items to decorate with. Either way my husband always finds some tool that he wants to get. I would love to give him this to him for father's day.

    [email protected]

  300. I happen to like shopping at Lowe's with or without incentives. They have everything I need for small DIY projects, and more than enough gardening "stuff". I get most of my spring/summer flowers and plants there. Of course, if they decided to hand out animal crackers or other goodies to adults, I wouldn't complain! ;)

  301. My husband would put this towards some yard related items. Maybe a couple dogwood trees and tools. Thanks!!

  302. Our summertime projects are fertilizing our lawn! and getting rid of ugly moles---yuck! I love to wander around the garden section and buy lots of flowers to grace our deck. Beyond that--we are not handy people.

  303. I'll write the Same story as I did for the Home Depot one, because it's totally true!
    My Fiance would LOVE this as a father’s day gift, but then it may inspire him to start a project that he’ll never finish!! I don’t know, but Honestly I think he’d do some landscaping with it!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  304. I like the ad campaign but you won't find me at the cafe. I love Lowes as much as my husband, if not more. It is one store that we both get lost in. I never complian about wanting to leave.

  305. Always in need of something to do in a house. Walls need painting, cracks, leaks, replacing things and just spring cleaning. Everything I need for my husband and myself can be found here.

  306. My husband loves to troll around Lowe's for hours. I tease him about because it is incredibly boring to me, but he thinks that trolling for hours in Sephora is equally as boring ,so I get his point. There are a lot of women who like to visit home improvement stores, but I am not one of them. I appreciate your idea for a campaign to lure women in, but unless they are giving away chocolate and eyeshadow, I'd rather stay home.

  307. I'd love to send my husband through Lowe's and not spend his own money, or a little less of it. Thanks for sharing~

  308. My husband and I just bought a new house and he is determined to "make it a home" by fixing everything and constantly going to Lowes. Don't get me wrong I love that he wants to do it, but in order to keep things straight. I've created a hunny-do list to keep him busy with some things while he leaves everything else alone. It's a way to keep the peace, he gets to help, while i get my rest.

  309. And by Home Depot, I meant Lowe's. Sorry...along with being an excellent handyman, my father also was skilled in dropping me on my head as a child.

  310. My father LOVES Home Depot…I swear the man could get lost in there for an entire day and not even realize it. He actually has a few projects coming up that he wants to take care off — putting in new flooring for the kitchen, painting the living room and dining room, and he wanted to build a nice little bed in the front yard for different flowers and stuff. The gift card would TOTALLY help him out.

  311. I sometimes go along with my husband when he shops at Lowe's because I like looking at the kitchen and bath floor layouts and dreaming about having one of those designer kitchens someday. I bought my last dryer at Lowe's too, they had the best price around.

  312. A Lowes store just opened in our town a few years ago and we love it. My husband and I ususally go there once a month to get supplies for working on our house. right now we are working on our master bath, I would love to win this to buy new fixtures for our m.b.

  313. Our local Menard's has a play area. It's nice, but thankfully they moved it out to the enclosed garden area. I don't always have time to stop and play, so having it out of sight is nice... kind of like the candy-free checkout lanes in the grocery stores.

    I love Lowes because of how they stand behind the products they sell. They're great to do business with.

  314. Didn't know that Lowes had these for kids. I think I will take a trip on Sat and see what our local Lowes has for the kids. I usually go when they are in school, I think this will make shopping a little easier.

  315. Lowe's is our stopping place for projects outside we are working on. Need a water fountain for our rock garden.

  316. If I were president of lowe's i would make the items on the shelf easier to read.....and keep things in stock........

    Thanks so much,

  317. What dad wouldn't love all that great suff, DEWALT 10-Amp 4-Position Reciprocating Saw is awesome

  318. This would be a great gift for my husband! He has been wanting to deck out our garage with shelving and extra storage!

  319. We just bought a new home and have spent a ton of time in Lowes...this gift card would be put to good use!!

  320. You have really good ideas. I am never excited to go ot Lowes either. I usually hand out in the garden section while I wait on my husband.

  321. I would love to give my hubby a Lowes card for Fathers Day. It's one of his favorite places to shop!

  322. I totally agree with you, they need to target moms with kids, and grandmas too, to make it easier to shop with our little one. They can call me, I'll make suggestions. :)

    I'd buy my hubby this:

    30cc 2-cycle Backpack Blower

    Item #: 18088 Model: PBP300

  323. My husband and I love Lowe's. We bought a house in 2007 and it needs some fixing here and there. I've done some painting but more needs to be done and I need hardware for the kitchen cabinets. The bathroom and kitchen need redone actually, but we're not in the money, so can't do that anytime soon. But I can paint and spruce the place up in the meantime, right?

  324. I enjoy shopping at Lowes too - there's so much to look over and so many things that give me great ideas for new home projects.

  325. It took me awhile to appreciate Lowe's-- until I got my first house, which is when Lowe's became my mecca when anything went wrong! Tools, paint, garden supplies... it's all there. Love it!

  326. ok although I should give this to husband lowes is my dream hang out- they have clearance and gadgets and cleaners and knick knacks and well on and on- I know my husband would say here you go if i gave it to him becuase its one of my favorite places to shop and create

  327. I have loved shopping at Lowe's this year,but that could be that the new kitchen I now have may have some bearing on that.

  328. I love Lowe's!! I especially like their selection of lighting fixtures! Maybe I could finally update mine if I won this!

  329. We need to change out a lot of 1980's style vertical blinds with something a bit more updated. It's a costly proposition, but $100 to Lowe's would surely help!

  330. DH wants to do some work in our master bathroom but as he puts in "I don't have good tools". we know we can't afford them right now. so this will be a great help.

  331. We purchased a foreclosure that was destroyed by the prior owners. I understand their frustration but I do not get the destruction. We could use some new tools.

  332. Lowe's is 5 minutes from our house. It is my husband dream place. Luckily he has always been handy and now being able to just run out and get parts whenever he needs them is great. I have to say I like Lowe's myself..

  333. I think we could use one- something is always going wrong and since we live a mile from Lowes, that's where we always end up first!

  334. I think my husband would benefit from a Lowe's gift card. He really needs to get out there and build the options of toys for the garage. Or even some outdoor tools to help with our grass too. Ohhh...the reason could be endless =). Thanks for the opportunity.

  335. Count me in! I've been trying to convince my father to get better tools for working outside, and this is perfect!

  336. My guy wants a new grill. Since both Father's day and his birthday are this month, this would really go a long way in getting him the Char-Griller
    Duo Gas and Charcoal Grill I have been eying as his gift.
    [email protected]

  337. We have a brand new Lowes that is opening up here. We've had to drive about 25 minutes to get to the other one. This spring, I passed by the two Home Depots on the way and went to Lowe's for our garden supplies. Thanks for the contest!

  338. Oh my goodness, my husband LOVES tools. He would certainly put that gift card to good use, and quickly :) Thanks for the chance!

  339. My hubby would love to try and build some more shelving and I'd love to be able to let him try...something like this would give him the freedom to do that.

  340. a playland for kids is the best idea ever! my friend's son would never want to leave if it had mini power tools and building!

  341. I love all your ideas for Lowes to market to moms and children! It's great to know, too, that Lowes will ship out or allow u to pick up at your local store! Cool!

  342. we're actually installing a small deck this weekend and i would love to be able to buy my hubby a fantastic grill for his first fathers day! he loves to grill but our grill sucks!

  343. I actually cant wait until my son gets a littel older because they have little workshops for kids- which I think is a great idea!

  344. I love the animal crackers idea! Pure awesome.

    We bought a house built in 1833, and my hubby is desperately trying to get some major projects done before our 2nd baby is born & he deploys this fall. Considering we've always lived on base & he has no tools, this is hard to do! :D

  345. I keep eyeing up one of their patio sets. It's chocolate brown with teal and white cushions and accent pillows. This would be a nice start towards that! Maybe it would go towards finishing my basement though. Hmm, lots of choices!

    learningmama at yahoo dot com

  346. Lowe's was the other store we frequented in our new home last year. In fact, we bought our kitchen flooring from there! :)

    I would LOVE to paint a room in our room or a bedroom, so this would be great!!! :)

  347. Yeah, tools, considering we own none, would be an awesome father's day gift. you are really on top of the Father's day sharing. THanks!

  348. We love to shop at our local Lowe's for all kinds of things. My hubby would have a ball spending this on new gadgets and gizmos...or maybe some necessities for the house...I can dream, right!

  349. Oh Sweet Lowe's. We just had one open in the next town to us and of course we (code for My husband) had to be there on opening day. Surprisingly enough they were giving away free poisetta plants. Score! I like your ideas for making it more family/woman friendly. Its definitely not a store i would visit without doing major home reno's first.

  350. My husband was just saying today that he needed some sort of saw for our deck project coming up! This would be awesome to win for him!

  351. I swear, we live at Lowe's, and all of your suggestions for them would be nice (especially the ice cream bar!).

    We're in the beginning of renovating our garage (it's from the 1920s) so this gift card would really thrill my husband. Thanks for the chance!

  352. I think if they added a babysitting area like the larger grocery chains, that would be helpful. then you could shop and not worry about your kids. thanks for the chance to win !

  353. Nice prize! I have lots of projects on my to-do list: kitchen remodel, bathroom update, repairs to fence and deck. This would come in really handy.

  354. I agree with all your suggestions for Lowes, though I will note that I like going to Lowes more than Home Depot because Lowes is more 'designey', if you know what I mean. While they appear to have all the basic home improvement stuff you need, they also have a lot more variety and style when it comes to the prettying up of the home.

    As I noted in a previous comment, I think every home improvement store should have a Michael's/Joann's next door.

  355. You are right with Lowe's needing to do more for women and kids. Why doesnt a makeup company put a counter in Lowe's? That's where I would be.

  356. We just bought our first house and have probably made 10 trips to Lowes already. We could definitely take care of that gift card... and quick.

  357. My husband needs to replenish and stock his tool chest. This would be a wonderful Father's Day gift for him!

  358. My daughter loves to go to Lowe's with her papa. She is obsessed with bringing home paint sample chips. We love to browse the plants at Lowe's and it's where we got all the light fixtures for our remodeled bathroom!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  359. My husband has been wanting a table saw forever...this would give him a good start. Maybe he will build something for me....

  360. We recently bought a house, and there are about a million and one things we could use this gift card for!

  361. So funny! Although, I'm perfectly happy wandering a hardware store. It makes me a little giddy when I have time to just walk up and down the aisles. I think it would be nice to have a place to leave the kids so that parents could shop without interruption.

    My husband bought a reciprocating saw last week and pruned a tree in our front yard beautifully. He is so happy with his efforts that he points out different aspects of the job every time we walk out the door. And I dutifully tell him how great it looks, time after time...

  362. My husband can spend hours at a time at the hardware store and can't seem to unerstand that I think having an icepick lobotomy would be a more fun way to pass the afternoon. Adding in a children's play area would make the kids happy- but that would stack the deck to turn the whole family over to the dark side. Because then the entire family (except me) would want to spend the whole weekend in the hardware store! :)

  363. I think you are on to something. Maybe the President of Lowe's should check out your ideas. I know that I would spend a lot more time in there if it had even one of your suggestions.
    I had no idea what the drive breaker bar was but I have seen my husband struggling with stuck nuts and bolts many times. This would have come in handy. My husband it a true do it yourself guy. I never wants to pay someone to do the job if he can find a way to fix it himself. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  364. I love your ideas for making it a family friendly place. That is great. I don't know if Lowes does it but I know Home Depot has a class for kids every month where they can do little workshop projects and they give out an apron like the employees wear. My husband has astounded me with how much he wants to learn about home repairs and renovations. We rarely call anyone to service us...he enjoys reading a good how to book and putting his skills to work :)

  365. Now this is something my husband will truly appreciate! He is the epitome of a "tinkerer" -- his projects never end.

  366. We can always use treats form Lowes- we were just there checking out a screen door...maybe for fathers day!!

  367. The list of projects I have for the house is endless. After the painting is done it's time for me to rebuild the steps to my guest room. I need to pick up a miter saw for that project!

  368. When we needed a new grill last month I asked my husband where he wanted to look first, he said Lowes. We bought the infrared he has been eying! When we needed a new wheelbarrow, he wanted to go to Lowes. You get the picture. He loves Lowes. It is always clean and the associates are helpful and friendly. He would so appreciate this gift card! THANKS!

  369. Wow... all those things you listed would make Lowes a more enjoyable place for my 2 year old! While my husband hems and haws over what to get and then finds 100,000 other projects he could do while looking around in the store, an ice cream shop would come in handy for the little one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  370. This is perfect because I want to plant vines to cover up everything that's falling apart around here!

  371. While agree with your ideas of making Lowes more "family friendly" from a devils advocate perspective I don't think it would be wise. I mean afterall it is a store with heavy equipment, tools that poke, cut, sand and all sorts of other accidents waiting to happen. From a liability standpoint a nightmare. However I do think maybe a once monthly or quarterly get your family involved event in the parking lot lets say with kid friendly projects i.e. bird houses, stepping stones for the younger kids and maybe something more advanced (i can't think of anything off the top of my head), mom friendly projects and maybe seminars are how to get your family safely involved in projects big & small. I think that adults if given the tools necessary can include their children in almost any project I mean what little kid that you know doesn't want to "help" with anyting you are doing whether it be cleaning or putting together a new picnic table. So in closing I love the idea of one off family friend events but not changing the workings of the store itself because it is a Handypersons paradise not a daycare or playground. well those are my thoughts :)

  372. My boyfriend and I are taking the next step and moving our families in together. 7 kids and two adults.... He is building two rooms in the next two months and this would help SOOOO much with the costs!!

  373. My guy would love to go shopping at Lowe's with a gift card. He'd find lots of things to help with our RVing experiences. Then there's the list of things that need to be done around the house.

  374. Hubby loves Lowe's...his toystore as I call it...thankfully, he will go without me most of the time. We used to go there every week and I thought I was going to lose my mind.

  375. I would love to win the gift card for my husband! He loves Lowe's. He is alway wanting to build something and is need of a new chain saw. This would greatly help in getting that for him.

  376. I love your idea of a model home "design center" right there in the store. Then you could really see how things would look and feel when you interacted with them. Looking at a picture on a box is tough to figure out if you'll like it.

  377. Great giveaway. Hubby would love this because he has some time in the summer and that's when he starts all our home projects. We have quite a few. Our garage needs organization. I need garden supplies but I know he love tools!

  378. I go to Lowe's all the time with my son and I love it! I love it just the way it is, I would not want to see it changed. I love to walk around Lowe's and look at everything. My son is there almost every other day. He is always working on something for his house or yard. My son has three young children and being able to go and not have kids running around is an escape for him!

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  379. THere's no dad in our family, but we have a kitchen-related project in mind and this gift card would help a lot!

  380. I actually really enjoy walking around Lowe's. I DO wholeheartedly agree that a little cafe or place to buy snacks/a drink would be a great addition. It's one reason that I do almost all of my shopping at Target: Alex and I stop at the cafe and get popcorn, or crackers, and then do our shopping and he is a happy camper.

    100 bucks to lowe's would be a fantastic gift!

  381. It's taken me a long time to appreciate going into Lowes. I went from staying in the car to wandering around in the store for a little bit then meeting him in the car. But now, I can say that I actually don't mind going up and down the isles with my husband. I think once I started becoming more a part of the house projects it definitely helped.
    After buying a house built in 1860, a $100 gift would be wonderful. Thanks for the possible opportunity!

  382. Lowe's is just a super place,
    I lose my husband in the space....
    He wanders off before I see,
    Where did he go...where could he be?
    He just delights in every tool,
    Gadget, wrench, and sturdy work stool,
    He likes the grills, and looks at plants,
    He winks at me and does a dance...
    And WOW I'd love to give him this card
    To buy a treasure, he works so hard!

  383. We closed on our house yesterday! We're new homeowners that could find about a million things our new house needs! Starting with the funky (outdated) light switch covers! :o) And 100$ would be great! Thanks!

  384. I was just thinking the other day how much I would like to get my husband a grill for Father's Day. This giftcard to lowe's would be perfect! I love the fact that Lowe's has so many options of products, and any man would be pleased to get something from their.


  385. Oooh, there are always so many projects to do around the house, and this would help! We could use some gardening tools (as well as sunflower seeds; we're thinking about planing a sunflower garden, as they're my favorite flowers). I'm sure there are a thousand other things we could use, but as that's the one that benefits me and I'm most excited about right now, I'll stick with that one. :)

  386. Love that chocolate tool set. Cute! Hubs could do some damage with a Lowes GC. I know exactly what he would buy too. We are looking at remodeling our kitchen and dining room and he is looking at flooring so he would be all over that!

  387. i like your ideas for making lowe's a more family friendly place... it's great to go and look around BUT with two little boys, i need to make sure we have snacks and other distractions for when they are done being at lowe's and we aren't ready to leave yet. now, if they had a place to play or get ice cream : )
    my husband would love a gift card to lowe's. i'm not sure what he'd buy, but i know he'd find something to use in the garage, house or yard.

  388. We didn't like the Lowes in the city we just moved from. They never had what we needed in stock. But there is one close to our new place and we love it! The employees are very helpful, and we always leave feeling satisfied with our purchases.

  389. So sorry that I said Home Depot, but Lowe's is right next it where we live. They also know my husband my name. Thanks, Cindi

  390. My husband and I are not very handy around tools. But we need to re-do our closets. The DeWalt saw would come in very handy.

  391. They know my husband by name in our Home Depot. It is only five minutes from our home! We have been living in our home long enough that the projects are beginning to add up! Our rooms need painting,
    the deck and fence need staining and our kitchen/
    laundry room need new flooring. Please add my name to another of your fabulous Father's Day giveaway
    drawings. Thanks so much.....Cindi

  392. My husband has been hinting that he'd like some sort of table saw so if I won that's what I'd put the gc towards. Thanks for the chance.

  393. This would be a perfect gift for my husband. I'd love to go along and plan some fun home projects with him!

  394. Lowes doesn't have a "playland" for kids, but on select Saturdays of the month, they Build and Grow Clinics for kids, but I think they need to be 5 years old to to attend.
    Lucky for me there is a Kohls right next door to Lowes so, hubby and I can go our seperate ways in the parking lot, if we want.

  395. Just the other day, my husband and I were talking about Lowes and Home Depot and how we wished that Lowe's had the same shopping carts that Home Depot does... our daughter loves to 'drive' while we shop and we love shopping at Lowe's!

  396. My husband is getting to be so much more handy around here. I'm so proud of him. We could use this towards the bathroom we currently in the process of fixing up. He needs more manly tools and things for getting these projects done. =)

    mommainflipflops At

  397. We have just realized a love for Lowe's. Every time I turn around we are headed there. We went twice over the weekend and again last night.

  398. Chocolate tool sets?! Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!! Great idea!

    I will say, though, I love the little kids workshops that Lowe's offers every so often (maybe once a month?). They are nice for the youngsters!

  399. I've never been to a Lowe's. I've been to Home Depot and am not super impressed with their customer service. Our smaller local nurseries are so much kinder! BUT the bigger stores do have more selections, so we do frequent them from time to time. Your ideas for attracting moms are great by the way!

  400. We actually do make Lowes a family outing from time to time. Of course our idea of a meal out is Hardees so you can take that with a grain of salt! I enjoy going through the kitchens and dreaming of how I'd like mine to look or wandering through the flowers thinking of what we could plant. My daughter and I went together to pick up some gardening supplies the other day and as we walked through one isle she said, "Look Mami, potties, lots of potties!" Oh, the girls also love to ride in the race car carts, that's probably the highlight.

  401. Forget my husband getting his hands on this. I want a new vacuum cleaner. And if I won this, I'd get myself a vacuum at an affordable price!!

  402. Wow. I think you should be the Ad manager. You have some really great ideas. My daughter would want to go to Lowes more often with Daddy- if she could get chocolate or an icee. The kids & I like to look around at Lowes when hubby is getting supplies. I like to look at their gardening section(seasonal here) & Also I like to get different ideas of ways to re-do the house.

  403. I tend to like Lowe's as much as my hubby does - mostly because they've got a great section for organizational stuff, and their outdoor/yard area is pretty good too. We've bought most of our home improvement/yard stuff there over the years.

    I love the play area idea! Dragging all 3 of our kids there when we go is never a fun experience...

  404. Here's a question: What's the difference between a Lowe's and a Home Depot? Is like a Target Walmart thing? I don't think I've ever been inside a Lowe's. Maybe I'll have to win to find out!

  405. I think Lowe's is a gift to us all! My husband could go there and spend hours walking the aisles! I could enjoy the free time alone in the peace and quiet. It really is a win win situation!

  406. See, I view Lowes as much more family friendly than Home Depot, though Ilove both. Maybe because H.D. seems like more of a guy store to me, complete with the guy smell. Lowes has always been great to me, and I look forward to visiting them now that we are building our new home!

  407. My entire family loves Lowe's, although the company would do well to heed Metropolitan Mama's advice on how to become more family-oriented. To her list, I would add a place for nursing mothers to breastfeed and complimentary diapers in restrooms which are fully equipped with changing stations!

  408. I've always felt like Lowe's was a Home Improvement Store For Women. It just has such a nice, clean feel, a lot of decorative items, even the functional appliances look more appealing in Lowe's. And, personally, I love their garden center.

  409. Hee, I would totally have to go with the gift card, because I would completely eff up if I tried to buy something tool related.

    We just got a new Lowe's in our town, and I *love* it--love browsing in their garden center!

  410. We love Lowe's! We are always doing some kind of home repair and there is a Lowe's right around the corner from us.

  411. First of all, I just have to say that you are rockin' the dad's day giveaways. Second of all, you have great ideas on how companies can make themselves more family friendly. Maybe they should hire you on a consultant basis...

    On to Lowe's. When we step through the entrance we split up usually. Jeff heads yonder to drool over tools and shiny metal things while I peruse the garden center and the yard art stuff. I love the statues and things they have there.

  412. My husband and I live just down the road from Lowe's, so it seems we go there more than ever. Although that's also due to the fact that we are now homeowners. I make an effort to go along with him on his trips there so that I can spend some time with him, but I'm loving your idea of a cafe inside where I could sit and read while he shops!

  413. My hub's really nice drill finally went the way of all the earth. It needs to be replaced, but those things are a bit pricey. This would be a nice way to replace it!

  414. We're on our 4th year of fixing up our fixer-upper home so Lowe's is a favorite stomping ground of ours!

  415. I have been patiently waiting for a lowes to open up in our town. We have been rumored that one was coming for about a year now. I love all the different departments they have.

  416. My husband needs a few tools as well. He wants a nail gun to put up the crown in the downstairs rooms. He wants an ax to chop the wood for the fireplace into smaller pieces and he needs a new blower to blow the leaves off the yard and dirt off the deck. I know he has lots more but I can't remember them all at this very moment.

  417. I love your marketing ideas for Lowe's. Anything that shows that they care about families and are trying to make the shopping experience more enjoyable for kids would score big points with us! We like to spend fun, quality family time on weekends, but often need to get household jobs done too; so a store were we could go as a family to have fun, but also make steps towards accomplishing house projects would be really cool!

  418. I totally thing they should hand out tool shaped cookies. My boys would love that. My husband could use $100 gift card is like 5 seconds in that store. They always have something he can use!

  419. What a great store Lowe's is. My husband loves to go to Lowe's and look at all their tools and since we are in the process of remodeling our home, this would be the perfect gift.

  420. My husband is a do-it-yourself'er, but we mostly stick to the lawn and garden section.... not sure he could be trusted with some of those power tools with sharp edges!

  421. My husband could really use a $100 Lowees Gift Card. There are a ton of things we need for the house that we keep putting off until we have the money.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  422. Seeing as how we've just bought a new house, I'm sure he'll be needing all the tools he can get! That makes this a perfect gift for him!

  423. I won't go to Lowes with my husband anymore -- he has to look at E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Sometimes he goes there just to browse like I would go clothes shopping. Yet it never fails that when I need him to do something around the house, he doesn't have the right tool and must make a multi-hour trip to find what he needs. What a great gift idea though!

  424. I'll have to say, Lowe's is a favorite store for us. I could shop there all day...let alone my husband! THis would be perfect...especially for all of those summertime projects

  425. We can wander around Lowe's for hours if Hubby is looking for supplies for a project or tools for the tool box - he can be a slow shopper when he gets in places like this. But we're working on fixing up our house right now so we're making plenty of visits - I just wish they had a car cart for me to ride around in with Sugar - I can only take so much on-my-feet-on-a-concrete-floor time right now!

  426. My husband and I can wander around Lowe's for hour just looking at all the stuff. I love the smell of the lumber. Even though I'm the do-it-yourselfer around here, there are a few things he would like to have for himself from there, I'm sure.

  427. I actually like Lowes and my 2 year old loves their "car carts" because she can "drive" around the store. And of course my husband likes it as well!

  428. Home Depot runs kid programs every few Saturdays. Lowes might, too! We spend way too much time at either of the two stores - we've been working on a bathroom remodel for three years now :)

    His favorite way to torture me is a trip to the screw aisle. They all look the same to me, but I'm frequently assured that there is a **specific screw** for a **specific job**. I say just buy the first packet you find!

  429. So true, so true. A mega store for guys! I must admit that I sometimes wander aimlessly in there thinking of how we can spruce up our home though.

  430. Are you kidding me? Seriously, you are hitting all of these posts right on the head for my husband. He loves all of this stuff, but he especially LOVES to build things. He is always on the lookout for another tool he can use. He would be disappointed if I didn't enter, so here's to hoping!

  431. Interesting idea on the ad campaign- I have childhood memories of being soooooo bored at the hardware store

  432. Funny - my husband brought the baby out to Lowe's today! It was their first big outing without me, while I went into work for a short while. Baby girl loved checking out the lawn equipment, apparently, and they were able to take advantage of Lowe's super 10% price difference guarantee - so we saved money on our new trimmer!

    There are always things our house needs! What a great idea for Dads!

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