4-wheeling-jeepThe jeep tipped precariously to the right - and then to the left again - threatening to fall over the huge boulders beneath us.

I gasped and gripped my seat. "You do know that we have our child in the backseat, right?" I said as I peeked over nervously at my husband who was maneuvering the steering wheel with a focused grin on his face.

All of a sudden, I heard a warm and rumbly laugh from the backseat. I looked back at our 1 1/2 year old daughter, strapped in her carseat. She sat smiling ear-to-ear. She was clearly having a grand time.

My husband smirked a little. I relaxed. If my baby could enjoy 4-wheeling, so could I.


That was a year ago. Our 2 1/2 daughter still loves 4-wheeling and hiking and riding on the quad or go-cart with her daddy. She's fearless, I tell you.

She gets that from her daddy.

He's totally and completely into the Great Outdoors. He feels alive in the wilderness. He feels at home with a campfire, a knife, a tent, and a scenic landscape.

I, too have a bit of an outdoorsy side. I've hiked miles and miles, backpacked in northern California, been rockclimbing and rapelling and ocean kayaking and whitewater rafting. And I do like the feel of the sun on my shoulders, the way it feels to jump into the water after a long hike, the beauty of inhaling unpolluted air.

But he likes all of that more. Nature speaks to him somehow.

rei_logoThat's why he's a huge fan of REI - a company with a passion for outdoor adventure.

This Father's Day, think REI. Whether his hobby of choice is camping, hiking, cycling, climbing, kayaking, canoeing, running, swimming, backpacking, or snoeshoeing, REI has everything he could possibly dream of.


REI Quarter Dome T2 TentREI Quarter Dome T2 Tent ($269)

This top-rated, 2-person tent weighs in at only 3 lbs. 12 ounces. It's featherweight and compact, an ideal choice for long excursions when every ounce that you're carrying matters. When you reach your campsite, it pops into place effortlessly. But don't let the easy set-up fool you: it's strong and sturdy and seals out the rain with magnificent efficiency.


REI taku pantsREI Taku Pants ($159)

If your guy enjoys "cold weather" sports (climbing, snoeshowing, & skiing), he'll be sure to appreciate REI's Taku Pants. They're waterproof, breathable, and offer weather-tight protection. Yet they're also stylish enough and roomy enough to make any guy feel comfortable. The zippered bottom ensures that he'll be able to fit the pant legs over his boots as he faces the storm.


windmill delta stormproof lighter REIWindmill Delta Stormproof Lighter ($55)

His cool meter will go up fifty notches when he shows his friends this refillable lighter that will "bring forth fire in even the direst of weather conditions." Yep - this little powerhouse of a tool can withstands winds up to 80 miles per hour. Sa-weet!

Or you could always get him a gift card (that's sure to be a winner!):

REI gift card

So...What would you buy with a gift card to REI?

I think I'd get:

oboz yellowstone mid hiking boots REIREI Venus 75 pack women's kelty eclipse +35 Sleeping Bag Double-Wide REI

Oh wait - was I supposed to be shopping for Father's Day? My bad...

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  1. We could use the double wide sleeping bag when we go camping - we've alwasy attached two sleeping bags which works but I like the romance in a bag for two. I also like the two man tent idea with the double sleeping bag - then our two sons can go sleep separate and we can be alone in our double bag!!!

    We have a jeep and need to go on an over-night off-roading adventure.... this is reminding me to make our reservation - there are legal trails all around us but they only allow a certian number of vehicles back there at a time to protect the environment... maybe i can make that reservation as part of his gift too!!!!

    Thanks! you are getting my ideas FLOWING!!!

  2. This sure would come in handy. We have been talking about needing to do more outdoor activities like camping.

  3. I'm not sure what he would go for but I have a sneaky suspicion it would be the Quarter Dome T2 tent. He's been dropping lots of hints lately about camping :)

  4. He needs winter (snowboarding) essentials so I would DEFINITELY get him new pants, jacket & some gloves.

  5. The boys go on the occasional fishing trip (like the one in a couple days...), and Chris doesn't have much of anything for those trips. I'd probably get him a good knife and some other camping/fishing equipment.

  6. You're is about to be Father's Day and all. But I thought it was just SO funny you mentioned the Oboz Yellowstone hiking boots -- I myself have been eyeing them for quite awhile now!

  7. The tent and some sleeping bags would go over well in our home. My husband loves to take us camping and our stuff is quite worn! Thanks for offering!

  8. My husband loves REI, and has really gotten into camping. He really needs a new tent so this would be perfect for him!!!

  9. We love, love, love REI! If someone is seriously considering a tent, I would recommend the REI Half-dome wholeheartedly. Easy to set up, very compact to carry and you can usually get it on sale.

  10. My husband loves his fleece jackets. Doesn't matter how many other things I buy him, the fleece are what he wears. REI has a great selection of fleece --- their clothing in general is what draws me into their store.

  11. My husband always wanted to try kayaking and canoeing, got some nice stuff for that over REI. Thanks a lot! I love shopping at REI

  12. Definitely sleeping bags. Ones that actually fit in our washer! We have some giant heavy duty ones that we have to take to the laundromat to wash. Which is always a pain! Or the SteriPEN Journey Water Purifier System.

  13. Oooooh, REI (breathless whisper). What wouldn't I buy from REI? But if we focus on the father, he'd probably go for some more bike gear, a kayak, new hiking boots, camping doo-dad... He's a gear-hound, so I have no doubt he'd pick up more gear for all of our many outdoor hobbies!

    Did I even mention I worked at REI? It's just as great a place to work as it is to shop.

  14. My husband and I were just talking about how we need to start camping more and get some new camping gear. He still has his stove from the boy scouting years. My husband is a boy scout at heart, and he's happiest while getting grungy while camping. Me? I prefer a hairdryer, hot shower, and breakfast in bed. But, I'll go camping because he loves it and I want my son to love it, too.

  15. We bought most of our backpacking gear at REI "back in the day" (before kids). Many Saturday afternoon drives ended up at REI to add to our wish list of items.

  16. I may have mentioned I am on a quest for a hat. Unfortunately, I tend to feel silly in them. I once said, "I can't wear hats." To which, my sassy friend replied, "Why not! You have a head don't you."
    So I would be willing to give REI Zion Bucket hat a try.
    BTW - I feel the same way about scarves.

  17. REI is one mine & my my husbands favorite stores/sites. We go on an annual hike and camping several times a year (currently only cabin camping since my son is under 2) We buy all our gear there & this year we are looking at investing in a 5-6 person tent so a gc would definitely come in handy.

  18. My husband is a huge out doorsy guy! He loves to camp and hike and ski, I don't mind it myself. So, what would we get at REI, I think a family size tent!! But if it were just for dad it would be maybe the hiking boots. :-)

  19. I think that tent you have posted above looks great. I need to get my husband to look at the REI website b/c we have been on the market for good camping tents.

  20. Kev would probably choose cycling gear but I would be all over the fitness gear (a new pedometer, energy food, longboard, etc.)

    I'm definitely more of an outdoorsy type now however I still won't be camping any time soon. Love walking at the state park and love the beach but there must be a hotel for me to sleep in LOL

  21. I need to get one of the Kelty child carriers for hiking. Pushing an "all-terrain" stroller uphill and controlling its descent are a challenge!

  22. I think my husband would pick our cycling gear from REI with a gift certificate. The question is... what are you giving your husband? I assume he already knows about all this stuff :-)

  23. Oh my gosh I have so been there! My father and his 4-wheeling antics. He did things just to scare the rest of us! I enjoy 4-wheeling unless we're driving near the edge of a drop off.

  24. We are really trying to get out and do more outdoor stuff as a family. We could definitely use sleeping bags for the kids (I'd go with the Wolverine and the Little Red) and a bigger tent (the Wu Hu Annex 4 + 2 tent looks awesome). And maybe an Aero All-Terrain Air Mattress to make the whole experience more enjoyable for me.

  25. Tom talks about wanting to get out there in the outdoors but never actually does. Maybe something like this would get him out there. He has a great friend who tries to get him to go to and when he does, he has a great time. He just needs to do it more often. With a possibly future of skiing and teaching our son snowboarding, this could be great.

  26. Your husband and my husband would get along really well. My hubby loves to do that four-wheeling stuff that makes my stomach turn and my blood run cold thinking we're about to tip the truck over. Of course Sugar is fearless and enjoys every minute of whatever adventure he's set off on! At least I enjoy the outdoors too - it's our favorite place to spend "family time" - outside, playing, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, dog training...

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