FOR THE FASHIONABLE DAD: Cult of Individuality Jeans

cult of individuality logoJust off the runway, this new denim line for men is smokin' hot.

Retailing for $135-185 a pair, Cult of Individuality jeans are 100% Los Angeles. They have that California, "I'm such a celebrity" appeal. The washes are unique. The denim appears to high-quality. And the fits are at the peak of fashion.

My husband tried on the jeans this afternoon and I'm smitten. They're stylish, masculine, and confidence-instilling. I love them.

cult-of-individuality-jeans-1-edit cult-of-individuality-jeans-3

Now, just one question: are you supposed to hem them or wear them long like the models on the Cult of Individuality website?

hagen straight leg jean ronWIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Hagen Straight Leg Jean in Ron ($135, pictured right). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, June 8 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #140 LeaneG. Congratulations!

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205 comments on “FOR THE FASHIONABLE DAD: Cult of Individuality Jeans”

  1. My husband is not one to shop much for himself.. especially clothes. I'd love to surprise him with a pair of new jeans :)

  2. I'm laughing again! Very LA/So Cal! And I don't think you're supposed to hem them...kind of like I don't think guys are supposed to pull them up when they sag? Something crazy like that? Us Californians!

  3. Denim always make men to look smart and style. I prefer to choose Hagen Straight Leg Jean in Ron by Cult of Individuality. Great gift for Father's day.

  4. These jeans are very cool, but way out of my budget. It would be nice to win a pair, though. Thank you for the terrific give-away.

  5. i went to the website and was happily surprised they make them in bigger sizes! my husband is a big sexy size 38/40! i am sick of seeing him in camo shorts and wranglers all the time!

  6. these jeans look really nice. if i win, i would hem them so they look nice. thanks if i win and have a blessed day.

  7. those look really nice not to mention comfy.i hate shopping for my hubs jeans i never seem to get what he wants :(

  8. I think you are supposed to wear them long, not hem them. I would LOVE to give these to my bf for his birthday in a couple weeks. He desperatley needs some jeans from the 2000's. I swear his are from the 90's and he won't let me buy him any. I think he'd look fantastic in these!!!

  9. Wow, those must be some jeans to pull such a price! But my husband could certainly use a new pair---thanks for the giveaway!

  10. These are really great looking jeans! My husband would love them and he has never had anything this nice! Would love to win them for him! He would be thrilled!

  11. Okay....I know I'm supposed to be trying to win these for my hubby, but I'm thinking my teenage son might grab them up first!! He'd think he was cool!

    By the way...your hubby looks tall!!


  12. When it comes to jeans my husband is a basic jeans kind of guy but he can ne persuaded to try new things. He would love these for special occasions but not for everyday.

  13. My husband is strictly jeans or shorts, it's like pulling teeth to get him to wear anything else. May I say your hubby is lookin' good in his new jeans?!

  14. These are really sharp looking jeans! I'd love to get my dad to ditch his really old-fashioned, fading denim for a stylish new pair like these - thanks for the chance to win them for him!

  15. My husband truly enjoys dressing urban chic (from a male perspective) and he does live in jeans. He is pretty picky about the jeans he will wear, they have to be pretty darn cool and these Cult of Individuality jeans definitely have that "cool" factor that I know he would love! He appreciates and has an eye for what looks good on him and I know these Cult of Individuality jeans fit his personality and sense of style! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  16. Does anyone really have enough jeans? I know my husband would appreciate another pair for Father's day! Thanks!

  17. I have the typical guy that will wear pants until they have so many holes you can see his boxers. It drives me nuts. I would love to give him a new pair of jeans.

  18. The jeans do look very nice, not too 'young' or overdone. It's so hard to find jeans my husband will wear but he'd look cute in these! Thank you

  19. i love my husband in jeans and those are really sexy jeans i would love for them and my hubby to mix

  20. My husband would look great in those jeans! He has been losing weight over the last year and would be happy to put on these stylish jeans!

  21. My husband has loved 501's since the day he was born. Now he shops at Wal.... for the cheapest thing he can find. He has the cutest bum, I would like to see it again.

  22. I think they should be worn long orkinda rolled up just once like some of the models are on the website. Hemming would be too formal, which is not the proper style for these bad-boy jeans.

  23. My husband loves to clothes shop! He is such a label looker, too. It's very funny. He would love these! Thanks.

  24. My husband would love these and he needs them too!
    He lost weight exercising regularly, :)
    so now the old ones don't fit!

  25. My husbands jeans are all getting worn now! Hagen Straight Leg Jean in Ron would be a grand addition for him I would think.

  26. I like the first comment on this post, "Those are hot man jeans!" LOL

    Really though, the styles look great and it's nice that there's a company out there that can help us show our men we appreciate them more than just on Fathers Day!

  27. I would have to side with many of those who comment that the look is cool and whatever, but to convince my husband that these are worth the price paid they had better wear "long and tall in the saddle"!

  28. My hubby does not understand my love of designer jeans. He doesn't get that a well designed pair of denims can really dress up an outfit and be comfortable at the same time!

  29. It's nice to see a pair of men's jeans up as a prize--I have 3 family members who would each love these. Of course, if they found out how much they cost, they might faint! And as to the hem/don't hem question--for heaven's sake, hem them! My grandsons frequently let theirs be a little long, and end up with a chunk out of the back of the leg where it has worn away!

  30. I really like those jeans! They hug in all the right places but they are not feminine looking. Great jeans!

  31. I have a friend who would love these jeans. Hes very stylish and stays up to date on the trends, I can see him wearing these everywhere.

  32. Total TMI, but I have to say I would love to see these on my very own DH, 'cause I bet they would make his butt look great! LOL! These would be a very HOT win! The DH is due for some new jeans and having such a fashionable pair would be a nice treat. I bet he would get hooked on their brand!

  33. I think you should wear these any way and any length that works for you. I would give these to my boyfriend who is always wearing jeans that just dont fit him

  34. My teenage son would love these! I think they are great looking but there is no way I could ever spend that much $ on a pair of jeans. It would be really nice to give him something that nice! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  35. I'm not sure if my husband would like these or not--he's a very relaxed fit kind of guy. But, we'd happily try them out!

  36. Those are awesome! My husband is sooooo hard to jeans shop for. He's picky, but also has a tall, athletically skinny body type. Would love to try these on him! (it's always trial and error!)

  37. It's amazing how hot my husband can look just from putting on a pair of jeans that fit him right and are, well, stylish. Sometimes his fashion sense is right on and sometimes it needs a little help... these jeans look great!

  38. I need jeans so bad and just haven't had the urge to shop, it's just not my thing. These would be perfect.

  39. I like these jeans, i dont think you are supposed to hem them, according to some fashion stylists hemming pants cuts off on the length of your legs, i think they look better when they're not hemmed anyways lol.

  40. These look like they would be nice jeans, and who could ever have enough jeans? I don't think my husband would ever pay this much for a pair of them however. And if I'm going to spend that much on clothes it will be something for ME ha ha. I do think he would look great in them!

  41. My husband is in desperate need of jeans and refuses to go and buy them because of finances. Oh yeh, he'd flip out if I won these!

  42. My husband and I are not fashion conscious, but he would LOVE me if he got these. He thinks he's cool, but he's not. But, at least these would make him look cool for once. I love my geeky guy...

  43. I've gotten into the bad habit of wearing the same pair of jeans all the time, this would be a cool & stylish way to break out of that.

  44. i've been told when it comes to clothes i have no sense of style. would be nice to finally have some stylish jeans

  45. My husband cannot get out of his Lee jean spell. He wears the same type year after year. I would really love to win these for him. Maybe it will bring out a whole new side to him :)..thank you

  46. My daughter would say he is supposed to wear them long. If she isn't stepping on hers, she says they are too short! Thanks!

  47. My sweetie would love these jeans, and since he never spends much money on clothing for himself, it would be a great Father's Day treat! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  48. My son would love a new pair of jeans. I don't like to see them dragging on the ground. they get so dirty and frayed. I would hem them.

  49. These look like great jeans. If I win I hope that they have his size(short),he's never had a pair of jeans over $20.

  50. wow that is alot of money for jeans, we are cheap. but i def wanna chance to win these. hubby would look hot.
    cool you got your hubby to model them LOL

  51. My hubby would never spend that much on jeans but they would look so great on him, so if I won them it would be the best of both worlds.

  52. My hubby needs new jeans! He always buys the cheapest jeans he can find and wears them until they literally fall apart.

  53. Oh my, I am WAY out of touch! Designer jeans? Amazing! I guess I've been lost in the world of dirty diapers, spit up, homeschool, mountains of laundry, and never ending dirty dishes! I guess that's what 4 kids to do you! I wonder if these would look good on a 6'5", slender built hunk I know!?

  54. I miss Arizona ! Hope you enjoy it as I have.I'd like to give a pair of these to my 20 year old college junior. It might convince him to visit after Father's Day...

  55. My hubby would look awesome in those! Lord knows he ruins his pants at work and needs a new pair every other week.

  56. my husband buys the cheapest pair of jeans that fit to endure his tree climbing job. for days when we're out and about, it would be nice for him to wear something hip and stylish (instead of just cargo shorts). I love the wash and modern look of these Cult of Individuality Hagen jeans in Ron.

  57. always preferred straight leg jeans, but you're right those do look rather long on their website, lol

  58. ok so my husband has like NO jeans, he refuses to shop for himself, so these would be great! lol

  59. I have always loved wearing straight leg jeans, and I usually wear men's jeans anyway, so If I win, I think I'll keep them for myself. My husband wouldn't wear jeans that cost that much, but I would!

  60. I"m voting with the "HEM EM" group. Hubby hates it when his pants drag, so know he'd never go for the long look. But these are some nice looking jeans!

  61. What a great pair of jeans! My hubby would love these! I vote to hem them...I'm not liking the super long look.

  62. I like these jeans. I think you are suppose to walk on them. I myself have a couple a pair that are way to long. I wear heels with them. But men I guess will just have to walk on them.

  63. Those are cool jeans! Very stylish. I would love to win them for my husband. Your husband did a good job as a model. ;)

  64. no one drags pants here they would be hemmed if there is extra- my son would love these just becuase he has a 38 inseam and needs the extra length

  65. If I win this, they will be for my brother. he is a great dad, and will look really cool on him. He has recently arrived to this country from India and would love to wear this.thanks

  66. Tom never wants to go out and spend money on his clothes. I think a nice pair of jeans is just what he needs.

  67. My husband wears them long, he likes to walk on them, lol! He NEEDS these so badly. We were just talking today about how he needs new pants (all his are torn at the crotch haha) Thanks for the chance!

  68. I would love to get these for my hubby- he just lost a ton of weight by going on a diet with me, and now none of his clothes fit! I would love to get him some hot jeans for his new hot body! ;) haha

  69. My husband wears jeans to work EVERY DAY. He's always commenting about wanting a nicer pair of jeans to mix in (i.e., nicer than his standard Levi's or Old Navy). I'd love to surprise him w/ this!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  70. My husband really needs a new pair of jeans but he never wants to spend the money on clothes so it would be great to surprise him with a great pair.

  71. I would need to hem them! According to the website, this style has a 34" inseam... and, they still look super long on the model.

  72. My husband has such a hard time finding the right fit jeans for him. He is not a typical build and the usual levi's etc dont work. This sounds great!

  73. I know I'm not following your giveaway rules so I'm automatically disqualified. BUT....

    Please tell me you haven't abandoned Tuesday tours. :(

    Okay. Back to your regularly scheduled discussion.

  74. These are nice jeans. It took us a few years to come to terms with the "worn look" jeans. Interesting conversations for sure on the economic influences of what currently looks 'cool.' Beyond that though, style has influenced us at last to see these too as good looking. Now, the question is, would they fit round my husband's thick thighs? Hee hee.

  75. My hubby wouldn't wear them long either. In fact, I'm lucky he even has "dress jeans" without stains or hole. I think these would be a great addition to his wardrobe.

  76. Those are nice, but umm...we'd have to win them; my husband would never buy jeans that cost more than 50.00!! :)

  77. I would love for my husband to finally have a nice pair of jeans!!! Not ones with tons of holes and oil stains...maybe he could actually wear them out to dinner and/or dress up the jeans a bit! A change from dress pants being the only nice thing he has to wear!

  78. I love that you got him to pose! He's a great model!! :)

    I assume they're supposed to be worn long, but I'd be itching to have them hemmed. What did your hubby think of the length?

  79. These jeans are just too husband would look amazing in them! Since he's not really the fashion-type, he may not appreciate them nearly as much as my girlfriends and I will :o)
    Thanks so much!

  80. My hubby can always use new jeans. My only problem is I hope he would not accidently turn them into work jeans. I get so mad at him because he comes home from work and instead of changing his clothes into work around the house clothes (which he has a lot of) he goes out in his nice clothes and before you know it they are work around the house clothes.

    I also love my hubby in jeans probablly because he never wears them. He wears kakhis and slacks to work (even though he could wear jeans and no one would say anything).

  81. My husband would probably get these hemmed... These are some really sharp looking jeans, my hubby would feel good in these :)

  82. It depends on how long is "long"! If there is an inch of two I would say that is okay but if they are really really long then I would hem them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. I just started buying jeans for my guy and I love this style... he has almost NO butt... so anything to accentuate his lovely form would be great! :)

    BTW.... Cute hubby!!

  84. Do they have to be just hubby pants? I think any stylish male would wear the hagen jeans. Love the detail, good thing the worn in look is still goin strong.

  85. My hubby would never spend that much on jeans, but he could really use a good pair of jeans. It would be a great Father's Day gift.

  86. My husband hates shopping and is in desperate need of new jeans. I like these, but having never spent that much on jeans for myself, I definitely won't be running out to buy these for him ;)

  87. Fantastic jeans. Hubby would look good in them and franky he needs some new ones. He hates shopping so if I win these then he has to wear them.

  88. Do you mean I get a chance to get my hubby out of his straight leg Levi's?? And maybe have a pair that don't have paint or stain on them?
    Holy Moly, sign me up.... and help me give my redneck hubby some class...

  89. It'd be great to see more jeans like these take hold on the East Coast. The wash on them is fantastic. My girlfriend suggested these, and I'd love to get more dark denim into the wardrobe.

  90. Oh, cute! I'm sure Zach would look absolutely adorable in them. And considering he's lost a size recently he could use some new jeans that aren't baggy around the butt (no one likes baggy-butt jeans!).

  91. If wearing those jeans makes my hubby look even a smidgen like the model on their website, sign me up! Wowzers!

  92. Chris literally has one pair of jeans without a hole in them. And those aren't fashionable holes, my friend, they are "I've had these so long and worn them out so badly that they cannot remain in one piece any longer" holes. I'm pretty sure he would be excited about these jeans.

    I'm not gonna lie, though, knowing your hubbs it is kind of funny thinking of him as a model. :) Good job!

  93. Those jeans look cool. Kev always needs more jeans but I'm not sure he would keep the pants long, he would have to hem them (oh yea he sews too *wink*)

  94. My husband does not have the greatest taste in clothes, but after 5+ years of marriage and a lot of subtle coaching from me, he is improving. These jeans would definitely boost his wardrobe's cool factor.

  95. I like the stylish husband always buys the plain old levis...I bet if I won them I could actually get him to wear a pair that look more stylish!

  96. Your husband is very handsome!! It is sweet that one of your compliments of the jeans is that they are confidence instlling. :) I say leave them long, they would look good like that!

  97. Happy June! Great jeans. I checked out there site and like how they are made for the individual in a man, not the masses! My husband would look great in these jeans. Your model does a great job!
    Please add my name to your drawing.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  98. Haha! I love how your husband is totally in character for this post. I can tell he had fun posing!

  99. I really like these jeans. My husband would never pay over $100 for a pair of jeans, but these are really cool! Hope he wins, he needs a mini makeover.

  100. These jeans are the bomb! My hubby would never splurge for a pair of jeans when he can buy a pair for $9.99 at Wal-Mart. Thanks for a chance to make him a little bit more hip.

  101. My husband is very slim. I am in a constant search for jeans that fit him, but don't make him look like a man about to get blown over by a stiff wind. I'd love to try this brand and see if it fits the bill!!

  102. Those are some nice jeans. My husband truly is the fashionista of the family but in a fully masculine way. I ask his advice on what to wear and would actually prefer he purchase my clothing because he's just better at picking things out.

  103. These jean look pretty sharp, I like the whiskering around the pockets. Are they relaxed through the hip or truly straight?

  104. Those are some hot man jeans! Husband would never spend that much on a pair of jeans, but if he did I would not complain one bit.

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