FOR THE GADGET GUY: an iPhone Case {or any phone case}

iphnmusicI remember when the iPhone came out in June 2007 (I laughed a lot when I watched the iPhone musical for the first time).

My husband and I were in awe, but we weren't about to shell out over $500 for a phone.

So we waited.

The prices dropped.

And then we bought them.

And the iPhone IS incredible. I think all of the talk is called for, actually. It's a feature-laden product that is truly innovative.

Want to...

  • get directions?
  • take a picture of your baby asleep in her carseat?
  • look up movie times?
  • send an e-mail to a friend?
  • play a game?
  • watch a movie?
  • listen to music?
  • schedule a meeting?
  • read a book?
  • update your Facebook status?

NO PROBLEM! With an iPhone, you can do it all.

If your guy has an iPhone, he probably wants to protect it because it's a pricey phone with a lot of important data on it. Why not surprise him with a case for Father's Day?

NOTE: The following cases are specifically designed for the iPhone 3G.

leather flip folio by belkinLeather Flip Folio ($34.99) by Belkin

Stylish and sleek, this fully leather case is the height of professionalism. The grey stitching around the edges is subtle and the solid black leather matches with everything. He'll be able to toss his iPhone in his pocket or messenger back without worrying about scratches or smudges. ***Enter to win an iPod or iPhone case of your choice from Belkin - see below.

folio by contour design

Folio ($39.95) by Contour Design

The Folio is snazzy and sturdy. Available in red or black leather, this a a great classic case with a little extra pizazz. The slim profile will please dad because it will slip in his pocket with ease. This is actually my husband's favorite case of these three options because it is so lean. The only bummer about this case is that the designer apparently forgot to add in a hole for the camera (oops!).

sena-dockable-caseDockable Case for iPhone 3G ($52) by Sena

This elegant case is constructed with beautiful Italian Napa Leather. Choose between 12 different colors when you purchase this sophisticated case that features a removable clip for easy fastening to his belt. ***Enter to win a phone case of your choice from Sena - see below.

Of course, all three companies (Belkin, Contour Design, and Sena) also offer cases for a variety of other phones...and iPods be sure to check 'em out. You might even find something for yourself while you're at it.


WIN IT! There will be two winners. One winner will receive ANY iPod or iPhone case of his/her choice from Belkin. A second winner will receive ANY phone case of his/her choice from Sena.

  • sena-cases logoTo enter for a phone case of your choice (for your BlackBerry, Motorola, Treo, etc.) from Sena, check out the phone case collection at Sena and leave a comment telling me what case you would choose.

You may enter for both cases, but be sure to leave a separate comment for each case.

The deadline for both contests is Monday, June 8 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

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129 comments on “FOR THE GADGET GUY: an iPhone Case {or any phone case}”

  1. Viva Creation has released a series of Genuine cell phone leather Flip cases for the iPhone 3GS. Riding on the popularity of their Snakeskin and Carbono cases, it is no surprising that they will release these series of real premium calfskin leather cases for the iPhone 3GS.

  2. My hubby likes things to be streamlined, so most cases aren't for him. I think the leather laminate case from Belkin might work for him because it is sleek but subtle.

  3. I love APPLE iPHONE 3G CASES but my hubby will choose red Remix Metal for iPod nano for me. It's a great gift for father's day.

  4. From Belkin i'd like the Bright Pink / Cool Gray Silicone Sleeve for my iphone 3g! It looks great!

    from Sena I just love the APPLE iPHONE 3G ELEGA POUCH in croco red -

  5. Clear Acrylic for iPod touch would be great. I just bought a Touch about 1 month ago to replace my Nano, so no accessories yet.

  6. I love the Remix Metal in silver for iPod nano. I run with it, so it needs all the protection it can get.

  7. The Belking Sport Armband Plus for iPod touch looks very useful. We have a 1G Touch still in the box, and this would allow it to be used while active/mowing/etc.

  8. I would choose the black/infrared silicone case from Belkin. We both need new cases for out i-phones.... thank you toddlers.

  9. My husband doesn't have an iPhone yet, but it's on his wish list! If I win this case, I guess I'll have to fill it for him too! Thanks for offering!

  10. I think he'd like the Simple Silicone Sleeve for his iPod nano. He's not hard to please.

  11. I like the leather case in black and chocolate for an iPod.
    Thanks for another great giveaway.

  12. I'd like the Leather Folio Case for iPod nano in Black/Chocolate. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  13. From Sena I would love the LG CHOCOLATE FLIP CASES in black so that the screen on my phone doesn't get broken. Thanks!

  14. off belkin i would do Sport Armband Plus with FastFit for iPod touch (2nd Gen)

    and the other site


  15. I'm assuming my niece would like the red remix metal ipod case--I don't have an ipod so I'd win this for her.

  16. Great giveaway! My husband and I both have iphones, so I'd be interested in the Belkin one. I'd love to have the black Micro Grip for iPhoneF8Z258! thanks for the chance!

    [email protected]

  17. well, i was just browsing to see if any of the cases were waterproof (another thing my husband is accident prone about- if he falls in then his phone is there with him). anyways, i'd go with the SENA MOTOROLA RAZOR LATERAL POUCH - Black. That's his replacement phone for now :)

  18. Always setting my phone down and forgetting it, the LATERAL POUCH A02 from SENA would be great to have.

  19. My husband just got his first ipod touch and he would like the leather pull tab holster for the ipod touch.

  20. The Leather Flip case from Belkin is my favorite but the Eco-Conscious Formed Leather case is also good looking.

  21. From Sena, I would choose SENA DOCKABLE CASE FOR iPHONE. Great case! Thank you for the giveaway.

  22. at sens T-MOBILE GOOGLE G1 ELEGA POUCH in green for my hubby he really likes that phone but he does not have a case for it yet

  23. i would choose the ipod case Sport Armband Plus for iPod classic that would be so great for my husband when hes running thanks

  24. I would choose the Sport Armband Plus with FastFit for iPod touch (2nd Gen). It would be great for working out.

  25. My husband is always bumping his IPhone around. I am worried that he'll crack it one of these days. Thanks for the chance to protect his precious IPhone. Really, he LOVES that thing.

  26. I would choose the Belkin Travel ipod case for the third generation Ipod Nano. It is super cool and protects the screen!

  27. SKU Number: 2501
    Color Option red i think or cannot find the right phone case but they have some nice magnetic flipcases

  28. I would choose the Clear Acrylic Case for the 3G iphone because the one my husband has right now is a piece of junk!

  29. From Belkin, I like the Eco-Conscious Leather Folio for iPod touch (2nd Gen). Not sure what eco-conscious leather is, though...

  30. I would love to have the Sport Armband Plus with FastFit from Belkin. I run with my i-phone and I wouldn't have to worry about dropping it or it getting wet when it rains.

  31. i would choose the SENA DOCKABLE CASE in Orange. I have a love of Orange right now and that would be perfect for me.

  32. From the Sena site I would choose the IPOD 80 GB DOCKABLE CASES in green again for my husbands recently inherited ipod classic :) Momma got an itouch :)

  33. From the Belkin site (where 99.9% of all my media acessories come from) I would choose the Leather Pull-Tab Holster for iPod classic (2nd Gen) for my husband recently inherited ipod classic

  34. At Sena I'd choose the SENA MEZZO DESIGN-UNIVERSAL LATERAL CELLPHONE POUCH CASE for hubby's motorola cell phone. This is like his third one ~ hopefully a case would help keep it a bit safer!

  35. I'd choose the Micro Grip for iPod nano from Belkin for my hubby. He loves traveling with his iPod and this would be a nice gift for him.

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