FOR THE "MacGyver" DAD: Freestyle CX by Leatherman

freestyle cx by leathermanBigger isn't always better.

In fact, sometimes it's nice to have a knife or multi-tool that you can just stick in your pocket.

Yes, it's true that most dads like big, manly tools and cars and such. But they're also equally impressed by tiny tools that are functional rather than decorative.

The Freestyle CX by Leatherman fits that category. It's the perfect "stow away" knife for every-day use. Any dad will be glad to have this handy multi-tool in hand when the need for a knife or a pair of pliers arises. He'll likely take the CX around with him everywhere - biking, hiking, 4-wheeling, or just around town.

leatherman logoMy husband says he likes the Freestyle because it's strong enough to cut through a barbed wire fence, yet its compact and light enough to carry when he's out in the "field."

Retailing for approximately $50-$60, the Freestyle CX is ideal for the modern MacGyver.

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32 comments on “FOR THE "MacGyver" DAD: Freestyle CX by Leatherman”

  1. what man doesn't like an all in one type tool? This is great for around the home or on the go, you never know what is going to come up, and with this at least you can be somewhat prepared!

  2. This is a handy tool for all the little back yard project that turn up whether planned or unplanned.

  3. My husband needs a pockete knife of his own. He is always borrowing someone else's when he needs one. This would be a great gift for him!

  4. My Father carries a pocket knife all the time. He doesn't have a Leatherman though. Great Father's Day gift! Thanks for offering!

  5. I remember my Dad using some type of multi-purpose tool a few years ago. It was really old, and the tools were rather dull. I'd love to win this for him.

  6. I never flew a mission without a leatherman. If our jet ever went down, and I survived with my leatherman, I could accomplish an awful lot with that tool. For more practical purposes, it was great for peeling tough fruit, filing chipped fingernails, opening canned goods, and working with metal wires (whenever the need would arise). Heck, I keep one in my diaper bag. You NEVER know!

  7. Although most of the outdoorsy stuff wouldn't be ideal for Chris, this one actually would. It's multipurpose enough that it's a decent idea for him. Hmmmm...

  8. This would be great for my dad, a farmer. If I win, I'll let you know if it does indeed cut barbed wire fence.

  9. I think my hubby has something like this but if it is so helpful I know he'd love another one to keep in the car, garage, etc. He'll find a place to stash it!

  10. That's really nice. My Hubby has a leatherman tool that is very basic and he loves it. It has just the stuff a computer geek can use.

  11. My husband LOVES his Leatherman! He always has it and to tell you the truth, I love that he does. It really comes in handy for many things. My daughter asked him to use it to cut her shovel off of her sand bucket this weekend! I would recommend this for everyone, especially dads!

  12. My husband always has a knife in his pocket. Someday he's going to get arrested for conceal and carry, but I swear he's not going to kill anyone - he's keeping it there in case he needs it as a tool. And that comes up a lot in our life. I'm not sure why.

  13. This looks like a very cool updated version of the Leatherman. Since I've claimed my hubby's old one (so handy to have around the house!), he'd probably enjoy having one of his own again ;)

  14. My husband definitely needs one of these! It is much more versatile and unassuming than the "cheese cutter" he currently takes on hikes and trips to the beach.

  15. My husband loves pocket knives - he was a bit disappointed because I just transferred his collection from a dresser drawer to a plastic tote in order to make room for Baby Boy's clothes :) This looks like a neat knife!

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