FOR THE MAMA-TO-BE: Homemade Gift Basket

"Guess what? I'm pregnant!"

No, not ME. (That would be a little bit cra-zee since I have a 6-week-old baby)...

But my little sister recently phoned to tell me that she is pregnant with her first. And I think I almost jumped out of my seat in excitement when she told me. 

clubhouseThere's something so thrilling when people announce their pregnancies - especially first pregnancies. My husband and I always get excited when we can welcome our family members and friends into the Parenthood Club.

And, yes, there is a club. No, there are no secret handshakes. But there's just something about being a parent that you can't understand until you actually *become* a parent. I don't care if you are a full-time nanny or if you have a PhD in Child Development, the experience of parenting your own kids 24/7 is totally different. 

It's such a relief when "Club Members" come over to our house for dinner, for example. Because they tend to understand when dinnertime discussions revolve around childbirth and potty training...or when dinnertime discussions aren't even possible because of the chaos at the table. If you're in the Club, "it's all good." We've all been there. Our kids aren't perfect. We're not perfect. We all "get" that. 

When someone gets pregnant, it's nice to celebrate. To give a present, a card, or a genuine "Congratulations!"

If you're the type who enjoys making gift baskets for special occasions, I thought I'd put together a list of fun and fantastic things to put in a basket for a mama-to-be or brand-new-mama: 

preggie pops boxPreggie Pops : At around $5 a container, these lollipops might end up being a lifesaver for her first trimester. Designed to alleviate morning sickness, the pops are available in a variety of flavors and have been lauded by moms for their all-natural ingredients and sickness-reducing "power."

the business of being born dvd"The Business of Being Born" documentary : Give her something to think about. There are countless decisions for pregnant mamas to make regarding childbirth (midwife or OB, hospital or birth center or home, IV or not, epidural or not, etc.). This film gives moms a new perspective on birth and empowers women to take ownership of their birth experiences.

mama_knows_breastcoverMama Knows Breast or The ABCs of Breastfeeding : Breastfeeding is natural, but it's not always easy. She'll appreciate having a book on-hand for middle-of-the-night questions.


martinellis sparkling ciderA bottle of sparkling cider : Encourage her to celebrate safely with cider. If you want, you could even include mini plastic wine glasses for an impromptu toast.



carole hochman robeA robe : Mamas-to-be will enjoy cozying up in a soft robe after taking a shower...and the robe will likely get well-used post-delivery as well. It's convenient to have a robe on-hand to throw over low-cut nursing tops (or no top at all) when guests arrive after baby's arrival.


on638017-04vliv01A pair of slippers : Something soft to slip on tired feet at the end of the day is always a treat, but pregnant womens' feet particularly deserve to be pampered.



aero stretchy pantsStretchy Pants : Yoga-style pants, pajama pants, sweatpants, anything with an elastic waistband and soft material. She'll wear these throughout her pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. Who knows...she might even throw them in her hospital bag...?


maternity underwearMaternity undies : Many women won't "splurge" on underwear for nine months. But maternity underwear are so supple and soft and they're designed to cover an ample bottom (yes, unfortunately, bottoms do tend to "expand" a bit during pregnancy...). 

YOUR TURN: Do you ever make gift baskets? If you were going to make a basket for a pregnant friend or brand new mom, what would you include inside?

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9 comments on “FOR THE MAMA-TO-BE: Homemade Gift Basket”

  1. Def those slippers are a must! By end of pregnancy, a comfy pair of shoes is hard to come by! At the end of my last preg (I delivered at the end of August... here in Phx, AZ!), I wore my slippers everywhere! I didn't care what I looked like, just as long as my feet had a little relief.

  2. I'm not a gift basket giver but I think they are great. I'm just usually not creative enough. :)
    I had to pipe in to say that I loved The business of being born. I thought it was a great documentary and I so wish my birth experience could have gone more like they showed. Oh well. I still got a sweet healthy girl out of the deal.

  3. I once made a basket for a preggo mommy on bedrest. It had food, books, small games, movies, and a few other things that could be done in bed and keep her entertained every so often. That was a few years ago, though; now instead of the movies I would definitely love to give a subscription to NetFlix if I could afford it so that she would have a neverending supply of mind-numbing entertainment. :)

  4. I actually had a side business doing baskets but after I had my second kiddo I just kinda gave up on it. I would make baskets for mommy and baby. I would include a baby blanket, baby brush, bottle, wash cloth, candles, loofa, body wash, soap and bath salts. I made the last three things.

  5. I have made lots of gift baskets but not for a pregnancy gift...but that's a great idea. I would include Palmer's Cocoa Butter. I can't make any guarantees but I used it and I didn't get stretch marks. And as an added bonus it smells like sugar cookies!
    Perhaps it's too personal, but I was also a big fan of pantyliners during pregnancy. How come noone talks about all the extra lubrication your body will make...all day long!

  6. I would definatly give a babysitting IOU, movie tickets and some other things, depending on the person, for themselves. Having a baby can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you don't have a good support system. I love my kids to pieces but they are always with me, it is hard for me to find a way to get some time to myself because my family doesn't see the need for alone time or couple time, when I ask if they want to take the girls for the night they ask me why? I just wonder what it is like to be part of a normal family where the grandparents act their age and WANT to be with their grandchildren just because they love them. Anyway, off topic, I just know how that feels and would want to help out my friends by giving them some much needed alone time or time with their partner. I think that would be the best gift to give.

  7. I love putting together gift baskets! If I put one together for a pregnant friend I'd probably include most of these things, plus something I knew was a "treat" for my friend (chocolate, de-caf coffee, salty pretzels, flavored teas, etc...) and especially for a first time mommy I'd include a cute onesie or sleeper for the new baby. Getting things for the new baby was just as exciting for me as getting treats for myself when I was pregnant with my first baby. This time around - just get me some chocolate please I have lots of onesies already! :)

  8. My friends put together a great gift basket for my 3rd baby- it was so thoughtful with a homemade book from them with thoughts/wishes/verses, books, spa gift card, baby clothes, baby shampoo & other necessitites....etc. It is a great idea!!! Pregnant moms need a little TLC!

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