FOR THE MUSIC-LOVIN' DAD: iTrip Auto FM Transmitter/Car Charger

itrip auto fm transmitter and car charger griffin technologyListening to the radio is SO 1999.

Why waste your precious time listening to obnoxious advertisements or mindless chatter by DJs when you can carefully select and play all of your favorite songs/podcasts?

Now, you can with the iTrip Auto FM Transmitter and Car Charger for iPod and iPhone ($59.99-$69.99) by Griffin Technology. It plays your music in crystal clear quality, thanks to the SmartScan technology that automatically searches for the best station for you (my husband says to point out that he wouldn't recommend buying an FM transmitter that lacks this important feature - it's super convenient.). As an added bonus, you can use the same device to charge your iPhone or iPod.

The iTrip Auto is a fantastic gift option for music-lovin' and road trippin' daddies.

YOUR TURN: What songs/tunes would YOU be listening to in the car if you had the iTrip Auto?

WIN IT! One winner will receive an iTrip Auto FM Transmitter and Car Charger for iPod and iPhone ($59.99-$69.99) by Griffin Technology ($59.99-$69.99). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, June 8 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #69 shannon Baas. Congratulations!

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207 comments on “FOR THE MUSIC-LOVIN' DAD: iTrip Auto FM Transmitter/Car Charger”

  1. Our iPods were really useful during our recent trip to Korea. We tried the movie rental option through iTunes, which we highly recommend for long car or plane trips.

  2. We're happy that you have many great father's day gifts. It's easy to get idea from ur list of giveaways what to buy and suprise my hubby. It sounds great product to try instead of FM transmitter.

  3. I am kinda different, ever since I got with hubby I have listened to Latin music-so we'd be listening to Tejano, Latin Pop and of course of fave which is Bachata!

  4. I listen to just about everything outside the card, but inside the car, I have sleep issues. I can't listen to slow stuff, so it has to rock...or I fall asleep. :-)

  5. im a classic rock person i love ccr,the eagles,ac/dc,def leppard,the rolling stones,oh god i could go on and on and on :)

  6. I would love this one! I bought the $99 DLO transock and while it works OK it's a it wonky (technical term). It forgets if it's supposed to transmit in stereo or mono and what the preset stations are, oh and did I mention that the first time I tried it it fit so tight in the 12v recepticle it pulled it rough out of my dashboard!!

  7. I've got some audiobooks and podcasts that would be more likely to be listened to if this gadget was in our car.

  8. I would be listening to a lot of rock like U2, New Order, Rolling Stones. This would be great to win. Thanks for offering it.

  9. A friend of mine has one of these; we used it on a trip the other day, and it sure is handy. Had to keep changing the channel, though, about every 40-50 miles.

    Really handy gadget.

  10. My husband & I love to listen to music in the car together. Our favorites are music that we listened to in our first year or two of dating. they bring back so many memories!

  11. My teenagers say I really need this. I have an ipod but home charging is enough for me, they on the other hand use theirs so much that we really are in need of being able to do it on the go!

  12. This is most definitely a fun gadget for my husband. He is on the road a lot and love, loves to listen to music, it is a constant for him. I wouldn't know how to work this, but he is such a techie geekie kind a guy he would probably know exactly what to do with it to make his listening pleasure the best it can be and commercial free! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  13. I have been wanting to get one of these iTrips for my kids for a while now but just can not justify the price. I know they would LOVE it!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  14. The radio in my husband's truck doesn't work and this would be wonderful for him. Thank you for the great contest!

  15. After getting a new car (thanks mom!) I no longer have a tape player that lets me use my ipod with a cheap cassette converter. Dang! Newer car somehow equals having to pay more for something to let me play my music.

  16. My husbands work commute is on a quite, long stretch of highway and every morning he has to re do his cd collection for the car. He would LOVE something like this to help his drive go by that much faster.

  17. This would be a great accessory to Mike's i-phone! We don't even have a CD player in the car, lol.

  18. My daughter is a big fan of these devices, I've been looking to purchase one myself. I'd like to be able to listen to my iPod in the car so I could listen to my favorite music like The Steve Miller Band and The Carpenters.

  19. The songs on my iPod are a very eclectic mix of all music genres. Though I do prefer to listen to classic rock more than all other music.

  20. My dad's partial to country music, so he'd most likely listen to anything by Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, and Carrie Underwood, but I'm sure I'd try to infuse my influence and get him to listen to some of my favorites, such as Coldplay's latest, "Viva la Vida" and anything from James Morrison or Jason Mraz. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  21. Classic Rock all the way! We have an ipod in the car but a radio would offer a better music selection! Thanks for the offer!

  22. I love jazz so would listen to as much jazz as possible. I also like classical and rock so I think I would have all kinds of music on it.

  23. We're going to Atlanta this summer- this would be great to keep my son's ipod charged up so he won't be asking me "Are we THERE yet?" every ten minutes!

  24. This is an intriguing and amazing prize that my precious husband would very much appreciate and enjoy - even if it's somewhat of a mystery to me!

  25. Those were the days when you could just turn up the volume in your car and sing your heart out, whatever the radio played. Now we can basically be our own DJ and pick our own songs.

  26. we both listen to a little bit of everything we like daughtry, kenny chesney and kelly clarskons just to name a few

  27. well considering my birthday is coming up in 19 days and my past school year has been horrible, i think id really need this for the car that I am getting. I was thinking about buying one but not much money to spare. well anyways, getting this would really put a start to the summer that i have been waiting for the longest time for to start over on things and enjoy myself with music.
    This looks like one of the prime top quality fm transmitters iv seen yet!

  28. I have been searching for a good gift for my father in lwa who is really into music and this would be great for him

  29. I love Beach Music, Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett, anything beachy. Just makes me feel good to hear it.

  30. I'd be listening to Santana, the Beatles, Marc Anthony, Joe Cocker....Boy am I telling you my age! Ha! I received an iPod with iTunes gift cards from my family a while back, but just figured out how to download the music online. Must now download it to my iPod. This would be so great for the 21/2 hour drive to visit my granddaughters (oh yeah, and my daughter too!)

  31. My favorite "decompression mode" for awhile has been "Books on CD" while negotiating rush-hour traffic -- so some pod-cast audio-book possibilities opening up some variety sounds good too!

  32. I know I'm a geek....I'd listen to my audio books on the way to work if I won the Itrip. I'm an English teacher....can't get enough books!! Thanks for this great giveaway.

  33. If I had this transmitter, I would be listening to Pink, Queen or even Ulali. Just depends on my mood as to what I ask the IPod to play. My husband is all about the Eagles, Gordon Lightfoot and an obscure artist who I can never remember his name. More raw blues type.

  34. Man, I'd love a new FM Transmitter. Mine works on AAA's, burns through them like napalm on butter (sounds... Delicious!), and the signal is weak enough for any poser in a parka to override my music. I just want to listen to some Jonathan Coulton, but everyone else wants to listen to either some kinda terrible country, or some death metal band that has too many consonants in the name.

  35. I've been thinking about getting one of these for myself. A friend of mine had one but I remember it always cutting out when the radio station got spotty.
    But the SmartScan feature seems like it would prevent that.

    Can't wait to listen to Elvis while I drive.

  36. I have a pretty random ipod mix so we would be listening to Rise Against, Kelly Clarkson, Eminem, Black Eye Peas, Michael Graves, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphies, and Phil Collins.

  37. I would be listening to all my 80's music, which I have to do in private so as not embarrass the kids!

  38. We listen to Christian music, so on our road trips, we would be listening to Toby Mac, Kirk Franklin, Third Day, Casting Crowns, and more!

  39. I have 4 guitar heroes in my home (3 oldest kids and hubby), so they will be playing any song from that game, such as Guns N Roses, or Metallica. They would just love this! And my little Chubby-huggy? She has heard those songs so much, she gets excited when she hears them too!

  40. I've really been thinking about buying one of these. I'm so sick of fumbling around the radio to find something i kinda want to listen too. I'd love to just have my ipod in the car at all times. I'm going to buy the new dave matthews cd today, and that's going to go right to my ipod for some new tunes!

  41. HI, I would love to get this for my dad. I am just starting to get him and my mom turned on to free podcasts about stuff they are in to. They have to drive out of town every month or so and it would be great for them to be able to listen to podcasts on the drive.

  42. My "baby's daddy" first got me the 30gb ipod when it first came out and has just recently given me an iphone, which he also has. I can't afford to buy him a gift that he would actually want but this would be the perfect father's day present for him.

  43. Dad stole my ipod a while back. If he isnt going to give it back (and hes not) he may as well put it to good use in the car right?

  44. Wow, I actually need one of these myself because I went from driving a car with the nifty little mp3 jack, to driving a car with a tape deck and one radio station(can't use the iPod right now). My DH already has one, so this would be mine (or I'd get his back as a hand me down).

  45. if I had the iTrip Auto, I would be listening to alot of classic rock and indie rock, especially David Bowie

  46. I NEED this!! We just got back from a trip and I was wishing I had it so we wouldn't have to go through all the radio channels to find what we wanted!! I could've just hooked up my iphone! Awesome gift!

  47. We'd be listening to the Now That's What I Call Music 30 CD : Lady GaGa, Kanye West, David Archuleta, Keith Urban, etc.

  48. my husband would just love this for his iphone. he is an electronic junky,lol...great giveeaway

  49. What a joy this would be. Most FM transmitters are flimsy and unreliable, but this one looks awesome!

  50. Fast Car- Tracy Chapman
    Mrs. Robinson- Simon and Garfunkel
    Dreams- Fleetwood Mac
    Somebody to Love- Jefferson Airplane
    Cry Baby- Janis Joplin
    Slide- Goo Goo Dolls
    Vertigo- U2
    Cry- Faith Hill
    Dream On- Aerosmith

  51. I received an iPod nano for Christmas '07 and STILL do not have a FM transmitter to go with it. :O I'm about to buy an iPod touch so I NEED the iTrip Auto! ;) Thanks for the chance to win one! :)

  52. Both my parents LOVE their ipods that my sister and I bought them for Christmas but neither have the AUX feature in their cars so this would be great to give one of them! Thanks!

  53. I would love to give this to my dad. He is constantly driving all over the country for work. I know he can't go anywhere without good music.

  54. I totally need this!!! My daughter loves listening to her music in the car and I could really use this so that she can hear "Old McDonald" 2378232 times in a row. Thanks for the giveaway :)

    [email protected]

  55. I have a ton of songs on my ipod! It's really hard to say what I would listen to because it all depends on my mood, the time of day and even where I'm going. Some of my favorites are Sheryl Crow Soak Up the Sun, Lynyrd Skynyrd Sweet Home Alabama and Dokken Just Got Lucky

  56. My husband would pick all of the latest country songs to play in his. Probably a big combination of Garth Brooks and Alan Jackson. THank you

  57. I've bought 2 FM transmitters, both of which were junk. I had to constantly search for a clear station (which is quite a hassle while driving), and when I did find a decent one to broadcast off of the sound was so horrendous I might as well have rigged up some old computer speakers on my passenger seat to hook my ipod into.

  58. Everytime we're out and about in the van, everyone has something going whether it's a dvd player, ipod, etc.

  59. We tend to drive through some pretty lame radio station areas. This would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  60. My hubby is an avid music fan and often drives me crazy flipping from station to station in the car. This would be an awesome father's day gift and would help my sanity in the car. We go to alot of my son's away football and baseball games so this would be amazing! What a wonderful sight and great ideas thanks Stephanie!

  61. I think iPods are the next best thing to sliced bread. I would give this to my husband who is always getting lost.

  62. I was trapped in a snowstorm outside Susanville, CA. Stuck on top of a mountain. I could have used the charger for the iPhone. It was scary.

  63. This would be so fabulous! My husband listens to a lot of sermons in the car, but the sound quality with a tape adapter is atrocious. An FM transmitter would solve that problem---thanks for the giveaway!

  64. i am currently loading my new 16g iphone with the top 40 songs of each year starting from 1963

  65. My husband loves his ipod, this would make a great gift for him! We live in a very small town with just one radio station that actually is quite lousy. It would be great to be able to listen to his tunes from his ipod in the truck!
    Thanks for the contest!

  66. My hubby would be blasting Metallica, of course. He's about to get an iPod and would SOOOO love me if I won this for him. Seriously....I could probably get him to do some chores for this one!

  67. No more radio. We would be listening to classic rock: Beatles, Moody Blues, Neil Young and all of our other favorites.

  68. I love Eric Clapton; my husband prefers Bluegrass so we usually wind up listening to the Beach Boys or other 60's music

  69. I've been downloading audiobooks to my iPod and would love to listen to them in the car. Thanks for the chance.

  70. This would be perfect for us, we listen to a lot of indie music from Europe that never gets played on the radio stations here.

  71. my hubby owns a lawn care is in truck all day from job to job. he listens to iron maiden, stuff like that. i like more pop lol

  72. Hubs would be rockin' the Billy Talent, Strokes and various other punk bands he loves. And then Baby Einstein when kiddo's in the car, lol.

  73. this is something we've been shopping for as we love the ipod but have battery life issues and need to recharge often to use the in the car!

  74. It's sad, really- DH and I each have an iPod, yet somehow we've never gotten around to getting input jacks for them in our cars! This looks like a great solution- and the feature that finds the best station is a must in a metropolitan area where the airwaves are pretty crowded.

  75. I have over 7800 songs on my Ipod. But I don't listen in the car, this would change all that

  76. If my husband was controlling the radio we would be listening to some Grateful Dead but if it was me it would be Coldplay.

  77. My hubby loves christian, country and classical with a dash of rock n roll. I know he'd love this!

  78. We would listen to kid's music like the Wiggles, Yo Gabba Gabba and Veggie Tales in order to keep my son entertained. He also like some country.

  79. This would be amazing to take on the trip me and my hubby are taking to the beach! Listen to Led Zeppelin the whole way!

  80. i'd be listening to podcasts mostly, i can hear songs on the radio, but i'd use this to listen to podcasts during my commute

  81. I have a 45 minute drive to and from work and would love to be able to listen to my iPod over the radio.

  82. My husband and I take a lot of road trips to visit our daughters in different parts of Florida. We could really use this. We would listen to music like Jethro Tull, Eric Clapton and my husband's fave, Frank Zappa.

  83. Toys for his toys... My husband has all of his favorite music downloaded to his IPhone. This would be great for the long drives to visit his parents in the country.

  84. I'd be listening to 80's Rock. I love jammin out in the car on long trips to 80's music. I just moved 900 miles so this would've been useful for the haul I did.

  85. I would love to win this because my current Belkin FM transmitter doesn't work with my iPod Touch.

    I would be listening to U2 songs.

  86. I love driving down the road listening to Bullet for my Valentine. It would be awesome for me to have the itrip so I don't have to keep changing cd's in the car because I have such a horrible antenna!

  87. I would look for classical music, my husband would look for classic rock and my son would be searching for linkin park (I think that's how you spell it!) We are an eclectic bunch.

  88. Ooohhh... I'd LOVE this. We live in Colorado and driving through mountains means losing reception and in my sweet old car, the CD player no longer is reliable. Thanks for sharing~

  89. We like traveling to the mountains & sometimes we even lose our satellite radio up there, so this would be perfect to keep the music going!

  90. My pop is a window washer, so he drives alot to get to his various jobs, this would be nice to hear his pod casts while driving. he would need the iphone model though.thanx

  91. iTrip Auto is now available in two versions - the original iPod-only model, and a new iPhone-compatible version. Just pick which one you need when you click "Buy Now."
    I like that it's in mp3 not just ipod now.

  92. what a handy gadget! I would like listening to
    Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed peas and other top 40 songs!

  93. This would be great. We travel in a lot of rural areas and getting anyting on the raido is hard. I love to listen to classic movie tracts.

  94. I listen to music at work and in the car. Even though this says a Father's day gift, I know if I win, I will keep it. sorry:(.

  95. I would be listening to all of the old rockers from the 1960's early 1970's. I love Carlos Santana!

  96. I'd be listening to contemporary christian music and Abba! This would make a great Father's Day gift for sure!

  97. I wonder if it will work with the i phone? My husband has our i pod hooked up to his car and I would love to have my i-phone hooked up in my car.

  98. This would be PERFECT! Beyond the kids favorites like the Beatles and E. Mitchell, my husband would be cranking his podcasts from KEXP!

  99. The kids music would get played a lot (laurie berkner, raffi, for our children) and lots of Boston, Journey, Styx, Queen, Monk & Neagle

  100. WEll we have tons of kids songs on our we would be listening to a bunch of Laurie Berkner, The backyardigans, and some country music.

  101. This is so cool and my husband would love it. He literally will not get into the car without his ipod. Even for a short jaunt to the corner store. We're a little old school because we currently have the tape deck you have to put in and run and connect to your ipod, but hey, it works for now. :)

  102. We are going on a road trip this summer (Texas to North Carolina) and this would be just great! Our boys have ipods with 1000s of songs, so we would never have to hear the same song twice.

  103. Yep this has my husband ALL over it. He has one of the truck and loves it, uses it daily actually. It has a huge crack in it from all the use. He was just saying how he'd love to get one for the van since we take a lot of family rides. I'd love to surprise him with this.

    mommainflipflops AT

  104. How timely! We were just discussing taking a road trip this summer, and this would be perfect.

    Lately my kiddo has been demanding the Ting Tings and MGMT whenever we're in the car, so we'd probably be listening to that or to whatever NPR station the iTrip found for us!

  105. Winning this would be nice because I cannot use my iPhone with my current Monster Cable and that makes me sad. THANKS!

    The Dixie Chicks, The Stones and Dave Matthews never sounded so good!

  106. As a music lovin dad I can say this would be a great addition to my outings with my two little guys who constantly ask for "tunes in the car"!
    In the car we rock with the Pixies, Metric and Yo Gabba Gabba!

  107. Of course we'd be listening to classic rock. We have very different music tastes ~ that's another story!

  108. My husband takes a van pool to work and usually sleeps with his iPod on. But, we're thinking of taking a road trip this summer so we'd need a mix of music we could all listen to. I have everything from country to rap on my iPod. Whoever drives chooses the music and my husband always offers to drive on long car trips!

  109. My husband would love this for Father's Day - he's always got music playing. He's even got our 2.5-year-old requesting Bruce Springsteen songs (but only after a good dose of Laurie Berkner) :)

  110. What songs would I be listening to on a road trip.... probably a little bit of The Wiggles, some fun Veggie Tales songs, The Happy Feet soundtrack, and Sugarland! Yes, I do have a 2 1/2 year old and I will admit to enjoying some of the music myself (hee)! Otherwise, we would be listening to an un-happy toddler!

  111. I would've loved to have one this past weekend. We went to San Diego and my kiddos kept asking every few miles, "ARE WE THERE YET"? Driving to San Diego from Arizona is NOT a very fun drive and the radio stations are not so great. This would be great to have when we drive to Michigan in the fall!

  112. My husband would love this - he was jealous that my new car lets you plug in an Ipod and his car doesn't do that!

  113. In Gunnison we only get about 5 radio stations so more music is ALWAYS needed. My husband would love to be able to plug in his Ipod as he drives around town - especially when we go out of town. The only thing about giving him the Ipod during the day is what am I going to run to on my lunch break?

  114. My husband would love this. we just got a new car but it does not have input for his ipod. I know he'd use this a lot (and that's what I look for in a gift :)

  115. Hmm, other than kids' music? LOL I actually listen more to podcasts on my iPhone than music when I'm in the car by myself. I'm so way behind on all of my favorite shows and that's one of the few times I get a chance to catch up some! :)

  116. I actually *just* got an iPod for my husband for Father's Day. We've been a little behind the times...I asked my friend about how to use one in the car, since my husband can't drive without music, and learned about this nifty device. This is on the list for a birthday or Christmas gift. I can't believe that we haven't gotten an iPod before, because my husband is a musician, loves music, and has TONS of it on CD. I gave it to him early, and he is LOVING it.

  117. I just got the slumdog millionaire sound track and I would love to listen to it in the car! It is an awesome album.

  118. Bob's actually uploaded all of our CDs onto his iPod... almost 80GB worth. So the random shuffling is pretty darned random. I love it when you get kiddie music next to some Japanese experimental band or death metal...

  119. Oh don't forget though that this is NOT compatible with the iPod Shuffle...I have both a Nano and Shuffle. Just so you know.


  120. My husband does love his ipod! Actually he loves all toys, they have just gotten more expesensive from when he was litte :)

  121. My hubby also drives for his business. He travels to Indiana and Michigan. This would be great. He could listen to the Beatles, Carly Simon and James Taylor...Oh wait, that's who I like to listen to. He would listen to Bill O'Reilly and other talk radio...

  122. This would be AWESOME to win! My hubby and I are getting our very first iPods in the mail ... would have been today, if we had been home when the mail came, but we have to pick them up on monday (*sob* - so tired of waiting!). Our current vehicle is on the older side, for sure, and doesn't have a convenient little plug for mp3 players. And its CD player is broken enough that we've given up on playing CDs in the car... so this would be a SUPER nice thing to have - take our music on the road with is! I love the features it has, with the auto-search and the ability to charge. Perfect!!

    And hey ... it's my birthday next week, so it would be a great time for me to win something from you finally, don'tcha think?? :)

  123. I was just thinking yesterday that I was going to have to burn a bunch of CD's for our road trip in June. We are driving from Nebraska to Kentucky. With this 2 kiddies....yeah. I'm kinda nervous! Thankfully, my children love music and we listen to everything. Right now I'm jiving to the Twilight Soundtrack. Some more of my favorites are Trans Siberian Orchestra (it's Christmas music, but I listen year round!), Wicked Soundtrack (my 21 month old LOVES Broadway tunes!), anything from the Beatles, Tori Amos, and Jack Johnson.

    This would also be great to listen to podcasts with! So often I'd rather listen to them in the car, yet I can't drive with earbuds in. There are so many great podcasts out there!

    [email protected]

  124. Do you think they have one that won't get lost? Like maybe with a separate pager button for it? My husband has gone through I think 3 fm transmitters, he loses everything!

  125. I have a "favorites" playlist on my iPod, as well as a "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" playlist with the songs I'll be singing the next Sunday. I have a plug in my car that lets me play it through the radio, but it doesn't have a charger on it; the battery runs down pretty fast sometimes! I'd love to have the iTrip so that I can charge while I play. Thanks!

  126. What a grand Father's Day gift! My husband travels by car for his job and spends way too many hours in his vehicle. I know that he listens to "The Decemberists", "Third Eye Blind" and "Rancid!"
    I would very much appreciate my name being entered
    in your delightful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

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