nothing_to_wearLately, I have nothing to wear.

When I'm around the house, I'm okay. I can relax in my yoga pants with oversized tees or "indecent" camisoles.

But when I have to leave the house, I stand in my closet and hem & haw over my choices. Some of my pre-pregnancy jeans and pants fit now, but I have to squeeeeeeze into them (and who wants to be squeezed...?). Usually, I opt for one of the two pairs of jeans that I have that fit comfortably.

My tops fit, but they're not exactly nursing friendly, so that's where I usually get "stuck."

Thank goodness for companies that design clothing that is friendly for nursing mothers...whether they intend to or not.

peek-a-boo logoToday I'm pleased to introduce you to one such company...Peek-a-boo.

The Peek-a-boo nursing collection "enables the mother to breastfeed without exposing herself, keeping mother-baby eye contact while still looking stylish." The collection currently includes 13 items: 9 tops, 3 dresses, and 1 pair of pants.

The pieces are "simple" and stylish in solid coloring and soft fabrics. The items are refreshingly pattern-free and quite "neutral," which is a positive trait for new moms who probably don't want to draw unnecessary attention to their postpartum bodies.

lacy top by peek-a-booI received the lacy top (pictured right) for review and I appreciate the feminine detailing, the dark colors, and the "functionality" (I can nurse my problem!). That said, I think the top would be better suited for smaller-breasted woman (A-C cup). I am a modest woman and the top is just low-cut enough for me to feel uncomfortable about wearing it around town.

That said, I think peek-a-boo is "on to something." I like their pieces and their philosophy.

Here's what I'd like to see them design next:

  • Deep V-neck tops : As in really *deep* V-necks. So deep that I could wear a nursing camisole underneath and just pull the boob out without lifting my shirt. I'm thinking a 3/4 length sleeve would be quite flattering, but short-sleeve or long-sleeve options could be offered as well.
  • Button-up tops : One of the best options for a nursing mama is a button-up top with a camisole underneath. But I'd like to see a nursing company design fashionable button-up shirts with the new mama in mind. That translates into: (a) a little more "room" around the tummy, (b) styles that compliment larger-breasted women, and (c) figure flattering colors/patterns (black, dark jewel tones, vertical stripes, etc.).
  • Zip-up tops : I wonder why I've never seen a nursing top with a zipper down the front. It seems like that could be stylish...and easy...don't you think?
  • Slouchy tops : Sometimes a mama just wants to wear a slouchy tee that can be pulled up easily. I'd like to see "baggy" tops & tees that are WAY more fashionable than just buying a t-shirt one or two sizes too big. Maybe something along the lines of what Anthropologie offers.
  • Nursing Camisoles with higher necklines : I LOVE the idea of nursing camisoles, but somebody's gotta design one for well-endowed women. The ones that I own are nice, but the amount of skin that is revealed is beyond my comfort zone. Cleavage is a good thing in the bedroom...not so much at the park with my kids.
  • More nursing dresses : I applaud peek-a-boo for offering three dresses. That's a fantastic start - especially considering that their current collection only has a total of 13 pieces. I'd like to see even more dresses that are nursing-friendly. I will be nursing for awhile and it would be nice to wear a dress from time-to-time...

I'll eagerly look forward to the day when more companies design clothes with nursing mamas in mind. Until then, I'll have to be creative with my wardrobe. Either that or I could just wear this t-shirt:


YOUR TURN: If you are a nursing mom, what kind of tops do you wear most often? What would you like to see nursing companies design next?

WIN IT! One winner will receive her choice of ANY one item from the Peek-a-boo collection {contingent upon availability}. To enter, look through the peek-a-boo collection and leave a comment on this post stating what item you would choose prior to Wednesday, May 6 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). ***This contest is open to readers from all over the world.***

*UPDATE* The winner is #70 Jennifer Jozwiak. Congratulations!

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74 comments on “FOR THE NURSING MAMA: Peek-a-boo”

  1. I LOVE the "Puffy" short sleeve in black, beautiful! I have the "Tie to die for dress" and love it, it fits so nice. I recommend this brand for any nursing mother who likes to look good while staying discreet, of all of the nursing brands this is the one that flatters my body the best...and I've tried them all.

  2. I love the summer dress! I'm not a nursing mom but this great prize would be perfect for my friend.

  3. I'm currently nursing twins. Right now i'm just wearing regular tshirts that I have to lift off, I love the Summer Dress :)

  4. I like the Lacy Top and also the Cheeky Dress! The Tunic is nice too, especially because it has a wrap. Cheeky Dress is probably my favorite, from day to night.

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  5. I could have written this blog entry as I am currently facing the same situation that you are in! I usually wear oversized t-shirts when going out as they tend to be the easiest thing I have when nursing on the go. I wish I had more tops that qualified as "cute" while still being practical for nursing! I love the design features of Peekaboo - I like how "normal" the shirts look while still being cute. I think my favorite is the Angel Sleeve - summer is fast approaching so a short sleeve is ideal for me these days!

  6. Finally someone came out with pretty nursing clothes! I love the puffy sleave shirt. Perfect for going to church and comfortable enough to play with my older kid at he playground.

  7. I would choose the puffy sleeve top. I haven't even thought about how my wardrobe will be impacted as a nursing mom. Yikes.

  8. I live in Austin, TX where it is warm enough most of the year to wear tank tops, so that is what I sport with just my nursing bra underneath. Plus it is a liberal city, so I don't mind just nursing in public. I do have a nursing cover for situations I feel warrant it. This looks like a great company! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. I like the Angel Sleeve shirt and the lacy top the best.

    I wish more companies would make larger size nursing apparel. I have broad shoulders and they make the shirts for tiny women.

  10. Oh discrete nursing tops that are also beautiful! I love it. I'd go for the tunic - a flattering length and slimming waistline :) Thanks for the chance!

  11. I'm nursing my third baby, and the only nursing wear I own is one nursing camisole (and a few nursing bras, of course. I plan to breastfeed for at least another 15 months and I'm always looking for good nursing bras!)

    I'm finding most things that fit me on top are way too large for the rest of my small frame. I'd love more things that are supportive and yet comfortable, but that aren't so large everywhere else. The lacy top looks cute - I might wear it around the house mostly, but it would be great to expand beyond my wardrobe of tees!

  12. I'm not a nursing mom so I have no idea what I'd like to see regarding nursing clothes!
    But my sister in law will soon need some nursing apparel and thanks to you I know where to look :)

    I'd like angel sleeve

  13. I'm due next month and will be nursing all summer, so it looks like the puffy shirt might be the one for me! I like the idea of their line, but wish things came in a few more colors.....looks like they cater to people who fall into the Autumn color scheme.

  14. I like the hoodie best. I am not currently a nursing mom but I would like to win this for a preggo friend. When I was nursing I wore the hideous nursing gowns that opened in the front or, if company was over and I actually felt like getting DRESSED for a change, I wore button up tops.

  15. Unfortunately, I never wore nursing tops... Didn't want to spend the money. There are SO many cute ones out there though, and more and more I'm seeing all the time! Next baby, I WILL spend money on a few good ones, cause I know they'd make it so much easier on me when we're out and about!

  16. I'm digginh the black tank - perfect for Arizona summers, yet cute enough to get away with wearing several times a week. If I dont win - I'll definitely be searching the racks for a knock off!

  17. I love the fact that someone came up with stylish and functional nursing clothes. I live in Az and hate having to wear a cami under all of my shirts in 100+ degree weather. I would choose the green dress b/c it is beautiful and I could wear it to bible study, church and lunch with the girls.

  18. I'm seriously in love with this style! I've never heard of it before. I am a nursing mom but haven't really found many nursing tops I think are stylish enough!

    Would love to win!!


  19. As a nursing mama (again), I'm in the same boat -- I have nothing to wear outside the house! I think I like the tank best as my postpartum body is not quite ready for those dresses!

  20. I really like the Cheeky Dress, but the puffy shirt is fabulous too.

    Yes, I'm a nursing mom and it really is hard to find clothing that's cute and fits correctly for nursing. I usually just try to wear comfortable cute shirts that aren't too tight and clingy, I then wear a cami under it (b/c I always wear a cami) and pull the neck down so I can nurse without my flabby belly hanging out! I wish I had a favorite nursing apparel store but I need that shirt you posted. LOL!!!

    mommainflipflops AT

  21. love the summer dress...when breastfeeding the tshirts tend to be on the tops- loose.and mainly because they do not irritate

  22. I like the summer dress (great collection, too). You're totally right about all the things they need to add to their collection! Maybe more dressy drawstring pants (if it could be done...)

  23. man that's hard. what a great new company. i'd have to pick straws over the tank, the yoga pants of the hoodie.
    i tend towards the comfy, casual clothes especially while breastfeeding. i have several t-shirts that are purposefully "loose" so that pulling up and breastfeeding is easy.
    mind you, i'm a smaller chested woman but i did enjoy using some summer tops that have built in support and then could just raise that whole part and cover up with a receiving blanket.

  24. I like the puffy top and the tunic! Much better than other nursing clothing I've seen. My baby is 10 months old, I'm still nursing but I don't want to look like I'm still wearing maternity clothes.

  25. I'm not a nursing mom, but I would love to have something that is comfier and cheaper than so many of the options out there!

    I love the summer dress!

  26. I'm not a nursing mom yet but I hope I'll get some decent clothes for it. I could totally see just wearing tshirts all the time. Not the most convenient - or stylish - option!
    I love the 3/4 sleeve top. The shirred sides leave extra fabric for comfort but are also stylish!

  27. I wear a lot of t-shirts. And when it was cooler I would wear may nursing tanks with a zip up sweatshirt...I think the idea of zip up shirts is fabulous.
    I also love the dresses...I don't think I've worn a dress in years.

  28. My baby girl isn't even 5 days old yet but I'm already finding myself "stuck" in the wardrobe department. Before she left my mom graciously watched our two-year-old so that my husband and I could do a casual dining date. In an effort to nurse with some ease at the restaurant I wore a tank top with a zip-up hoodie over that. That way I could zip, lift up my tank and the rest of my body was still covered by the hoodie. Don't want to subject ANYONE to that 4-day-old postpartum body!

  29. Oooh, thank you so much for alerting me to the great styles of Peek-a-boo! I am always on the lookout for nursing fashions that do not compromise on fashion-sense, and this brand certainly fits the bill. Their stuff is totally cute and I love the way the nursing panel functions. I would love to post about them on my blog! It would be hard to choose a favorite style from their website, but I am loving that cowl neck top!

  30. I have a hard time finding good-coverage camisoles for nursing, and I'm not even well-endowed. Their dresses are very cute--something I'd like to see more of, as I've mentioned before! I really don't have any nursing-specific clothes. I love the comfort of t-shirts, and that's what I usually stick to.

  31. You have the best giveaways. I am jealous! This company looks so cool. I would wear everything in the collection. Are the dresses just maternity, or are they for non-pregnant mamas too? And do they have the nursing panels? If so, I would pick the summer dress. If only the tops are nursing, I would pick the puffy top.

    I have serious nursing-wear issues. I wear regular clothes and even a regular bra. I can't find a nursing bra that is supportive enough. I would LOVE to have a real nursing top in my wardrobe!

  32. They have several cute things, but I like the angel sleeve shirt. The sleeves are fancy and the roushing (I have no idea how to spell that) is flattering, but it still looks like it's comfortable. When I nursed I wore mostly normal clothing. I'd like to see more layered nursing clothing (the ones I used that were "layered" really had the front attached halfway through the shirt, so it still pulled up and exposed my tummy a little).

  33. That 3/4 sleeve top is really cute - but it looks like the neckline is a little low for me (I'm not overly busty, but I'd rather not show off what I do have) I really like the tank - it looks like it has a very nice cut.

    I weaned Sugar several months ago but I'll be breast feeding again soon. What seemed to work best for me were pull-over tops a size too big or a button up shirt with a tank underneath. I really liked the coverage the button-up shirt/tank combo gave me but in the summer sometimes it was just plain too hot for two layers and I'd just do a button up top.

    If I was giving advice to any clothing manufacturer about how to make tops I'd love I'd have to say - higher necklines, more 3/4 sleeve options, not so clingy, a little more room in the hips, and slightly longer. Hey - I'm not picky :)

  34. OOOOhhhhh, nursing for the last 3 years and ready for a new nursing top or any type. Thanks for sharing! I'm loving the angel sleeve and the summer dress big time.

  35. Don't enter me, I think we are weaning soon, but I mostly wear nursing tanks with a button down over the top. I found that easiest for an Arizona winter, though I have no idea what i would wear if I am still nursing through the summer! I did love wearing hoodies over my tank too, but I found so many of them to be very short...not so sylish after just having a baby!

  36. I wish more women bought nursing clothes for early pregnancy! It should be out there more - the clothes you love when you're bloated feeling will be good post partum, too, and you'll want nursing friendly stuff.

  37. I'm not even pregnant and I want one of those tie to die for dresses. Okay, okay, I kid. I would get one of those for my preggers SIL, though. She works in a rather conservative environment and I think she could get away with wearing that to work post-baby.

  38. I own a couple of nursing tops and they work ok. Mostly I wear t-shirts with nursing camisoles. I like that except the bulk gets to me sometimes.

  39. I like the simplicity & the modest cut of the tank. There's lots of other pretty tops, but all a little too tight & lowcut for me. Dressing for nursing is tricky - but I love my "Bebe au Lait" nursing cover that makes the modesty concern a non-issue.

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