bass pro shops logoI once wrote that if Father's Day were a store, it would be Bass Pro Shops. And I stand by that statement.

It's got a little something for everyone.

No matter his hobby, he'll likely be at home in the theme-park-inspired megastore.

From fishing equipment and backpacking gear to golf clubs and guns and GPS devices, Bass Pro Shops has you covered.

father's day sale bass pro shopsNot sure what to buy? Check out the Father's Day Sale on the Bass Pro Shops website. The sale includes everything from fishing reels and rods to camping & cooking equipment to clothing for outdoor expeditions.

And don't forget that gift cards are also available, in any denomination of your choosing.

bass pro shops sailor trouser jeansBass Pro is a true "man's man" kind of store. If your dad has even the slightest fascination with the outdoors, he'll find something of interest there.

And, if he doesn't spend that $250 gift card, you could always buy yourself a super cute top or some cool trouser jeans (pictured) or even a fun hat. Actually, maybe you should just give him 1/2 of that gift card...

YOUR TURN: What would you buy with a $250 gift card to Bass Pro Shops?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $250 gift card to Bass Pro Shops. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, June 8 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #311 Jennifer Clowers. Congratulations!

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486 comments on “FOR THE OUTDOOR DAD: Bass Pro Shops”

  1. This be used so I can have some fishing gear. I like fishing alot. So I NEED THE CARD SO MUCH. I would get a new reel.

  2. I would use this to send my hard working, very deserving husband on a shopping spree. He loves to hunt and camp and fish, and this store is just a toy store for the big boys lol.

  3. We haven't been to Bass Pro Shops since the arrived in Phoenix, but it sounds like great fun even without shopping.

  4. I'd use it to buy my husband a new GPS (our son took apart his) and whatever is leftover some clothes :)

  5. My husband is an avid fisherman and hunter, so this would be a great gift for him for being a great Dad!

  6. One thing we love about being outdoors is cooking outdoors, I would get him the Lodge™ Camp Dutch Oven Cooking Table with Tall Windscreen, and some cast iron cookware/dutch ovens to go along with it!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  7. Oh wow.
    This is a wonderful Fathers Day gift.
    My father and mother just bought a house on a lake, and enjoy spending their time fishing!
    This would be wonderful for them.

  8. This would be a great father’s day gift for my hubbie:) We all love 2 fish and enjoy the outdoors:)

  9. My dad can spend an ENTIRE day at Bass Pro Shops. Seriously. He talks to everyone about fishing, he wanders around, he talks some more, he buys more baits. He has a garage full of baits and rods and reels, but he seriously LOVES to wander around there. We always get him gift cards for his bday & christmas because he so thoroughly enjoys it. So, this would be SO perfect for him to pick out even more fishing stuff! thanks!

  10. I think I'd probably look for some good beach towels and some of those waterproof containers so you can put keys and such in them and still go out in the water.

  11. All of the guys in my family love to fish. This would be a great way to buy gifts they would all love.

  12. He wants to buy a pair of these (Sanuk® Vagabond Sidewalk Surfers™ Shoes for Men) for the summer and I saw them on the website. I think he would then get some casual Columbia clothes and maybe some running shoes.

  13. I would buy christmas presents for all the guys in the family. They love the hooded sweatshirts in the winter.

  14. My husband would love this. He lives for fishing it seems, it is how he feels connected to his Dad that passed. He goes fishing every weekend. I would let him have the whole giftcard and he would get a decent rod, instead the ones that break on him so often. I can imagine how estaic he would be, he would leave the moment he got it and I would not see him for hours. I am sure plenty of Dads do as well, but he deserves this, he does so much!

  15. my hub would love this for fathers day he loves to fish..i would buy him the Bass Pro Shops® Extreme® Baitcast Combo and the Browning® Tuto Fishing Bag :)

  16. I would give this to my dad, so he could purchase himself some new Fishing Toys! Most of his older fishing stuff, was for salt water fishing, when he lived overseas, now he needs to learn the Fresh Water techniques.

  17. My Dad is an avid fisherman and I know that he would get some new fishing gear with this great gift certificate.

  18. My husband would love to pick up some new camping gear. He likes browsing the store when we're nearby.

  19. There is a Bass Pro shop not too far away that I have heard people rave about. I haven't made it out there yet, but I bet I'd find lots of great gifts for Father's Day there.

  20. They have a fish restaurant in the Bass Pro Shop by us, if we could use it there that'd be the first place to go. We'd use the rest for some camping equipment and flashlights.

  21. I would let me father purchase his dream fishing pole! My parents live in Florida and my dad fishes at least 3-4 days a week. He salt water fishes right off the beach on the gulf of mexico on Marco Island. He uses this really old fishing pole, his lures are not even meant for salt water fishing and his lure box is old. I would love to him to be able to pick out a real state of the art fishing pole and perhaps a few lures that are appropriate for salt water fishing, it would mean so much to me to be able to do that for him. Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  22. My dad is an avid fisherman and he would get some new fishing gear and this year's fishing license (and maybe one for me). Thanks.

  23. You have one lucky husband!

    Ever guy I know loves fishing. What's more who doesn't want to cover some of the cost of the tackle - that stuff aint cheap. Knowhatimeanvern? Once again you've made the motropolitanmama male readers drool.

  24. I would give this gift card to my dad (for fathers day or maybe his birthday). I think he would probably use it to buy camping kitchen stuff. He loves using cast iron, so he might buy a new dutch oven or something. I honestly don't know what Bass Pro Shops has in the camping area any more since I havn't seen a catalog in years.

  25. Bass Pro? Oh my. There's a Bass Pro shop in Springfield, Missouri that's just awesome. The nearest one to me now, though, is in Manteca, CA.

    What would I buy? The mind boggles just thinking about it.

    But I think hunting and camping equipment would be first on the list. Maybe the Dutch Oven cooking table and a Dutch oven or two; that'd be useful. A GPS would be useful, too.

  26. I am into hiking. THus, boots would be a must. Some new clothing and a good hat to keep out the sun. Thank you.

  27. With $250 to burn at bass pro shops, I'd use it towards a kayak so we could do it together. Right now out of the budget, but with $250 towards it, affordable. That could keep us busy on various lakes and streams this summer!

  28. I don't know if this is a good contest for me to enter: If I won and gave this to my husband, I don't know if I'd see him for a week! He'd be out trying the new gear!

  29. This would be a great thing to win as I could surprise my husband with a grill! We don't have one and it would be great to own!

  30. I'd have to consult with my love before such a decision (probably it would involve a very nice cooler), but look! they carry the Learning Resources® Pretend & Play® Fishing Set for Kids. It's so cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. Bass Pro Shops is really a family outing for us. We love to go and spend the evening..the kids love it too, they get to watch the fish in the little lake and they love the life size grizzly!

  32. I love camping! I don't know why but it's so much fun to get to buy new, fancy camping stuff. I would spend all of it on new gear.

  33. I'd get my dad camping supplies. He is an older father and has a bad back and is uncomfortable on our camping trips. I'd pick out a roomier tent and an air mattress to start with. Thanks so mcuh!

  34. My husband has to wear clothing with SPF protection and he loves to go to Bass Pro and shop! They have the best selection of clothing for him!

  35. My son is working on his eagle scout project, so I'd buy camping supplies and equipment for them to use when they go camping. Great prize that I'm sure any dad or hubby would love. Thanks.

  36. This would be so much fun to spend!! We love to camp and hunt and would love this!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  37. Gosh I haven't been fishing in ages as a Minnesota born and raised gal...My hubby hasn't EVER been fishing - EVER! I would give this card to him so he could get some supplies for his first fishing trip back home coming up in July! He's a great husband and an awesome father...he'd love it for fathers day! Thanks!

  38. Bass Pro is my husband's favorite store to visit and browse. He would be thrilled to get this for Father's Day!

  39. I would definitely buy some new fishing poles, tackle, bait and some licenses then hit the lake with my kids!!!

  40. My husband and I really enjoy taking the boys fishing. If I win this, we will be able to buy some much needed equipment for the current fishing season.

  41. I would actually give this gift card to my brother. He loves to fish and would definitely be able to use this!

  42. You're so right that there is something for everyone at this store. It will be rough letting my hubby have this one. Surely he'll think of me when he shops...right??

  43. My brother is a young Father of two who loves to fish. Unfortunately raising the two kids doesn't afford him the extra cash to get out or gear up.

  44. I would totally give this gift card to my father to go and buy whatever his heart guess is it would be fishing related!

  45. My husband is a pain in the neck to shop for. Once he finds a style that he likes, it's ALL he buys. He doesn't understand that things change. Luckily for us, Bass Pro Shops sells the shorts he loves. I'd let him spend the whole gift card on shorts for himself!

  46. We went to Bass Pro Shops for the first time a couple weeks ago. We walked the store for hours! So many wonderful things to discover! My kids loved feeding the fish and the shooting gallery for kids! We all found something we just couldn't live without. How fun it would be to have a gift certificate to go splurge with!

  47. My son buys his work boots there -- and he goes through them! He's an EMT and they have these great lightweight yet strong boots he loves. Of course, when he goes there, he's there for HOURS just playing!

  48. My husband loves this place, and I always find something cool there too. Their candy selection is pretty darn good, and I always end up buying a big bag of the saltwater taffy. Hmm, I think I would buy a Garmin GPS if I had $250 to spend, but the husband would probably blow it all on fishing stuff. Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. We're not really 'fish' people here, but Bass Pro Shops, despite the name, has lots and lots of great stuff for 'normal' outdoorsy people too. We get most of our camping gear there, my hubby always gets all his stuff for deer season there too. What a super giveaway, I'd have to fight over who gets to use the gift card with DH!!

  50. My sister's little boy & Hubbie love this shop! Her husband bought their son some camoflauge croc-style shoes and he calls him his "bass-pro" shoes. It's so cute!

  51. Bass Pro Shops are just fun to browse. When we go to Charlotte we always go in just to see the cool stuff.

  52. hunting, camping, fishing....3 of my husband's favorite activities. Free money to spend on these activities would excite him to no end.

  53. We always stop at the Bass Pro Shops outside of Gatlinburg Tennessee as part of our family vacatoin...they have SO MUCH neat stuff! We could buy stuff for the whole family there! I would like to upgrade our current sleeping bag situation so that is probably what I would invest this in!

  54. Oh my goodness you are so right! "If Father's Day was a shop it would be Bass Pro!" Mike might actually do laundry or something crazy like that if he got this as a gift! My Dad & Father-In-Law would Love it too, but I might be looking at divorce if I won it and gave it to anyone but hubby, lol. Camping, hiking, hunting, fishing... you name it he does it and they sell it!

  55. Funny that this would come up...we are headed out to Bass Pro to look at fishing rods for our trip to the coast...going fishing--ought to be interesting for my 3 year old...I know my daughter (age 6) already loves to fish...this year she will have a "real" rod!

  56. We love to camp so I'm sure that I would spend the gift card in the camping section. However, my husband would spend it in the whole store. I'm sure it wouldn't last us long! This is my husband's first father's day. This would be a great gift for him.

  57. My father, father-in-law, AND husband all love to fish. This would provide me Christmas Presents for all three of them!

  58. I'd definitely use the gift card to surprise my dad with the U.S. Reel SuperCaster 1000 Pro Baitcast Reel, which I'm sure he'd be thrilled to no end about. Thanks for another amazing giveaway!

  59. The men in my life (hubby and two sons) love fishing more than just about anything else they do. The only thing that takes precedence over fishing is the Super Bowl. This would put some boyish grins on face big and small in my house.

  60. I have the most wonderful brother-n-law in the world. Not only is he my sister's husband but he is also an awesome role model for my grandson. He loves to hunt and fish. I honestly believe this man could live at Bass Pro Shop, in the woods, or on the water. I would give the card to him knowing he would spend it on fishing/hunting gear for his adventures with Lil Man.

  61. My husband loves to fish, heck I love to fish , if I won this , maybe he would share with me?? :D
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. My husband loves to fish! With fathers Day and his birthday coming up this sure would be great!
    Thanks for the chance!

  63. My Father is a fisherman and we love to camp as a family. Bass Pro shops is a favorite in our family! Thanks for offering!

  64. We love fishing and Bass Pro shops is the ultimate place to shop. A gift card from there is a great Fathers day gift. The boys would have a great time with the catalogue with that much to spend.

  65. OMG... hubby would die for a new fishing rod/reel and bag. Everying thing in has is starting to show it's age a break. His rod just lost it's tip. The zipper on his tackle bag just broke. And to top it off, a fish took his favorite lure!

    We have 5 boys who all love to fish, they range in age from 5-16. We spend almost every weekend in the summer/fall fishing. I'm sure they all could get some really nice things for the sport they all love so much.

  66. My dh could get a really nice pair of workboots with this. He's are so old and we don't have the money right now to replace them. thank you!

  67. Bass Pro Shops are the go to place when the grandkids visit. They each got their first fishing pole there and the experience of the visit was as much fun as the actual fishing later. Pop would love this gift!!!!!

  68. The $250 gift card would last about 10 seconds after my husband enters the store. We love camping, so he would probable get a new tent or sleeping bag for the next trip to the wild!!

  69. I had no clue they had womens clothing. I'd be the greatest woman ever if I won this but now that I know they have womens stuff I might have to use a bit of it before he'd ever see it...hehehe

  70. I really, really want to win this! My dad's done sooo much for me the past nineteen years and his health is spiraling downwards fast it would be sooo nice to win this for him! =]

  71. Ok- NOW you're talking my language! I'm the fisherwoman in the family- I LOVE to fish, so I would buy a new rod & reel, vest, and assorted hooks and lures.
    I can outfish my Dad and my husband any day!

  72. My husband recently said he'd like a kayak! With this gift certificate, I'd be able to pay for most of a kayak with the GC and not feel guilty spending extra for such a large gift!

  73. My husband would find a million things--but i bet he would get the Char-Broil® 3-Burner Propane Grill with Sideburner--he loves to grill--and our apartment complex recently outlawed charcoal grills--we've never had a gas grill---and I know he's been secretly looking at gas grills. Thanks for the chance to win!
    [email protected]

  74. My husband loves to fish and hunt so I would give this to him. We actually just went fishing today and I lost a good bit of his hooks and lures (a fisherwoman I am not). Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. It seems that every time I go camping, I am always replacing this and that because someone borrowed it and didn't bring it back. I would completely restock the camping equipment, and give away what's left of the old equipment.

  76. I would get the DH some of the Keen® Daytona Water Sandals for Men and then spend the remainder on outdoor toys for the DS & some new fishing poles. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  77. bass pro shops is a great store. i did mention prior that i only liked hardware and home improvement stores, so i would like to amend that to add this store.

  78. Although he is admittedly more in his "comfort zone" than I am, my husband and I both enjoy the outdoors. That being said, the gift certificate would go towards camping gear/equipment that we both would benefit from (okay, maybe that includes a fishing rod...) :)

  79. Wow, my husband would go crazy if he won this he would probaly go after a new gps or a new tent and sleeping bags he would be thrilled thanks for another amazing giveway tina

  80. My husband would love this. We are wanting to get some camping gear and this would help us get started!

  81. This would be so fabulous to win!! I actually shop at Bass Pro quite often. I love their outdoor furniture. They even have some of those portable folding chairs you see everywhere, only at Bass Pro you can get them with rockers! That's right, portable folding rocking chairs! How awesome is that!! :)

  82. Last summer, my kids went out fishing with my husband. They all loved it and it gave them time to spend with Daddy without Mommy. At least he cleans what he catches! lol

  83. One of my husband's only ways to unwind it by fishing. I would LOVE to give this to him.

  84. My husband loves to fish! He doesn't have too much time for it but he tries to do it whenever he has some free time, so this would be a great gift for him :)

  85. Mine loves to fish and I am sure that he needs something new by now~after all he hasn't fished since last season :)

  86. I would take my sweetie and let him go crazy. I suspect he would go for the ugliest hat in the store first...

  87. OMG I would love to win this for my husband. He does so much for myself and our daughter this would be awesome. He is a big time fisherman so what a better way to say thank you for all you do with a gc to his favorite store. Thank you for the chance to win.

  88. I would let my dad do some web shopping if I won. He is house bound due to illness but he used to love fishing and all things related. Maybe he could find him some books or magazines or DVDs to keep him company.

  89. My husband is only an occasional fisherman, but he loves it. He doesn't splurge on himself, so this would be a great gift for him.

  90. Fishing is a fun yet definitely man-centered hobby! It would be wonderful to have an abundance of new equipment for any outdoor activity- thanks!

  91. Even though my husband has to travel for four hours to get to the nearest Bass Pro Shop, he still loves to go! Our kids are getting to the age now that they will start enjoying camping with their dad, thanks for the giveaway!

  92. Perfect timing AND context for a Father's Day gift -- NO idea what it would go toward, but he would have a lot of fun figuring that out. I'm told that tackle boxes are ALWAYS ready for an occasional update, so... Thanks!

  93. I would let my husband pick out a nice rod and reel. His good ones were ruined by the salt water when we flooded from Hurricane Ike last year.

  94. What would I buy? Everything for my dad, father in law, and husband for their birthdays and Christmas's. I would be set with this gift card. My family loves to fish so this would be ideal! THANKS!

  95. I honestly don't know WHAT I'd buy -- since times are slightly tight (hear that "squeak"?), I avoid tempting myself by not hanging out at the local Gander Mountain (where they carry a certain amount of Bass Pro materials) -- but if I win, the boys and I will certainly have some fun looking around!

  96. This would be for my dad. He is an avid fisherman and always takes my little boys fishing. I have no idea what he'd buy....but I usually get him a gift card to some fish related store and let him pick what he wants. Of course, I usually go for $25 or $50 because we can't afford more. It would be such a joy to give him to opportunity to go all out.

  97. My dad loves to fish! I'm in college and basically broke so I've been trying to figure out how I am going to be able to get my dad something for Father's day- this would be such an incredible gift! I know he would have an amazing time spending it. :)

  98. The hubbie would love this. $250 to blow at BPS would be a luxury for him. Hed probably come home with all sorts of odds and ends.

  99. My father is an avid fisherman and would put this to good use.

    mercsmercado at yahoo dot com

  100. Oh my goodness! I HAVE to win this! You have no idea how much my dad LOVES Bass Pro!! He has been known to plan vacations around whether he can be near one of the Bass Pro stores! LOL
    This would just make his day if I'd be able to give this to him!

  101. Bass Pro Shops has something for everyone. I would be able to get something for Father's Day for my husband and also for my son. It makes me so proud that my son has become such a good father. Thanks.

  102. I have to admit that we do not fish or hunt but I see some clothing and home furnishings that we would like. The Kalalou Cracked Glass Vases are pretty and my husband would like their shorts and shirts.

  103. My husband would probably get a GPS system with the $250 gift card. He had been wanting one for a while now.

  104. I would buy my neighbor who is a big hunter and fisherman something he could really use. he lost his wife (our good friend) last year and this would really make his day.

  105. What would I buy with $250? Reloading stuff and hunting gear, with 2 sons very passionate about the outdoors. I couldn't ask for anything better then spending time with my family camping or hunting. This would be a great bonus for our family to get some updated items.

  106. My kids have been asking their dad to take them fishing. I think this would be just the thing to get him going.

  107. Are you kidding ?? - My husband hunts, fishes, bow hunts, rides 4-wheelers, golfs and likes to camp -- he would be in heaven -- THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY !!!!!!

  108. This is a favorite store of my Dad's for fishing stuff. This is a great hobby for him and he would love to be able to shop for something fun...semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  109. My dad has gotten BIG into fly-fishing...not only that, he's tying his own flies with those big magnifiers so he can see the little pieces. I'd get my dad a new pair of waders....he usually comes home with wet socks!!

  110. My husband would buy hunting supplies with this. He loves buying hunting stuff at Bass Pro. He says the quality is so much better than other places.

  111. We would probably buy a GPS. We've been wanting one but don't really have the extra cash for it. Thanks for the giveaway!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  112. If my husband won a Bass Pro shop Gift Card it would be a great Father's Day. We love fishing & camping with our little ones so this would be great. Thanks so much fot the chance to win!

  113. Oh Yea! We love to fish and my hubby is laid off so this is a great gift for him and I. We love to get out as much as possible when the weather is nice.

  114. My husband works 6 days a week. How awesome to suprise him with something he can have fun using both before and after the purchase.

  115. Well...I have a husband and three little boys who love love love to fish. Because my husband graduated in the midst of our economic crisis, jobs have been hard to come by. He did find one though, and we had to move to this crazy little town in the middle of Indiana. What is cool about this town is we have the largest state park in the state with 2 huge lakes for my boys to fish in and lots of places to camp. But, since the job my husband took doesn't pay great, we haven't had the funds needed to buy fishing/camping gear for the four of them. The gift card would be perfect to do that, and we have a bass pro just down the road from us! Thanks for the chance!

  116. Hmmm. I would probably buy some rugged outdoor clothing for my husband there. He's pretty tough on his clothes.

  117. I could give this to the Dad in our house for Father's Day or I could use it myself or I could share it?? PS. Probably camping equipment for the grandkids!

  118. Without a doubt, the gift card would be used for archery supplies. You can never have too many arrows is his motto.'d be like a kid at christmas with that gift card.

  119. I love Bass Pro Shop. Wonderful prices, wonderful items and selections. My family, and even my 86 year old grandmother love to fish, so this would be a wonderful prize for me.

    Thanks for the great contest!

  120. Now this is the store for my husband, he is always out fishing, and when he isn't fishing he is looking for new fishing gear. He would absolutely love this.

  121. My husband has already put items for Fathers Day on his wish list at Bass Pro. He loves anything to do with fishing.

  122. My husband would be like a kid in a candy store with this card! I'm sure he'd buy something gun related, ammo, gun accessories, cases. He'd have a wonderful time trying to figure out what to get!

  123. We have two young boys and are thinking of trying a camping trip. A Bass Pro Shop gift card could help us plan our first camping adventure.

  124. We have a comparatively new Bass Pro Shop in a nearby town, and this would be a great way to learn what is available in it! I suspect fishing gear would be the major purchase.

  125. My husband is the might hunter and love Bass Pro. He would love to get to go in there with some free money to get something he wants. Thanks

  126. My father-in-law would sell his house and live in a tent in Bass Pro. He loves that store more than life. It would make a great gift for Fathers Day for him.

  127. I've been wanting to update some of my fishing lures, but we all know how tight money is these days. They also carry Backwoods Jerky seasoning. It is Soooo good!

  128. My hubby loves to fish and would like to learn about fly fishing so this combo may be perfect and is on sale: White River Fly Shop™ Fly / Spin Rod and Reel. Thanks!
    Alyzabeth's Mommy for Eight Months!

  129. My husband would love to get fishing gear. He has been talking about it but hesitates to purchase with the economy problems. This would get him going on his retirement dream activity.

  130. This would be great to win - I would take the "boys" down and let them each spend some of it! This would be such a thrill for them!

  131. Not only is this my husbands favorite store, it is also my daughters! My husband would be torn on what to spend $250 on at bass pro, but I'd be willing to bet it would all go towards more fishing gear. My daughter loves the toys and camping gear & would definately talk her Dad into getting her that Pink Camel back she has had her eye on for a while now!
    This would be a great gift for them to share!

  132. While my husband would love this, I would give it to my dad. He lost my mom in December and has Macular Degeneration. He cannot see well at all but the one thing he can see and still enjoy is fishing. My husband takes him fishing every Sunday and they sit and talk about the military days as both my husband and dad are retired from the Air Force. My dad always comes back smiling and of course telling me about the "big one that got away!"

  133. I would love to win this. My husband has had his eye on a new salmon pole. He never spends money on himself. I'd love to treat hime to something special. Thanks!

  134. Love Bass Pro Shop! I could spend all day in there! I'd really lovvve to win for my dad for Fathers Day! Especially since I'm broke! haha

  135. My husband really enjoys fishing with our daughter. I grew up fishing with my Dad, as well. He hasn't had a lot of time lately to go fishing or to even relax. I am hoping that he will have more time this summer to take it easy and do some relaxing and fun stuff. Thanks for the giveaway; Bass Pro shops is a great, fun store.

  136. I'm sure my husband and son would have that gift card spent in about 2.45 seconds! We live next to a river and they fish all.the.time! My son has equipped his bike so he can carry a bucket that contains his bait and fishing pole and rides down to the marina to fish all day long (school is out here!). It is great to watch! We just had fresh bass and walleye the other night and the best part is my husband cooks it! Yummers!

  137. Does a guy ever have too much fishing tackle? No. Never. As a matter of fact, I never have too much either. We both love to fish and Bass Pro is so much fun to shop.

  138. I would love to buy fishing poles for our family and go out to one of the small local lakes just to hang out and relax and have fun. Of course, I would use some of that money for a bunch of bug repellent and sunscreen too!

  139. we would buy some of their great clothing they sell for the outdoors! tops, bottoms, sunglasses, and shoes too.

  140. We desperatly need a new tent and maybe a long folding table too! We have chairs and a gazebo (with side walls). We also need some lamps and small stuff like that. All our stuff is old and starting to wear out!

  141. I would buy all sorts of barbeque items like spices and seasonings and tools and accessories.

  142. This would be the ultimate gift for my dad! He lives to fish! He owns 4 boats in all different sizes. Yes, I said 4! Thanks for the chance!!!!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  143. I would give this card to my Dad. He could buy some fishing gear so that he could use it when he visits my brother who just moved by a lake in Arkansas.

  144. My dad and hubby both love the bass shop - tons of goodies for everyone! Seems like they go in and get lost for a long time shopping.

  145. We're outdoorsy, so this would be a fun gift! I think I'd spend all the money in the camping section - such as a new sleeping bag for my husband. If that didn't take all the money, then I'd also throw in a head-lamp for him. :)

  146. I would buy a new fishing rod for my husband and son. They love to go fishing together as a father and son outing.

  147. My husband would get a lot of their camping equipment. Ours is showing its age and it would be nice to have a tent that zipped. Thanks

  148. I would give it to my dad but if I were to use it myself, I would buy snorkel gear. Some fins, mask, snorkel, anti-fog solution, a water proof camera case! Oh, I would have a blast spending it! My dad is lucky I love him,,,lol.

  149. I would love to win this for my dad--he and my mom just moved near a lake, so he could definitely put this card to good use!

  150. My daughter and her family and big time fishers. It would be nice to go shopping for each of them new fishing rods. Thanks.

  151. My husband would love this! I hope I will be able to give this to him! He deserves it, he's a great guy who doesn't buy much for himself! (Can respond to eamil Friday evening if lucky enough!) Thanks! [email protected]

  152. hmmm... I don't want to speak for him, but this could be the final push to get him to take everyone camping! TECHNICALLY, we have all the gear, but the tent is decrepit, and he could use some new hiking boots. Thanks!

  153. I've only been in a Bass Pro Shop once when we were down in Florida in January and just love the store. They have more than sporting needs.

  154. I didn't realize Bass Pro Shops offered so many home furnishings. I think I might have to keep the gift certificate for myself should I be so lucky as to win it! Thanks for the chance!

  155. A few years ago for Christmas, my husband recieved a $100 Bass Pro gc. He loved everything and had a hard time deciding what to get. He just loves to fish.

  156. My Hubby LOVES Bass Pro Shop!! He is into Target shooting and I KNOW he would use a $250 Gift Card to buy things for Target Practice..
    Such as Ammunition, Targets, Gun cleaning Supplies, And there is this I like..
    RedHead® Deluxe Pistol Range Bag.. Very very nice!!!
    Thank you Bass Pro shop for a Very Generous giveaway!!

  157. I would get a GPS unit for my husband and then let my 10 year old grandson choose something from what is left. I never realized they carried so many things!

  158. A $250 gift card to Bass Shop Pro, at first I didn't think I would find anything that my husband would like. After checking out the site it occurs to me that I was very wrong. I think we would spend it on some camping gear to get some much needed time with our kids. They are getting older and more and more independant and lets face it very focused on their phones, iPods, and friends. I think a camping trip to get away from it all would be an amazing opportuinity!

  159. My brother loves to go fishing with his son whenever he can. I would give this to him to enjoy.

  160. I know Bass Pro Shops is SOOOO much more than fishing...but seriously! A guy can go WILD in that store! Knowing my hubs though, he'd like to get the kids well stocked in fishing gear and take them out for a weekend of great fishing. It's fun (we release them back into the water) and relaxing.

    [email protected]

  161. Definitely be buying the hubs a new rod and reel. His is ancient and he won't put up the money to get a new one so long as the old one still works. I think I could also get him some new spinners and a fishing vest.

  162. I remember as a kid I would get my Bass Pro Shop catalog in the mail and drool over every page. To this day I still haven't been to one of their stores but Sacramento is supposed to get one soon (hopefully). Needless to say, if I won this, I would drive to the nearest one and probably be in awe of the store.

  163. I would get my dad set up for fishing season. He would get new poles, lures, maybe something for his boat. I'm sure it would all be spent in one trip!

  164. If I won I'd take my grandfather fishing, he used to fish all the time and hasn't been in for a long time, it'd be such a treat for him

  165. I would buy the Cast Iron Wildlife Bench, and I'm sure my hubby would be picking out some camping equipment. We travel out of state to visit our kids and there is a Bass Pro Shop on the way, it is a good way to break up our trip and stop and walk through their store!

  166. This store has everything. I was amazed the first time I went. Any outdoor type things can be found here and it would be fun to go shopping!

  167. My husband likes hiking--last time we were in Bass Pro Shops he found quite a few things he would love to have! Thanks for the contest!

  168. The store is full of things for everyone...would get something in the gun dept. and clothing, shoes...what fun it would be!

  169. I used to love to fish and I always loved to look through the Bass Pro Shops catalog. Would love to win this and maybe get back into fishing and start my kids doing it.

  170. My husband grew up on the Mississippi coast--I know he would love to catch up on the latest fishing gear out there and recapture his youth and passion.

  171. ive been actually wanting to start taking up fishing so this would be great to go get all the gear and tackle.

  172. Too funny...Hubby wants to get in the car and drive to Council bluffs today to go to Bass Pro Shop since it's raining here and he can't go fishing...I'm sure he would buy more lures if we won :)

  173. My husband love to bass fish, he would get a kick out of getting a new reel from Bass Pro shops

  174. The last time I went to Bass Pro Shop I got some new boots, I could use another pair for sure. Also some more fishing equipment would be nice.

  175. I just cleaned out my tackle box and relined 2 poles so far, getting ready to go camping. I have a Bass Pro Shop very close to where I live and I need some new tackle, thanks for the chance.

  176. I would buy the Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Signature Series Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo Fishing Pole. Thanks!

  177. I feel like if I got this for my dad we'd finally be able to fish. I mean it would be an invite to just get the equipment and everything. Bass Pro Shops seems like a pretty interesting idea for a gateway to some quality time with my father.

  178. WOW ! What a great prize for guys like me who just love to fish. Can you say fish and chips.

  179. We own a boat, and it is not cheap to buy new reels, rods, lures, etc. So, my husband would use it on items in the fishing category. If he still was lucky enough to have money left, he would head on over to the hunting dept and buy himself something there. Thank you

  180. You wouldn't know it by the name of the store, but they actually have a great selection of women's sports clothes. That's what I would shop for.

  181. My hubby would use this to buy fishing gear for our grandsons so they could all go fishing with the 'right' stuff. Happy Dad's Day Gentlemen...

  182. My hubby does a lot of camping and fishing so he would be in heaven spending this gift certificate

  183. The Sony® nav-u™ NV-U74T Portable GPS Navigation System is what my husband has been wanting.Any type of GPS from Pro Bass would make him happy.

  184. I'd purchase a Carthart Sandstone Sierra Hooded Jacket For Ladies for $99.99 and some Natural Reflection Slip on Casual Shoes for $19.99 for myself and leave the rest of the $250 balance for my sweetie to choose (unless he'd want to give the rest to me, of course!). (Just kidding!) Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful gift certificate!

  185. With Father's Day and a birthday in June, I would love for my husband to have a shopping spree! My guess is that he would get sporting gear for himself. Maybe water sports gear for his son, and a perhaps camping gear.

  186. The best thing I like about going to Nashville is checking out the Bass Pro Shop at Opry Mills Mall.

  187. I would buy the NEW Sportz® Truck Tent III Truck Tent - $249.99 with the Bass Pro Shops gift card. A very useful item to have on your next camping trip this summer.

  188. We would get a trail camera to put over the hill behind our house and a couple of real fishing poles to replace the "kiddie" ones.

  189. i wouldnt buy nothing for me. i would give it directly to my hubby and let him go to town and spend that gift card. he would love me and you LOL

  190. I love to fish. Its a great memory with my dad and now I would love for my kids to love the sport.

  191. If I win I would give it to my husband...he is the best father in the world...I love him to death. He loves to go fishing and Bass Pro is his favorite shopping place.

  192. This would be the most perfect gift for my father. HE LOVES Bass Pro Shop. Everytime he comes down to visit me on his way he stops at Bass Pro and on his way home. He loves all fishing and hunting. This would make such a great and suprising gift for my dad.

  193. We do a lot of camping with our grandkids. my husband would love to update some of our equipment. Bass Pro Shops is a great place to be able to do it at.

  194. This would be perfect for my dad - he just took my son on their first grandfather/grandson fishing outing a few days ago!

  195. I am getting my 3 pre-teens into fishing ( 2 boys and little sister) and what better way to get outfitted with rods & reels & tackle box equipment to catch those "big ones" !

  196. I would give the card to my dad to use. He loves to fish and this giftcard would be the best father's day present ever. I would be daughter of the year :)

  197. We just got back from a four night camping trip with our toddlers. What a blast. I would say that we have most camping things we need but there are so many things (goodies) that we would like to have.

  198. So many great items to choose from, but I think one of the first things we'd get is a new rod/reel set. The fish finder looks great too.

  199. The Pro Shop opened up in massachusetts recently--what an awesome store--it has everything the outdoorman needs!

  200. If I won the Bass Pro Shop gift card I'd give it to my husband for Fathers day. He'll probably buy a fish finder because he hasn't had to much luck finding them himself. :-)

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  201. If I won this, I would use it to by my husband a new fishing rods and reels and gear. He has been promising to take me fishing this summer but he doesn't have a rod for me. So, I could use his old rod and he could use the new one :)

  202. If I won this, I would use it to buy my husband the hiking backpack that he has been eyeing for about a year now. It's pretty pricey and fancy too.

  203. My husband would want to buy some new sleeping bags so that we can go camping. He would want a few of their t-shirts, too.

  204. I know fishing is man code, for alot of things, but my husband is catch and release crazy! He would definately help with the dishes, if I won least a couple of times! Regardless he would be over the moon! Long live the Bass Pro Shops!

  205. we live right next to a lake, i mean i can see it out of window it's that close we'd get some fishing rods, gear, and waders

  206. I wouldn't buy anything. This would be a gift for my "grandpa" who deserves all the relaxing time in the world. He raises cows and lives in rural KY, so I'm sure he could put the card to good use.

  207. I would probably put the money towards a paintball gun. Nothing says "I love you, Dad!" like getting shot with paintballs...

  208. My husband would love to get some new hiking boots and socks! He needs warm, water-wicking socks!


  209. So we have never been fishing, but its something i always wanted to try. This would be a great start.. Fishing sounds like fun!

  210. Im planning a biking trip 100miles a day for 4 days. We are going to stay at a campground Id love to win this gift card to get a new tent and cooking supplies!

  211. My husband adores Bass Pro! My husband is an (absessed) advid fisherman and would love this prize! He's now getting our two sons also interested in fishing. To be honest, I also enjoy it a bit too. This really would be a great gift for him.
    Thanks so much for offering this very generous prize.

  212. Finally, I could get my husband to take me to the mall (where our local Bass Pro Shop is located)! He'd stay entertained for hours with a gift card :)

  213. My dad always used to go fishing when I was a kid but hasn't in some time. I hope this would be an incentive to get the two of out to the lake again.

  214. This would come in really handy as my husbands new hobby is reloading....he could buy lots of stuff to load with!

  215. My husband loves to wander around in Bass Pro Shops. They have a great outdoor cooking supply section. I think he'd probably like to get a bigger and better smoker.

  216. My husband could use one of the GPS systems, like the Garmin® nüvi 755T Automotive GPS Personal Navigation Unit. This gift card would definitely help to purchase one of those.

  217. I would like to win this for my husband. He could get some new fishing equipment with this gift card.

  218. I'd use the card for fishing equipment for my sons and grandsons who are going on a camping trip just for the boys.

  219. I know he'd start out with a new pair of Merrell hikers. Then, a boy can never have too many lures, can he? And to round it off--a new baseball hat. He NEVER goes anywhere without buying one (and I have the rack in the basement to prove it)!

  220. OH my!! This my husbands FAVORITE store. He can spend hours in this store just looking around! What a great fathers day it would be for him if he won this and could actually buy the things he's been wanting to buy!!! Thanks!!

  221. I believe that I would have to spend the $250 on something for my husband for hunting. I like Bass Pro too though. I have found the neatest camping stuff and there are always great deals on women's clothes too there!

  222. My husband would head straight to guns and ammo. He loves to shoot. Going to a Bass Pro Shop is a day trip for us. He would stock up on ammo for sure.

  223. My husband has this fantasy going of buying a fancy rod and reel for himself, and one for my son, and then heading down to the lake and communing with nature. Unfortunately, my son wouldn't be interested, but my daughter would be thrilled to go. This is the same daughter who would insist on wearing her fairy princess costume on their outdoor adventure. My husband says that this ruins the visuals of his male-bonding fantasy somewhat.

  224. This would be a great card for my husband for Father's Day. He is an avid hunter and fisherman as well as camper - and of course in his mind you can never have too much equipment!

  225. I'd KILL for this gift card. My father and I are fishing fanatics and haven't gotten a chance to go lately because his pole broke and he just hasn't had the extra money to throw at another one. We had some real good times while fishing together, whether we brought home some dinner or not. This gift card would come in so handy...

  226. My 19 year old Grandson just can't get enough fishing. I would use the win to buy him a much needed new reel.

  227. My husband loves to fish. He'd be like a kid in a candy store with $250 to spend. Thanks for sharing~

  228. My husband would love to buy a new tent for camping and I also see Bass has Carhartt jackets which he's been coveting for awhile now.

  229. My huband and I love Bass Pro Shops. He just used a gift card that he had to buy fishing supplies. I started to fish with him and looked at their webiste. They have just about everything you could think of, even women's clothes and jewerly, who knew?

  230. Awesome, time to replace some old camping gear and enjoy the many upcoming fishing and camping trips this summer.

  231. They do have terrific clothes and some outdoors stuff for the guys at our house (They could have a little of the gift card)

  232. I would like to buy some new fishing reels and bass lures, This would make the perfect gift for father's day.

  233. Holy Moly... this would be the mother of all father's day gifts for my dad! He would be in hog heaven!

  234. Bass Pro Shop is a one-stop shop for presents for my dad, husband, and brothers. If I were to win the $250 gift certificate, I would give it to my husband to put towards the kayak he has wanted to buy.

  235. This contest again would get some much needed clothes for my husband like RedHead® Flat Creek Cargo Shorts for Men.

  236. There is a Bass Pro Shop about 35 miles from our home and Hubby loves to go there every chance we get- I know he's been wanting a new rod & reel and I'm sure he could find the perfect one there!

  237. My husband and son are very active in the Boy Scouts, my son is aiming to be an Eagle Scout in a few years. I know they would love to spend on some outdoor clothing.

  238. Bass Pro shop really does have something for everyone in the family. Don't know exactly what we'd buy - we've got people needing (wanting) new fishing gear, boots, socks, golf gear, and more.

  239. There's a huge Bass Pro Shop near my dad's house. Dad is a charter boat captain and fishing is his life! If I win, I'll take him on a Father's Day Shopping Spree he'll never forget-- new tackle, a new rod or reel, whatever he wants! I'll officially be his favorite child :)

  240. My husband would get some Columbia clothes. Those are his favorite to wear on the weekends - a nice break from the suits he wears all week!

  241. our local bass closed down but it would be a nice trip for husband to go shopping and see a baseball game

  242. When my husband isn't busy fixing things around the house or building things in the garage, he loves to camp and fish. We recently took a trip to Bass Pro Shop in Harrisburg, PA. I let my husband just wander by himself while my kids and I enjoyed watching the fish swimming around. Also loved all the stuffed animals. It was like going to a museum. He would be in heaven if I gave him a gift card this large.

  243. if I won a gift card from bass pro shops I would share it with my younger brother and grandson...I'm disabled and on a fix income so there is'nt a lot of money for fun 8 year old grandson would get his first glove,fishing gear and whatever he might like.My brother loves to crab so I know he would at least buy a net.Myself I'd buy bullets for target shooting. thanks George

  244. Summer Flouder season has just begun in NJ and my husband's motto is: if I catch a fish it's a Fluke. He would like a new fishing rod and reel to replace an old one - maybe some new lures. I know the $250 would be spent in a few minutes.

  245. Yes my husband fishes and we have a Bass Pro Shop two miles from our house. He could find something there I am sure!

  246. I would buy my hubby a new fishing rod! He would be sooooo surprised! Or maybe I would just gift him the card and watch the delight in his eyes!

  247. It's a fun store to shop in...just browsing their site I know we'd want to buy the Coleman Montana 6 person tent.

  248. We are a camping and hiking family! I'm dreaming of all the updated gear that we could pick up at Bass Pro SHops if we had and extra $250!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  249. My hubby would go for the golf clubs as well- everytime he drags me there- it is the golf simulator, clubs aand then boats!

  250. I'm sure my husband would head straight to the golf stuff. He needs some new clip shoes for his bike as well.

  251. Now this is right up my husbands alley. We'd definitely stock up on fishing supplies, camping stuff, another kids sleeping bag for my third child and of course see what's on the clearance rack.
    I forgot how great this store is. Hmmm.....

  252. Let me just tell you, My family LOVES Bass Pro Shops. The first time my husband took me to one of these stores (before we had our son), I spent more money than he did!LOL! Now, I go crazy over all the cute clothes and toys they have for kids...It's such a GREAT store! I bet my husband would go for a new trolling motor for his boat if I was lucky enough to win! Thanks for the chance!

  253. I would buy fishing poles for my family of four.
    Just recently we started fishing as a family and love it. If there was extra money leftover I would buy some bait and a life jacket for my son.

  254. I'd personally buy more cycling gear for myself. Since it's Father's Day, I'd get my father something he'd really like. Or maybe I could get him a new bike and we could cycle together. That would be fun.

  255. I would buy my husband the Bass Pro 100 mph Gore Tex Rain Parka for chilly fishing trips in the NW
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  256. Now this is the ultimate father's day giveaway!! My husband and I joined another couple for camping the other day and my daughter caught her very first fish! It was so exciting but we were using all of their gear. We could use a couple good fishing rods, a nice tent and those super cute jeans wouldn't be too bad either.

  257. My husband loves this store. He would be in heaven if I won him this gift card. He needs some new clothes and they carry some of his favorite brands. Thank you for the chance to win!

  258. This is great. My husband would definitely use it to help pay for a GPS. So far we haven't been able to afford one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  259. Now this is a store that could occupy you for hours! Adults and kids alike. I have so much fun when I go to this store! I kinda forgot about this store... I may have to check this out for a fathers day gift! thanks for the reminder and for the chance to win!

  260. First I love your idea about splitting it...half for me and half for my dad. My dad adores fishing so a decent pole and as much fishing accessories as he can fit in the cart would be terrific.(He doesn't think it' macho when I call the fishing gear accessories but I remind him that is exactly what it is...hat, bag, sparkles, etc lol) And the bonus is the grandkids, all four of them, love to go fishing with grandpa. Perfect! Thanks for the contest.

  261. $250 gift card to Bass Pro Shop?


    Oh.. not me.. .guns panic me, I get all twitchy like I have a condition.
    But my guy.. he's a gun lover... this would be wonderful for him to build the gun closet he is planning this coming summer... need to keep them out of kids hands!

  262. Well, I've never actually experienced going into one of these stores. Just checked it out online, but it looks like it would be right up my husbands alley. I think I might be able to find something too. Like a good pair of sandals or comfy shorts to ride around in the boat. Thanks for the opportunity to win this fantastic prize!

  263. Now this is one of my husband's favorite stores in the entire world! But if I were to receive the card and have it to myself to spend, I would probably buy a GPS system or something along the same line. I love to meander through Bass Pro Shop, it is so interesting and fun as well.


  264. I want it for me! I suppose we could share it, but I always want new clothes, and I like the outdoors more than my hubby does. Maybe I could buy us some stuff to make camping more desirable for him so that I can convince him that we should go? Like a blow-up mattress.

  265. Bass Pro Shops is one of the coolest stores I have ever been too. I just went for the first time a few months ago when my parent's came for a visit. It's my dads favorite store and when we all went to the outlet mall, he stayed in Bass Pro the entire time ha ha

    I wouldn't buy anything but I would give the GC to my dad and he would probably buy hunting stuff for sure.

  266. Bass Pro Shops have so many classy products!
    My husband could use a GPS Personal Navigation
    Unit and the Northface Yavapai Daypack. Your giveaways are so generous and fabulous!
    I would really appreciate my name being entered
    in your drawing. Many thanks to you, Cindi

  267. It's funny cuz, I actually bought him something from Bass Pro shops last year, but it was just a $25 fisherman's hat cuz we were low on cash. I'd love to get my dad some really nice fishing equipment. He hardly ever splurges on himself and I'd love to surprise him with something he would love like a fishing pole (are they $250? more? less? can you tell i'm not a fisherwoman?). ^_^

  268. My Father-In-Law is a fisherman and he would love to have this! He hasn't been super successful at getting the fish he wants to get and I believe this would help him out a bit! I don't know much about fishing myself so I would leave all the shopping to him! He is a wonderful father-in-law and grandfather!

  269. I would have to give this gift to my husband. He's a huge duck hunter and just got his first deer on Thanksgiving morning 2008. I know he could put this to good use whether it be for new waterproof boots or a new camo something or another. He just keeps getting into Bass Pro shop more and more, one way or another. This would only be an excuse to spend the $250 plus more. Maybe it would be best if I/he not win, lol.

  270. This is a fantastic prize! I would have to give this to my dad. he's an avid fisherman, and I doubt the gift card would make it past his obsession with the Shimano fishing reels:)

  271. My husband would LOVE the API Outdoors™ Terra XL Blind - Model 30001! (I actually had him pick out what he would like and he could have spent HOURS on the site! LOL!)

  272. My mom and my dad both love to shop at bass. I used to only buy my shirts there. What a fantastic father's day gift this is for someone!

  273. Oh how I would want to buy something for myself. However my dad really wants a GPS for Father's Day so I think it would be awesome to be able to give him that and I hear that Bass Pro Shop;s are great.

    mommainflipflops At

  274. My husband would love to win this for Father's Day. Our daughter is old enough now to go fishing with him, and I know he's dying to take her. All his fishing gear needs replacing, since he hasn't had much time to fish since we got married.

  275. Since I am the husband writing this, I would give my wife credit for getting this for me and then take my whole family to shop for something we as a family could do together this summer!

  276. My son just got into fishing last year and I would buy he and his twin sister some great gear for fishing with Dad this year!
    Or maybe a fishing pole for me, pink!

  277. I would give it my Uncle who is totally in love with that place! I swear he would LIVE there if they would let him.

  278. I know our family is a tiny bit unconventional because I am actually the fisherWoman in our relationship. So if I won this great giveaway, I would be the one using it! lol

  279. I would let my husband get what ever he wants. He would most likely get stuff to take our grandson on his first hunt with us. So what ever they would want is what they would get. Thanks for the chance to win.

  280. If I won the gift card I would just let my husband go wild in the store. He is getting into cooking with duch ovens so he would probably buy a few of them. He also loves to fish so probably some fishing stuff. If there is anything left on the card I would love to buy me some fudge I love the fudge, and if my kids are good I just might buy them some too.

  281. David needs a new GPS. He left the old one on the boat.... in the rain. It was supposed to waterproof, with supposed being the operative word.

  282. My husband is the quintessential fisherman. He would be out bass fishing all day everyday if he could. He dreams of fishing for a living but living in MI, that might be a challenge. Winning this would allow me to give him the opportunity to buy a new rod/reel and maybe some jigs. He would be thrilled and I would be ecstatic to see the look on his face! THANKS for the opportunity!

  283. I would give it to my brother-in-law! He works very hard as a pharmacist, and when he finally gets to relax, he goes fishing.

  284. Wow. That's quite a giveaway.

    Hmmm. With $250 to spend at Bass Pro, I think Jeff would get us all outfitted for a camping trip to Grand Canyon. We went up there for Memorial Day weekend three years in a row and absolutely loved it. We've since "downsized" by getting rid of our camping trailer and now we need the tent and all the assorted equipment to go along with it. That gift card would do trick I think.

  285. My hubby is a computer NERD (love him!) but I still think he'd love this - he loves bbq, so he'd def get some tools for that :>)

  286. My hubby loves Bass Pro Shop! He practically drools everytime we drive by one. If I were to win, I would get the hubby a Garmin Nuvi 205W and the Bass Pro Shops® Extreme® Reel/Performance Graphite Series Rod Baitcast Combos. Now that would be an awesome Father's Day for him!

  287. My husband loves to fish. Bass Pro Shops also has many great camping items. Thanks for hosting a giveaway with such a great prize.

  288. We don't have a Bass Pro Shop nearby but when we are near to one my hubby spends a long, long time there! He especially loves the hunting and fishing sections so I think he'd want something from those areas. So many choices!

  289. My husband would really love for me to win this one. He loves fishing, hunting, anything that has to do with the outdoors including camping.I hope I am really, really lucky this time.

  290. We used to live in Norman, OK with a giant Bass Pro Shop down the interstate in OKC, but now we're in Oregon...thank goodness for the Internet!

  291. I would get some outdoor wind/rain jackets - need to check out the Bass ProShop near us - neighbors take their kids for an outing!

  292. My dad is so sweet. He never wants anything for fathers day. He always tells me to buy myself something for his fathers day gift. On the rare occasion we take a vacation he always takes a day to take my brothers fishing. This would be awesome to give him!

  293. wow! bass pro has so much to choose from. from the name, i guessed they had fishing gear. i'm not sure what my husband would choose to spend the money on... there are so many choices!!! if i were shopping for him, i'd get him a new handheld gps (his old one broke) and a tent fan for our camping trip this summer. my dad would also love some new camping gear for his trailor or a gps to take along on his trips.

  294. I think my hubby would probably buy some hunting gear or maybe some hiking gear. Hey, maybe he'd even buy some cute clothes for our son.

  295. Okay, am I the only one who was surprised at how many cute clothes they have for women? I'd get myself some Santa Cruz Crocs and the Camryn Cable Hooded Cardigan for myself and let my DH spend the rest.

  296. Well I'd def give it to my husband. I may try to talk him into letting me get something, but that could be tough! lol! He'd go nuts buying fishing stuff, no doubt, and hopefully some camping stuff for our family. I'd love to get a new tent!

  297. While my husband doesn't fish, he does hike, kayak and is an all around outdoorsy type of guy. He'd go on a spree buying carhartt clothing, maybe some water shoes, stuff for his kayak. Thanks for a great opportunity!

  298. I must admit, I enjoy going to Bass Pro Shops! I am the kinda girl that likes to be outdoors. As a family we fish, camp, hike....together. I know that my husband would have no problem spending the entire amount by himself, but I know that I would want some new hiking shoes, my daughter might want a new fishing pole and my son would want EVERYTHING (he is just like his dad) This would be a great prize to win!!

  299. I would love to get my father in-law a new set of bait cast reels! He loves to fish and is always talking about getting nicer fishing equipment.

  300. There is only one BPS in CA and we are about an hour away. But my husband LOVES that place. We often take a day trip and go just so he can go wander around and dream. He loves to camp and he is also an outdoorsman, so this is his favorite store!!! He would love this gc!!! Thanks so much for offering it!!!

  301. I still don't know what to get Dad for Fathers Day this year. I have a few ideas but not sure yet, I really need to get my thoughts together soon! My Dad is very special to me so I am going to treat the whole family to a lovely meal out at Dads choice of restaurant – which I am sure he will enjoy! Sometimes I find that Fathers Day cards in the shops are so expensive, so I have found a free alternative. I came across a cool freeFathers Day eCard site which I quite like, there are lots of cards which I know my Dad will like. Whenever I go onto this site I always find new cards which I like, so it maybe worth giving it a try.

  302. My hubby is a fly fisherman, or was. No money for updated equipment and most of his stuff we had to leave behind when we moved. I would get him some waders, a tackle box and new rod! I'm so crossing my fingers I win!

  303. What fun weekend posts Just catching up.
    Calvin and Tyler have started fishing together, so we would probably invest in some equipment. I'm in the market for a nice "fishing" hat to give my face some shade.

  304. Bass Pro Shop, Cabela's, they are all typically 'mens stores'. But I must confess, I really enjoy shopping at these. I am a gadget girl and love to wander the aisles, (or online aisles). My hubby can spend hours in each of these stores! He would have no trouble spending any amount of money here!

  305. Hmmm...I'm not sure what my husband would do with this, but I'm pretty sure it would involve stuff for hiking - boots, socks, backpack, etc. Could be fun!!

  306. We have one of these giant sportsman shops in our area and they are great to wonder in and just see all the random things they have. And our little guy loves all the stuffed animals around the store. There are so many choices for the whole family. Would make a great Dad's Day gift.

  307. Hmmm...we recently got a Bass Pro Shop, and I have yet to darken the doorstep because I have no interest in fishing. Cute jeans, though? Now that's a different matter. I wonder if they have matching fishing rods for a certain Grandpa and grandson I know.

  308. I think outfitting my husband & kids with some fishing equipment would be fun. We live in the land of 10,000 lakes, but haven't any experience in fishing. I'd buy myself something to wear when they fish...baiting hooks eeks me out!

  309. We love to make family trips out of a shopping venture to Bass Pro Shops. Their stores are so cool! My husband is an avid fisherman, so that is his favorite section of the store. He loves to look at all the cool boats, too, as we dream of owning a pontoon boat someday. This would be a great gift for him!

  310. I would go straight to clothing and footwear to find the perfect gift for my husband. He and I are the last in the family to update our wardrobe. I noticed several cute & sporty sandals on the website - my husband has been walking around in falling apart sandals for several months and I'd love for him to pick out a couple new pairs along with some shirts, shorts and jackets.

  311. My husband sounds like your husband. Anything and everything outdoors excites him. He would absolutely FLIP for this. I'm not sure if he would spend it all on camping equipment, or spread it around for a bunch of miscellaneous items.

  312. My husband would bow down to me if I won this. He needs new hooks and worms desperately. Thanks for the chance.

  313. We're excited to do some family camping trips this summer, so we'd probably spend a certificate on one of their nice big 2 or 3-room family tents (with maybe a few sleeping bags or an air mattress thrown in, if we had any leftover $$$) I think our little 4-man dome tent would be a little too cozy for our family of 5 this year!

  314. We took a weekend trip to Sedona,AZ this week and made the determination to go back with the family later and do some camping. But we only have camping gear for 2 so we'd love to be able to find the gear for the whole family at Bass Pro!

  315. My husband LOVES Bass Pro. He could have $250 spent so fast. I'm not sure if he would buy new boots, jeans or hunting & fishing supplies. We need new camping gear & water skiing equipment.
    This is his favorite store

  316. My husband loves camping, fishing, and backpacking. Bass Pro Shops is an awesome store too. We would love the opportunity to shop there (we don't have a real live store anywhere near us).

  317. One day when we were totally bored we drove 2 hrs to just look around a bass pro store(I believe that is the closest to us)...They are really nice. My husband would love to get some new fishing gear...He really hasnt bought any new stuff except a fish finder in a long time. Being fathers day I would have to make him split it with my Dad and let him pick out something too.

  318. If I won, I would give the gift certificate to my dad who just retired. He loves to fish and lives on a lake -I am sure he could find something amazing there!! I can't think of a better gift for him. I bet he would buy tons and tons of lures!

  319. If I won, I would give the gift certificate to my dad who just retired. He loves to fish and lives on a lake -I am sure he could find something amazing there!! I can't think of a better gift for him. I bet he would but tons and tons of lures!

  320. My hubby loves to target shoot. He would have a great time buying stuff....
    He actually visited Bass Pro today after he dropped me off at the quilt store...

  321. I was actually intimidated by this store when i first stepped foot in one this holiday season, but it was pretty amazing to see all it had, in one place. Quite the store. I'll cross my fingers for this one, though I'm not sure what my husband would want to get with a certificate. I have no doubt he's got a long list of things he's never mentioned though. He's like that when it comes to his wants.

  322. My husband and son keep meaning to go fishing but never do because they don't have the equipment. A gift card would be perfect for that--but no way would *I* dare pick out which poles and such!

  323. I am a little obsessed with BASS right now, lucky me our swim lessons are right next door!! I am fairly sure I could spend the money just at the checkout line, but otherwise, we would definitely need to split it, because that striped shirt you posted is too cute!

  324. My husband loves the outdoors and camping. We have two sons who are Boy Scouts so, they all go camping at least once a month. This gift certificate would be great, because you can never have enough camping gear!

  325. Bob is actually on a 10 day outdoor camping adventure on one of the islands off the Mississippi coast. They have to carry in all their supplies off a ferry and surrender their cell phones. Sounds like a nightmare to me but he likes it... I am sure he could find a thing or two at Bass Pro Shops. I know he's been coveting a pop up camper top for his truck bed.

  326. My husband's not a camper, but he is a shooter. I think he would probably blow the whole 250 on ammo. . . which is why I would have to go with him! :)

  327. Living in Colorado and running a camp my husband is totally an outdoor guy! He would have so much fun with this gift card!!!

  328. I would get my husband those new hiking boots for his weekly foray to the mountains. Also, we have been eyeing those cozy double sleeping bags!

  329. I don't have a clue what my husband would choose from Bass Pro shops. They were building a new one in the town we used to live in so winning the prize would be the perfect excuse for us to take a trip back there.... that way he could pick out whatever he wants! The trip would wait until he's home from Iraq, but the gift card would let him know we haven't forgotten about him!

  330. Well... there are lots of things we could use that gift card for! Hubby needs a new bow, wants a new gun, and I'm sure there are several other things too! We need a bigger tent (now that there are 4 of us!), Sugar needs her first fishing pole, I love to browse through the camping and gift sections and then there are the really cute clothes! Yep $250 to Bass Pro wouldn't last us very long but it would sure be fun to spend :)

  331. This would be perfect for my husband. I'd love to get him some clothes for his field trips, maybe some camping gear, hiking boots... there are a lot of things I'd like to buy from Bass Pro Shops!

  332. My husband loves, loves, loves to fish. He would LOVE this. And this will be his first Father's Day...we just adopted our first child from Ethiopia! He is such a great dad and husband...he so deserves this and so much more.

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