FOR THE RESPECTABLE DAD: Philips arcitec 1090X Razor

philips arcitec 1090xIn our 7 1/2 years of marriage, my husband has never sported a true beard. Nor has he groomed a mustache. Thank goodness.

He's had his moments with sideburns (not my favorite) and scruffy facial hair, but mostly he sticks to the clean-shaven look. I don't mind a bit of scruffiness actually, but I think my preference is when he has that chiseled "military look." He's just so classic and cleancut and handsome when his skin has that smooth luster.

Philips recently sent my husband an arcitec 1090X ($199.99) to review. It's a razor that "combines Flex & Pivot Action with the Triple-Track shaving heads for a perfectly close shave, even on the neck." The razor offers a super close and comfortable shave, plus the clean-up is extremely quick and convenient since you can just "rinse-and-go" (no tapping on the sink to try to get out any lingering hairs). The razor also tells you exactly how much battery power is the minute. This is one smart razor!

YOUR TURN: Do you prefer your husband with or without facial hair?

philips logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a Philips arcitec 1090X razor ($199.99). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, June 8 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #155 Amanda. Congratulations!

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417 comments on “FOR THE RESPECTABLE DAD: Philips arcitec 1090X Razor”

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  2. This would be great for my husband. He has this remington that has very low power all the time and doesn't do a good enough job.

  3. I have to admit I love when he's clean and freshly shaved....he used to have this little goatie (spelling?) and it drove me a little nuts! : ) I love him either way but if I had a preference, shaved!

  4. I like the clean shaven look. I like the 5 oclock shadow look too, but anything more gets too pokey!

  5. My husband has never owned an electric shaver,
    this would be a nice gift for him,and save money
    on all those expensive disposables

  6. even though I have threatened to shave it off (just to see what he looks like without it!) and or put some Nair on it when he's sleeping... I have to say I've gotten used to hubbys moustache!

  7. I prefer my husband without facial hair:)ty 4 the awesome giveaway and 4 the entry:) my husband really needs a good razor .

  8. My husband needs a razor like this. He constantly has hairs that he misses. He would look so much more polished with a razor like this.

  9. I read about this razor in a magazine and it would be awesome for my guy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. ok, even though my husband is not "hairy" he always looks like he has a 5 o'clock shadow! he has sported many different styles over the 15 yrs we've been together! the stache, the foo man choo, handle bars. i prefer shaved!!!

  11. My husband does not look good with alot of facial hair, but I must admit that when he hasn't shaved for a day or so, the roughed-face look is kinda sexy!

  12. actually id prefer it on his face rather than finding it all over the sink :( he has a bad habit of trimming his beard and not cleaning the sink after.but i like his beard and moustache :)

  13. well, I like the convenience of not shaving...lazy. but I suppose clean shaven looks more respectable.

  14. my hubby's razor is at least 5 years old, this looks like it would be kind to an ageing face

  15. I have to say I've been shaving with a Braun travel shaver for years - it's worked flawlessly, but is nearing it's end I fear. Particularly since I'm an every-day shaver by necessity.

    It would be nice to have a shaver that is not on it's last leg and that I don't have to carry with me when I travel. The last home shaver I had was a Panasonic and it was just OK.

  16. I most definitely prefer my husband without ANY facial hair. He is like your husband, never sported a beard or mustache, thank god! But, I do know many men who look fantastic in beards or mustaches, but my husband would look ridiculous in one, he has such a baby face to begin with! My husband has to shave everyday as he does get that 5:00 shadow, so having a decent razor to keep himself well groomed would be a product he would welcome. I have to admit right now he uses disposable razors and he goes through them like water, so this prize would be used so much by him!

  17. I like my hubby with a little bit of stubble. He looks really young when he shaves clean. But also looks scruffy when he doesn't shave for a few days :)

  18. My 17 yr. old has just started shaving and could really use a nice razor like this one. At that age they need something easy, thorough and chargeable!

  19. My fiance hates disposable razors. Sometimes he'll let his scruff grow out for awhile because he doesn't want to shave ... It drives me crazy!

  20. My husband is in the National Guards so he's clean-shaven except when we go on vacation and then he will let it grow for a couple of days. I actually like both. Thank you!

  21. My husband had a beard for much of our early years. I don't mind it once it's grown in but I had that half way rough stubble part. Too hard to kiss!

  22. I like him with his beard, he prefers without. He always wins, of course, it's his face. But I'm the one who has to look at it!

  23. I Like Both! Call my giddy, but he's handsome no matter what he sports! ;) This would be a FANTASTIC fathers day gift for him!!
    Thanks for the chance to WIN!!

  24. WITHOUT! This is a huge issue around here. I think men look great with facial hair but I DON'T WANT TO KISS THEM!

  25. When my dad last visited, he commented that he wanted an electric razor. I would love to win this for him for his upcoming birthday.

  26. I would like to give this to my boyfriend - he gets terrible ingrown hairs and red bumps from shaving with a regular razor.

  27. This would be wonderful to have for my hubby for Father's Day as his is quite old! He could really use a new one and this is amazing!

  28. My sweetie has bad 5 o'clock shadow. He's been talking about this razor for a long time. I may have to break down and get him one.

  29. i have uneven facial hair growth. the edges of the upper lip grow really slowly yet under the chin - oi...

  30. my husbands electric razor just broke this past week and i was thinking about getting a new one for Father's day so this would be a wish come true

  31. My man looks sexiest with a goatee - of course, he looks sexy all the time too, but most of all with a sly, evil looking goatee... I think technically its a van dyke, but I'm no facial hair historian. Anyway, thanks for the super giveaway, he says he's always wanted to try an electric razor, but never has. I hope I can give this to him for fathers day (it's his first!!) this year!

  32. Without! I love the clean shaven feel and can't stand the grizzly feel. Plus his facial hair is starting to turn white.... shhh!

  33. I like my clean shaven hubby...not looking forward to vacation time next week--he decides to grow a goatee! This would be incentive to not grow one!

  34. Definitely partial to facial hair, provided it's neatly kept (and not on the neck) - the Philips arcitec sounds like it ensures a great trim and close shave where it's needed, so it would be the perfect razor. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  35. I definitely like a clean shaven face...never been much for facial hair of any kind except on Sean Connery and I don't have to sleep with him. I have very sensitive skin so a good razor is a must in my house and I'm always on the look out for a better one. Would love to win this model from Philips. Key words like "super close" definitely caught my attention.

  36. I like my husband with a mustache all the rest needs to go. He's sporting a full beard right now but I'm sure if I won this for him , I could talk him into going clean-shavin ;)Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. I can't leave the house without shaving. To me it's equivalent to walking around without pants on. Really. If I don't shave it just bugs the heck out of me. I have a Phillips right now but I would love this new model. It beautiful. The Maserati of electric razors. Sleek lines and ultra-modern.

  38. My husband travels a lot on business. This would be so convenient for him to carry with him and use anytime/anywhere! Thanks for offering!

  39. I like my husband with a little facial hair. It just creates a sexy image over the clean look. The Arcitec razor would be a perfect fit for keeping him looking neat!

  40. LOL. I like my husband without facial hair and a good would take him forever to grow any. :) I would give this razor to my dad.

  41. My husband has a moustache which I love. I even love it when it tickles me when he kisses me. I also like it as I am four years older than he is and when he doesn't have it he looks about 10 years younger than me!

  42. Well, I prefer my husband with a little bit of a shadow. It really makes his face look very chiseled. But he prefers it to be baby smooth - I just don't like the look of facial hair at all!

  43. I'm not sure if my huabnd has ever used an electric razor. I know my uncle has told me they've improved greatly over the years. This would be such a great gift. Thank you :)

  44. I would LOVE for my husband to a new razor, he has beautiful skin but it's very sensitive so razor rash can be torture for him, i've always wanted to get him an electric one but they are just so pricy.

  45. My husband keeps a neatly-trimmed goatee and mustache- which I LOVE. Without them, he looks like a young Bill Murray :(

  46. I would love to win this for my husband. I am so tired of having to buy new blades for his's gets expensive after awhile. Plus I love it when he has a nice smooth face. Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. I like that it tells you how much battery time is left. Nothing worse than rushing to a meeting and arriving only half-shaved!! :)

  48. This would make a fantastic Father's Day gift. My Dad's electric razor is pretty out of date and this would be perfect for him.

  49. This would be awesome because the electric razor my parents got him 5 years ago just died.

  50. I love my husband and to kiss him but it can get painful i find myself pulling away quicker when hes poking me i think my husband would really enjoy this since he shaves at least every other day thanks again tina

  51. My husband's main complaint about shaving with an electric razor is how it performs around the neck region - and judging by the 'pink collar' on his throat I can see why! So I was thrilled when he spoke favorably about Philips' brands - because neither one of us are keen about facial hair... ;)

  52. My boyfriend has a hard time find a razor that is gentle on his sensitive skin. I hate his scruff, but his razors never give a close enough shave. This razor would do the trick!

  53. Definitely a handsome razor for a handsome user! It would save lots of time in cleanup and run circles around regular razors, plus no icky shaving cream odor. Thanks!

  54. I don't mind the way my husband looks with facial hair, but I don't like the way it feels. He sometimes gets tired of shaving and lets it grow for awhile. After about a week it is driving him crazy and he goes back to shaving everyday. Thanks for the chance to win the razor!

  55. Well, I guess I prefer my husband without facial hair. lol. I can only speak for my wife. One of the reasons I shave EVERY day is because my wife hates facial hair. Stubble drives her crazy. This razor would make her VERY happy.

  56. My husband shaved his beard for me once...I liked it, but he felt so uncomfortable. The most important thing is that he is happy with the way he looks, so I'm fine with the beard. He keeps it nice and trimmed, so this would be a perfect gift for father's day for him. thanks.

  57. Philips is a trusted name from way back when I was a kid and that was many many moons ago

  58. It is so tiring to have to shave. But if I don't I feel gross. I hope modern technology has finally figured out to a way to get a close shave with this gadget.

  59. My Norelco was accidentally left in Minnesota when I took my kids on a camping trip. Since then I've been getting by with cheap disposables.

  60. My husband just got the talk from him boss about how he needs to change his look. He has this really fast growing facial hair that is black as night but his skin is pasty white.

    Anyway, they've now informed him he needs to go the electric razor route so he can literally shave right before he makes appearances. Those electric razors are expensive and he has always felt they weren't all that great.

    I was happy to read a review on one, now I can tell him they aren't all that bad. I wonder how often those blade heads need to be changed though.

  61. My husband is bald so I like a little hair on his face. He color it because he doesn't want it gray.

  62. When my husband saw this advertised on tv, he started complaining about his razor. I think he's throwing hints!

  63. I love that my husband has some facial hair. He doesn't enjoy shaving but like most, does it anyway. I love the features on this razor, the neck area always seems to be a challenge for my husband. This razor would be a great gift for any man.

  64. My hubby has always be clean shaven. He is just lazy to start anything. This product would be nice for him to start. You never know, maybe he looks even hotter with a beard.

  65. I like my hubby with facial hair. He has side burns which is VERY hard for him to go without but I like when he is a little scruffy once in a while! Although, a nice clean shave is awesome too. He desearves a good razor. He definitly settles for the cheapest most of the time.
    [email protected]

  66. I have had a goatee for a number of years now, but if I was attached I would pretty much follow whatever she wanted. I am sick of the expensive prices for the blade razors I have been using so this would be great for me.

  67. I prefer my hubby clean-shaven, although the 5-o'clock shadow look is sexy too :) He has to shave every day for work, so a product like this would be great for him!

  68. As much as the scruffy look is a little hot on my husband, I think I prefer him clean-shaven and not scratchy. This looks like a great razor!

  69. My husband just yesterday told me he would like a new razor for either fathers day or birthday (it is a week after fathers day)...He would love this. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  70. I saw this razor at the store the other day and thought "now that's a high-tech man's razor!" I was actually perusing the electric razor selection because I usually have 5 o'clock shadow about two hours after I shave. I thought this might make it easier to buzz my face and keep it fresh looking even in the middle of the day!

  71. My hubby has definitely been blessed in the facial hair department. He is the only guy I know who gets a 1 o'clock shadow and a 5 o'clock shadow!

  72. Oh wouldn't this make a grea gift for Father's Day! I have a son who is 30 now who would love this. Then there's my dad and my husband...whoa..what a decision!

  73. Living in a testosterone enriched environment with a hirsute husband and three sons ,this would really come in handy.

  74. I don't currently have a man (this would go to my dad) but I have no preference - one ex had a mustache and the other didn't.

  75. My boyfriend has a beard and I love it. But he has to keep it trimmed. This razor would work well on the neck.

  76. With facial hair provided he keeps it nicely trimmed. He looks very cute with a goatee. He just shaved his head and face for the summer,so he could really use a great razor since he has sensitive skin.

  77. I like my husband with AND without facial hair. His beard is sexy, and he keeps it trimmed very nicely. But without a beard it's so smooth, I love that too!

  78. Without...without a doubt. We were in the middle east for some time, where it is traditional for men to have facial hair. He adopted the custom, and i must say that I wasn't very fond of it. Back in the States I insisted that he shave.

  79. I prefer my hubby without facial hair. He seems to like having some, though...but maybe if I got him a nice razor, it would convince him to shave regularly!

  80. I absolutely prefer my husband without facial hair. Sometimes, because he's so funny, he'll grow out some length, and then shave it into patterns, like Wolverine, just to 'humor' me! It actually does makes me laugh everytime.

  81. I have been looking for a good new electric razor - my gf HATES the norelco one i have right now

  82. One grandson has an extremely tough beard--it would be nice to see if a razor like this would do well on it.

  83. My husband is still using his 20 year old norelco. we occasionally change out the blades, but I would love this to replace his old razor. I love that it's cordless too.

  84. Wow this is right on time. I have used electric razors for years an the battery is just about shot on mine. I have to charge it every time I use it or have it plugged into the wall. Very irritating (pun intended).

  85. He usually get a new razor about once a year - but it is usually an inexpensive model so I guess we are asking for the poor quality.......He would love this one.

  86. I prefer hubby clean shaven. His razor broke and he is using disposable razors. Wouldn't this be a nice surprise! He won't go out and buy a new one, he's laid off work.

  87. That is a great looking razor! It is amazing how much razors have changed in the last ten years or so.

  88. Clean shaven is always the way to go, though a 5 o'clock shadow can be pretty hott. I dont do facial hair. Ick on a stick!

  89. I like my hubby all ways. Seriously! In the winter he like to go all "scruffy" which I totally dig but then when he shaves it all off I love the smoothness as well. Which is my fave? I'm not sure because I like them all and he sports them all!

  90. So many electric razors do a poor job. This Philips razor looks very promising. I'd love to give it as a gift.

  91. I prefer my man with facial hair for a very short time, cause it will look cute for about a day, but then it needs to be clean shaven because the bristles are irritating to my skin....not as many kisses and snuggles :(

    Excellent giveaway!

  92. Ever since my husband started working from home, he's gotten a bit scruffy! I'd love to win this for him to get a close shave again! Thx!

  93. My 16 year old son is such a shaving slob! Anything to make him shave more often would be a godsend!

  94. My BF NEEDS THIS! He has to be in work at 5am and shaves just about every other morning with a disposable razor. he is always banging the razor on the sink to get the hair out. Im a light sleeper and the tapping drives me INSANE!!

  95. I would love this for my SO. Bless his heart, he is still using his dad's old shaver and his dad passed away 10 years ago. Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  96. beautiful! A new razor would be a perfect Father's Day gift! (but if it happens not to get here in time... his B'day is in July... lol)

  97. My hubbie could really use this. He has problems with his face getting really red and sore every time he shaves with a razor. This would be perfect for him.

  98. This razor is fantastic. I've had mine for years and it doesn't do it's job any more. I think my wife would be pleasantly surprized if I had a nice clean shave.

  99. I haven't looked at these in years, they've really come a long way with performance and ease of use (my bro used to have one and always had problems, for the make/model he had)

  100. My husband is Ex-military and I love when he is clean shaven. It is the sexiest look on my man.

  101. My goodness my husband needs this! He has lost his electric razor. Since he has he will only shave one to two time a week because of it!! So this will be as much for me as it is him.

  102. My hubby could probably grow a beard quickly but he has curly hair on his head so I think a beard would be difficult to control. My dad wears a beard and I think having hubby like dad would be WEIRD. He's been hinting that he needs a new razor, this would be GREAT!

  103. I like my husband no matter what, i think when he lets his beard grow he looks [scruffy sexy] but when he doesn't he looks way younger and i like it too, but if i have to choose i'd say with no facial hair just because when he kisses me his beard hairs and mustache gets in the way.

  104. Personally, I like my husband with a beard. However, he has developed some condition that leaves bald spots on his face. So he has to shave every day. He would love this!

  105. With a sensitive face, I (and isn't really all about the ladies?) prefer my hubby to have a smooooth face. I don't get my way all the time, though; so here's hoping a fancy razor will give him some shaving inspiration! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome razor for him!

  106. What a Sweet Giveaway! I love my HUBBY CLEAN Shaven!! So for me..... this is one GREAT giveaway... The Philips arcitec 1090X is a GREAT Razor and would Do a GREAT Job on Hubby's Face!!!

    Not only do I LOVE his face clean shaven.. but when he is Scrubby Hubby and kisses me.. It actually hurts my sensitive skin!
    Thanks for a GREAT Giveaway!

  107. I love the clean shaven look. Been after my dad for years to do it, but he always says it is to much work to keep after it. With this razor, maybe it would be.

  108. I love a man with a smooth shaven face. My husband has the roughest facial hairs. I know he would love this shaver!

  109. I love the clean shaven look on my husband. I wish my son would do the same- he looks like a mountain man.

  110. I don't know how old our razor is, it works alright, but we'll be ready to donate the old one because this one rocks twice as much. One time we couldn't find the razor for a couple weeks - i think it has bad luck, hehe!

  111. I've been a fan of Phillips for about four years now. I changed out from a blade after cutting myself many many times over the years. Just call me "toilet-paper face." lol

  112. Those cheap electric shavers never work. This would be a wonderful opportunity to own a high quality product.

  113. My husband is so picky when it comes to razors/shavers. He never uses the one I bought him but I bet he would LOVE this!

  114. I like my husband to be clean shaven. He just doesn't look good with facial hair. I'd love for him to win this as a great father's day/anniversary gift.

  115. as i have gotten more green i have decided to stop with disposables, this would be a perfect replacement

  116. I prefer my husband without, but have considered asking him to grow a beard solely because his facial hair grows shockingly fast. I'd love for him to try an electric shaver; thanks for the giveaway!

  117. My husband who is 52 has only in the last few years found out that he can grow a little facial hair. We always thought that he had too fine, thin hair for such. I love it, he doesn't, but from time to time he grows it out for me!

  118. My husband's worst facial hair moment was when I met him: a goatee! Yes, I overlooked it because he was such a nice guy...he needs this though because he constantly battling with his cheap razor and his sensitive skin. His neck always gets red after he shaves, poor guy.

  119. My husband really needs a new razor, his old one is just that, old! It needs a new screen and just does not do the job. thanks for the chance to win him a new one!

  120. im so tired of buying disposable razors which dont work all that great. would be nice to see how electric ones work.

  121. What a wonderful gift for my husband for Father's Day, He has been looking at Phillips razors- with the "hint-hint' in his eye....

  122. My husband looks like Santa when he has a beard, but I prefer him without one. He looks so much younger.

  123. My husband has never used an electric razor. I think it would be cheaper than buying all those expensive replacement heads for the mach 3

  124. My old Norelco razor is on it's last legs. Of course I've had it for 10 years or more and it's not like I shave everyday. I wonder how much better a new razor would shave me. This one looks like it would do a good job.

  125. I like my husband with or without facial hair. In the winter he usually has a beard and summer clean shaven. Thanks!

  126. I dropped my husband's razor on the floor and now it works no more. He would appreciated a new razor.

  127. My hubby been using the same razor for 5 years now so he could definately use a new one and this one looks and sounds absolutely great!! Happy Dad's Day Gentlemen....

  128. This would be for my son whose current razor is giving him some problems. Thanks for the chance!

  129. My husband had a moustache and-or beard for 20 years. About 5 years ago he shaved clean and has remained so. I like him clean-shaven,but just yesterday he asked me for a disposable razor because his electric rotary razors blades are finally kaput after 18 months. He really needs a new razor and this looks like the type he uses.

  130. I'd love this razor for my sweetie! It seems advanced and durable! Thanks for the chance to win such an elegant Father's Day gift!

  131. My husband needs an electric shaver to replace the Norelco he as been using for years. To be honest, I use it occasionally myself for the facial hairs that have grown long with age.

  132. we so need a new razor! The norelco I bought my husband 6 yrs ago is getting to where it won't even work when plugged in!(It is a battery one)

  133. Ive been researching a new razor to replace my current 10 year old one I can get blades anymore. I found the Philips brand was in the top 3 best review item on the market.

  134. DH is still in search of the perfect razor. We probably have at least 5 in the drawer that still work, and another 3 that no longer work and have been thrown into the dark cavern known as 'under the sink'

  135. My Husband would LOVE this, he can never find a razor that works for his face and I know this will be great! Looks so slick and nice. What a great gift!

  136. My husband has never tried an electric razor. He takes blood thinners for a heart condition & whenever he shaves a nick will seem to bleed forever. I would love to have him try this.

  137. My husband could definitely use this. He shaves and a couple of hours later you wouldn't have guessed it. Thanks for the chance.

  138. My husband would love to get a close shave with an electric shaver the one he has just doesn't cut it.

  139. I definitely prefer no facial hair for my husband- he has a very boyish face and a mustache or beard would look silly on him. I love the clean-shaven look on him.

  140. I prefer a clean look with no facial hair. My husband would love this razor. Or maybe I'd give it to my son who is about ready to shave...or so he claims :o) thanks.

  141. I like my husbands goatee but that's it. I don't like when he has grown a beard in the past. This Phillips razor would be awesome to have!

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  142. My husband doesn't use an electric razor because his died a few months back. I wish he'd get a new one. I also wish he'd shave off his mustache.
    Ahh well, one can dream.

  143. I prefer my husband with about a weeks worth of facial hair. He's bald so the hair on the face balances that but after a week it's too itchy when he kisses me.

  144. My son dropped my hubbys electric razor in the toilet about a month ago so this would be a great thing.

  145. I would love to win this. My husband needs a new razor! I really like the rinse and go feature.

  146. i prefer a clean face, he uses a pretty cruddy electric shaver now to save money on razors this would be great for him

  147. my husband's desperately seeking the perfect electric razor. he's always complaining about them, and they seem to last less time with each one he buys. maybe he should try a philips!

  148. i look better with facial hair than without, a beard can cover up a whole lot of ugly, y'know?

  149. My wife would be very happy if I were always clean shaven. I don't shave on the weekends and by Sunday night I have enough of what she calls "face mold" that she isn't a huge fan of a good night kiss.

  150. my wife prefers me without a beard and so do i. I have never had an electric razor but theres no time like the present

  151. I prefer my husband without facial hair, although a little scruff on the weekends can be kinda sexy.

  152. This would be one of my top picks for my husband for Fathers Day. He's always cutting himself with the razor that he is currently using. My husband sometimes grows a beard, but I really love him close shaven the best.
    Thank you so much for the awesome contest.

  153. I have really hypersensitive skin and have to use shaving gel with aloe. I would like to try this razor as an alternative.

  154. My husband actually looks better with a beard than without, but I like it neatly trimmed and not scruffy looking. He's shaved it off a couple of times and I thought I was living with a different person! So we have a deal. He keeps the beard and I don't cut my hair too short. Sounds fine with me!

  155. I like it when hubby grows a Goatee (is that how it's spelled?) I think it's hot when he grows it out. He's in the Army so regulations call for very very little facial hair. When it comes vacation time, I look forward to him growing it out!

  156. You mean he wouldn't scratch me up when he snuggled me if he used this razor? I am thinking that he needs this. I like the easy cleanup and the battery meter too!

  157. I had a Phillips Norelco razor for many years. It gave me many a close shave. Sadly it stopped working several years ago. I do enjoy having the clean shaven look.

  158. I prefer my hubby to be clean shaven. I love smooching on a smooth cheek. Even though he prefers to have a goatee, and if he could grow them he'd be sporting muttonchops! haha :)

  159. Let's put it this way: 29 years ago, the week before our wedding, my MIL-to-be said "Please tell me you're going to make him shave before the wedding." I said "Why would I?" He's pretty much had one form or another of facial hair since I"ve known him--tho I do now make him keep his 'stache a bit shorter since the white at the ends of it ages him!

  160. What a great looking razor. I love that it can tell you how much battery is left. What a neat feature. My husband has yet to find the perfect razor. I think this one might pass the test. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  161. My husband has always had a mustache! Don't like it, it's never neat enough for me, but I can't imagine him without one now. He has also had a beard, but again, not a good look unless you are meticulous about keeping it neat and trimmed.

  162. I really prefer my husband with a clean shaven look, although think he looks handsome either way!
    He prefers clean shaven as well, but for years has had problems shaving with razors since his skin is so sensitive. The result, often, is a practically full beard. We've never been able to afford an electric razor, but I think this amazing product from Phillips would be the answer to this beard trimming woes!He would really love to have it.

    Thanks so much for this wonderful contest opportunity.

  163. My hubby and son could grow hair on anything. My son is in the reserves and has to keep neat and my husband meets the public and needs to meet a dress code. This razor would be ideal to keep with either one of them for a quick fix.

  164. My husband hasn't had a new razor in years. This looks like it would be a very nice one to replace the old one.

  165. I like my husband's mustache and goatee. He's very self-conscious about the gray in it though and swears he's going to dye it dark but I think it makes him look distinguished.

  166. No facial hair here either. Teenage Son who is just starting to shave. Great item for him

  167. I have always liked electric rotary shavers,I have trouble with blade razors. I would sure like to try this one!

  168. This would be a fantastic gift for my dad! He would never spend this kind of money for a razor, but he deserves such a great quality razor!

  169. My hubby would love this...he always cuts himself while shaving with a regular razor and this would be a great alternative!

  170. This looks like a great razor for my husband. He i forever buying the throw away kind. I don't know why he doesn't just get a good one like the one you are giving away.

  171. I love facial hair- but it has to be well maintained. Scott is constantly grooming, and shaves his head all the time. So he would love this!

  172. This is a great razor-love the battery power indicator and also the ease of cleanup. I too prefer clean shaven.

  173. My husband looks better with a moustache! He had one when I met him and in nearly 30 yrs of marriage he has only shaved it off once! He grew it back very soon!

  174. I can't STAND facial hair. I totally love when my husband is smooth. He even looks younger after he shaves.

  175. My husband is in LI and always stay clean shaven so he uses a razor. gets costly. This would be great if it shaves close enough.

  176. I definitely prefer my husband clean shaven although some years back he used to sport a beard every winter and it was a good one, so I liked him that way too.

  177. this is beautiful and my husband would love it and use it- he has been hinting toward one for years- I am just not hearing it till I have money or win one

  178. Definitely without! When we first met, he had a little goatee - that didn't last long. Besides, his facial hair doesn't grow in that thick, so it always looks scruffy.

  179. my dad doesnt need to shave. he has a gotee w/ mustache. my BF on the other hand shaves everyday. he gets really scratchy. my face just cant handle it. this would save his and my face, thanx

  180. Oh my, my husband has always wanted a nice razor. I still buy him disposables. This would be such a fantastic father's day present. He is such a good dad and really deserves it.

  181. I think my husband would love this razor. His biggest complaint about razors is that he can't get a close enough shave. I believe he would with this one!

  182. In my younger days, I loved the hubby with a beard. But now that it is gray, I prefer that he is "hair-less" on his face!

  183. I prefer my husband with a "little' bit of facial hair, but NO beard, eww! My kids prefer daddy with NO facial hair, lol, too much when he gives them kisses! Thanks for the chance! :)

  184. OHHHH, I LOVE a little scruff!!! :) But I certainly enjoy a fresh shaven face as well. My husband needs a new electric razor... his has seen it's better days.

  185. I prefer for him to have some facial hair but he keeps it nice and trimmed. He left his trimmer and home so we are thinking of getting him one for Father's Day.

  186. I like a little bit of stubble in terms of looks but would prefer a fresh shave against my face when kissing. I think what I like most is the more rustic, work man look. Bottom line though, i'll love my husband no matter how his face looks.

  187. My husband is ALWAYS complaining about his razor. This one would be the perfect replacement for Father's Day!!

  188. I do not like when my husband has facial hair. Although when I met him, he had this little hair "thing" under his lip. I don't even know what it is called! Oh well, it has been gone for awhile now, thank goodness!

  189. I love my husband's goatee, and I think it makes him look more serious which is good for teaching. But sometimes I miss the clean-shaved look he sported when we met in high school.

  190. I love it when there is a little scruff, but it has to be with defined lines. I do like it just after my husband shaves also! I think that my husband would love this way cool razor!

  191. I have a lot of trouble with razors because I have thick hair and sensitive skin. It would be quite nice to give this a try!

  192. What a cool product. My husband leaves shaving to the minute before we need to leave to be somewhere so this product would be great for us both!

  193. I like it when he has a slight scruff.. because it's turning white and I think it's adorable, however... nothing compares to him right after a shower when he shaves... He's lovely.

  194. Definitely no facial hair!! Hubby will threaten to grow a beard, but he never follows through, thank goodness! I often wonder if my baby would react differently to him if he did grow a beard. Regardless, this item would definitely help him stay nice and clean shaven!!

  195. Maybe if I won this I could convince my husband to shave more since this product would make it easier and quicker! He doesn't have time to shave the traditional way every day but needs to because his facial hair grows pretty fast. I just don't like a beard on my husband.

  196. The arcitec 1090X Razor sounds like the perfect one for my son. He is always telling me that his razor does not shave close enough. I will tell him about this one.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  197. I like the soft clean shave BUT my husband gets the worst razor burn. He's willing to try any product though, so maybe this is the one. Would make a great gift. Thanks for the opportunity to be entered in your drawing!

  198. My husband has a very sensitive face.. he's not a fan of shaving at all. This looks like it would really be gentle on his face/skin. And since fathers day is coming up .. ;o) it would make a great present!!

  199. The hairy beast lurks on his off days unfortunately. When he does shave he scrubs up to be mighty fine thank you.

  200. Hmm, I can't decide. I definitely love smooth face a lot, but I also think he looks good with just a couple days' growth. Not when it gets too scruffy, though. I also like that this razor doesn't involve tapping on the sink. That would be good for my marriage!

  201. WITHOUT!!! My husband's facial hair grows faster than any other man I have ever met. Seriously! When he was 19 he went on a mission for our church, and you had to be clean shaven, not even a 5 o'clock shadow. Well, my husband had to shave multiple times a day because his hair is just out of control. It's also EXTREMELY wiry, so it hurts to kiss him. Not fun!

  202. My man's facial hair grows in pretty patchy, so I'm lucky he'll never be tempted to grow it out beyond a couple of days worth of scruffiness. He's been wanting an electric razor for years, but we've just never been able to afford a quality one. My fingers are crossed for this. It would make him so happy!

  203. I love the rinse and go feature as my husband is always tapping his razor on the edge of the sink and sprinkling the basin with hair.

  204. On the weekends, my husband usually doesn't shave.
    For his job, he has to be clean shave! His razor is a very old model and has to be charged constantly!
    Philips products are quality made. I would love to be entered in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  205. I like it when my husband has his goatee & mustache. He was clean shaven once for a show and he has no top lip. The mustache gives the illusion of a top lip and sometimes you need a little illusion in your life :)

  206. This would be great for my husband. He tends to put off shaving a little more than he should and he can get pretty scruffy! I think this would really help! :-)

  207. I much prefer my husband with no facial hair. On the rare occasion that he has decided to grow a beard, he always reminds me of an eccentric fisherman! Strange, I know but there it is!

  208. I think my husband looks better without facial hair. But he has sensitive skin and shaving isn't always easy. I'd love to give him this razor to try!

  209. My husband grew this horrible goatee when our son was about 6 months old. It was all over the place and I hated it. He looked so much like his dad (who has a full beard) it was eerie. Kissing him was kinda creepy and I made him get rid of it.

  210. My hubby is not blessed with tons of facial hair, but enough to need to shave daily. He has tried to grow it out a few times, but that never lasted more than a few days before he got annoyed with it. I am happy to have a clean shaven man myself.

  211. I think he looks so much more handsome with a nice, clean- shaven face! Luckily, he agrees with me and shaves everyday.

  212. i like my hubby without facial hair although it makes him look really young. the amount of money we spend on razors is crazy, he would love this

  213. I don't mind a little facial hair on my handsome hubby. A small goatee maybe, but NO mustache. Itchy, itchy!

    We made the mistake of buying my husband a cheapo electric razor at Walgreens...he would be SO excited about this one!

  214. This would be SOOO nice for my husband. He has an old electric razor and terribly sensitive skin. He usually reverts to a regular razor and won't let me buy him one. He needs a new one - and this would be so fancy!

    I prefer that he has a nicely trimmed beard/goatee. He looks fantastic that way - and always tries to keep his facial hair short to keep from giving us girls whisker-burn!

  215. I absolutely prefer no facial hair. I wanted to get this razor for my husband for Christmas but didn't b/c of the price tag. I thought it would be fun since he's an architect. Get it!

  216. While I like the look of the "rough" man I cannot take the scratchiness! I think my husband would like the ease of this and I would like the smoothness of his cheeks!

  217. I prefer NONE! Unfortunately, my husband prefers to not shave every day/is lazy about it/has tried to convince me our baby likes feeling his scratchy beard! Maybe, he would actually USE this!!!

  218. Definitely without! This is becoming more of a challenge with our teenage daughter "borrowing" his razor in order to shave her legs.

  219. I like both a goatee, beard, (not just a moustache) and no facial hair. When I'm pregnant the extra scratchy hair actually annoys me more. Gee I wonder why. But, a shaver is soooo nice. He's got an old one I got him many years ago and whenever we look at replacing it, we think, why are shavers so expensive? It's not like they usually have amazing functions. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  220. WITH facial hair. Definitely. As long as it's not out of control. He has this stage of perfect scruffiness that's really super hot. A day later, though, and he reminds me of Grizzly Adams. Not so hot.

  221. I prefer the three day scruff... but for those times when he has to shave or trim, this would be fantastic!

  222. My husband sported a beard for about 4 years, and surprisingly, I loved it. Then he got a job where there's a dress code that prohibits beards. Off it went. So NOW he could really use a good razor. :)

  223. I bought my husband a not-so-nice electric razor a few years ago that somewhat works but he would love this since I'm always getting on him to shave more!

  224. I am always buying my hubby new razors. Then I'm always finding hairs all over the counter! Yuck! This is a nice razor, I love that you can rinse it and go. Perfect father's day gift!

  225. I prefer my husband with a small "5 o'clock shadow' -nothing more. I think I have learned to associate that with him being off for the weekend! He has tried many, many razors and he is still looking for the perfect one...

  226. For the "Respectable Dad"...are you implying that facial hair isn't respectable??? (kidding! ;) I do certainly prefer my dh clean-shaven too. But, he has such a baby face, that for a few years he wore a goatee to help him look a little older so people in his business would take him seriously & not think he was a teenager!

  227. I love the clean shaven look for my husband but when we go on vacation he'll grow a goatee. I love it but I'm ready for when to be back to clean shaven after a week. How did your husband like this one? We haven't found one that gives him a close enough shave so for now he sticks with razor blades.

  228. My husband's cheap razor is on it's last legs. . . and his wife wants to get him a really nice one, (I love a close shave) but we can't afford it at the moment.

  229. My husbands electric razor broke last month and I got him a cheap one for the time being till we could save up for a nice. This one looks like it is awesome and I hate facial hair so a razor is a must!

  230. My husband prefers no facial hair and has not used an electric razor. This razor sounds awesome and he might be able to get a closer shave with this one!!

  231. My husband is a "uniform" guy... he's in Iraq now with the Reserves, but when he is home he wears his airline pilot uniform. So thank goodness I prefer that super clean shaven look, too. Thanks for the chance to win this for him!!

  232. I prefer NO facial hair. None. Right now, I don't feel like my husband's razor gets a close enough shave, either. I love it smooooooooth. I think I'd love this more than my husband. :)

  233. I love my husband with a beard or mustache - very masculine.
    What I don't love is seeing a guy with a goatee or "soul patch." Eww. It must be a generational thing. (I'm in my mid-40s.)

  234. I prefer my husband without facial hair - he hates to shave, so... when he has to go somewhere like church or has meetings at work or etc... he shaves (basically at least two or three times a week) and the rest of the week he's scruffy. This razor sounds pretty awesome - Hubby uses electric razors but hasn't found one that he's been really happy with yet.

  235. I much prefer it without, but my husband has been cursed with very thick hair so an hour after he shaves it's back in full force!

  236. For me, definitely without! Too pokey and scratchy ~ plus my little one cringes at it too! No, I didn't teach him that. Just a natural reaction. I know hubby hates shaving but maybe a really good shaver may be better motivation.

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