I have noticed over the years that most men are task-oriented.

They like someone to hand them a task and say, "here, do this."

Then, they do it and are happy when they can see a finished product, a result.

I have come to realize that the same concept applies to parenting: My husband does much better if he has a "task" to accomplish with our 2-year-old: grocery shopping or running an errand or setting up a blow-up pool in the backyard. If he is just playing with her (making block towers, reading story books, going on walks without a destination in the neighborhood, etc.), he becomes restless. He can't see a "finished product." He wonders where the time went. He'll look at the clock and say with frustration, "I haven't accompished ANYTHING today!"

Of course, I know that he's accomplished a TON just by playing with our daughter. I know that it's been meaningful, important, well-spent time. He knows that too, of course...but it's harder for him to see that.

Is your husband/dad "task-oriented" too?

Then, he probably LOVES home improvement stores.

Think of all the potential "tasks" and "projects" that those stores inspire:

  • painting
  • installing a sprinkler system
  • putting in new cabinetry
  • tiling the floor
  • building a coffee table
  • barbecuing steaks on the grill

This Father's Day, why not consider a gift card to Home Depot?

That way, he can choose a project for himself.

There are 3 Father's Day-specific gift cards to choose from, but my two favorite are the duct-tape card and the drill-bit card (it actually comes with a drill that fun or what?). Those two are only available in-store, but there's also a ruler-inspired card that says, "Dad, you rule!" (perfect for dads who love corny puns!) that you can purchase online and have shipped directly to your dad's door.

home depot gift card duct tape father's day gift card drill bit home depot fathers-day-gift-card-you rule home depot

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $100 gift card to Home Depot. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, June 8 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #341 Dawn. Congratulations!

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630 comments on “FOR THE TASK-MASTER: Home Depot”

  1. we have been home re-modeling ever since we bought it in 2007 and now each and every guy knows my husband and my husband knows each and every part in each and every isle :) i am sure he would love this!

    my dad loves this store toO!

  2. I love the Home Depot gift card with the duct tape on it! My dad has always thought he could fix most anything with duct tape. I got him a shirt once that said "Save the planet, Duct tape cant fix everything!"

  3. There never seems to a be a shortage of things we need from Home Depot or Lowes. If it isn't a planned project, then there is always an unexpected little thing that needs repair.

  4. Ever since we bought our house in November, I think we've assisted Home Depot and the "other store" that rhymes with bows to stay in business. My in laws were out here in May and my father in law and my husband completed a built in book shelf. Love it!

  5. Home depot always have very useful tools for men. I love to learn more about gardening there. My son will go there in every month for kids workshop. We love home depot.

  6. My husband would be thrilled with a home depot gift card. Home Depot, to him, is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I tend to agree. I love the garden area. I can get so many ideas for remodeling from items ranging from rugs to blinds.

  7. My husband hits Home Depot at least once a week, there are a ton of projects that he starts up and never finishes.

  8. I so need a new bedroom door, and I am sure hubby agrees with that! This would be a wonderful way to get him motivated and get a new door that we are both happy with. Home Depot is where we buy most of our home improvement items, the staff is super nice and helpful and they have lots of things that we can't find anyplace else!

  9. These gift cards are a great idea. Every time we are in Home Depot to get stuff for the house, we see tons of new things and are reminded about all the projects we need to do!

  10. I need to paint our living room. We sure could use this card too. Thanks again for having such great contests.

  11. With summer upon us, I find I am nearly overwhelmed with the amount of outdoor maintenance that needs ti be done to my home. This gift card will be put to very good use. Thank you for the chance to win.

  12. We would use this gift card for a new fan - one that works and doesn't shake, squell or flicker. WOW! the idea of having a cool breeze - AWESOME!

  13. My husbanc knows Home Depot by heart. He can wander for hours, though, and does sometimes. He refuses to go anywhere else because he knows that Home Depot will have what he is looking for, thanks!

  14. my husband just got done painting the house, putting up a new front deck, a new back deck and next is the kitchen! all from home depot!! this would be very helpful!!

  15. I'm just as bad as any male in my household. I love Home Depot and could easily shop there for hours.

  16. We could so use this. We have slowly but surely been trying to get our yard in order, and the needs list is extensive. We do what we can when we can. Thanks for a fantastic giveaway!

  17. My father is really excited about celebrating his retirement by working on his deck this summer! This would be a great help toward his goal!

  18. I am looking to do window coverings and would love to have something towards it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. We like Home Depot and spend a lot of money there. It would be nice to win and not spend our own money!

  20. Home Depot is my hubby's favorite store. He can spend hours there, they have every tool that he could ever need. Home Depot has good prices on doors and windows before we had a store in the area we had to pay much more money for our project needs.

  21. I need to go buy 100 dollars in drapery rods, and window film from home depot, so FINGERS CROSSED!!!

  22. "Task oriented" would imply that somebody DOES tasks. That's not my husband. He's more "excuse oriented" . Now I, on the other hand, totally love Home Depot. They have self-checkouts so you can get in and out of there fast. I can't tell you how often I've gone in there and shown them something broken that I have, and they've either known what I could do to fix it, or have given me oddball ideas to try out.

  23. My husband and our 6 yr old son go to home depot a few times a month and spend time together dreaming over projects they can do together. Thanks!

  24. My husband is always in Home Depot buying something for an at-home project. We're fortunate because they just built a new Home Depot about a mile from my house. I plan to buy my husband a gift card to Home Depot for father's day.

  25. My husband is totally task-oriented. Every Friday evening he starts with a checklist of what he is going to accomplish around the house on the weekend and then on Saturday morning, he is at The Home Depot bright and early. The kids call that place his second home!

  26. Home Depot is my Dad's favorite store. I would give this to him so he could buy some more tools. He swears that no man can ever have enough tools.

  27. my hubby loves the home depot it is his second home..whenever they have have the 0% interest for 12 months promos..we always look around the house to see what needs to be done or just something we have wanted to do and off he goes :)

  28. Those cards are so cute. When I'm thinking of a gift card for someone, the store with the cutest cards wins.

  29. I love the ruler gift card! Sucha cute idea! My husband loves tools and puttering around in the garage. This would be a great Fathers gift for him! Thanks!

  30. I don't have a house to repair at all or anything and even I can get lost in hope depot looking at what I would LIKE to have if I ever buy a house. My dad would probably spend this better though since he actually needs to do some work on his house this summer.

  31. My dad would get a kick out of the duct tape gift card because he's always using it to fix things. Thanks for the contest.

  32. Now how could my husband not want to dive right in on the bathroom tile project with this 100 buck incentive? :)

  33. Did ya see my other post about pruning? Well the buck doesn't stop there. I still need to re-do the kitchen, apply vinyl siding, and finish the back-yard landscaping. The joys of home-ownership never end. It's fun, but tiring, time consuming, and expensive.

  34. Oh gosh, Home depot! He'd flip! Then maybe he will be able to finish some tasks I've been bugging him about, hahaha....
    This is a wonderful fathers day gift, and would even be a bonus for me, the mother!! :D

  35. Wow, I could really use this. HOme Depot has some nice DYI floor tiles that I would love to put in my basement. Thank you.

  36. Home Depot. Mmm. The smell of pine lumber. Tools I could use. Nails, screws, wire, duct tape. I could finish a project or two.

  37. Oooh Home Depot - my husband would flip if I won him this! He could go to a hardware store everyday I bet - there is always something he needs!

  38. I would love to wind this for my husband-as he goes there almost every day with our 2 year old to pick up something...Jake loves it when Jason asks him if he is ready to go to the depot and jake squeals with delight!

  39. I think this is my husband's favorite store and he loves to buy plants and building suppleies to make our baby chairs, etc. from them.

  40. I would really love to continue to fix my house and get my little girl a little play place for the backyard. I just want to make my wife and my daughter happy.

  41. My husband is working on getting our Master Bath tiled and painted. He wants to do everything in the house himself to save money and he enjoys it. We could sure use $100 extra bucks to spend..thanks!

  42. It's funny; my husband and I seem to be the opposite of you and yours regarding task management and personality. But we both agree that a gift card to Home Depot would be very useful just now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. My husband and I were just talking about this new paint that Home Depot is advertising about that includes the primer right in your paint so there is no need to prime first then paint whatever room it is your want to paint. This new brand of paint is wonderful because it saves you from having to do all that priming work, which is amazing! We want to purchase several gallons of this paint to paint our upstairs hallways and this Home Depot GC will come in so handy to help us out with the cost of paint!

  44. I would love to win this for my dad. He has done so much for me throughout my teenage years and continues to do so much for me now in college. I'd love to repay him for some of his time and love. Thanks.

  45. My husband HATES shopping but give him free reign in Home Depot and he'd be there for hours...go figure!
    Thank you for the great giveaway!


  46. What a perfect gift for a dad. Not only do they get to spend the day roaming the aisles of Home Depot...which we all know is every man's dream....but he also gets to get the stuff he picks out for free!!

    Thanks so much!!

  47. My husband loves Home Depot and can spend a whole day in there at a time. I usually get him something from there for Father's Day and would love to win this! Thank you so much!

  48. I would love to win this. I've been trying to make updates/improvements to my condo for the past 3 years!!!

  49. My husband works in the construction industry and is always thinking of new projects to do around our house. I just love their duck tape giftcard! How cute! I mean, how masculine! Ha!

  50. We have wanted to update our kitchen but can't afford to. If I win this, I am going to buy some new hardware for my cabinets to give the kitchen a bit of a facelift.

  51. My Mr. Fix it just replaced a leaky toilet this weekend! I know he would love having some new tool or supplies for the next project:)

  52. My husband can browse for tools in Home Depot like I can browse the shoe dept and try on jeans.

    I would love to give him a gift card and send him out the door to spend some MAN time at Home Depot.

  53. oooOOOooo...I don't tell my hubby "do this" or anything remotely close to that. I have to be much more subtle. I go out to Home Depot and buy whatever parts I think are needed. I bring them home. I wait a few days and say "I can't figure this (whatever) out. I'll have to call a (whatever professional). Hubby says "We don't need a (whatever professional), I can fix that." and off he goes.

    Manipulative? Yes. But that's my job!

  54. home dpot is close to my home...and they are home late for those projects that don't get started till after the kids have gone to bed

  55. Home Depot is my husbands favorite store - we drive by it and the kids say that's daddy's toy store! So he would be delighted if i won this - thanks

  56. I would love to give hubby this for father's day- we have so many improvements we need to make on the house, inside and outside! thanks!

  57. I don't know who wants this more, me or my husband! He definately needs some tools to work on finishing our basement, but i want our lawnmower fixed! Wait, with this much we can both have our way!

  58. Hubby & I both could spend hours just looking in Home Depot. I love seeing all the new products. We have several home-improvements we'd like to do, but also need some patio furniture...

  59. This summer is finally the time to tear out the old falling down deck in the back yard and replace it with a can't-ever-fall-down patio. A hundren smackers at The D-Pot would be a most welcome start. We are going to need lots of saw blades to cut out the deck, lots of rock, leveling sand, stones, etc, etc, etc. It'll be an awesome place to hang out and grill when we're done though! Thanks for the super giveaway!

  60. This summer is finally the time to tear out the old falling down deck in the back yard and replace it with a can't-ever-fall-down patio. A hundren smackers at The D-Pot would be a most welcome start. We are going to need lots of saw blades to cut out the deck, lots of rock, leveling sand, stones, etc, etc, etc. It'll be an awesome place to hang out and grill when we're done though! Thanks for the super giveaway!

  61. I reall enjoy the Home Depot workshops. We've learned how to tile and install our own brick patio at these workshops. The ones for kids are fun, too.

  62. Home Depot has lots of good stuff for everyone. I must go there about once a week for things to fix up my home!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. Home Depot has some of the neatest things there. My Dad does wood projects all the time and he would love this gc.

  64. My husband can be task oriented but can also be comfortable hanging out with the kids just having fun! He does love Home Depot too and could find all kinds of projects to work on with the gift card.

  65. Mike loves making things and could live in Home Depot! He really wants to make a tool bench for Thomas to work next to him in the garage. The duck tape one is cute :)

  66. My hubby and I love roaming through home improvement stores. This would be an even better reason to go!

  67. We would love to go to Home Depot and buy things to clean up the back yard...get it all ready for summer time! My fave gift card would be the duct tape can always use duct tape!

  68. Home Depot has never let us down when searching for quality products at great prices. And it's the ultimate destination for those who are "task oriented" as you point out - even the layout of the store is more about task than individual items.

  69. My dad owns his own handyman business. He is also my go to fix-it man. This would be a great gift for me to give him. He always shops at the Home Depot and Lowes! What a great prize!

  70. Oh, Ken would love this- he always is looking at the *icky boy things* while I shop for the fun stuff. Somehow, he enjoys it. ;-)

  71. Now that summer's approaching, my dad is spending most of his free time (which he has a lot of now that he's retired) in his garden, so I'm sure he'd have a field day at Home Depot finding items to help him spruce it up. Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  72. we love HOme Depot hubby looks at the tools, paint and wood and you'll find me in the garden dept doing what you say buying more plants I love plants and lots of color

  73. We are adding a deck this summer and a gift card sure would come in handy!
    Love,Love home depot!. Thanks for the chance!

  74. We're remodeling this summer so this would be great for my husband ( get him something he can work with, lol) Thanks for the great giveaway!

  75. This would be perfect for my husband, who always has only half the items needed to complete a project but never makes it over to the Home Depot to get what's needed!

  76. I would give this to my brother-in-law for all the "handy-man" work he's done for me. He's just one of those guys who knows how to do everything. Plumbing, carpentry, tiling, roofing. This would be good and he sure could use it.

  77. My father would LOVE a Home Depot gift card for Father's Day. He and my Mother are retired and were forced to locate recently. They have the usual little needs that come with a new home. Thanks for the offer!

  78. Hubby has to have a "task" in order to do anything, but that doesn't mean we ever get a finished product! Have you noticed that it takes at least 3 trips to Home Depot to get anything accomplished?

  79. We could really use a new swing for the swingset. My youngest daughter is getting to big for the toddler swing. lol Maybe I would have enough left over to get us an something nice to sit in while outside too. Thank you!

  80. My husband has been beging for a tool cabinet,so this would be awesome to go towards it,they are not cheap!

  81. My hubby tries to squeeze in those much needed projects between work and our 5 active boys. His problem is he waits for it to be totally falling apart before he fixes it. Right now, our roof has started leaking. Maybe when it falls on his head, he will fix it. (lol)

  82. My fiance always finds some reason to spend too much money at Home Depot. "We don't have enough gardening supplies ... I need to build a ramp (???) ... etc., etc."

  83. Hmmm.....sounds a bit like my husband. He says at the end of the weekend...I didn't get anything done this weekend..and then I list off all the things he DID do and tell him to mellow out. Then he laughs and looks pleased with himself. Which he should be as he is always doing things for his family.

  84. forget about my husband, would love to spend $100 at home depot. there are so many projects that i could do around the house!

  85. We've got so many needs at Home Depot right now. We have a room in our house that we have never been able to use because the floor had fallen in. So, it's blocked off waitng repair. This gc would give us incentive to get it done! Thank you so much, it would be more than helpful right now.

  86. Whistle while you work! :) That's my husband! He finishes one project, then takes on the next. Shelves for our garage is a project on his list; and, Home Depot has everything he needs to complete that project! What a winner this giveaway is! Thank you!

  87. My husband loves home improvement stores and spends hours there. He doesn't worry about unproductive time, he thinks family time is the most important.

  88. My husband practically LIVES at Home Depot!
    He is a tool freak and he loves working in the yard- this would be like crack to

  89. Home Depot is another one of my favorite stores!
    They have a great garden center, which is where I would go first!

  90. We are at HomeDepot at least once a week--my husband is obsessed with our garden--and constantly reading about something new to try--he also loves to wander and admire the hand tools. Thanks for the chance to win!

  91. Opps (and this doesn't count as a seperate entry!) I forgot to mention that Home Depot is our weekend hom away from home: we have dozen of projects in the works and on the wish list - and this prize would make at least one (possibly two) of them come to fruition - soon!

  92. Stephanie! All of your giveaways this week seem perfectly designed for my precious husband. As much as I would love to win (money a little tight and cash flow kinda frozen...)

    But anyway, you have given me ideas for "not to expensive" gifts for man who deserve so much - that would make for a wonderful Father's Day Gift (Which this year happens to fall on the date of our 17 year anniversary of getting engaged!) So THANK YOU!

  93. The dog recently took out our screen door, so this would definitely come in handy. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  94. Dad loves visiting Lowes and Home Depot. He'll travel to two or three different stores just so he could see the selections and go to the ones where the item is available. He's been trying to install a ceiling fan in all the rooms except mine since I don't want one. That was one of his projects.

  95. Could I use this for myself? I'm actually the one with more home projects lined up! Could use this to re-do one of the kitchen cabinets!

  96. my boyfriend is remodling the house, expanding a room for his pool table and remodling the porch, and this would be nice to win for him.

  97. i like the duct tape one that is really cute my husband loves to go to home depot he has a notebook with list of everything he wants to do are house the only think that keeps him behind on his list is the money thanks for the great giveway

  98. My DH lives at Home Depot and with the amount of work that our house needs, we spend copious amounts of money on home improvement. This would be great to help us pay for drywall to finish our living room!

  99. For five and a half years, I've been trying to get my family room tiled. The tile is there, purchased on clearance at Home Depot in 2004. Right after we bought the house. Right before we discovered how much we hate tiling. :sigh: gotta be done though (someday). I'd love to put this $100 towards the mortar and grout. Or better yet, towards a handyman to do the job for us.

  100. Home Depot rocks for having just about anything you could need or want to make your do it yourself projects successful. I get inspired every time I go in the store. With this gift certificate in my hand, I would seriously have to decide whether to get a new ceiling fan for the family room or new Hollywood dressing room style light fixtures for the bathroom. Decisions, decisions. :)

  101. We have many tasks that need to be accomplished in the house, such as fixing a broken chandelier, hanging the wall speakers, etc. Often they remain undone for the simple reason that DH does not have the tool necessary to complete the task and going to Home Depot is not in the day's schedule. Having this gift card would be a great incentive! Thanks!

  102. I would love this for my husband who tore our house down to the studs and is now slowly rebuilding it on his days off. He works so hard for us.

  103. The gift card that say "You Rule" would be perfect for my step dad, he ALWAYS wears yellow suspenders that look like a tape measure. Perfect.

  104. My husband can fix, straighten, clean, smooth, or hang anything! He is the most amazing man. He is inpatient with the utmost patients at times. This puzzles me.

  105. My boyfriend is buying a house and would definitely love to have this. It would help him buy some paint and other tools to help fix up the house he gets.

  106. My husband is always tinkering with something this would be great to go towards a lawn mower or another outside item.

  107. We are regular visitors to Home Depot. Our house is over 100 years old as is our rental property. There is always something that needs fixing!

  108. We have a very old house, which means we've done (and still have to do) enough renovations that we can both enjoy some relaxtion for it's own value without looking for some project to keep busy.

  109. Wow, you're giving away a Home Depot and a Lowe's card separately.. it's hard to pick a store, but I can reassure you either card I entered for would be used wisely were I chosen as the lucky winner :) Lots of projects, but little funds/inspiration! This would come in handy for the upcoming paint job- I personally love shopping for paint!

  110. This is one of my favorite DIY stores. I get the best ideas just browsing the isles. thanks for the contest.

  111. We could sure use this gift card because my "task oriented" husband has been "trying" to build a shed for the past 3 weeks. Notice how I said "trying"...ha ha ha! He comes up with the best ideas, but getting them finished is not always easy! LOL!

  112. My husband is a huge diy-er and would really find this gift card handy! I've found that associates at the Home Depot are really very helpful each time we need help finding what fits us just right! Thanks for the giveaway!

  113. My husband would just love this! He is so practical that any gifts he wants are never for himself, but for the good of our home or our family. He's currently spending his rare free time fixing up our 1920s garage, so I know this gift card would come in handy. Thanks for the chance!

  114. What a great gift this would be. There are so many things he could do w/ it. I'd love to give him that choice ;)

  115. My son has been promising to paint the white picket fence that encircles our property for the last couple of years. Winning this might give him the push that he needs. The fence is in bad shape. He needs to buy a good scraper, some primer and of course, white all weather paint. HELP!!!! lol.

  116. I'd love to win this gift card for my husband. He love shopping at Home Depot, but with the economy the way it is, we have cut all shopping except for essentials, and he really misses doing his little projects. This would be the perfect father's day gift for him. Thanks.

  117. Home Depot is a favorite place of the family. We enjoy shopping there to see what new items come in each week

  118. Home Depot has some Nice Solar walkway lights I'd like to get. They have most things I want or need for my home which is nice I dont have to store hop

  119. Oh the HD gift card would be well spend on lumber for the adirondac chairs Ive, I mean he's been wanting to build....

  120. We have a nearby Home Depot so this prize would come in handy. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  121. My husband want to build something to start growing earthworms in for a compost bin to fertilize our organic garden and flower beds. Home Depot, here we come...

  122. The gift card designs for Father's Day are funny and appropriate for dads. I totally know what you mean by the project-oriented guys. My brother is just like that. Fortunately for me, my spouse can be a shop and look around the store kind of guy. We both love to go to Home Depot and browse.

  123. We are getting our house ready to sell so we have been at Home Depot quite often recently. My husband and I actually work together very well and have finished a couple of smaller projects. Just a couple more and we will feel like we are ready for the realtor. Thanks.

  124. You are right a gift card is a great idea but at the same time all those projects and power tools make me cringe.

    Sure he'll be having a great time drilling and sawing to his hearts content but all I can think of is that he is sure to puncture or cut off a finger in the process.

    Don't you get sort of squeamish when he is working on all those projects and with all those tools? LOL.

    Oh, well. My fears aside a gift card would sure make his day.

  125. I go to Home Depot more than my hubby, but he likes that I can do home maintenance and save us money on hiring out.

  126. My husband has been building a playhouse for the kids in the back yard so I am sure he would use this card to buy supplies.

  127. could really use this one. My huband knocked out a wall in our house to remodel, and its ending up being a larger project than we expected. nneds all new wiring...uggggg.

  128. I'd love to win the $100 GC to Home Depot!

    My wife and I recently found out we're expecting another 'little bundle of joy' in August!

    And I'm currently converting my old computer room into a nursery!

    The Home Depot GC would sure come in handy for paint purchases!

    Please, include my wife and I into your giveaway drawing!

    Thanks and good luck to all!

  129. My father loves home depot! He goes there just to browse the store, and for a man, that itself is pretty amazing. I would love to send him there for father's day!

  130. My husband & son go to Home Depot for a father-son outing. I never know what they will come home with.

  131. I'd love to be able to gift him a gift card to The Home Depot for Father's Day, we go there all the time and are in the middle of remodeling so there are always more projects to tackle!

  132. My husband has been doing repairs on our wooden fence, this would be great to help with supplies.

  133. add 1 project-happy Dad plus 1 Home Depot equals a happy Dad.
    (with Home Depot i suspect our house is really his second home.)

  134. my dad owns a small window company and business has been slow lately. this would be great to help him out!

  135. I am amazed at what my husband can actually accomplish when he starts a project. The only drawback is that often he doesn't seem to have the 'right tools' and as a result so many projects remain projects instead of accomplishments. A little encouragement in the form of a "wish list gift card" would be a win-win situation! :)

  136. We have a lot of home projects that we hope to get to this summer. One of them is painting our bedroom. So buying paint would be first on our list.

  137. I love Home depot..we just moved into a new house 6 mths ago and are very anxious to start on getting it fixed up!

    hblaser at gmail dot com

  138. My husband is a tinkerer--his #1 criterion for finding a house was that it had to have a garage for his tools!

  139. My husband doesn't do a whole lot of the fix it stuff around the inside of the house but he loves to work outside. He is always running to homedepot to get more weed killer, lawn bags, mouse traps...! I have been wanting to remodel the kitchen a little and this would really be a great help!

  140. We could definitely use this since my husband has a couple of projects he is working on in our new house!

  141. My husband wants to remodel our bathroom but doesn't want to spend the money on it... this would be a great way to get him started! Thanks for the giveaway!

  142. I love to go to Home Depot..Always find new items and get great ideas for projects..semtaylor(at(yahoo(dot)com

  143. There are so many projects that we can get done with $100 bucks, organize our closet or paint a couple of rooms or get a decent ladder so we can clean the gutters.

  144. My husband loves doing it himself and has a list a mile long. He'd have a blast shopping at Home Depot for tools.

  145. My husband always has a DIY project going on. This would be great to win! Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  146. We've got plenty of projects we could spend this fixing the cracked bottom on the garage door and putting in some raised beds in the front yard for perennial plants.

  147. I find it so funny that my hubby HATES to shop with me, but we can spend hours in Home Depot looking at grills, tools, and stuff like that for him!

  148. I love to browse home improvement stores. I especially like walking through the kitchens they have set up and dreaming about which one I'd choose.

  149. We have a big project coming up. I run a foster home for disabled adults and we need to add on a garage so they don't have to get out in the rain and snow. We currently don't hav a garage at all.We love Home Depot and we live just a few miles for it.

  150. My husband has a huge project in our back yard. This would go a long way to help him finish it.

  151. My Dad lives at Home Depot either buying stuff for his house or my house - so this would be great!

  152. Oh my gosh! I take alternate routes when driving my husband anywhere that might be passing a Home Depot! Of course, when it's growing season, I'm okay with going, because their garden center is like a candy store for me.

  153. How clever of them to include a drill bit with the store card! Tools are especially welcome now in the fixing season. thanks.

  154. This would be great to buy a few things like squirrel repellent and garden tools/seeds for we can start some green livin'!

  155. We have some home improvements that need to be done fairly soon, this would be awesome to have. Not to mention that winning a gift card like this would just delight my husband...a home depot gift card, to a man, is like a spa getaway for a woman. LOL

  156. We have a long home improvement/necessary fixes "to do list". Some of which include: Weed and seed the lawn (which is more weed than grass), get a power washer to clean the siding and deck, buy mulch and soil to fix eroding areas around house, get a storm door. I could go on and on. Super useful giveaway!

  157. I have the best parents ever. They actually moved to be closer to my sister and I, so our families spend a lot of time at their house, now. My dad is retired, spends a lot of time at home doing endless home-improvement projects and making sure everything is perfect for guests. We joke that he is the Resort Maintenance Department, on call 24/7. He even has his cell phone on his belt along with a multi-purpose tool. He could use the home depot card to keep boredom at bay... :)

  158. This would be a perfect Father's Day gift for my husband! I used to feel bad about giving him "honey-do" lists, but he admits he likes having specific tasks to accomplish :)

  159. We love Home Depot, and always have some project or another going on. My Husband would love a Home Depot GC.

  160. Hubby could definitely put the Home Depot card to good use. There's stain for the deck, or some sprinkler equipment he needs to get, or some paint for one room, still left to be unpainted. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  161. My husband and I are organizing our garage. It's such a disaster that I cannot find a hammer. We actually had to go to Home Depot and buy a new hammer. This prize would allow us to finish this much needed project. Thanks and GLTA!

  162. My dad is always working on the house...I mean constantly!

    I swear that he lives at Home Depot, he spends so much time there getting stuff to fix the house - He would sure appreciate this gift card!

  163. we are trying to grow vegetables this summer and this card would be great for all the organic fertilizer and bug spray we need. thanks.

  164. With the number of things that we want/need to do, this would be very helpful. The second part of the task orientation for some men is that if something interrupts the process (a missing piece of material, etc) sometimes it is hard to get them back to it!

  165. My husband likes to wander around the Home Depot just to look at everything. He would have a lot more fun if he could buy something.

  166. The outdoor garden section has had some great plants at great prices - a $100 gift card would allow me to buy some great planters for my backyard

  167. I have been wanting to re-paint my walls. This would be perfect to get some good quality paint for my project!

  168. My hubby is laid off work again. He has planted a veggie garden for the last 8 years and I thought this year he would do it, and have more time, being laid off...well, he won't do it, he's afraid to spend the money (the roll of fencing, the plants, etc.). I would love to surprise him with this because there is still time, and whats good for me is that he cooks for me with veggies from the garden. It makes me sad to see that dirt rectangle sitting there...

  169. We just bought our house (on tuesday) and we're spending our first night there tonight! Me and my husband made a 'wish list' for all the little things we would love to buy for the house. And a gift card to the Home Depot would put a big dent in that list!! :0)

  170. My husband drags his feet "thinking about the project". when the inspiration finally hits he goes to Home Depot and spends a long time getting the necessary items. Each project takes a minimum of 3 trips to Home Depot--luckily we live less than a mile away.

  171. There are so many things I would love from Home Depot. Would love replace the bathroom sink and vanity.

  172. We have a Home Depot just up the street from us! They always have such terrific bargains, so an extra $100 to spend would go a long way at their store!

  173. My family loves Home Depot! We're always redecorating or have a new project going on around the house. I'd love to win. Also, would be a great fathers day gift!

  174. My hubby is a great GREAT man! But I will admit...he cannot multi-task (what is up with that?). I've learned this over the years and now just understand "one thing at a time" and he is happy which makes me happy. It used to frustrate me but no longer...we are just different! :)

  175. God bless Home Depot. It is a home away from home for home for us. We are there at least twice a week for this or that thingy to repair, refurbish or replace something.

  176. Home Depot is the DH's FAV toy store! He stops in all the time! I really love their lighting department too, though. This would be an excellent giveaway to win, he mentioned wanting to grow tomatoes at home, and we could get everything done the right way with this GC win!

  177. The gift card designs are awesome, I love the duct tape one but then again I love duct tape anything haha.

  178. I am the Mom and the dad so the the DIY projects are up to me, Love the card for helping out with some new flooring I need too get

  179. my little 3 year old neice loves home depot! i'm not kidding, its her favorite store! :) I would buy some much needed tools with the gift card if i won

  180. We have a pool with no landscaping around it. We never seem to be able to gather enough money to do the job correctly. I don't have a green thumb, but his could help with the mulch and a book or two on the proper way to landscape. (And maybe a couple of solar lights).

  181. My hubby dug up our whole lawn because he was actually going to "do" one of his projects - namely re-sod the lawn by himself. So our lawn is essentially mud now until he gets motivated to actually put down the weed killer and grass seed.

  182. My dad passes a home depot on the way to work. We used to joke that he couldnt get to work unless he stopped at homedepot. He could live in there and be happy. My poor mom has a house full of half finished projects. My dad always had good intentions but then he finds something else cool at home depot and starts another project.

  183. This sure would help us with remodeling our home. We purchased an old fixer-upper and it is a slow process. Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  184. We are so lucky that we now have a Home Depot five minutes from our house, you can bet we spend a fortune there. Currently they just got over 300.00 for garden plants from us. Would be awesome to get some bird feeders from them. :-)

  185. My husband loves grilled foods. I don't have a grill. Maybe I'd get one!! That would make for some awesome summer meals!

  186. Home depot also has lots of home goods and decor items as well such as lamps and storage containers.

  187. We have been in the process of remodeling our kitchen for the last 4 years, but keep running out of money. This would help a lot. Thanks for the giveaway.

  188. We are moving at the end of this month and have to buy a new fridge. This would help us out so much!

  189. I'd give this to my Mom and stepdad, who would have a ball picking out flowers and stuff for their extremely creative garden.

  190. We're in the process of buying our first house and have to say I've never been to Home Depot so many times in my entire life as I have been in the last 2 weeks. It's crazy and the smell of the lumber reminds me of my dad. :)

  191. I think the drill bit card is pretty awesome, good idea from HD. Man, with a $100 GC, I'd love to do some new house shopping. But, my man would get first dibs to find something for fathers day... my fingers would be crossed though for a patio set. I cant help it, I have BBQ and summer on the brain!

  192. WE are in the "everything is breaking down or needs fixing" mode right now in our home. My husband has taken on some projects he never thought he could do but has. Thanks for this chance to help.

  193. my dad would be at home depot just a short time, he goes for what it needs and hes gone. thanks for the giveaway.

  194. I'd give this gift to my dad, and then i'd show him how to use it. I love to do "how-to-do-it" projects around the house.

  195. I'd give this to my dad for fathers day, it's his favorite store (and he's re-doing a room over now, would really come in handy!)

  196. We would love to put a deck on the back of our house this summer. This would really help towards paying for supplies. Thanks :-)

  197. My Dad definitely falls under the "corny humor" category... for instance, I'll complain that something on my body hurts and he always comes back with "Really? Its your face thats killing me." (and every time, its still the funniest thing hes heard). He answers the phone and pretends its either the answering machine or the local pizza shop... etc. etc.


  198. My husband isn't very handy, but I swear we end up getting both of our dads Home Depot cards for just about every occasion. Dads are hard to shop for!

  199. Ahhhh, finally I'll have no excuses not to switch out our bulbs to the new eco ones. I also need to paint:)

  200. My husband loves home depot. He spent some time there in the last few weeks getting things to start our vegetable garden. He is building upside down tomato planters. He could use this!

  201. We are in the process of redoing our bathrooms; this would be a great place to start. Thank you!

  202. Oh boy could I use this Home Depot card for my hubby! We live in a ramshackle old house and he is always working on something to fix it up!

  203. We need to paint, so bad I can't tell ya. My husband has been putting it off. I gave him samples of the colors we need, but since I haven't gone to the store with him to pick out the colors, he won't do it.

  204. My husband has a long list of projects around the house this summer and the Home Depot is always his first stop for supplies.

  205. A Home Depot Gift card would really come in handy for the summer. I can see the sweat gleaming off my husband's body while he is working in the yard with some new tool he bought from Home Depot!

  206. Home Depot is my favorite place to shop for home repair and fix up supplies because their employees answer all of my questions.

  207. Give cards are a wonderful gift. I have taken to giving them lately instead of buying presents. It's so much more practical; the person then can then select what he or she really wants. And what man wouldn't want a gift card for home depot. There's so much to choose from and so many tasks to do at home. What a treat!

  208. I am pretty task oriented myself. I feel like I need to do something every day and SEE the finished results. I like shopping at home improvement stores, I think it's fun to walk down the ailes and get ideas for differnt projects that I could do around home. Occasionally I'll even think of something my husband can do! :o)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  209. the Home Depot always has something we need and some good sales too. We are trying to organize the garage and need to buy some shelfs, this would help to put a dent in the cost.
    Thanks for another great contest =)

  210. When we got married, we got a lot of gift cards. My husband was oblivious to most of them, but the one that got his attention was to a local hardware chain (like Home Depot but on a smaller scale). He immediately claimed that one as his own, and must have spent hours coming up with ways to spend it, projects that suddenly needed doing. I realized he too could enjoy shopping, if he enjoyed what he was shopping for! This would be an AWESOME gift for his first Father's Day.

  211. My husband could use this to fix the grass in our front yard. It looks terrible. Of course, he may not want to use it on that, but that's what I'd want him to do with it.

  212. I have a wonderful husband. We too were high school sweethearts who have stayed together (25 years now). He is an amazing example for my 3 sons and a wonderful provider and protector of us all. We have so many chores and household repairs that this gift card would help. I would love to win it for his fathers day! Doesn't hurt that I benefit from it as well! Thanks for an amazing site Stephanie!

  213. My husband would love a Home Depot card. He would probably use it to help change one of our empty bedrooms into a home office for himself.

  214. we have been redoing our house forever. This would really help out on getting things back to normal

  215. I could wander around Home Depot for hours. Plus I would use this to change out the knobs on the cabinets. They are an ugly porcelain and I would like to get polished silver.

  216. I have a current "task" of landscaping my backyard. I'm getting closer and closer to finishing, but running out of cash :( ...sure could use this gift card!

  217. I love doing my own Diy projects, and this would help. I'm, I don't have the hubby help.


  218. We really need to get busy on a few home projects and a gift card to Home Depot could be just the incentive needed.

  219. I have an endless "to do" list for around the house and maybe with a gift card, some things would actually get done quicker.

  220. My son has just started a garden and this would be a great help to him for some gardening tools that he needs. Home Depot is one of my family's favorite stores.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  221. My husband is an avid gardener who loves to plant trees, bushes, etc. especially fruit trees. Home Depot is his favorite gardening spot. What a superb Father's Day gift this would be!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  222. DH has a little container garden going--$100 at Home Depot would be great to expand it a little! Thanks for the contest!

  223. my husband is building a deck, he lets our daughter hand him the screws, she's 2, its so cute. We could use some deck furniture now, this giftcard would come in handy.

  224. We have some indoor painting projects we would like to do this summer. We buy all our paint at Home Depot, so this would really be a great help to get this project done.

  225. i like the duct tape card the best as well, I have never seen the measuring card before but i think that may be my new favorite

  226. Dad always has more projects around the house than money to complete them, this would make a great gift for him.

  227. My husband would use this so much for his gardening supplies--what a great gift for Father's Day this would be!

  228. I am lucky my husband is pretty good at fixing things, but then he does not believe in borrowing tools so for each project he goes out and buys another tool. a gift card to Home Depot would be a great gift for my husband!

  229. My dad has been redoing our kitchen for tthe last 2 months but now that the economy went downhill he stopped for a while so the kitchen is half done and half a mess. this would definitely help

  230. With a front door that needs staining, a broken rung on the stairs, and trees that need planting, maybe a free card will get a fire under my husband's bum!

  231. Home Depot is 3 blocks from our house...It is my hubbys 2nd home...all the sales help know him by name :) And I love the garden always adding landscaping flowers and bushes.

  232. I think that this $100 gift card could be useful for the many projects that could be done on the new house that my family and I live in. Overall all, it's good, but I could use a door in the basement where I live to have SOME privacy!

  233. My dad loves Home Depot--he always "gets lost" and ends up being late for something when he goes "just to pick up" a specific item. I would love to give him this for Father's Day.

  234. I'm a single mom so I'd keep this for myself. And to spend it on, where do I begin. I think some ceiling light fixtures to finish off a room. My lights from the 50s have to go!

  235. My tiller broke just as I got done with the first part of the garden. I'm going to have to do the rest with a hoe now. The card would help me get a new tiller and save my hands!

  236. single female doing DIY that i can do myself right now i need to replace parts for my gas grill HOME DEPOT has the parts i do not have the funds at the moment great giveaway ty for having it

  237. We have so many projects that we need to start and or finish. One ends and one begins. We want to work on the computer room next; this would certainly come in handy. Thank you


  239. My hubby could so use this card to finish off all of the projects he's been working on. Happy Dad's Day Gentlemen.....

  240. Home Depot is my husband's home away from home. He is a true Handyman. His project right now is remodeling our kitchen. He would be overjoyed if I won this sweepstake.

  241. I like it that you always say, "Leave any topic-related comment" and the person can choose what to write about! And yes, my sweetie is project oriented, but he loves to recycle and transform parts of old things and make them into wonderful new things! Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway that would give him hours and hours of pleasure!

  242. My husband is "task oriented" but he is not handy. He'll work until he drops at something he can do,but if I win I'll have to get one of our six kids or in-laws to install the new ceiling fan I want.

  243. I was just at Home Depot and was walking from one department to another looking at all the things our home could use. Thanks for the chance.

  244. We are trying to get everything repaired and made pretty before we put our house up for sale so we go to HD alot! This would sure help out!!

  245. I think most fathers and husbands are forced to become "task-oriented." Growing up, I remember exploring the big aisles of Home Depot with my dad searching for doors, toilets, ceiling fans, or whatever it was that broke down in our house.

  246. My husband can totally relate to the never being able to finish "projects" unless its specific smaller tasks. Definitely is task-oriented. Going back and forth to the store and looking for deals can be hard so the GC would help and inspire finishing up some plumbing that needs to be done

    I like the drill-bit card :)

  247. Ok how Great is This Giveaway?! My Hubby, who just happens to be Father of the year (IN OUR house!) has the chance to win a Home Depot Gift card and I get the Chance to have my own Handy Man for a Weekend! Yeah! Cause after a Trip to Home Depot and a Budget of $100 Hubby is on a ROLL!

    So Everyone is a winner!!!
    And When Hubby is Happy, Momma is Happy!!!
    Thanks so much!!!

  248. My honey do list is still sitting there, due to extreme medical problems suffered by him, and by me. Would love the home depot giftcard. It would brighten my world.

  249. home depot is my hubbys favorite store. its a mans store! lol
    i wanna win to give to him so he can buy me some paint to paint the walls.

  250. My husband likes to think up projects - for me.
    He's no DIYer, but loves to shop.

    But he has a much better eye for color, so he selects the paint, and I apply it.

  251. Since I am a single mom, I do all the repair and renovation on my home....and Home Depot has become one of my favorite places to shop. I have learned to lay tile, repair plumbing, and many other I go. I would put this card to good use!

    Thank you. :-)

  252. My fiance and I have quite a to-do list for the house we just bought. The gift card could really get us started making this house a home!

  253. We really hoping to put in a fence in our back yard this year. We'd save a lot of money by doing it ourselves. Yet the materials are still so pricey. Yet, I dream about a time when we have a little back yard privacy.

  254. Home Depot...I know it well, not to mention, many a weekend 'date night' started with a trip to Home Depot.

  255. Hubs would love this because we're trying to move into our first house at the end of the year. I'm sure there's hundreds of things we could think of buying at Home Depot.

  256. We are half way through updating the flooring in our home. This would help us get done a little faster.

  257. My husband seems to live at Home depot. He's been wanting to replace a couple of his tools. This would be great.

  258. My husband spends hours in Home Depot, dreaming and buying. When my parents come for a visit, he drags my dad in there to dream with him. This would make a great Father's Day gift for him because now he would be able to get some of the home things we need to get done around here.

  259. This would be a great Father's Day gift - the only hard part would be deciding whether to give it to my husband, dad, or father-in-law!

  260. What man does NOT like Home Depot?!? Not any that I know that is for sure :) Would love to win this to get new paint for our living room!

  261. My husband loves "tasks" and especially loves the part where he gets to run out to the store to buy supplies for the next project! He'd love this gift card...

  262. My state is currently in hurricane season and we definitely need to stock up. A few trips to Home Depot is in my family's future. :D

  263. Home Depot is my husbands home away from home. He spends a lot of time there drooling. :) This gift card would be an awesome present!

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  264. We have often joked about putting a 'donations bucket' on our porch asking for Home Depot cards, to help raise the property values by continuing to work on our house - big difference from when we first moved in! and more to go...

  265. Hubby is talking about building planter boxes aroiund the patio, so a gift card to the Home Depot would sure come in handy.

  266. My husband loves Home Depot for their paint. It's reasonable priced and they do a good job matching colors. We're going to have to repaint the living room this summer. There was a little incident involving home made playdough :)I tried scrubbing the walls but it didn't work.

    I love the duct tape gift card.

  267. I'm not too sure how handy my husband is because we just got married a month ago. But, he still hasn't hung up the paintings I have asked him to because he needs to buy a stud finder so if I won this gift card it would help him to finish this project. Then, I could test his handiness with some others :)

  268. Home Depot is our family's go-to resource for do-it-yourself projects. Workers there are helpful. Thank you for the contest.

  269. We could use this gift card to finish the kitchen tiling project that has gone on for almost a year.

  270. I am still doing repair from the ice storm in January..I need to fix my fence around my garden! Ilove Home Depot...

  271. A Home Depot gift would actually be great for the entire family. A family of four surviving off of unemployment is rather challenging and rather boring since there is no money to do things. A Home Depot gift could support sprucing up the atmosphere.

  272. My dad is always coming up with new renovations to our house, which is wonderful and keeps our home looking new. I know he would just LOVE this gift card and I'm sure it would inspire him to start a new project. Maybe a deck?

  273. Great fathers day gift for my husband

    He loves to go and browse and usually finds something he needs

  274. i love the home depot, they have such great selection it's where i got my air conditioner for the best price in the city

  275. I could really use fencing material so my dog can run around outside by herself, she's too hyper without it!

  276. We really could use a composter. I also need a good wheelbarrel. Home depot has these! We are putting in a home orchard so this would help greatly.

  277. Wow, what a great giveaway!
    My Dad + Home Depot $100 Gift Card = PERFECTION!
    He loves going there for any reason ... I swear its like his second home =)

  278. My husband I are always in Home Depot looking for small projects we can do to our home. Slowly, we are trying to save up to re-do our bathroom. It's still the exact same from when we bought our house 8 years ago! The 70's motif has to go!!!
    We would love to win!

  279. we will be doing a renovation soon and this is great since we will be doing most of the work ourselves.

  280. My husband would be thrilled if I won- we've been thinking of sprucing up our back porch abit.

  281. My little grandson calls it "Grandpa Depot" because my husband has taken him there so many times! Both of them like to go up and down the aisles looking at eveything! He will be with us soon for 11 days and my husband is going to take him to Home Depot to get a child's tool belt with tools.

  282. ok so i would love this card, because my husband is totally redoing the backyard and we could really use this! he is at home depot every day!

  283. My husband and I go on regular outings to Home Depot, where we browse and spend way too much! This would come in handy on our next "date"! Thanks!

  284. My husband loves Home Depot. I know if he says he's off to Home Depot, that he'll be lost in the store for hours. lol
    Seriously, my husband really loves to do work around the home and really enjoys being able to get creative with woodworking items.
    Great prize! Thanks so much for offering this great giveaway.

  285. Our garage is a testament to my husband's love of Home Depot. He loves to get new tools and gizmos so he can work on his manly projects.

  286. Home Depot has been making money off of me. Hubby & I recently purchased our first house & he is wanting to buy a blower, a trimmer, edger, so on... We would love to burn up this card!

  287. my husband has some serious baby proofing to do around the house so maybe this will give him the push....oh and i need to pump up my garden . Usually i dont have a green thumb but my veggies are doing well in the pots so i want to move them to our small yard...i will need slug poison badly if i do that....this is exciting!

  288. I know what you mean about hubby being project oriented. Right now, my next project for him is to get a new faucet (that I picked out of course) and install it before the old one breaks.

  289. My dream is to pull the carpet out of the living room and put down some family friendly tile! Hope I win :)

  290. Just yesterday we were discussing a couple things we need from Home Depot to finish our landscaping project. This would be so handy.

  291. Home Improvements! Who doesn't like to go to Home Depot? Both my husband and I enjoy visiting our local store for just about anything to do with our house. We have projects ever week such as "Garage shelves" "Baby toy chest update" "Re-stain patio furniture" "Brandy's (our dog)Mansion (her house)" and many more. Gardening is also one of my passions and Home Depot is the store for me. There selections are amazing. In short, my husband and I would most enjoy a gift card from HD. Its nice to see there are other families whom enjoy the same hobbies. Great give a away!

  292. OHHHH could we really use this!! We are in the middle of 2 projects (the bathroom and the backyard) and have run out of funds. This would help us get them completed!!! I want this so bad - my fingers are crossed. Thanks for the great site and great giveaway.

  293. There are so many things my husband could use this for. About a year ago we put down hardwood floors in our home and have yet to put the transition pieces in that go between the rooms. It seems like there is always something that comes up that is more important to purchase. This would be a wonderful gift for him. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  294. I would love to win this for my husband. It would allow him to get some new tools for Father's day.

  295. I wish it were just that easy..tell my husband "here, do this" and it actually get done within a decent amount of time. He does try, though, and I think that he just tries to do too many things at one time. He needs to learn to finish putting up the fence first and then start building the swingset or fixing the dock! For all I ask him to do a $100 gift card would be a welcome gift. Lord know he deserves it.

    [email protected]

  296. My husband would love this for father's day. We have so many little projects to get done around here.

  297. My Fiance would LOVE this as a father's day gift, but then it may inspire him to start a project that he'll never finish!! I don't know, but Honestly I think he'd do some landscaping with it!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  298. My husband has started to build stalls in the barn. They have been in the "not quite complete stage" for months. The gift card could possibly motivate him to go to Home Depot to get what he needs to finish the job.

  299. Ok, I think I managed to find the most unhandy man in the world! He only comes to Home Depot with me, because I have dragged him kicking and screaming! However, he does manage to find something to spend our money on once he gets his reluctant feet into the door.

  300. My husband is a task master when it comes to our conversations. He hates for me to "ramble" on and on, and he wants me to simply "get to the point". Then if I have expressed a concern about something in the act of worrying out loud, he wants to solve the problem then and there. I don't necessarily want the problem solved, and if I did, I can solve it myself. He seems to think that worrying out loud means asking for advice, but it doesn't. If I want advice, I'll ask him. Arghhhhh

  301. My husband and I just bought a new house, he's determined to fix everything, even if it doesn't need to be fixed, he wants to change it. I've now had to create a hunny-do list for him of small tasks to accomplish around the house so he will leave the all of the other things alone. If it's not broke, don't fix it.

  302. We're in the midst of redoing our deck and building a new retaining wall and this would put a dent in the costs of that. Thanks for the giveaway~

  303. I love to wander the isles. My dream isle of brand new appliances. This store has everything on my list of projects. Paint, nails, fixtures and cleaning supplies. Love to browse the ads and hurry on in for the great sales.

  304. Wow, I love your blog, it is very informative. I really like Home Depot, they always have what I need. I frequently shop at home improvement stores, so if I win, I could use it to work on one of my many projects.

  305. Actually, I'm the task oriented one in my household. If I handed a task to the man of the house and said "do this", I'd get a raised eyebrow and an "oh, yeah?"

  306. My husband is a regular customer at Home Depot. He just said the other day he wants to go buy a new utility tub and faucet to replace my old cement one in the basement.

  307. My father LOVES Home Depot...I swear the man could get lost in there for an entire day and not even realize it. He actually has a few projects coming up that he wants to take care off -- putting in new flooring for the kitchen, painting the living room and dining room, and he wanted to build a nice little bed in the front yard for different flowers and stuff. The gift card would TOTALLY help him out. (Speaking of which, the duct tape one RULES!)

  308. I am need to redo our guest bath, and HD is the place to go. I am looking at new paint, new shower curtain, tile and new flooring. This would be great! Thank you.

  309. My husband is very task-oriented. Sometimes, it drives me crazy. The man does not know how to just relax. The gift cards are really cute. I think I might get the "Dad, you rule" gift card for my dad.

  310. With summer fast approaching, we could sure use a new ceiling fan & Home Depot has a great selection! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  311. Home Depot is definitely guy heaven. The giftcard would make a wonderful father's day gift for the handy man in anyones life

  312. This would be so wonderful to win! Our garage door opener is broken and this would get us the parts to fix it! Thanks!

  313. I agree that men are more task and completion gratification oriented. They like to see and get praised for their completed projects. Certainly those of us with houses have plenty of potential projects at all times and the $100 GC would come in so handy for the paint jobs I need done!

  314. I would love to give my hubby a gift card to Home Depot! We need a bunch of things fixed around here.

  315. My husband has a true love of birdwatching, and I'd love to take him to Home Depot and treat him to some wonderful birdhouses, feeders, and seeds.

  316. Home depot is my home away from home. I swear I could be there door greeter because I know where everything is.

  317. I'm going to The Home Depot constantly during the Spring and Summer months. This would come in handy.

  318. The Home Depot is always our first stop for home improvement supplies, I especially love the garden section, my husband loves the hand tool section! This gift card would be put to great use at our house! Thanks!

  319. The gift cards are very clever and my DH would love to have one. He'd be at Home Depot weekly if our budget allowed. Right now he's got a couple of projects in the works that would definitely benefit from a shopping excursion.

  320. I have my eye on a set of garden furniture at Home Depot! This gift card would send me running to the garden section in about two minutes flat. Thanks!

  321. We both love Home Depot! They have a great selection and fair prices! If I won this I'd use it towards some home improvement projects we've been putting off.

  322. Our "Honey-Do" list is soooo long right now because we are fixing up our house to put it up for sale--a scary proposition these days. I'm at Home Depot at least once a week shopping for fix-up supplies.

  323. Hi -

    My boyfriend and I have been trying to save money to get a new fridge but with the tough times we are all going through it's made it almost next to impossible. If we had an extra 100 dollars it would be just enough to help us jump start our savings! Thanks :)

  324. My husband loves Home Depot - if he needs to get away for awhile I know where he is - bonding with the other guys at Home Depot. This would be a great gift for him since we are moving into a new home soon and he has gobs of projects planned.

  325. Oh my goodness, my dad has so many unfinished products, it's not even funny! I always warn him to get them done or Mom will get onto him but he says he doesn't have the right tools to finish and can't afford them. Then I remind him that he could when he started then it dawns on me- he just wants to have money to spend at Home Depot!

  326. We have purchased a foreclosure which was damaged by the out going people. I understand their frustration but I don't understand destroying the house. We could really use some new tools.

  327. My husband loves to build things. Right now he is building a bunk bed for my daughter's room. It helps us out so much. Going to Home Depot is like a stress reliever to him.

  328. I wish to win this for DH. He loves tools and we can't afford many things right now. He hates to borrow stuff from neighbours and if I can get to buy him what he needs, that would be wonderful.

  329. My husband loves Home Depot. He is there often. Those are some great gift cards, especially the duct tape one.

  330. My husband is so handy around the house. I guess that is why he lives at Home Depot during the weekends!

  331. My guy has had his eye on the Brinkmann 4 Burner Stainless Steel Grill but can't justify spending the $200 on it right now. With this card he would only have to spend $100 and I know he'd be more comfortable with that. Since both Father;s day and his birthday are coming, I would love to give him this to get his dream gift.
    [email protected]

  332. This is hubbys favorite store- he has so much he wants to do to this house- he would love it if I gave him a gift card and let him borwse for hours!!

  333. Our family LOVES Home Depot!!! We are needing new carpet soon and I'm thinking that this gift card could help up out! My husband spends lots of time there... :O)

  334. We have so many projects going on right now that we could really use the GC. We're replanting flower beds, working on our Master bathroom repainting the office/playroom, Flag stone for the walkways just to name a few.

  335. I bought all my plants and flowers at Home Depot this year. My husband would love this as he has his eye on a new tool.

  336. We visit Home Depot so much that the staff know our whole family by name...It's definitely one of our favorite stores! And believe it or not, it was one of my son's first words!LOL! Go there much?LOL! It would be hard not to keep this for myself...Just kidding!

  337. LOL i just had to read this post aloud to my husband. He said "this is true" and grunted and went back to trying to rebuild a router for our computer that he fried earlier today. Just think of the "projects" he could finish around our house with this card.
    (i think the ruler card is cool too)

  338. Oh this would buy us a lot of plants for the garden and also some fencing to keep the neighborhood dogs out of our garden. PLus I need a watering can for my container garden as well!! Of course, hubby would fight me for it.

  339. My husband gets lost in Home Depot on a regular basis. I also don't understand the frequent trips there when working on a project. I guess it's like my emergency trips to Joann's when working on a crafty project. thanks for the chance to win !

  340. Oooh, as tempted as I would be to give this to my husband (to encourage him to finish up a few projects), I'd probably gift this to my Dad this Father's Day. He's quite the handyman, as well as an incredible woodworker. He's also begun a new ritual with my 2 year-old of occasionally taking him through Lowe's or Home Depot, just the two of them, looking at tools, paint chips, forklifts, and, my son's favorite: lawnmowers.

    So, not only could he put the gift card to use, he'll probably let my little guy tag along for some fun. :)

  341. Home Depot is such a great store. You can find something for everyone there. My father would rather play with the girls than finish a household task. I love that.

  342. I honestly think that if my husband could LIVE in a Home Depot...he would. He loves that store. I mean that man can go crazy there. It seems like we are always doing something to our house, next step, the kitchen. Which, they do have some nice stuff to choose from. I prefer to take my book or knitting and find me a quite, out of the way area and read or knit. Let him shop to his hearts content! I know a GC from Home Depot would not only make his Father's Day, but probably his whole year!

    [email protected]

  343. My husband is in the middle of the never ending kithen remodel. I haven't had a downstairs bathroom in over a year! Maybe this gift card would give him the little push he needs to (finally!) get things done.

  344. My husband definitely likes tasks! So much so that once he chooses one it is an endless topic of conversation throughout the process. There will be much talk while planning, much talk in between doing, and much talk afterward of what he likes (or doesn't like) about how it turned out and what he learned for next time. He gets a lot done and does it very well, but the one-track focus makes me a bit crazy!!! :)

  345. Once my husband was at Home Depot so much one summer that people thought he worked there. This was too funny! We love Home Depot, I love the drill bit gift card, so cute! Can it be cute?

  346. Home Depot is our favorite home improvement store. It's right down the road...which is a problem in most cases :) We are putting in a new kitchen floor so this would go directly to the pergo flooring we're going with. I really like the uniqueness of the giftcards. The ruler one is my favorite.

  347. My husband has been building containers for my container garden. He has had to borrow a saw to cut the wood. I would love for him to win the gift card so he could buy one of his own.

  348. This would be great. My husband actually installed a new bathroom faucet for me for Mother's Day, so this would be an appropriate Father's Day gift. Thanks for the giveaway.

  349. Oh my, my husband would totally go crazy with this giftcard, he likes going to home depot to spend money on plants as we have started our own home vegetable and flower garden recently, i know he would really appreciate this giftcard, he is such a nature lover and he really is in love with gardening, and i would love to see him happy going shopping with a home depot giftcard to get whatever gardening tools or plants he wanted to get for fathers day!

  350. We love home depot. Seems like we spend half our weekends there. I walk in and I am inspired to do something to my home. The gift card would make the perfect Father's Day gift... and we would see/enjoy whatever we end up upgrading year after year :)

  351. It seems as though your husband & mine are cut from a similar cloth. He isn't happy unless he is doing something that he can see a phyiscal result, meaning that I am the child rearer & he is the patio builder. Which brings me to the comment I made in the Lowes post about having workshops or seminars at these major handyperson heavens about incorporating children even toddlers into handy tasks. Granted it may (ok will) make the task all the longer but it will give both adult & child a sense of accomplishment. For example we went to HD last week to get stones to do a corner garden my son is too young to lift the stones but we bought him a little wheelbarrow & gloves so that he can move the chunks of sod. Husband gets a task with a visable reward, my son gets to help and learn responsibilty, & I get a corner garden & a few free minutes to do a load of laundry :) As for what we could use the $100 Home depot gc for well I need plants for the garden & my husband needs a new orbital sander to clean up our wooden doors:)
    thanks again for the chance!

  352. We could definitely use 100 to home depot! We are on the market for a new house, and even though we're hoping to buy one that doesn't "require" any work, I'm sure there will be a few small things that we'll want to change!

  353. I love the duct-tape card. It is our family motto - You can fix anything with duct-tape. Sweet! And best of all my guy would love this gift card. Send him to Home Depot and a few hours later I have something wonderful! A little exciting where he can spend $100 bucks on anything his heart desires and he will be a happy camper indeed! Thanks!

  354. My guy is building two bedrooms, a gun closet and getting his house ready for a large family... Mine. Total of 7 kids, two adults and a TON of new ways to live... it'll be interesting.

    A gift card to Home Depot would help us out so much... August 1st! Movin' in....

  355. As much as my husband loves the home depot, it's really starting to cut into our savings! He's been pretty creative with using what he has around the house to save, but I would love to win this for him so he could go splurge a little and make at least one of his projects a little easier. Only 3 more rooms in the house to renovate!

  356. This would definitely be on any man's thumbs-up list! The possibilities of purchases are endless, and tools, home items, outdoor products, and the list goes on, Wow, my husband would be so excited to "spend" this giftcard.

  357. I love the duct tape one too. I'm so glad companies are now making "fun" giftcards to go along with the fun of getting one.

  358. Home Depot: our second home. My husband is very handy; but often has trouble finishing the last tiny thing about his projects. That's when I have to get out my whip. We need a complete bath makeover; so this would come in very handy.

  359. Oh, man, our "honey do" list is so long! Our house could definitely use some sprucing up, courtesy of Home Depot!

    I think I've gotten my dad a Home Depot gift certificate at least once a year for the past 10 years. It's something I know he'll love and use!

  360. my husband is not only task oriented, but he does so much better if he has a "to do " list. and of course alot of items on his "to do" list could use allot of help for Home Depot!

  361. This would be a wonderful gift for my Father. He has been going through a lot of stress lately and this year he was hospitalized for a blood clot that went into his lungs. This would make him feel super special and loved.

  362. what a wonderful gift this would be for my husband.
    he loves going to the Home depot because he always has some project that he wants to do or is in the middle of. His birthday is in three weeks so the perfect gift.

  363. This would be an excellent gift for my father-in-law. He recently was forced into retirement and I'm sure he could use some new tools for his wood shop as I know, that is what he would like to get back into.

  364. One of hubby's favorite things to do is to meander thoughtfully down the aisles of Home Depot, plotting, planning, daydreaming . . . You cannot go wrong with a Home Depot gift card in our home - be it for Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays and anything in between!

  365. My husband would LOVE a gift card to Home Depot! With living in an old house and having a barn and a couple out buildings, there is always something that needs to be fixed!

  366. Wow a gift card from Home Depot would be great for my Hubby and his little apprentice. There are a few thing we need to take care of around the house and this would sure help. Thank you for the contest.

  367. My parents sure could use this!
    They love doing outdoor things around the house.
    So handy for them to have this!

  368. We love home depot. We go there for almost everything. Maybe if i gave my husband a gift card, he would finish the yard!

  369. What the hey... now you're giving away a $100 to Home Depot, Are you serious. I am totally going to have my up stairs and my down stairs done before the baby. Oh wait, they aren't in my hands yet. LOL!!! My husband could totally use this for tools or things like paint... oh and what about those new light fixtures. ah ha.. I totally want a ceiling fan and I know they have them. Sign me up!

    mommainflipflops AT

  370. My husband just got a new tool chest so this would be fun to help him fill it. :)

    My dad and g-pa are very DYI so I was very glad to marry someone who is as well.

  371. In our house the roles are reversed. I'm more task oriented and my husband is the more relaxed one. And secretly, I want that gift card for myself but I would give it to my Husband if I won.

  372. Me and husband just bought some land and we are building our dream home on this land we could certainly use this card

  373. It's so funny you say this. My husband is exactly the same way. He's always trying to rush my daughter through a walk around the block (or other open-ended activities), and I wonder why he can't just enjoy it!

    I will say that he is great at home improvement projects, though. He just built a retaining wall in our back yard, which turned out great. Now there are only 100 more projects to do...

    Thanks for offering the Home Depot card!

  374. For 11 years we've lived in this house. When we first moved in we wanted to finished the basement. We only JUST started a few months ago. It's slow going because of $$. This gift card would help keep the momentum going. We love Home Depot!! :-)

  375. Yep, my hubby is one of those task-oriented guys too. That's why I make lists of things I need help with around the house for him to check off! =P

  376. My husband says he breaks out in a sweat just walking into a Home Depot. He's not very handy. However, we're in the midst of sprucing up our house to put it on the market so he's had to learn lots of new stuff like installing light fixtures or screwing hardware onto cupboards. So for those projects this gift card would come in handy. Great prize!

  377. My husband would likely use it for the 20+ year old ceiling fan or lighting in the kitchen. Great giveaway!

  378. My hubby could totally restock his tool box. A gift card to Home Depot would be an awesome starting block for him!

  379. Home Depot cards are *always* wanted and needed, no? Totally perfect gifts for almost anybody!

    We have some home improvement stuff planned this summer, so this would be awesome! Paint, tools, lumber (chicken coop building, eee!!), etc can really add up!

  380. I think you're right, and I also think that men like clear instructions so they know what's expected. That being said, most men I know don't ever read the assembly instructions that come with things! ;-) My husband would live at Home Depot if he could.

  381. Are you KIDDING?!! My husband loves this place!! And I do too honestly. It isn't just lumber like it used to be when we were kids!

  382. We could definitely use this. Right now my husband is working on so many yard projects, but after those are finished there's plenty to do in the house as well!

  383. The other day Jeff dropped me at Kohl's before he and his little man headed over to Home Depot. He told me he has to start early getting Jayce interested in manly tools (insert Tim the Tool Guy Taylor growl here)...

    We are needing a weed-whacker in a major way. Especially with monsoon '09 right around the corner. You'd be surprised how fiercely those weeds shoot up after a day or two of downpours. Thanks for the great giveaway (as usual). :)

  384. My husband is slowing (so so slowly!) turning our basement into a playroom, so this would be the perfect Father's Day present. He makes an awful lot of trips to Home Depot!

  385. this weekend we're actually going to be building a small patio outside our condo. $100 would definitely help buy lots of lovely planters and plants to make it look put together!

    [email protected]

  386. I love the Duct Tape Home Depot card! That is too cute. We could definitely use the Home Depot card to get some of these little house projects that we have waiting to be taken care of, but we've been avoiding them since it costs money. :)

  387. My hubby's favorite place to shop is Home Depot! We want to put wood floors in our house soon. We also want to tile the kitchen and bathroom. We have a fence that needs repairs (but I want to keep him working IN the house not outside!) I need to go back to work so we can afford to do this work. This woulod be a fantastic Father's Day gift. Thank you.

  388. my husband is handy at playing at handy at refinishing! i am pretty lucky...he's just not so handy at FINISHING all projects...
    maybe this would help!

  389. We certainly have some projects around our house, and our backyard, that need some TLC! This HD card would come in very handy in getting our house in shape to sell soon!
    marin (dot) obrien {at} g mail

  390. Home Depot is great for so many projects - including RV improvements. My husband would have a great time spending this prize.

  391. My hubby loves Home Depot's garden shop. He's a great gardener and keeps our lawn in great shape for our little one to play on. I know he'd appreciate one of these fun cards!

  392. Why is it that I feel I'm one of the few guys who wanders into Home Depot and is more overwhelmed by what I see than in awe? I could almost swear that they make up the names of some of these things just to confuse us. :) On a more serious note, I do enjoy grilling, I just know my limits when it comes to home improvement type work - do the basics and find people who know what they're doing to help with the rest (or do it).

  393. Interesting idea - is that why men don't notice the mess all over the house either unless we ask for a 'pick up'?

  394. The Home Depot is our place,
    You'll find my husband in their mystique....,
    I try to browse for maybe an hour,
    He would stay there for a week....

    Has to look at all the toys,
    For the workers, and big boys...
    Every gadget, thing, and tool,
    He believes EACH one is cool!

    This gift card would be a treasure,
    And I'd be the perfect wife,
    "Time to browse" I'd say to him...
    Happiness is a Home Depot life!!

  395. My husband and I have been bonding over some home projects together during our shared maternity/paternity leave time! We'll be painting nearly everything in our house this summer. He would LOVE to have some of our costs covered so we could spend on a few other essentials! (Financial piece of mind is a great Father's Day gift!)

    The duct tape card is great!

  396. This is another great gift for Mr. PTSD. He "thinks" he can fix things around the house but ends up learning that he really can't and we end up spending double, sometimes triple the amount we were supposed to just to fix what wasn't broken to begin with!!!

    tkglenn2002 at yahoo dot com

  397. home depot giftcards are definitely useful things to have on hand... we were there recently buying some flowers, soil, and parts to fix the sprinklers. my husband says that his next projects are painting our bedroom and putting new tile floors in our upstairs bathrooms. a giftcard would be great! then again, if i give it as a gift, my husband can spend it on whatever he wants to : )

  398. My hubby actually LOVES honey-do lists. I think it is actually the crossing-off-the-list part that he loves, and the sweet reward from his loving wife for the finished product.

    Unfortunately, my father is also a huge project man, who would love nothing more than free rein at Home Depot to tackle his next project. My mom and he have a running joke: she goes into JoAnn's Fabrics while he goes into Home Depot next door!

    I think it would be a toss up as to who gets the gift card - am I selfish and give it to the man who will finish MY project, or am I a good daughter and do I give it to my DAD who will give my mom joy??

  399. My Hubby is very goal oriented and very much a surprise to me handy around the house. We are going to Home depot after he gets off work tonight so he can rig our washer hose. I'm so impressed.

  400. My husband can't sit still. He's a pacer, even when he's on the phone. He's great with the kids, but even better when it's getting them involved in something, like cleaning the yard. He's also great with bike rides and wrestling, but again, he's moving. =)
    I know he'd spend this in a heartbeat on some project for our home. Thanks!

  401. My husband loves to come up with plans for what he'd like to do with our home, we visit Home Depot a whole bunch. We're trying to tile our kitchen floor and we need both a new oven and dishwasher, Yikes!

    It would be lovely to win this.

  402. Oh my gosh, my husband is totally a task-master and I love it! They just put in a new Home Depot down the street from our house, so we are constantly heading over there to check things out and see what fun stuff they have. I would love to get some things for our garden! How fun!

  403. Our husbands have ALOT in common. Maybe that is why they get along so well! Gary creates projects just to keep himself busy. He has painted our whole house (with perfect lines I might add) welded gates to our stucco wall(that he made) on our outside patio (that he laid) He loves Home Depot and would be thrilled to get this gift card on Father's Day! Thanks for the chance!

  404. We moved into our new house a year ago, and while we've done a lot of fix-up and have made it our own, it seems there is always something else that needs to fixed, tweaked, etc. My husband and I love to wander the aisles of Home Depot and dream about our next project. Our to-do list always seems to grow, but $$ is always the deciding factor. This would go a long way in helping to mark some items off our to-do list!!! Thanks so much for offering it!

  405. This would be great! We are trying to build an office to make room for the new baby arriving in October and this would help out so much!


  406. Oh my!! The possibilities are endless for what my husband could use this gift card for... Our house is definitely a work in progress!! Thanks for sharing :)

  407. Your title should have been "Father's Day Gift Ideas and a Little Psychology, Sociology and Family Studies Thrown In."

    What man doesn't love duct tape!

  408. This would be such a sweet win. My husband has been such a good sport about being satisfied with tools largely purchased at yard sales. he's happy to save the money, but unfortunately, it means he has a whole lot of rusty stuff, and stuff that "sort of" works! It would be nice for him to be able to go get something that REALLY works for a change!

  409. Hmmm....I know I should say something about getting this and giving it to my dad for Father's Day, but really I want to put the money towards a nice vacuum cleaner for myself!! We live in an apartment building and I'm always running downstairs to borrow the vacuum for our resident manager. I'd love to just have one to regularly clean our floors and this would really make having a NICE one a lot more affordable!!

  410. The drill bit one is super cool! Who wouldn't love a free drill bit. And, since I generally get stuck with the mom and dad roles around here, I would shamelessly spend the entire 100 dollars on myself...possibly even on Father's day. ;)

  411. I have to admit that it is a relief to be renting a house. We spend WAY too much time at Home Depot when we were home owners. As a renter, the gift card would be great for building up our backyard patio. A few flowers here and there, new cushions on the chairs, an umbrella for the patio table and lanterns strung overhead = a cozy spot to entertain.

  412. My husband loves Home Depot! We just moved into our home here a year ago and the first few months we LIVED there!!! There are certainly a few projects we could stand to get done around here! :)

    Then again, I don't know any guy who doesn't love Home Depot!

  413. Working with a general contractor, Home Depot is my husband's second home ;) I appreciate their monthly kids' project days and their helpful service. Plus, with such cool gift cards, you can't go wrong when stumped for gift ideas for a dad, brother, or hubby!

  414. I have some many uses for this gift card. We are re doing our daughter's bedroom soon & could use this to buy paint, carpet, shades, etc.

  415. I think my hubby would have mixed feelings about this present! We recently moved backed into the home we own and it is a 60 plus year old house and the last owner really let it go (she was getting old). This house has so many projects and my husband use to be on top of them all. At this point we really don't have the money to fix up the house any more than we have already done. He would love the gift card except that it would mean work and he would probablly want to spend more money at home depot to.

  416. With $100 gift card I could actually get my husband to do some of the things I want him to around the house lol! The home depot closed in our town, but there is one about 20 minutes away. It was a shame ours closed, I was looking at some window treatments there.

  417. Home Depot is the only place that carries the vinyl window replacements we're putting into our home. This would help with those purchases! Thanks,

  418. This would be wonderful. We live with in walking distance from Home Depot, and since we bought our house I think we have blown more money there than anywhere else!

  419. The duct tape card is precious! For mother's day they need to make a card for me with a picture of a bottle of crazy glue and my hand stuck to some broken object. It would say something like "Thank You Mom... for everything"

    Needless to say, broken things are sent directly to my husband. And, I am prohibited from ever touching a bottle of crazy glue again.

  420. There are so many projects that need to get done around our house! My hubby works so much that he rarely gets motivated to work on things around the house on his few days off. Plus he tends to lose interest about halfway through, so we have a lot of projects that have never been finished. Sigh.

    I think he'd see this as a double-edged Father's Day gift, lol - but it's one I, for one, would love to be able to give to him! :)

  421. When we bought our home we spent so much time and money at home depot. My husband absolutely loves to go there on a Sat AM and wander the aisles. He always finds something he needs.

  422. My husband is at Home Depot pretty frequently, between doing stuff for the house, the garden and building things in his studio. I hate giving him tasks but we really need to retile the kids' bathroom- we got new windows and there is still exposed drywall and foam around the one in the bathroom since we needed to redo the tile anyway. It's a total eyesore. If we won the GC, we'd get a tile saw to serve as an impetus to start the project!

  423. I would really like to update my kitchen. We've done the floors but now nothing really matches so this gift card would really help us out. Thanks for the chance.

  424. My hubby hardly ever says he feels like he got nothing acomplished. I must keep him busy with projects!
    His next home project is preparing the ground for a yard shed. He can't wait to have a larger place for all his manly tools and stuff!

  425. Oh the "to do" list is long and distinguished with a new baby coming! But mostly, i would just love for him to paint - our builder used this awful flat paint and the walls are disgusting. But that is a rather large task, so i guess i will settle with pick the weeds and assemble the baby dresser!!!

  426. We're poor this month because we're refinancing so this would make a great FD gift. If not, we will go with the standard hand in plaster of paris and cheesy poem. Though the second is priceless, I think he would also appreciate the $100.

  427. i would love to win this for me dad as he is super hard to buy for each year! i sure that he could find some gadget or tool that he doesn't have already!

  428. We are constantly doing something to our home, sometimes just for fun sometimes because it's really needed. We're hoping to put tile down in our kitchen this year as our big project. It'd be fun to have this to help out! ( I think it's pretty cool that the drill bit comes with the card too.)

  429. My husband is outside with my 4 y/o right now building a shed, and I would LOVE to get him some new tools for Father's Day to put in it! We have made many trips to Home Depot over the last couple of weeks!!

  430. Wow- what a great giveaway. My hubby is NOT handy unfortunately so I always have my Dad come do our little projects (like having him install safety gates for me the other night!!) I do think we can manage painting on our own and that is totally what I'd use this prize for !!


  431. I never thought of it, but you are SO right! My H does MUCH better when given a list of things he needs to get done on the weekend, almost as if even seeing the things getting crossed off is the accomplishment rather than actually DOING them.

    Haven't thought about Father's Day yet...should probably get on that! I really would love the GC, but I would selfishly consider using it for myself!

  432. oh he would go crazy. there are so many home improvements he's been talking about, we just never have the money. this would be the perfect gift

  433. My husband is constantly going. We have moved into a fixer-upper and he is trying to get his chiropractic business up and moving. He knew I was not happy moving into such a dump, but he promised me he would get it lookin' good in no time. He does his best, but it's hard when he doesn't have all the tools or time to do so. This would be PERFECT for him!

  434. We love Home Depot over here! My dad could buy ANYTHING and EVERYTHING from there and be a happy camper and like your husband, my husband would love to "have a task" to accomplish while there. Either man in my life would love to see this in their Father's Day card! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  435. Since the weather warmed up my husband has been having a great time working in the yard of our new home. I know he'd find some fun landscaping things at Home Depot.

  436. My husband loves Home Depot! I don't think I ever set foot in one until we were married. Great gift idea!

  437. Since he is there right now this would probably be ideal! We were at Home Depot once a week (at least) while building our home, and now with the gardens and lawn, and countless projects on my Honey Do list, we still keep up the once a week routine there! (Of course it would be ok if I used some of it towards flower right!?)

  438. This would be an amazing thing to win because we are remodeling our home and my husband could never have enough tools and one can spend HOURS in home Depot!!!

  439. What a wonderful giveaway for Father's Day! My husband and I are working to restore an old farm house and a Home Depot gift card would be great.

  440. Hubby is very DIY. He can do ANYTHING from cement to finishing a complete basement into a sewing room... He would love this card for Fathers Day... It would come in handy as we get our house ready to put on the market...

  441. This would be perfect timing for us. We just bought a patch of land from our backyard neighbor--and my husband has massive plans for it: sprinklers, edging, a pond, tress . . . the list goes on. A gift card would help make a dent in that!

  442. Home Depot is one of our favorite stores :)

    My hubby is like yours - spend a couple of hours just playing with Sugar and he feels unproductive, but if I give him something to do while he has Sugar and everything is fine! Now if I could just convince him that 2 is too young for an electric four-wheeler....

  443. I like that your brought in the way your husband plays, but has the same adult thoughts as most of us...have I gotten anything done?!?! I like concrete tasks as well, but have learned to see the daily learning in my kids more vividly than I once did. And, I'm crossing my fingers for a chance to win a gift card since we have no funds for a papa's day gift right now. Thanks!

  444. What a cute idea, all those gifts cards are kind of a card in itself with the sayings and all, so fun!

  445. We have just tacked on a MAJOR home addition to our once modest one room schoolhouse, and we're doing all the finishing work ourselves. A gift card from Home Depot, would be right at the top of my hubby's want list for Father's Day. ; )

    Thanks so much for sponsoring such wonderful and thoughtful giveaways!

  446. Hi! I am so fortunate to have a husband that is great with our two sons and very handy at home repairs and remodeling! At this very moment, our fence and deck need staining badly. Also, our boys love to play basketball and need concrete or pavers for their court. The flower beds need additional rock and mulch! Maintenance never seems to end!
    Please add my name to your fabulous gift card giveaway drawing. I appreciate it very much!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  447. We have lots of projects we'd love to get done, and hubby could certainly use the gift cards to get us started. Thanks!

  448. My husband could spend hours in Home Depot... dreaming, wishing, hoping. There are so many projects that he has stored away in his mind and heart. I would love to bless him with this so that his creative side could get exercised a little more. Thanks for the chance!

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