Bang. Bang. Bang.

The gunshots awoke me from my dreams.

Startled and sleepy, I looked over at the clock to confirm my suspisions that it was sometime in the wee hours of the early morning.

Then, I looked over at the little desk in the corner of our 364-square-foot studio apartment. My husband sat, concentrated...playing a video game!

little-kiss-copyThat was back in our newlywed days (pictured left: newly married), back before my husband "grew up" and realized that he could not achieve greatness if he squandered hours on gaming and media. He still enjoys playing video games occasionally, but it's rare. He's different now. He spends his time caring for his girls, fixing the cars, thinking up business ideas, working on projects, helping people, connecting with friends.

That said, he still spends quite a bit of time staring at a computer screen for his "day job" so his eyes can get weary from the LCD lights and text.

gunnar optiks logoI recently discovered Gunnar Optics, a company that specializes in digital performance eyewear. It's an innovative concept - eyeglasses that are "engineered to enhance your computer vision." The patent-pending i-AMP lens technology helps "relax the eyes, improves performance, and delivers the optimal viewing experience."

Ranging in price from $99-$189, Gunnar Optics offers four collections of high-performance digital eyewear with 15 styles to fit each individual's personal taste. Gunnar Optics also offers a prescription program so if your eyesight is less than stellar, you still have options.

WI-FIVE glasses gunnar optiksMy husband received the WI-FIVE glasses and they are quite fashionable looking. They have an intellectual, futuristic vibe. He quickly commented how comfortable the frames are and has since mentioned numerous times that these are the best frames he has ever worn. He hasn't had them long enough to truly verify if they "increase contrast, optical resolution, and detail," "improve visual performance," and "increase productivity" as the company claims, but so far he's impressed.

And so am I. Apparently, a women's line is slated to debut anyday now...and I can't wait to see the styles. I spend quite a few hours in front of my computer and iPhone - and I'd love to reduce computer-related eye strain.

If your guy is a gamer, a computer programmer, an engineer, a professor, a researcher, or a student, he's bound to appreciate these spectacles. He'll be amazed at how comfortable they are and he'll be thrilled to be a part of the wave of the future. Something tells me this kind of technology isn't going anywhere. In fact, maybe I should buy a share of Gunnar Optics...

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22 comments on “FOR THE TECHIE DAD: Gunnar Optiks”

  1. I don't know if Chris would wear them, but he spends hours and hours a day in front of his screen, so these sound cool! Wait, so do I...maybe I want some of those girl ones, too!

  2. My husband is a business traveler. He uses a laptop all day long in various settings. I would love to have him try this new technology. Thanks for offering!

  3. That is beyond cool. It would be the perfect gift for my computer-loving husband. I call it his second wife. Sometimes first hehe

  4. Seriously, this is an awesome gift for my husband! He would be so surprised. He is a total computer geek. He's my computer god actually. If I need something fixed on my computer, he always knows how to fix it. But, he is constatnly dealing with red eyes from staring at the computer. I had no idea these existed. Thanks!

  5. Ok now this sounds pretty cool like HD glasses hehe There are 3 locations in the NYC area where prescription Gunnar's can be made. Once the ladies line comes out I'll definitely have to check the out for myself. My husband on the other hand can just take a pair off the shelf -- yes I harbor a bit of 20/20 evny towards my husband :)
    thanks again (this is definitely a bookmarked vendor!!

  6. WOW those are soooo cool! My husband is just this kind of guy at night. He loves nothing more to sit playing games or tinkering on his computer or fixing other random things (usually electronics) in our house.

  7. How would one even know that these were available?! I am amazed at the things we can buy... Wow!!

  8. When I first started my job, I was constantly in front of the computer,that my left eye would dialate on its own all the time. These glasses would be great for me, since I am still ALWAYS on my computer working! Cant wait to see the line for women!

  9. Love that picture of the two of you.

    Those glasses look interesting but hubs has prescription so they probably wouldn't work for him but the ones for women would work great for me.

  10. Universities need to package these glasses for their graduate students with laptop purchases!

  11. These were made for my husband! Some days my husband spends a lot of his time at work doing testing, but most days are spent almost exclusively in front of a computer. And he frequently comes home with a headache on those days. I'm sure these glasses would help a ton!

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