FOR THE WEEKEND WARRIOR DAD: 75 Qt. DuraChill Wheeled 6-Day Cooler by Rubbermaid

yosemiteAs soon as our girls are old enough, I want to pack up and drive to Yosemite.

Have you seen pictures of it? It's an amazing, breathtaking, soul-searching kind of place.

We'd backpack into the beauty, with boots on our feet and packs strapped on our backs.

Along the way, we'd camp, hike, laugh, eat, tell stories around the campfire, take a shower under a waterfall, splash around in the water, enjoy the stillness of nature under the stars.

As we drove up the coast, we could eat yummy food out of a cooler instead of stopping in at fast food. Homemade deli sandwiches, cold orange slices, bunches of grapes, and bottled root beer TOTALLY beat out greasy french fries and microwave tacos.

75 qt. durachill wheeled 6-day cooler by rubbermaidRubbermaid was kind enough to send us the 75 Qt. DuraChill Wheeled 6-Day Cooler (~$75) to review...and it will be perfect for that venture and many others like it in the future.

It's also a perfect gift idea for Father's Day. My husband was ecstatic when we received it because he'll make good use of it on his weekend trips - dirt biking, camping, fishing, backpacking, shooting, almost anything.

The extra thick insulation keeps ice for days, even when it's 90 degrees outside. Plus, it has wheels and a handle for easy maneuverability. The cooler even comes with built-in "cup/can holders" on top.


If you haven't been over to for awhile, you might want to take a peek at it.

For example, did know that...?

I'm an organization fanatic so I could browse their website for hours. Literally.

rubbermaid logoWIN IT! One winner will receive a 75 Qt. DuraChill Wheeled 6-Day Cooler (~$75). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, June 8 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #299 Tara O. Congratulations!

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398 comments on “FOR THE WEEKEND WARRIOR DAD: 75 Qt. DuraChill Wheeled 6-Day Cooler by Rubbermaid”

  1. I am using stainless steel coolers from Coleman. These cool looking coolers have been modernized so they will work better than ever yet still have that design that Coleman originally used for their market changing product. These Coleman coolers are extremely durable and yet still amazingly lightweight making them ideal for not only camping trips but also picnics and tailgating parties as well.

  2. With two kids, there isn't much opportunity to travel by plane anymore so this works out great for our road trips.

  3. This would be great for all the family road trips we go on. We're hoping to go see mount rushmore again sometime soon :)

  4. Rubbermaid makes the best products and this would come in handy this summer as we're going camping for the first time.

  5. I could've used this over the weekend. We waited in line for an hour to try to get aboard this Spanish sailing ship that's visiting our city. It was boiling hot, and when we were about 25 people from the gate... they shut it and said, "No more today." Maybe if we'd had cold drinks, we wouldn't have felt so bad.

  6. It's summertime and picnic season. We live not far from the park, so we will put this cooler to good use. Thank you for the chance to win.

  7. Since moving to the South I have learned that it is essential to have a cooler with you when shopping to help keep the food cold and from thawing out quickly. A new cooler would be terrific as ours is 24 years old and the ice inside doesn't stay frozen for very long. Thanks.

  8. My son recently had his cooler stolen. This would be an awesome replacement. BTW I spent 2 weeks in Yosemite with my 5 children and it was wonderful.

  9. We spend all summer in the park, live jazz or outdoor movies, so this would be great for us. Looks like it could easily roll and store everything we need.

  10. I'm so glad coolers are being sold now with wheels. More convenient when you're carrying six days worth of food and beverages.

  11. Rubbermaid is the only name I trust, and it doesn't matter whether it's in coolers or food storage or laundry baskets. Their stuff never gets brittle or cracks. In fact, you should go to to see if you might like to do that as a family. The large caches have Dollar Store junk that all the kids LOVE. We've learned never to put out a cache container that's anything but Rubbermaid or we'll have to replace it after the weather changes a few times.

  12. We go camping and go on picnics a lot.We have a cooler but not with wheels, this looks so cool. I didnt know rubbermaid made coolers.

  13. I have been to Yosemite many times and love it. If you go, be sure to hike to the Vernal and Nevada Falls. And also check out the Bridal Veil Fall.

  14. We had this cooler but it was too close to our house and was melted when our house burned down last year.It was the best cooler we had ever owned.My hubby would love to have another one again.Thanks!

  15. After reading Adventures in Organization, I learned that the 10 gal Roughneck Storage Box holds an entire bag of dog food. I went right out and bought one- it was great!

  16. I love the idea of Rubbermaid "On Wheels"
    It would be perfect for hubby to share with his co-workers at the contruction sites.

  17. my hubby would love to get this for daddy day he loves taking us all to the lake on the weekends for picnics and we have so much fun :)

  18. We love Rubbermaid everything! (you should see my cupboards!) This would be a wonderful fathers day gift...We have a camping/fishing trip coming up in July and this cooler would be PERFECT to have right by our our family keeps growing - this is a great size as well!! I didn't know they made them this size! Awesome! Thanks! ;)

  19. we carry a cooler in the back of our truck on a daily bases, for pop and things. I would love this one for his daily runs

  20. My parents could really use this cooler when they go camping. I think that the cooler they have now was purchased when I was in middle school probably, and I am 29 now!

  21. The cooler I now have keeps things cold for about one day. 6 days would be great! Thanks for the contest.

  22. Fantastic item. We love to travel and take driving trips and this would be perfect for us. I love that it holds so much and that it has wheels. So many times, it's hard to pick up a full cooler.

  23. 6-day!?? Wow - would love to test drive one of those, I have two igloos currently. One of which was worth the $$ the other doesn't keep things cool for more than a day and it's the squeakiest son of a cooler this side of the Mississippi. Not to mention wheels are a benefit when your camp is nowhere near your car!

  24. Wow, the wheels are a very nice feature. Those coolers can get heavy and it can take two people just to carry it. Thank you.

  25. Our other large cooler is being turned into a "coolerdor" for cigar storage, so we'll be needing another large cooler like this one.

  26. I have a smaller version of this, and it is really a nice cooler. The 75-quart version would be much better than the smaller one I've got (40 qts? I'm not sure, but around that capacity).

    And that 6-day claim is actually pretty accurate. Just follow the instructions that come with the cooler. Mine's a 5-day, and I get 4-5 days of cooling out of it all the time.

  27. Wow, this would be an awesome upgrade to the poor little coller that I try to use now! The handles and wheels certainly would make my life easier!

  28. Hurricane season is here on the south-eastern coast of North Carolina. My family needs a larger cooler for power-outages.

  29. We would use this 75-quart DuraChill wheeled 6-day cooler from Rubbermaid all the time! We can use it on our roadtrips down south when we visit our parents who live in Florida, great for the car, we can use it down at the beach when we are down at the lake to keep our lunch and snacks, and of course beverages cold, and bring it to the sports events that our kids are in, this is just wonderful for so many different types of occasions. Very nice Father's Day gift idea. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  30. We could really use one of these for our Saturdays at the soccer field. We take a wagon with our cooler in it, and this would be so much better!

  31. A Rubbermaid cooler saved all our food when we had a blackout a couple of years ago. I was really surprised how all the ice & food we had in there were still frozen or cold!

  32. They have some really nice smaller size coolers, too -- I particularly like one we were using just the other day, kind of a soft-sided one-foot cube with shoulder strap and a velcro'd "hatch" in the top so you could extract a can of V8 without opening it up so far as to let all the cold air out. Nice thought goes into their designs!

  33. I'm a college student and this would be great for tailgating at football games. Of course I might let my dad use it sometimes too LOL!!!!!

  34. Our current cooler does not keep ice for more than 6 hours at a time if its 90 degrees or hotter which sucks as we are always camping or tailgating. This Rubbermaid cooler seems like its made for me!

  35. When I see the picture and notice the wheels, I'm productively reminded of the oh-so-logical commandment: "Thou shalt not eat more than you can carry" -- which should now raise some reasonable concern, if you think about it...

  36. This would be wonderful for all our camping needs!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  37. We just got back from a week long vacation and DID end up doing the greasy burger & fries stop way too often. This would be great to take next time so we could all eat healthier.

    This would also be great for tailgating at my HS age son's football games. Thanks.

  38. We have a Rubbermaid cooler and it has outlasted all the others we have gone through, they're made so well. This one is so deluxe and I know my husband would love it! Thank you!

  39. Thanks for the chance! We spend a lot of time in the park, and our "cooler" is a grocery tote bag. This would be a whole lot better.

  40. Rubbermaid really does make the best coolers. We have a much older version of their large cooler with a small table that unfolds and we LOVE it!

  41. I keep thinking of the times we lost our power and lost so much food because we couldn't keep it frozen or cold. This Rubbermaid cooler looks like my answer. And of course it would certainly come in handy so many other times during the summer.

  42. My hubby likes to go to gokart racing weekends. He drives for hours just to race his kart for twenty minutes, and to spend three days and nights "camping" on the grounds. He needs a bigger cooler and I know Rubbermaid's quality means it'll last forever.

    I don't join him on camping/racing weekends, but I'd find the cooler useful when we do our monthly big shopping trip. Since we live in the hills, it's an all day thing and it's a challenge to map our route so cold things stay cold.

  43. This cooler is awesome, we go camping and canoeing all the time and would get great use out of this

  44. I would love for us to win this cooler; someone actually stole our nice big ice chest a few years ago, and we've got a cheaper one now. I want a good one!

  45. We have this cooler's twin, but I would love to have another. This would be perfect for parties to have one for soda and one for beer.

  46. We camp alot, but the ice in the coolers always seems to melt so fast! I love that this keeps ice cold for so much longer!

  47. We had two long (over a week) power outages in the last year. Having a good cooler is such a life saver at a time like that.

  48. Perfect for camping which we do a lot of in Oregon. Having a cooler that actually lasts 6 days saves a lot of money on ice :)

  49. We have 7 married kids and 19 grandkids and have picnics all summer long this is so large that it would be great for all the drinks that we have to take

  50. My husband goes through coolers like there's no tomorrow. He uses them for inappropriate uses and then has to replace them. This would be fabulous to have!

  51. I love that this cooler has wheels...they get so heavy to carry...and being able to push-pull on wheels will mean I can handle it without him!

  52. My father would just LOVE this cooler! He is the epitome of an outdoorsman -- hiking, fishing, jogging, camping, and just tinkering in his yard or shed. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. ooh, wouldn't this be great to have - to keep food & beverages cool while spending weekends outside in the yard - working, or relaxing.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Rubbermaid cooler are great for picnics and camping. The wheels would make it so much easier to handle.

  55. My hubby loves coolers and one on wheels would be great to move around with out having to pick it up or drag it. And one that cools for 6 days woould be great.

  56. Well, my idea of camping is either in a hotel or the living room for family fun night but would sure love to win this for when we go up to Ken's mom's house- even the small family gatherings have over 30 people and this would sure come in handy.

  57. My cooler is getting really old. I would love to win this rubbermaid for our summer travels.

  58. My dad's planning a family vacation to a cabin in Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains this summer, so this cooler would be a terrific surprise to take along with us. Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. We've been invited on a camping trip this summer and we don't own a cooler. This would be terrific.

  60. Rubbermaid is the best! I can think of dozens of uses for this cooler, camping, backyard parties, vacations, etc. Thanks for offering!

  61. Rubbermaid makes high quality products so I know this cooler is top-notch.It would be great for any time we have to spend the day running errands to reduce the stopping time for drinks.

  62. We go camping and to the zoo quite often,so this would beawesome for our family!We have an old one and it needs to be retired!


  63. I love coolers on wheels because they save so much back strain and Rubbermaid makes some nice ones.

  64. Rubbermaid really does make great products. I bought my husband a rubbermaid lunch pail an it is very nice. A big cooler would be nice, we could really use it on the weekends!

  65. Oh man, what a fantastic giveaway, what I wouldn't do to win! Just this past weekend on one of our outings/picnics, we were at the park and we were so disorganized because we have nothing like this to keep everything cool! This would be a godsend, thanks for the great giveaway and good luck to all!

  66. Our family camps out a great deal, not only as a family; but, we also camp out with church groups and with the scouts. This cooler would prove to be a luxury I'd enjoy! :) PLEASE SPOIL ME!!!!

  67. This would be awesome to take to Atlanta with us this summer so we can save bunches of $$ on drinks and snacks!
    It's going to be HOT in the South in late July :(

  68. We need a new cooler; the hinges broke off of our old one, and it didn't work too well after that. This looks like a great cooler that Rubber Maid has made, and it would be handy taking on fishing outings. Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. This reminded me that I need to look into getting a serious cooler. We have started camping as a family, and really need to invest in a cooler for these trips.

  70. Who would not love this incredible prize?!
    (It's about time someone - especially Rubbermaid with it's long time reputation for quality and innovation - introduce a product that so many of us would be overjoyed about!)

    I recently signed up for the Rubbermaid Club - as I've gradully come to realize/recognize that they offer so many solid solutions to our day to day household and adventuresome problems and challenges.

  71. My husband is Granpa. Our two darlings are 9 and 7 yrs old now and Grandpa is starting to plan camping/fishings trips this summer. He can hardly wait. This cooler is just a dream for him. He loves his rubbermade cooler but it's a much smaller version. This cooler would make the trips so much more organized and easier. He'd actually be able to plan those longer trips he'd love to take with them. Thank for the chance to win one for him.

  72. We bought a large Rubbermaid 6-day cooler when our refrigerator bit the dust the Sunday before Thanksgiving and a friend offered to give us hers when she moved--but that was two weeks away! It's wonderful, but it doesn't have wheels. Have you ever tried to drag a cooler full of food, drinks and ice without wheels? Thanks for the terrific offer!

  73. Recently, we in Southern Illinois were hit with a powerful storm. Wind gusts topped 100 mph, and we lost electricity for over a week. I would have loved to have had a cooler like this! I wound up having to replace everything in my freezer, because I had no way to keep them frozen.

  74. you know my boyfriend just bought one just like this last weekend, I think my dad would love to have this for fathers day. my dad and mom go camping alot in the summer.

  75. We are going camping for the first time with our son this summer...this would be perfect for our trip! Thanks for the chance!

  76. This would be perfect to take while boating, camping and to the beach. Rubbermaid makes their products to last.

  77. We are huge campers and could definitely use this on our journeys. It seems the perfect size to travel with.

  78. This would be so cool for summer camping this year. I have been looking forward to camping since the end of last camping season.

  79. This would be so handy for so many functions, not just camping. Tailgating, picnics, family reunions, etc. With my large family, it would be used a lot!! :)

  80. Now that's what I call a cooler! I have one from waaay back when and after you put a six-pack of pop or beer in it there's virtually no room left for ice... and what ice you could fit in it wouldn't last for six hours, let alone six days! Why, I'd even plan a trip just to use the DuraChill! :)

  81. My husband and I love camping...When I was a little girl, that is what my parents and I would all over California....We've been to is gorgeous...I was young so I don't remember all too well....but one day we'd love to take our kids.....

  82. I really need this. My old cooler needs to go to the junk heap, and I am using styrofoam coolers which I daughter gets as part of her work!

  83. This would be great for when we go camping. Hubby also likes to take the cooler when he goes fishing.

  84. What a great cooler, and on top of that being made by Rubbermaid adds to its credibility! I'd love to have this because my granddaughters are now ages 2 and 6 and we'd love to go as a complete family (3 generations) on an extended vacation. We're not big on fast food either, so this would be great to pack all of our healthy snacks and favorites! Your description of a future trip to Yosemite sounds wonderful! There have been 2 recent shows on about Winter in Yosemite, and another shown just today that had me yearning to go there. Maybe someday!

  85. It really keeps ice for 6 days?? That's amazing. I'm used to coolers that keep ice for maybe 6 hours.

  86. I've really been wanting one of the 6-day coolers. My mom has one and talks about how much she loves it every time she takes a trip.

  87. Wow, I can't believe that it will keep stuff for that long! This is a great cooler! Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. I would love to have one of these coolers. I use one all the time when I go grocery shopping. We live over an hour away from a major store and need to keep things from spoiling. My son plays baseball and there is not a concession stand, so we bring a cooler full of water and Gatorade for everyone on his team. We also take a cooler along on road trips to save money on drinks and snacks. Thanks for the chance to win!

  89. That looks like an awesome cooler, and it would be perfect for our camping outings with the scouts. All we have right now is a really old cooler from the 70's...a hand me down from the folks!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. I feel like we buy a new cooler every summer. It would be great to have a quality one that would last for a change! Thanks.

  91. We like to take long drives on summer weekends, stopping at roadside stands, nurseries, and farm markets. Alas, our cooler "bit the dust" last year, after many years of service to our family, so this would be a blessing to win. Thanks for the chance!

  92. We have a Rubbermaid cooler similar to this one and having the wheels makes it so much easier. I'd love to win this for my daughter.

  93. I also like the Rubbermaid's FastTrack® Garage Organization System. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  94. Husband and I always go fishing for a week at the Outer Banks in NC. This cooler should would let us bring some nicely frozen fish home.

  95. We will definitely put this to good use. We have a large family and this would hold enough items that we will need.

    mercsmercado at yahoo dot com

  96. I saw this cooler on one of the morning programs last week. It got great reviews. The wheels would be great since they are always so heavy once you get them filled. Thanks.

  97. We are going camping for the first time with the kids this year and I know my husband would love to have this to pack up our supplies.

  98. My husband would love this! He was just saying yesterday that he needs a new cooler! Thanks so much for the chance!

  99. This would be really hand for camping trips, its about time we get a new cooler, and retire the old one

  100. We always have a problem with not enough coolers, and this sounds perfect for a camping or floating trip. Thanks for the opportunity!

  101. We always need another cooler. My daughter had here class trip to the zoo on Friday and sure could use this wonderful cooler.

  102. Coolers are just so practical - heck, I love to leave one in my car trunk so that if I make an impromptu grocery stop, I can keep the food I buy cold in the hot summer months. This Rubbermaid cooler looks wonderful! Thanks for the great giveaway! :-)


  104. We go out of town often and could REALLY use this - it's a nice one -- THANKS FOR THE GIVEAWAY !!!!!

  105. This would be perfect when we have to take my 2 year old to her doctor out of town, we always try to bring most of our own drinks and some food so it doesn't cost that much.

  106. we take our cooler (no wheels) everywhere as if it were part of the family. it goes to soccer games, on trips, the backyard family reunion and to the grocery store in the summertime. (this keeps the meat and the ice cream from being a problem before we get home).

  107. I am amazed that a cooler exists which will keep ice frozen for that long! We would love to have this prize for traveling :)

  108. I love Rubbermaid products -- they stand up to everything we can dish out to them, even my kids using them for everything from storage to bug cages -- sigh.

  109. This would be wonderful for when we go to the beach. Love the wheels..Would be so much easier to pull than to pick up a cooler. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  110. A cooler with wheels would be so nice! It gets hard lugging a big cooler around! I think this cooler would be a plus to have during hurricane season for when the power goes out! It would be a nice addition for our family trips!

  111. My family goes on outings all the time. Most of the time is just walks around caves in our area or fishing or gatherings for our families. This would come in handy.

  112. I was just telling my husband we need a cooler with wheels. that way he can really carry everything we need on the beach :-)

  113. Rubbermaid makes great products. This would be an awesome cooler to have. I love that it will keep ice for days. Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  114. We are going t a couple concerts this Summer and we would love to have a cooler like this to take w/ us!

  115. Sweet! We have an old Rubbermaid cooler that still kicks butt, but I like these newer wheeled ones. They'd get a lot of use, not only camping but for the several-time-a-week trips to the ball fields.

  116. My husband and I love to go camping. There is nothing better than camp food after a day of hiking, biking, and swimming in the area. This cooler would be great to have to keep milk, eggs, bacon and most importantly the chocolate for s'mores cold. Also we are taking a road trip this summer with our dog and with this cooler we can eat near him without having to worry about leaving him alone in the car.

  117. Love these coolers. Watched our last one take off on the back of a boat with our drinks/food still inside. Boater got mixed up and took ours instead of his almost empty one. Going to be putting adhesive name tag on this one if I win it.

  118. How cool! My husband has been dying to go camping, and ironically, the one thing we don't have is a cooler. Well, we have one, but it's like lunchbox size. I'm thinking that wouldn't go over well for a family of 4...

  119. RubberMaid products are classics - tried and true! We travel a lot and could really use a new cooler. I'd love to win this - thanks for the opportunity!

    spitfyr323 at hotmail dot com

  120. We have a Rubber Maid cooler, but it is never big enough to get all the goodies in it for a day at the lake. So another one would come in real handy.

  121. Our family takes a lot of road trips, short ones, long longs, and those in between. This would be a fantastic cooler for us.

  122. Rubbermaid products ROCK! What a cool design, wheels and cup holders make this a stand-out product.

  123. We need a new cooler (don't really know what happened to my old one, but it seems to be missing!) and this would be an absolutely great one. The wheels were an excellent addition--those things can get heavy.

  124. this cooler would be so useful for day trips or our long drives to visit friends and family. we have a lot of dietary restrictions and it's often hard to find food we can eat along the way on road trips. this cooler would make it easier for us to bring along our own food. thanks.

  125. We like to attend Nascar races and occasionally do alot of traveling via car to get there. This would be perfect for our "excursions"

  126. My dad would LOVVVE this! He's always camping and using his cooler for everyday basics, however this is way nicer than the one he currently has!

  127. I love the design on this cooler! Now why didn't I think of that...having one side open at a time if one wants. How easy peasy! Yosemite sounds awesome! We've been to Yellowstone which is amazing and next summer we are planning on Glacier! I can't wait!!

  128. We would take this to the can never have enough cold food and drinks there. Wonderful giveaway! The cup holders will also help to keep drinks from flying away and getting wasted too. Perfect for us!

  129. oh man! this has wheels and a built-in “cup/can holders” on top! and I did not know that I can now follow Rubbermaid on Twitter, good to know.

  130. I like that it has a split in the top, that way you can still sit on the cooler without having to get up every time someone wants a drink!

  131. WOW that cooler would be great for tailgating at football games! Ours never seems big enough to hold all our food (we start with breakfast , lunch then cook dinner after the game!).

  132. This cooler would be great to have! We don't get a lot of family vacations, but when we do, I try to pack as much food as possible to try to save $$$. Grocery stores at vacation spots are always higher and eating out will eat up your money fast. Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  133. I love that it has wheels. It makes it so much easier to use. And I love the cup holders on top.

  134. We travel over an hour to grocery shop at the commissary, this would be ideal, because the bags we have just don't cut it. Rubbermaid is awesome, with so many new featured products.

  135. I really love this cooler! Our cooler gets so heavy, it falls to our kids to move it because we can't budge it safely... (we are both disabled and not real steady... especially when trying to carry awkward items...)

  136. This cooler would be perfect for our annual camping trip to the Saco River in Maine! And my parents own a beach house in Maine so that'd be great to bring to the beach!

  137. this looks like the perfect camping cooler, we use a few smaller ones and usually not enough room

  138. These would go straight to my son in law. Mt daughter has been telling him to get new jeans forever.

  139. My family loves to camp and we frequently picnic. This would be so handy. We have this old cooler that my hubbie has to lug around. He looks hilarious trying to wrestle with it. He would love to have one that he could pull behind.

  140. Finally a cooler with wheels that could hold enough food and soda for my big family. We hope to take the kids gem mining this summer, so we have been looking at one of these puppies.

  141. I wasn't going to enter this sweepstakes because I will be at a basket seminar until late Friday and couldn't respond to an email until then, but this is too good to be true! This would be great for my basket weaving conventions as it keeps food cold for days! More time for weaving! Thanks! [email protected]

  142. This would be great for my fiance. He's planning the "camping trip of the century". At least with this he would have some cold food and drinks. haha

  143. Rubbermaid makes great coolers. I didn't realize anyone made one that will keep things cold for days! Thank you!

  144. Fantstic cooler- Summers coming and we love to go to the parks and people houses. This would be perfect!

  145. Our cooler is about 25 years ago so its taken a little hit hehe. Plus, this one has a lot more space than ours!

  146. My husband wants us to start camping with our adult children. A new cooler would be the perfect start to getting new camping gear, since ours has disappeared somehow.

  147. I've always needed one of these coolers. I just can't see why they cost so much. Probably why I don't own one. This would come in handy next time I went camping.

  148. We don't go camping,but our power goes out enough tims in the summer and it would be great to have someplace to keep our food from spoiling

  149. We prefer roughing in it in a budget hotel. But we always like to bring a cooler filed with food and beverage for the ultimate frugal weekend!

  150. Think about all the beer that it will fit! Seriously, I have several rubbermaid coolers of various sizes. This would be the perfect size for long weekends in the camper.

  151. We have started a family camping trip tradition. We camp at a campground for a week or two and check out the local sights. This would come in handy to hold the amount of food we need for several days.

  152. I love this cooler, I have a thing for coolers. Everytime I see a new cooler I want to buy one lol. I dont but I want to lol.

  153. We have only 1 cooler and it never seems to have enough room in it. I don't think we'd have that problem with this one.

  154. We often go to watch the minor league baseball team in our area and many times tailgate before the game!
    This wonderful Rubbermaid cooler would definitely come in handy for this fun time. We also go to different state parks and stay in cabins for a weekend at a time, and could use a nice cooler to take along. Thanks for another grand giveaway prize drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  155. The 75 Qt. DuraChill Wheeled 6-Day Cooler would be perfect for our family summer get togethers. My son would love this because he said he needs a larger one than the one he currently has.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  156. My husband loves camping and during hurricane season he's always prepared to leave South Texas and move to higher ground until the storm passes! This cooler would be just the thing for Father's Day! Thanks!!

  157. We are planning our summer trips and this cooler would be fabulous for snacks and drinks. It costs so much money to eat out so we always have snacks and drinks in a cooler to cut down on food costs.

  158. We could sure use this wheeled cooler on our trips this summer. We have an OLD cooler, no wheels, hard for us to carry around and it has seen it's better days.

  159. i think I would use this for our backyard BBQ's. it would kepp cold what needs be, and I could bring more stuff out at one time

  160. Wow, six days! We've been thinking a cooler might be a useful thing to have around, and this Rubbermaid looks like a good contender. Thanks for the giveaway!

  161. I camp and it's not often I have access to refrigeration so this would make a great addition to my gear.

  162. I love the size of this cooler! Most of them are just to small to hold ice and groceries!!! I live 2 hours away from the wholesale stores and need a way to get my meat home without spoiling. There is never enough room in the cooler. This one looks like it is perfect!!!

  163. We just came back from camping and could have used this cooler. Would love to get it for the remaining 2 trips we have planned. Thanks!

  164. I wonder how easily it would roll across the beach? Our current cooler doesn't have real handles and is very difficult to take anywhere. I could certainly see us using this cooler on many occasions.

    Great gift guide!

  165. You have some very nice giveaways!! We could use this. We have a bunch of little coolers that we are always using, but heck this one is nice. It would be great to pack everything into one cooler to bring with us when we are out for the day. Thanks so much

  166. This cooler would come in handy for picnics and camping. A cooler gets too heavy to carry after it's loaded with food and ice so the wheels would be great.

  167. My daugher is having a birthday pool party coming up, and this would be perfect for the poolside drinks.

  168. This would be a great Father's Day present for our son who frequently has church members over to his house for backyard gatherings. Happy Dad's Day Gentlemen...

  169. I sure could have used this last year when our power was out for 4 days. Thanks for the chance.

  170. This is a prize that we can use,there are so many blogs for baby items that leaves us out. I like the info you provided on the Rubbermaid site,I'll be checking these out.

  171. We like to keep an ice chest in the back of the truck when we take trips or go places, but lugging it around is getting to be too much - so having this one on wheels would be so great!

  172. I have owned several Rubbermaid items over the years but this new 75 Qt DuraChill Wheeled 6-Day Cooler is the Grand Daddy of them all. This would make sure keep my ice frozen for 5 days longer during my trips to the mountains than my current cooler.

  173. Coolers on trips are the way to go. Just remember to put the water release plug back in after using and draining it. Personal experience says it's wise to do so.

  174. A blog about organization!? I love to be organized, but it seems to be more and more rare these days. Would a blog be inspirational or incapacitating? I'll have to check it out and see.

  175. my hubby cant wait for fathers day! this would be a great gift for him we are going camping soon.

  176. My hubby recently took our son to a father-son camping trip and had to borrow a cooler because ours is all old and small! This one looks like it would perfect for the next trip!

  177. Wow! I am learning so much from your blog today. I didn't know Rubbermaid had all the interactive options on their site, nor was I aware they had a 6-day cooler, cool! :-)

    Thank you.

  178. My husband could definitely use this for his fishing and metal detecting trips. Thanks for the chance.

  179. This would be perfect for Father's Day as my daughter plays Tball and we are always having to take snacks for the team. It will be a great way to keep the drinks cool for the girls for the summer and when we go camping and to our family reunions all summer long. Great for our kids birthday parties in the fall and winter too.

  180. I've always loved rubbermaid products we currently have/use the 13.2 Qt Slim Cooler for our weekend outings - this way after a fun day in the park we can go back to the oven oops I mean car :) and have an ice cold beverage while waiting for the car to cool off.
    thanks again!

  181. We do a lot of camping & always need coolers. Rubbermaid makes such durable products & this would be perfect for us.

  182. I love the rubbermaid brand..everything lasts forever. Those marine coolers are awesome with the removable refreezable ice in the top and inside.

  183. We're planning a budget trip to the beach for my - ahem - milestone birthday and this sounds just perfect - we can bring all of our own food and save, save, save!

  184. This is going to sound weird, but we somehow lost our cooler! We have no idea where it went! The garage must have eaten it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  185. LOVE the wheels and handle on the cooler. So much easier to bring it along- we often picnic in a park where the tables are a long walk across the grass, and carrying a big cooler is a real pain. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention!

  186. I used to live by a Container Store back in Chicago and buy Rubbermaid stuff all the time. Now I live north of Akron, the rubber ciy and there is not 1 container store!!

  187. I could definitely use a cooler that could keep cold for 6 days. My family usually goes on road trips and the cooler that we currently have usually only keeps ice for about a day.

  188. The Rubbermaid cooler is awesome and I love that it has wheels! We go on outings all summer long it would be perfect for us.

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  189. This would be perfect for the 4th of July Picnic the Church we attend always has. It would also be perfect for when we go out of town with the in-laws who perfer not to eat fast food when we're on a road trip (one has to watch their Sodium and Potassium intakes and the other is a Diabetic). This way they could pack up the foods that are good for both of them, and since it's so big, our family could pack up the foods we like too.

  190. I like this Rubbermaid Wheeled Cooler a lot - we actually have one at school that we use for many things. My family and I had a smaller cooler for many years, but it somehow came up missing and we really are in need a cooler and this would be great to have.

  191. This would be great for "staycation" hiking and picnics. My husband got laid off so we are planning a lot of day trips close to home this summer at state parks and this would be a great thing to have.

  192. When we go to an amusement park, we pack a cooler full of food and drinks. We go out to the van and eat. It so expensive to eat in the park. It would be nice to have one the rolls. I also put a cooler in the van if we are going to get a lot of groceries during the summer.

  193. We could use this for my sons soccer camp in a couple of weeks. We always bring cold drinks and popsicles for the kids. This would be great because it has wheels to help carry the load.

  194. I love this cooler, I have a thing for coolers. Everytime I see a new cooler I want to buy one lol. I dont but I want to lol.

  195. Never owned a cooler....let alone a rubbermaid cooler. Sounds like it's a sturdy practical product. Would work great for our summer trips to the local park.

  196. dad currently uses a large styrofoam cooler, this would make a great present for upcoming tailgating events

  197. I would love to win this cooler. The only cooler that I have is a much, much smaller one. I want to take my family camping this summer and a larger cooler is absolutely essential. I especially like that this on is on wheels.

  198. We just spent the weekend in Sedona, AZ and have great plans now to return for some family camping and hiking. This cooler would be perfect (and great for grocery shopping as well since it's so hot here in the summer).

  199. It's wild strawberry/blackberry season! Be sure to take an Organic mixed grain flour with you on your camping trips and a well seasoned cast iron skillet: You haven't lived until you try this: Mix flour and water to desired thinness- add plenty of fresh berries, fry until golden brown (and since you burn alot of calories camping, a few strips of bacon won't hurt, either.

  200. Just had to borrow a cooler yesterday because don't own one and need one this weekend. This is a beauty. Hope to see it in person . . .
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  201. I really like that the cooler lid is split so you can open part of it while still useing the otherside as a table or seat. Very handy.

  202. This would be wonderful for my husband for when he goes fishing or when the family goes on vactation. I love that it has wheels. So much easier to be able to move it around and bring it with him.
    He'd love this. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  203. My husband has been looking for a new cooler, he saw this in the store and it caught his eye. He hesitated and did not purchase. He would love it if I won it for him!

  204. We have been wanting one of these long-term coolers. It would be great for outdoor weekend events. Even on hot days, we'd still have ice!

  205. Friends of mine have this cooler and it really does keep ice for days and days, it's awesome! We were all amazed at just how long it stays cold, really outstanding product.

  206. If it's made by Rubbermaid, you know it's a quality product. This would sure beat our other cooler...the one that lost it's plug so it leaks everywhere.

  207. We take road trips because we have relatives on both coasts. Taking out own food and drinks is cheaper and Rubbermaid is the best.

  208. My husband and I go on a lot of road trips to visit our daughters in different parts of Florida. With this cooler, we could carry all our food and not keep eating in restaurants

  209. I love this giveaway! I do not own a Rubbermaid cooler, but I am a big fan of many of their other products. Thanks for the contest :)

  210. Dad would fill that 75Qt. DuraChill Cooler up with need-bes and would spend a week fishing. He would love it.

  211. We could really use a new one these. The one that we have had forever keeps losing one wheel. I love these coolers and we would really like a new one before we go camping!!

  212. I have been following Rubbermaid on Twitter.

    A cooler is always a great gift and you can use them for so many things. It would be great for a family reunion coming up.

  213. I use coolers all year round for various events and grocery shopping. I sometimes take road trips to the Amish country for fresh items and that is an overnight trip so this would be perfect. Rubbermaid is a dependable name for sure.

  214. My husband and son love to fish and camp out by the lake nearby. They are always packing pops, water and ice in a small ice chest we have, so this cooler would be wonderful for them. They would think I was the "coolest" if I won it for them!! :-) Thanks

  215. I would love to win this for my husband as well. Yosemite would be a wonderful place to visit. I must agree with you about stopping at fast food, I would much rather have a cooler and eat good yummy stuff out of it! Thanks for letting me comment. I love the rubbermaid stuff I have now.

  216. This would be so perfect for our vacations. I'd love to reach for a drink out of this cooler!

  217. I have a 45 min. ride to the grocery store. This cooler would be great to store the frozen and refrigerated items in for the ride home.

  218. I love these coolers with the handle and wheels - with 5 kids, there is usually 1 or 2 of them that decide to give up the walk and just ride the cooler. Perfect!

  219. Love that picture of Yosemite! I might have to go now.
    We had a dinosaur cooler which I finally pitched and replaced with the more modern, with wheels cooer! I really like it and could use another for trips and parties on the deck.

  220. I would love this for camping. We have a refrigerator in our camper, but it is on the small side and it's difficult to fit everything for a week or so in there. This cooler would be great to put all the drinks in and keep outside the camper so kids wouldn't be running in and out of the camper!

  221. Yosemite *does* look gorgeous. I haven't camped there yet, but it's on my To-Do list. ;) This summer we're headed up to Montana to camp and I couldn't be more excited. While we love Arizona, we miss the green foresty mountains. Camping in Arizona just isn't the same. :) I need to go take a closer look at this cooler. It'd be great for the long drive north.

  222. This cooler is right up my husband's alley, but I am laughing about it. I grew up in the mountains, and was raised by hippies, so I believe in roughing it. Need toilet paper? Grab a leaf. My husband, on the other hand, was raised in the gentle bosom of suburbia, and his idea of roughing it would be running out of Ruffles on a camping trip.

  223. This would be so perfect for my daughter & son-in-law... they love to go fishing & camping, tailgating -- all that outdoorsey stuff that requires yummy food & drink on the go!

  224. We do not have a rubbermaid cooler. Ours are all generic and they need to go. Many picnics at the beach planned for this summer would work absolutely perfect

  225. My friends have this cooler and I am tempted to steal it every time we go to the beach! It would be great to have one of my own!

  226. When you get to Yosemite, you will LOVE it! It is just beautiful...amazing...God did good when He made Yosemite! We are just about 4 hours from Yosemite and have visited with our #1 once already! If you go in the winter you can even ice skate!

  227. This would be great for the roadtrips my husband loves to take. We could save some money on snacks and drinks - knowing they'll stay cold!

  228. Wow! This would be great for us... every summer we go to Cape Cod & the food melllllts in the sun way too quickly. Plus, we lug around an old handled cooler that is way heavy. This would be perfect, with its wheels & extra cooling system!

  229. Rubbermaid has really outdone themselves with that cooler - I love the wheels on it which makes it much easier to transport and i don't believe i have ever had a cooler that would keep ice for 6 days??!

  230. We are planning a cross country roadtrip one of these days (about 4000 miles by the end of it all!) and this would help cut food costs. More homemade sandwiches, less McDonalds!

  231. I would love to have a Rubbermaid cooler for my family. I always have to plan picnics far in advance to make sure I can borrow a cooler from another family member. As well as cook outs. Its always a pain having to ask others for their cooler.

  232. I think Rubbermaid makes great products & coolers that last. I think it is great that they are on twitter. I am going to start following them.. I would love to win a cooler, with five kids you need a product that will last for all types of roadtrips:)
    [email protected]

  233. we are also looking forward to taking a trip to yosemite when our boys get a little bit older. we've never been... it looks beautiful! my dad and stepmom go every year (sometimes more than once) and they love it. they are also looking forward to a big family trip up there when the kiddos are older. we also much prefer bringing our own food and snacks when we go on trips... much better food and healthier, too.
    the cooler would definitely come in handy when we go beach camping during the summer, take a trip to the lake, or when my husband goes on weekend dirt bike trips... a cooler on wheels would also be great for big family picnics : )

  234. We like to take trips to the beach every summer-- usually day trips, since we live about three hours away. This big, beautiful Rubbermaid cooler (on wheels!!!) would make our summer road trips a lot easier! Thanks!

  235. I had a fun time looking around there site because I didn't realize Rubbermaid had so many items for organizing. I mostly just think of them for food storage.

  236. I love the wheels. We don't have a rubermaid cooler. We only have on that you have to carry and it gets heavy. I know my husband would love the wheels since he always has to carry it because I am a whimp!

  237. Boy our current cooler is just about beyond it's useable life span. We use it all the time , takingour mmeal with us when we are on family tripa, to the store in the summer to keep food cool and to the beach in the summer. The wheels would be a great help.

  238. Ive never had a rolling cooler! Would sure be easier to haul up stairs to hotel rooms that a carry by the 2 handles kind! We always carry food and drinks on the road!

  239. I used to have a great Rubbermaid cooler that I just loved! Unfortunately my son and his girlfriend borrowed it for a trip to the beach. He left it at her house and then they broke up. We never got our cooler back! But it was the kind you had to carry and it would be too heavy for me now, so I really, REALLY need the one on wheels! Thanks for the contest.

  240. I loved Yosemite. When my husband and I were there we accidentally hiked the Yosemite Falls trail. We woke up early, decided to go for a little stroll and ended up hiking over 150 switchbacks up to an amazing view. (There used to be a platform next to the falls that has since been washed away). It was early enough in the spring that even though we brought no water-see, unprepared- we were able to drink the snowmelt from the springs. (We only did after a ranger showed us) I'd never do this hike with little kids, my stomach gets topsy turvy just thinking about it-but definitely one of the most amazing hikes I've ever done!

  241. With the shape of the economy we will be spending a lot of days picnicing at the lake. Great entertainment with just the price of gas.

  242. sometime back I bought a cooler on wheels but a friend asked if he could borrow. I said, of course, and never got that back. DH still remembers that and gets upset:(. If I win this, he would be more pleased(I guess).thanks

  243. This would be great addition to our camping gear or future days possibly spend in the mountains. You can never have enough room when you mix Dads,kids and camping...

  244. This may sound funny, but I always wanted to bring a rubbermaid lunch cooler to school instead of a lunch box, but my mom never gave in...this has left me permanently drooling over coolers! Our family doesn't own a single cooler, but we love to camp, so I am thinking this will soon be a necessity!

  245. This summer we are taking our kids camping for the first time. I am really excited about this. I did it as a kid many times every summer and I really hope my kids enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  246. I love taking a cooler along on road trips. While I might bribe my kids with McD's on our 10 hour trip back to see family, the cooler is stocked with all the snacks we would need between. We could really use a nice cooler like this one.

  247. Besides the obvious uses, this cooler would make a great refrigerator for those times when power is out for extended periods - like hurricanes or ice storm recovery.

  248. I would love this to go camping with, a helpful hint is to buy blocks of ice to go in the bottom of the cooler and then find cookie sheets to fit on top of the blocks to set your food on, no more soggy food from the water that accumulates.

  249. We have, and love, a Rubbermaid cooler, but I know that my hubby - and his back! - would love one on wheels. He's planning his first camping trips with our boys this summer, so this cooler would definitely come in handy!

  250. We love to go camping and a cooler that cools for 6 days... WOW! What camping family couldn't use that??? :)

  251. We use a cooler all the time in the summer. The time I remember the most is every year, we have a tradition of going to the zoo. We always pack a huge lunch/dinner and this cooler would be perfect!

  252. We eat out of a cooler on road trips too! It's so much nicer than stopping to eat at fast food joints. Rubbermaid makes some good stuff and these coolers are awesome!

  253. Extra thick insulation keeps ice for 6 days at 90° F

    ok now...i didnt see what the reason was behind the 6-day thing. i went to the web site and found this above. thanx.

  254. I do not have a Rubbermaid cooler, but I am a big fan of many of their other products. Everything from food storage to trash cans! Thanks for the offer!

  255. We camped in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan last year. Our campsite was VERY remote. It was very hard to get ice more than every 3 or 4 days and we had a hard time keeping our food cool. What a wonderful thing this cooler would have been on this trip!

  256. We camped at Yosemite while I was pregnant with my first. I did my best to keep up on hikes, but had to sit one of them out. Oh ya, we forgot the pump to our blowup mattress so we did not get much sleep. FYI- they do sell ice there in Yosemite in case you want to refill before your drive home.

  257. Coolers are great to have. You don't realize how valuable they are until the one you have isn't there any more! My hubby needs one that can keep things cold and insulated ~ this one sounds like a good one. He is the outdoor type so this should fit him well.

  258. We have had a few Rubbermaid coolers and LOVED them. We still have one that we use for trips. We enjoy camping in the mountains and road trips where we take food in coolers to much and lunch on. I appreciate the extra insulation, because sometimes when you are camping, going out to buy ice is the LAST thing you want to do!


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