Four 1Can it be that you - my rosy-cheeked baby with the long lashes and rose-petal lips - are four?

Four seems perfectly ancient. You are so serious now, so wise, so angelically beautiful, so delightfully good. You no longer have the baby cheeks, the tiny voice.

You have blonde curly locks, falling around your face in perfect formation. Your penetrating blue eyes can be scalding or scintillating, depending on your mood. Your agile limbs are long and graceful. Your voice is strong, your mind is quick, and your vocabulary is extensive. You pick up on most everything we say now and you correct us if we say things that we shouldn't ("we don't say 'HATE!'").

You aim to please, but you also want to know why. You are suspicious of strangers, but you are a very loyal friend. You are easy to take most anywhere.

For the record...

  • Favorite Colors: pink AND green [yes, pink snuck its way in...]
  • Favorite Foods: cheesy cheesy macaroni from Trader Joe's, french fries & ketchup, anything with sprinkles
  • Favorite Books: chapter books (esp. Ramona) and Disney books
  • Favorite Things: wearing fancy dresses, playing with other kids, eating at restaurants, hiking, crafting, doing things you've "never done before"
  • Wake-up Time: Approximately 8:00am
  • Bedtime: Approximately 8:30pm
  • Skills: alphabet reciter, color-in-the-liner, super high jumper, fast runner, dextrous climber, able hiker and tricycle rider, book memorizer, expert tongue snapper (you can also spell your name and write several letters)
  • Strengths: willing to try new things, excited about life, enthusiastic about learning, forgiving, happy, smart, opinionated, gently directs friends to do what is right
  • Career Ambition: Doctor or Nurse

Four 2Sweet girl. Little Beauty. You are my firstborn, my friend. Four years ago, you turned my world upside-down and brought colors into my life that startled me with their vibrancy.

I can't tell you how many times I look at you and my heart aches with pride. Just yesterday I told your dad, "She is one awesome kid." And - seriously - you are.

I love you. I love watching you dazzle the world and fill it with light.

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34 comments on “Four”

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  3. Happy, Happy Birthday to Big Sister! What an awesome post, Steph! I wish I could bottle up my kids at the age they are RIGHT.NOW. I have loved every stage and new chapter that has unfolded each year they get older. Four is such a great age! Enjoy every minute of your wonderful little girl!

  4. Happy birthday to your beautiful little Miss! And what a lovely way to chronicle exactly who she is on this momentous occasion!

  5. Happy Birthday to your precious daughter, Stephanie. What a beautiful post. I know; it really is hard to believe how fast they grow up. I went to a women's event at church last night and the speaker was sharing how she just drove her daughter off to college. "My kids were just in preschool," she said, shaking her head. "It goes that fast."

    With my daughter being eleven now, I sooo know how she feels. The college years are only a few years away, it seems! Oh boy, will I be a crying mess. lol

    Hugs to you!

    1. I'm glad to hear you say that. To tell you the truth, I was almost a little wistful to say good-bye to three. Age three has been outstanding.

      I'm sure four will be even more wondrous...can't wait.

  6. What a beautiful post and beautiful young lady. She is nothing less than spectacular. I am so glad you wrote this...I knew her b-day was coming up but wasn't quite sure when. I have the same favorite line as Sarah R. "Four years ago, you turned my world upside down..." Breathtakingly well put- as usual Ms. Writer:) Life really is more vibrant isn't it? We were living in black and white before mommyhood. Give a special hug to little miss. She shines inside and out.

  7. Happy FOURTH Birthday!! I love this list of things you've captured for your daughter's birthday. What a great idea! It will be so neat to look back at that when she gets older. I think this year is going to be great for her (and for your entire family)!!

  8. Happy Birthday Sweetheart and Happy Mom-versary to you, Stephanie! This post is so beautiful and she will treasure it forever and ever. What a wonderful gift. This is my favorite line: "Four years ago, you turned my world upside-down and brought colors into my life that startled me with their vibrancy." So beautiful.

    PS - Your daughter and I have a lot in common! We'd be great friends!

  9. She looks so grown up in these pictures, Stephanie. The words you wrote about your daughter paints her in such a beautiful light. She's a special young lady, like her Mother.


  10. Happy Happy BOTH of you! You did the hard work bringing her into this world, so it is your birthday too! She is beautiful, inside and out and that comes from you and Tim! I hope the day was absolutely fantastic and that the next year is full of joy, adventure, and heaps and heaps of love! Happy Happy Birthday!

  11. That's so so wonderful! Happy Birthday! Love reading about your family :)
    Do you have any cute sayings from her?
    One of the ranch kids (joel age5) has all sorts of funny things to say: upon going on the giant swing, "look mum i did this and i went to the top and did this (flings arms out) and i not die"
    i'm hoping that as little miss a starts to talk i'll take the time to write down all the cute things she comes out with!
    Praying for you and your family in this wonderful time of preparing to Go :)

    1. Oh, yes! She says clever, funny, imaginative, intellectual things daily. I'm trying to remember to write them all down (but sometimes I forget).

      Are you on Twitter, by chance? I post her quotes there from time-to-time. :)

      1. I'm not on Twitter - but that's because I know that I struggle with all the networking sites (facebook etc) and want to be a mum who isn't always on the computer!
        So, as much as I would love to read all those clever, funny, imaginative and intellectual things from your daughter (and what you say as well i suppose :P), i'm going to stay far far away from the twitter sign up site and go play with my daughter instead :)

  12. Oh, now my heart think that one day my 6 mo old will reach this ripe old age...even now, he seems to look at me with wise eyes that seem to say, "one day, mommy, I will surpass even YOUR expectations for me and burst into my own!"
    I love the tenderness of this post! Happy birthday little four-year-old!

  13. Happy Birthday cupcake!

    I love, love, love the way you wrote this, and I loved getting to know her even more. :)

    BTW- from seeing you read her Ramona chapter books, I purchased some, doubtfully thinking Capri would pay attention (her main choice were Dora books before this... so, it was a pretty big jump)... but she LOVES it. She asks for "Ramona the pest" or "big girl book" every night, and it's so fun to read to her.

    Thank you for sharing, and for helping us find another LOVE.

    1. I'm glad that Capri loves the Ramona books so much! You know - I do too. Ramona reminds me what it was like to be a child - all of the intelligent thoughts, deeply-felt emotions, etc. For example, Ramona often gets into trouble when she has perfectly good intentions! I want to remember to listen to my girls and to assume the best before rushing with my reactions.

  14. That bottom picture of her looks like you! I usually think she resembles Tim and your youngest resembles you, but not in that photo. Happy birthday, big girl! And it's true... they do turn our worlds upside-down, inside-out, and just all kinds of beautiful.

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