From Scrapbooking Superstar to...

From Scrapbooking Superstar to... 1Pre-baby, I was a scrapbooking superstar. I enjoyed going to evening crops and would stay up late into the night with friends, contemplating the best way to capture my memories for posterity. I used ribbon and buttons, stickers and quotes, and I picked each photo and each layout with such care. 

Post-baby, I somehow mustered up the time and the kitchen table space to create a beautiful album of my daughter's first 8 months of life. But since then, I must admit that I haven't pulled out my scrapbook supplies even once. But I want to get back into it - really - even if my scrapbooks aren't as extravagant as they once were. I want to be able to pass them on to my daughter instead of handing her boxes of unorganized photos or sending her computer files of photos that never were printed or displayed with pride. 

From Scrapbooking Superstar to... 2I think one thing that I will do more now that I am a mom is use pre-assembled kits. I used to make little things all on my own, but - hey - there's no shame in taking the easy road in order to have more time for other things. 

For example, Making Memories recently introduced these fabulous new kits called Animal Cracker Album Kits. Each kit includes:

  • Album with window
  • 8 8x8 designer papers
  • 8 dimensional stickers
  • 54 word fetti stickers
  • 7 journaling stickers
  • 42 pebble stickers
  • 2 1 yd trims

From Scrapbooking Superstar to... 3Plus, to make things even easier, you can purchase a corresponding Animal Crackers Embellishment Kit with matching diecuts, stars, flowers, and alpha letters. 

Making Memories is a trusted brand in scrapbooking. They offer handy products with great designs...and new items come out every season.  

Plus, they have a blog of their own where you can get ideas, inspiration, and - occasionally - free products. How cool is that? I love it when companies dive into the blogosphere headfirst, don't you? If you're a scrapbooker, you should go over and say hi. 

YOUR TURN: Do you scrapbook and, if so, did your "scrapbooking personality" change post-baby?

WIN IT! One winner will receive an Animal Crackers Album Kit (either Jack or Ella). To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Tuesday, July 1 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #78 Sarah T. Congratulations!

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122 comments on “From Scrapbooking Superstar to...”

  1. I've never actually scrapbooked before. I have created photobooks on Snapfish and done the whole baby book thing, but have never been to a scrapbooking session and feel the whole aisle (or 10) at Michaels is exciting and overwhelming and I just don't know where to start. This kit looks like a good answer. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I used to scrap and still have a lot of tools to do so. However, 5 children later, I have yet to finish a book!!! I am currently trying to get back on track to at least finish my first one. :)

    Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  3. My daughter is the scrapbooker of the family! She does an amazing job on all the ones she creates. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I love to to scrapbook, but I don't have much time now after the baby. But my scrapping personality hasn't changed.

  5. That is a super cute kit! I love using embellishments for scrapbooks, cards & art projects. Making Memories is good quality too.

  6. I used to scrapbook but since I had my son I put it away. I will have to get it out and work on it one of these days!

  7. Before having my son I NEVER used pastel colors or cutesy stuff now it seems as if that is all I use.

  8. I LOVE to scrapbook. my habits did not change however until i had 2 more kids and had to go back to work full time. With just one baby it was easy to work in the time while she was napping or in the evening once she went to bed. Now the layouts are very simple - the really great thing was when my girls got older they enjoyed it too and took over doing their high school scrapbooks.

  9. awesome. yes, my scrapbooking habits have totally died down since the birth of my sons. but the inspiration is obviously there!

  10. I have tried scrapbooking before. It is not a hobby of mine but I have a book for each of my children from when they were babies. I would love to put together one book for three of them. A sort of coming of ages theme :P

  11. my wife loves to scrapbook but has not bought any new supplies in a while, it would be fun to surprise her with this.

  12. have not scrapbooked much since having kids, but would love to get back into it...
    this is a great prize

  13. I LOVE to scrapbook! I started when I was pregnant with my first child more then ten years ago. Yes my style has changed a lot, thanks to new products every year, I always want to try new things!

  14. I love scrapbooking, even the cats have their own book!!I scrapbooked more when the kids came along because I love taking pictures and the babies grow so fast.Both sets are great Jack and Ella,count me in to win

  15. Before baby --- I had not reason to scrapbook. Now that I have two wonderful reasons ( JOsh & Justin), I just don't seem to have the time. But, I want to try it very soon.

  16. I scrapbook because I have kids... Didn't really do it before, although any stamping/scrapping/paper-y supplies make me incredibly happy!

  17. I love the jack set. My love for scrapbooking has grown big time. I have a huge pile of pictures and what not ready to go into my book and the Jack set would make it more fun and easy.

  18. I would love the Ella kit. I bought a bunch of scrapbooking tools/supplies when my 1st daughter was born, but they've been sitting in a drawer. Maybe this kit could motivate me!

  19. I don't but my daughter-in-law does and I know she just doesn't have the time right now with 3 boys

  20. I agree, my scrapbook organization days are lost now with my new son. Kits would be a great way to still get stuff done without the mess

  21. Scrapbooking is new for me. I would see how preassembled kits would be much easier, cost efficent and gives you a focus!

  22. I would love to win this. I've been scrapping since Dec. 2000 and I still have a TON of pictures to scrap. I keep taking pictures too so that doesn't help with the pile. LOL

  23. I scrapbook once a month with my mom friends and we love it!! We all have increased our get togethers since our kids are always doing something that we want to make a page for. We share our stuff so this would be great for sharing.

  24. I just scrapbook more now and now they have such cute embellishments I find myself taking more photo's just so I can use them.

  25. I've never been able to start scrapbooking! I've always thought it was the neatest thing, though. I wish I had done in before and after my son was born. We've got a lot of memories in boxes now and I'm not quite sure where they are!

  26. I've scrap booked since I was about 17, and the only thing that's changed since then is that I've gotten slightly better at it. I'm still a no frills scrapper though. I buy cute paper and maybe a few stickers, slap the photo on and write a caption and that's good enough for me.

  27. Thanks for hosting this charming giveaway. I'm a scrapper gone digital since the days of my baby Grace. At some point, would love to use all of my lovely paper & embellishments. The Ella kit is just what a busy mom needs!

  28. I am a collector of scrapbooking items, but never seem to be able to find time to sit down & actually do something with them. lol One day........

  29. I love to scrapbook. I find it to be very relaxing and it's one of few creative sides I have. I haven't done it for a few months because I've been so busy, but I sure miss it. Can't wait until I can get back to it.

  30. I am an obsessive scrapbooker. When I started scrapbooking, my firstborn was about 2 years old. I did it infrequently and mostly from home, but I have always been a crafter. I scrapbooked and made cards whenever I got a chance. BUT once my second baby came along... I did slow down quite a bit. Now that my babies are 7 and 3 I can get some scrappiness in atleast every other day... and that makes for a happy Mom! I LOVE MM! I get to be a guest blogger on their blog next week Thursday! :)

  31. my daughter has a wonderfully scrap-booked baby album, my poor son on the other of these kids would be awesome so he doesn't feel like left out when he gets a little bigger!

  32. I don't scrapbook but my daughter does and yes, she became involved after giving birth to my gorgeous granddaughter!

  33. I used to scrap quite a bit when my son was born. But now that I have a 4 and a 2 year old my supplies get used for craft projects with the kids more than for actual scrapbooking! I have let my son make a few pages on his own and they are really cute!

  34. I wouldn't say my scrapbooking personality "changed" per se... it's just that I have a lot less time to do it! Although with going from working full time to being a stay at home mom it's not really that my time changed, but that I have different responsibilities now and can't get away to do the scrapbooking for hours at a time anymore!
    I have actually gotten quite a bit done in the last year since my son was born. (including some photo books made online with free credits that helped me chronicle his first year since I'm still 6 years behind in my regular scrapbooking!)
    I don't go all out when I scrapbook. I only recently even started using papers. But I don't use embellishments other than flat stickers and I do all my own lettering by hand. So I can do quite a few pages pretty fast. Like 10 or 15 in a night.

  35. I scrapbooked pre-baby and continue to scrapbook. I do admit finding the time is hard. I have set a goal to scrap 1 page per week. I think scrapbooking post baby is so much fun. For me it is easier to scrapbook my little one than it was to be creative with my other pictures.

  36. I didn't start scrapbooking until my boys were a few years old, but I can tell you that I totally miss doing it. I moved into a tiny apartment about a year ago and haven't been able to get it organized enough to pull out my things. I'm trying, though! I would love the Jack set.

  37. I used to scrapbook over a week's time a few times a year but after recently having my triplets and taking thousands and thousands of photos the only scrapbooking I do is downloading the photos onto my computer to make room on my camera to take more pictures!

  38. I love the Jack kit! I do a lot of scrapbooking, my style has changed some since my first son, who is now over 4 and my son on the way! It's a great hobby though and people love looking at them!

  39. I love scrapbooking! Unfortunately, with each subsequent child, I have less and less time to do it. I do love these kits, however, as they make the job of coordinating pages much easier. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Well, I never used to scrapbook before I had kids. I love it now. I am just starting to get into it. So far, so good. These predone ideas look great though. Fun!

  41. I'm a scrapbooking maniac. It's my absolute favorite thing to do. I started after I already had kids so not much has changed. I find I go in spurts though according to how busy life is at that time. I work chronologically not by theme and so far I have 18 completed albums! I'm constantly taking pictures and it's funny because while I'm taking the pictures, I'm envisioning the page I could make. I must say that it can be a very expensive hobby but I love it soooooo much! The results are so worth it.

  42. Do you scrapbook and, if so, did your “scrapbooking personality” change post-baby?
    I do scrapbook and I used to scrapbook every Saturday with my friend for about 2 years straight. Then, I had a baby and miraculously did some of her first year and fluttered off after that. Just this past year I have picked up my scrapbooking hobby back up and love it. Now my friend and I scrapbook once a month for about three hours and are satisfied that we are at least getting together and trying. Someday I would like to spend more time at it, but three kids and homeschooling have most certainly slowed me down, LOL!

  43. I didn't start scrapbooking until after I had my daughter. She will be three in August and I only have about 5 pages done of her first year! I don't have a specific place to set up my stuff and leave it out and I can never find at least 2 hours together to pull everything out. So usually I get it out about twice a year to go to a crop when I can get Hubby to have a daddy/daughter day. One of these kits would help tremendously!

  44. Definately did! I have much less time to do it and now I get excited if I get one page done! Hopefully I will catch up when she is an adult! LOL.

  45. Did my "scrapbooking personality” change post-baby? I'll say it did! I haven't had time to scrapbook since I was pregnant with my 5 year old. But I have a lot of very nice supplies because I still kept buying (and hoping) the first few years after he was born! Maybe this kit is what I need to get inspired.

  46. I had lots of time to scrapbook before my daughter was born, now I have time, but not so much, so thanks for the contest.

  47. always loved to do this since age 16 and never let up pre or post baby
    annatiffany at yahoo dot com

  48. I have to admit I have never did scrapbooking. But I ahve always wanted to too. This is such a cute set. Would be a great starter kit.

  49. I was so good about my son, he has about 4 huge, filled to over-flowing albums. My daughter has 4 pages done. Ugh! The guilt...

  50. I've never been an official scrapbooker but I did do a couple of albums in college but not from real scrapbook supplies. I was also given a Creative Memories album as a wedding gift and I did put the pictures in, well most of them, but I can't say that I'm real pleased with how it came out. I'd actually like to redo some pages, maybe for our 10 - 20 -50 anniversary it'll get done. As for my girls I had high hopes of doing something. Never did anything. I'm going to look into these kits. I'd still like to have at least one book for each of them. I think that'd be great fun for them when they're older.

  51. My sister is a stampin up representative and I still can't get motivated to learn how. I think that if I had girls instead of boys it might be easier.

  52. I love scrapbooking, and yes it definitely changed after having my first child, and then changed again with my second. I don't get to scrapbook as often, but when I do it is a treat and my mommy break. I am way behind, but try not to worry about that. My son is 1 1/2 and I haven't even started his baby album yet. Yikes, that makes me cringe thinking about it. I am just now finished with my daughter's first year and she just turned 3!

  53. Im a huge, huge scrapper. I have my own room, it was Xander's nursery that I converted once I realized he wasn't using a room anyway! I have to say, I do it much more now that I have kids, because I want to get all the details down.

  54. I like to scrapbook the places we go,like the Wild Animal Farm and lighthouses,museums and state parks. I never did this before kids!

  55. If I'm being honest here, I've never been a scrapbooker. When I was 19 I helped a friend create a couple of pages and I decided then and there that scrapbooking just wasn't my thing. I've proclaimed this loudly and proudly to so many friends who love the hobby. But I'll confess that I do feel a little guilty that all but a few of the cute photos that have been taken of my daughter are stored on our computer and never printed. I'd definitely be interested in making a scrapbook for her if all the pieces were provided to me in a kit like this! Just don't tell any of my scrapbooking friends...I have a reputation to uphold. ;-)

  56. At first (after baby) I had a lot more time to scrapbook cause he slept a lot, now that I have a toddler-no such luck!!
    I'd love the Ella set-I'm having a girl soon!!

  57. Yes I love scrapbooking.
    I started at age 50 so with the kids?
    Definitely with the grands.
    I tend to buy more embellishments.

  58. Hello! I enjoy scrapbooking, card making and collages. My husband built me a craft room in our basement just for my creative outlet. I was a lot like you. I made everything. The new kits and corresponding are wonderful and so time saving. Making Memories is a great company. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  59. Your piece hit a nerve with me, because I'm also only 8 months into my 2 y/o's life with scrapbooking. It's so hard to find the time (and safe space) to do it now, that it just rarely seems to happen. I love scrapbooking, but have recently been debating about going digital and not having to store so many supplies. The Animal Cracker Album Kits make me remember why I love the "old fashioned" paper way over digital. Maybe winning a set would motivate me to get rolling again.....

  60. I love scrapbooking too! I am still working on my wedding album after 6 years of marriage! My first son is due in August so I'll have to get cracking on his albums soon.

  61. I started a scrapbook and when our budget was too tight I stopped. I definitely haven't been great at scrap booking since having all four kids. This would be a great prize to win and these kits are so cute too!

  62. I never scrapbooked prebaby. I didn't start till my "baby" was 12! Now, I have a lot of years to catch up on... and lots of photos too!

  63. i was a newbie to scrapbooking before baby. thought about all the cute little things i would do once she got here. now i'm nap book mom rather than scrapbook mom. I have to wait for her to nap to get things out and then when I start she's up again.

  64. I am a scrapaholic, I admit it! My kids were in school when I started scrapbooking, so I don't think my style has changed that much, just matured as I became more familiar with the craft.

  65. I got into it when my first was born usually did it when he took a nap but with 4 kids and they are all under 7 the time is less and less. I definatly like the idea of a package so I don't have to take as much time putting things together. Jack would be my pick since my youngest is a boy. Thanks

  66. I actually didn't start scrapbooking until a few years ago. Since my son was born two years ago I have really, REALLY fallen behind, plus I don't have alot of scrapbooking supplies. Winning this would hopefully help me get back into the swing of things! [email protected]

  67. I am a scrapbooking addict, but didn't get started until my two daughters were older so I had a lot of catching up to do. Now I do books for my grandchildren, wonderful trips, and special occasions. Young mothers have so many necessary duties to do, they will get back to scrapbooking when they can.

  68. I have actually tried to start scrapbooking lately. My husband and I just adopted two children, and I am trying to get all of our new memories scrapbooked.

  69. I've made a couple scrapbooks, it was fun. A great project for the winter. Yes, my scrapbooking changed after having a baby. I got more into it!

  70. I used to scrapbook trips and things like that. But since my daughter was born I haven't done anything. I even got a whole bunch of baby scrapbook stuff for my baby shower. I think I managed to do one page. uff. My friend thank goodness said she will help me do her first year.

  71. I didn't scrapbook UNTIL I actually had kids (my first was 6 months old when I started). Then again, it was 1996 and scrapbooking was just taking off . . .

    What has changed? I truly ENJOY, SAVOR, and LOOK FORWARD to those retreat weekends with my girlfriends away from the kiddos and the chaos a lot more than I would if I had no kids to escape from!

  72. I enjoy scrapbooking but don't seem to have a lot of time for it. There seems to always been something else more important that needs to get done.

  73. We are starting a scrapbook for my son and for my unborn daughter! So we are newbies to scrapbooking ! I'm actually working on my sons, I swore I'd have it all done a few months after he was born.. not the case.. I kept putting it off and now I'm preggo, 7 months with our baby girl so I'm rushing to get my son's done and to start working on hers so I won't get too far behind!

  74. I love Making Memories scrapbook materials - I was like you when I was in high school - my mom and I spent time going to scrapbook parties, but sadly, I haven't been very good at scrapbooking since the babe arrived...or even my wedding...I know - Sad! I have tried to become more involved in digi scrapbooking as it gives me hope that I will someday be caught up and it will all still look professional.

  75. Ironic isn't it? The event that provides the most and best opportunities for scrapbooking is also the event that gives you the fewest opportunities to scrapbook. Anyway, I hope you manage to find lots of time, I always love your ideas.

  76. Yes, I scrapbook. I'm an artist so I'm always looking for creative outlets. I took up the hobby shortly after my third child was born. It's something my 16 year old loves to do with me, too.

  77. I love to scrapbook. I haven't started one for my youngest son yet this would be great to win and help me get started on his book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. I am giggling at this post. It is too funny and oh how I can relate. Not to scrapbooking per se, but to everything in my life.

    Before babies, I was very into reading and hiking. After babies, I found that my time was rarely my own. After my third baby, I did not have anymore kids for almost 7 years. Thus, once my youngest was in kindergarten, I began to build my paralegal career working for attorneys who were very "family first." I started enjoying hobbies again.

    But then I had a lapse of sanity and got pregnant again, and again, and again! Since then, we are back to most of the life is not my own. And now when I do have a free moment, I spend it doing something like this...commenting on your sweet blog!!!

    Blessings to you and yours, Julianne

  79. I scrapbooked for a while, but it's sooo time consuming that I rarely do it anymore, especially with the kiddos. Now I like smaller projects that are less daunting, like card making and mini-scrapbook making. I'd love this, though, for the times when I do scrapbook! Thanks!

  80. I mean to scrapbook but don't do it as much as I should. Jasper doesn't have any done. A kit like this would be handy! Maybe I could actually have something done for his first birthday...

  81. love the Ella...I have recently started to scrap and having fun doing it. My daughter started me and it is great doing all my grandkids. this is a great giveaway

  82. I got into scrapbooking after a friend invited me to a "crop night" to help me begin my wedding album (we'd been married three months).

    It was lackluster for about three years (but still fun for me), but when our first child arrived, it went up ten notches. Fun! Bright colors, cutesy patterns, there is no limit once kids are involved. :0)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    [email protected]

  83. My scrapbooking changed post-baby. Before babies, I didn't do it at all! Wanting to honor those photos of my kids got me started. I couldn't really go gonzo on it until my youngest was 3 or 4, but now I scrapbook regularly and I'm current on every single book. I've even gone back and scrapbooked wedding, honeymoon and older pictures that were in magnetic albums.

    I subscribe to "Simple Scrapbooking," which goes for beautiful but quick. That's one of my secrets.

  84. Oh dear. Indeed did my scrapbooking change. All the mementos and photos that I INTEND on compiling, were thrown into the chest haphazardly when I got a second. The way I look at it though is that one day when I'm old (er) and gray (er) , I will have the time to scrapbook and tis a far better thing to spend the time with him now. As long as they have it when they are older, that's whats important to me.
    This could give me a jump on it though!
    Ta Ta!

  85. I have been working on my kids lifebooks forever. I am almost complete with them. I go through phases where I will crop during naptime for about a few weeks straight and then I go months without and am getting farther and farther behind. I really need to learn how to digital scrapbook. It is not as imaginative, but a lot quicker and still looks better than just shoving pictures in a plain photo album. Very hard to find time and a safe place to leave scrapbooking stuff out where they cant eat or play with them.

  86. Yes! My habits definetly changed from a little scrapbooking to no scrapbooking. You know with children it always seems like there something more important to do!

  87. I use to scrapbook all the time. I went to the Friday night crops with friends. But ever since Jack (my 2 1/2 year old) came along, I just don't have the time. Oh, and probably my business keeps me away from scrapbooking also. I vow to make time for it now!

  88. I love the Ella. I've never tried scrapbooking before, But I'd love to give it a try. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

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