Fun, Modern, Fresh Photos of Your Baby, Your Family, and You!

Fun, Modern, Fresh Photos of Your Baby, Your Family, and You! 1If you're looking for a creative photographer with an artistic eye and a love of little ones in the Dallas area, today is your day. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Toni of Urban Photo Studio (yep, that's her on the left).

Not only are Toni's photos vivid and gorgeous, she is an expert at capturing personalities and good times behind the camera lens. I'm guessing that she gets lots of practice from her own three boys - ages 3, 2, and 1!

ME: How should I dress my infant/toddler for a photo shoot?
TONI: Simple is best! Sometimes clothes can swallow infants up! Either no clothes or a simple cute onesie works best. Have fun with toddlers...rain boots, hats, scarfs, bright colors, rain coats, and jackets! At this age, all these things scream them! They like to have fun, so dress them like that! Mini Boden is a great place to shop - also Matilda Jane for girls, babyGap, Moxie Kids, and the Silly Wagon!

ME: What poses and props are surefire "winners" when it comes to photos of infants and toddlers?
TONI: Toddlers love it if you give them an umbrella to hold, or a lollipop! Also rain boots (and hats) look great on them! Sweet little hats always look good on babies and a hip blanket to wrap them in always adds interest!

ME: What tips can you give to parents about taking photos of an always-active, won't-sit-still toddler?
TONI: Active Toddler? No problem! Don't make them do what they don't want to do... you won't get the results you want. Play a game, practice the alphabet, or sing a song... they have such BIG personalities trapped in their little bodies. They can't help but wiggle! Stay close by and follow them around...and let them do what they do best! Be a kid!

ME: What's the best location for a photo shoot?
TONI: The best location is something that is personal to them. If it's their room, then pull up the shades on the window to allow in the most light possible! If it's outside, make sure there is enough open shade.

ME: How should I dress myself and my family for a family photo?
TONI: Don't overdue it. It you're uncomfortable in what you're wearing, it will show. Don't feel like you have to dress your family in matching shirts and jeans. And it's okay for kids to wear t-shirts in pictures now-a-days. There are some really great ones out there! Moms, layering always looks good.

ME: My baby always looks good, can I make myself look thinner, prettier, peppier, and more photogenic in pictures?
TONI: Use a simple gloss on your lips. It will reflect light and make your lips look full. Black is always slimming so wear a FUN (maybe a little frilly) black shirt and pair it with a cute army green jacket and let your inner diva out. Confidence shows through in photographs!

Thanks so much, Toni! I definitely needed those tips - especially about how to capture my wriggly, adventurous, on-the-go Little Beauty on film.

Readers, you can keep up with Toni's photography projects at Urban Photo - the blog.

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5 comments on “Fun, Modern, Fresh Photos of Your Baby, Your Family, and You!”

  1. My hubby's a much better photographer than I am (must be that whole art thing), so I can use all of the tips I can get, especially since I'm the one home with the kids all day. Thanks! Wish I were in Dallas so that I could sneak in and watch her at work.

  2. These are great ideas. I hope we have good weather this weekend to try the tips outside. Humm, it'd be great to get a family pic too..

  3. I love, love, LOVE that somebody is bringing color back to photos! Don't get me wrong, I love a black & white photo every once in a while but it's SO boring if that's all you've got hanging around.

    Toni's pictures are so vibrant and joyful! I can't wait for spring so I can capture my little guy running around in all the greeness.

  4. I just have to say how much I love Toni! She's my cousin (by marriage so it still counts) and my friend and she's great! I just love her photography style and how much fun and energy she brings to the shoot. She took the pictues in my blog header and she even designed the blog header herself. She's awesome!

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