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Fun with Foogo 1* HOT OFF THE PRESS *

"Long considered a trusted partner by parents in providing healthy food and drink options for kids, Thermos has brought its superior insulation technology to a new line of children’s products for ages six months and older. In addition to providing added protection from spoilage and foodborne illnesses, Thermos also offers parents extra peace of mind in knowing that Foogo™ products use all FDA approved materials and do not use plastics containing Bisphenol A (BPA)."

The folks at Thermos have been keeping soups warm and coffee steaming forever. It only seems right that they would venture into the toddler world since toddlers often wander around with their sippy cups and food throughout the day. Thermos' new line provide parents with high-quality products that protect kids from foodborne illnesses.

Not only are Foogo products safe, they also have the "cool factor" going for them. The designs are fresh, modern, and trendy. The silver/color combo is very hip and all of the pieces are dishwasher safe!

At present, there are three items available in the Foogo line.

The 7 oz. Sippy Cup is available with or without handles, has a soft spout, and keeps drinks cold for up to 6 hours.
Fun with Foogo 2

The 12 oz. Straw Bottle keeps drinks fresh and cold for up to 12 hours. Plus, the hygienic push button lid with pop-up silicone straw is easy to open and very cool. This is the BEST cup to bring with you on the road because it's leak-proof (I really have found that to be true. Having my daughter sip from a straw instead of "tilt" a sippy cup upside-down-and-all-around has protected my car from many-a-mess!). Fun with Foogo 3

The 10 oz. Food Jar keeps food cold for seven hours and hot for five.Fun with Foogo 4

Plus, you can transport your food and drinks in a super stylish Small Sporty Diaper Bag. The bag is insulated to "provide superior temperature retention."Fun with Foogo 5

If you're interested in buying Foogo products, you can search for a retailer near you on the Thermos site.

WIN IT! There will be two winners. One winner will receive a complete set of Foogo products (the Sippy Cup, the Straw Bottle, the Food Jar, and the Small Sporty Diaper Bag) in Pink/Purple and once winner will receive the set in Blue/Yellow. To enter, simply leave a comment stating which color is your preference on this post prior to Thursday, February 28, at midnight. The winner will be announced and contacted on Friday, February 29. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address. *

* UPDATE * The winner of the pink/purple Foogo set is #285 Brooke. The winner of the blue/yellow set is #149 Kacy. Congratulations!

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295 comments on “Fun with Foogo”

  1. I have two boys and a girl, so either color combo would work out great. Thanks for the giveaway!


  2. i absolutly love this! i always have issues with keeping my daughters drinks cool in the summer when we go to the zoo, holiday world, science center, parks, ect...
    usually i have to freeze the cuppies but she cant drink them until it thaws some...
    this is a great product!i hope i win!!

  3. I love the pink. I've been DYING to try these, but they're always sold out or I'm out of money. Please randomly pick me!

  4. I would love to have the pink and purple combination for my daughter. Thanks so much for having the contest.

    Tonya Williams

    Fins2thrite at aol dot com

  5. I'd love this for my sister-in-law, who is expecting a girl, but I think she'd like the blue / yellow. Thanks for the opportunity to win! jghaddock(at)swbell(dot)net

  6. I've been looking for weeks for a sippy cup that's stylish... I love this one! And we can grow into the other products in the line - they are useful now AND later! I LOVE the pink color!


  7. I have some "Funtainers" also by Thermos, for my older kids. I love them!

    I'd love to have a whole new set, in the blue/yellow combo, for the new baby joining our family next month.

  8. What a wonderful idea. Someone with children must have invented them. I love the blue/yellow one. Thanks for sharing,

  9. Just got a new granddaughter last week. Have a niece dew in August. Another son's girlfriend just found out she's pregant. So this would be a really good gift.

  10. My daughters say that I have to tell you that the Pink/Purple set is my favorite.

    My son, though, would like me to say that we'd be happy winning either set.

  11. Wow, I would love to win either one, but my daughter would have fun going pink and purple. We love our Kleen Kanteen products, too. The sippy is great, and I even ditched my Nalgene and grabbed a 27 ounce KK with a stainless steel flat lid for gym jaunts. I do think these Foogoo products cater a little more to the growing sippy crowd, though!

  12. These are so very cute! I like the health aspects of it. I am constantly on the go with my kids and it would be great to keep their fluids cold when we are out. I would love the pink one, however, I have a friend having a baby in July, and the blue one would make a good gift. So, Pink first!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  13. These are wonderful products. Absolutely wonderful, regardless of color. If forced to choose, though, I'd go with the blue/yellow.

  14. I think the pink, but the blue would be nice too! I like them both and the products look great! So hard to choose.

  15. Wow, if I could win this I would be in heaven. My girls love pink/purple and I am currently in the market for stainless steel cups instead of plastic. What a great prize!

  16. I would love to win either the pink or blue. I am more interested in trying out it out! Thanks!
    katebeth45 at gmail dot com

  17. As I was browsing your products for a gift for my expectant best friend who's expecting boy & girl twins, the diaper bag in pink/purple seemed ideal!

  18. I'd love the blue set! Even though I live in chilly Minnesota I promise it will come in handy. While on the boat this past summer I was telling my husband that somebody needed to invent something like this!

  19. Ohhhh I totally need this! My daughter is right at the stage where we need to introduce the sippy cup to her! I love the pink/purple set. :)

    Great giveaway!

  20. I'd love to win the blue/yellow. I was planning to look around for some good products, my son just turned 10 months

    edq143 at yahoo dot com

  21. Pink/Purple is fine, then the Blue/Yellow, I can use either color: have both. Thank you for having this give-away.
    Great product, glad thermos got into this area. We need t protect our family.

  22. These are really great. So useful. I'd love to enter for the pink/purple set. I really love this prize. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  23. Wow! We would be happy with either color but if we had to choose it would be the pink/purple. Thank you for having this fun giveaway!

  24. That is way cool! I've never seen those in the store...I'll have to look for them.

    I would be happy with either color but I guess blue would be my first choice.

  25. I would LOVE to have these!! Connor loves his sippy and we'd kill to have another one. Color doesn't matter though Blue would be our first choice... we'd be perfectly happy with pink as well.

    I blogged you too

  26. Would love to win this cool set, either color would be fine, as I don't know yet what this baby will be. Thanks for the chance!

  27. I almost bought one of these at Babys R' Expensive the other day but was put off by the price tag - would love to try it! In blue/yellow, I guess, tho' I'm not picky!

  28. Wow, I love these products. I've been making my own baby food for my daughter, but it's hard to transport. The Food Jar would sure take care of that problem! I would really be happy to win either color, but if I have to pick I'd go with blue.

  29. I would love to win this set! I'd choose the pink for my little girl. Foogo products are great and I love anything that is BPA-free!

  30. My favorite is the pink/purple, but I think the blue/yellow would be more versatile for my babies. My husband would not let my little boy drink from a pink cup! :-)

  31. LOL! Would you believe I wrote an article about thermoses the other day and came across their new products?? I *love* these new designs. YES, I would be thrilled to win - pink/purple (of course!)

  32. I'd prefer blue, my daughter will probably someday prefer pink so either color would make me happy. Thanks! I have been eyeing these products for a while!

  33. I've been wanting to give these products a try! I would love to win the blue/yellow set for my little man! Thanks for the chance!

  34. Either color would be fine! But if I must, I guess I pick pink. Thanks for the great giveaway...I've been looking forward to trying these products.

  35. I am so eager to try this set, and would love it in the blue/yellow for my little guy... Either one would be great, though!

    Thanks :)

  36. I don't have a color preference. Whatever color is available would be wonderful. I would love to try this product! I've heard great things.

  37. these are very cool! i need blue and yellow for my rough and tumble little boys who just this morning spilled apple juice all over my microsuede tan couch!

  38. Ya-HOO! I've wanted to try these for a while now. Would love the pink, but I'd use the blue, too! Great giveaway!


  39. Another fantastic contest! I need to win. Please enter me in your drawing. The yellow/blue would be just fin! Thanks,Cindi

  40. We have been doing research recently on all the bpa's in plastic cups and containers, so we would love to have these for our kids! Either color is fine, but if we have to pick a preference, go with blue. Thanks!

  41. Hiya,

    I received the Itzbeen and am looking forward to sitting down and playing with it! Thanks again!

    Oh, and I like the blue/yellow. :)


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