Funky Accessories for Fresh Photographs

babylegs photoTurn your blahdy-blah photos into fresh, fun pieces of art by using props and accessories that will "pop" on camera.


  • An umbrella and a pair of rubber rainboots
  • A swirl lollipop
  • An antique rocking chair
  • A brightly-colored sofa
  • A stand-out scarf or a newsboy cap
  • A pair of BabyLegs

Surely, you've heard of BabyLegs - the fashionable little leg warmers that have taken the web and the celebrity world by storm. 

babylegs green stripe st patricks dayThe leg warmers serve a multitude of purposes - they protect baby's knees when crawling, they provide sun/wind protection, they keep legs warm through the potty-training process, and they are terribly cute at the same time. Although originally intended for pre-crawling/crawling babes, they can also be used by kids, teens, and adults.

babylegs white with hearts valentines dayAvailable in a wide range of colors and designs (including seasonal options), BabyLegs retail for $7-12/pair and are sold online, as well as at a variety of brick-and-mortar stores in the U.S.

Just out of curiosity: what props do you use for picture-taking? 

WIN IT! There will be two winners. Each will receive a pair of BabyLegs. To enter, leave a comment on this post stating what pair is your favorite or what you like about the product prior to Monday, January 19 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winners are #49 Monique Rizzo and #79 Tobster. Congratulations!

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89 comments on “Funky Accessories for Fresh Photographs”

  1. I like the black and white striped ones.
    I don't normally use props for photos, but the kinder loves to use her stuffed friends.

  2. Best pics of our sweet'um are anytime and impulsively taken! And, nature is the most magical prop of all!

    And, what do I love about BabyLegs? They even have an organic line! : )))

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  3. I can't resist the "Be Mine" Babylegs! Both of my granddaughters have birthdays in the same week (and their Mommy too...the baby was born on my daughter's birthday), so these would be lovely for them to continue the February celebrations right on into Valentine's Day!

  4. Right now the only "prop" in our photos is my oversized belly! As for the Babylegs, I don't know how you choose a favorite -- there are so many cute designs! A good starter is probably a solid -- maybe blue or yellow. What I like about them is they can keep baby's legs warm, but they don't get in the way of diaper changes.

  5. I always try to have something extra in the pictures... With the baby I use different blankets, toys, babylegs!, and of course angles and lighting to get a great picture... With wee man I don't have time to use props since he is always on the move so I try to atleast get him on the move with balls or get at spot where I can put nature as a backdrop...

  6. My nephew has a pair of these and they're great. They work so well when he is just wearing pants and socks because they are tighter on the legs and don't let a gap develop on his little legs.

  7. These Baby Legs are so cute! Since I have only grandsons I would chose the Black Sport ones. As for props...I use toys, books, seasonal decorations,and sometimes flowers. When my grandson was born we gave him a teddy bear. I took his photo with "Mr. Bear" every week for the first year, then monthly till he was five, and now we do it on his birthdays and half-birthdays. We'll keep doing it at least till he is 18. It's so fun to look back at all those photos and have "Mr. Bear" there to gauge the changes!

  8. I like to take pictures outside with the kids-the park, my flower bed or the garden. I like the Sorbet BabyLegs

  9. I love taking photos of my toddler when she is playing dress-up. She looks especially cute when she is dressed in mom and dad's clothing!

  10. I guess my husband and I don't use props so much as strange focus. So, instead of taking pictures of people's faces, we take pictures of their jewelry - their wedding rings, their necklaces, whatever. Or their shoes. There's something pretty cool about taking pictures at party just of feet - shoes and socks really tell you about a person, I think.

    I like the Anenome BabyLegs!

  11. I love babylegs! I have a pair of off-brand babylegs, and they look so cute on my son--especially when he is wearing them with nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt. I love the "Jack Jester"...super cute for a boy!

  12. I love how practical baby legs are--no taking off for diaper changes! And I'd love to have some for myself--how cute!

  13. My favorite is the Banana Blue, and the reason I like this product is because it keeps your baby warm in style. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. I loved the Valentine set, especially the Be Mine Baby Legs. All their products are adorable and my little one would look so cute in them if I may say:)

    I love taking pictures of my kids out doors around nature. I think the photos looks so nice and "natural". I have them pose in front of pretty trees and bushes, ocean, etc. I recently took a pic of my daughter in an adorable purple dress and had her stand in front of a tree with a different hue of purple flowers. It was just perfect!!

  15. I really like the portability. In the summer I keep a pair in my son's diaper bag in case it gets chilly. They've come in handy several times and don't add alot of bulk to my bag!

  16. We did a winter photo shoot outside and didn't even use props. But to have something extra cute I used extra adorable sweater hats for my two little boys and they looks so cute in them! I love the super soft panda (black and white) babylegs. Thanks so much!

  17. I really liked the "Vine Babylegs" they came in a lovely shade of blue! They look so comfortable and will save on baby's knees!


  18. These look so nice and comfy and would be perfect for my little one. My favorites are the Sorbet Baby Legs. When taking pictures of my baby I love to use stuffed animals and then set her up in her swing and bouncy seats. Thanks so much for such a great giveaway!


  19. I love the Cabana ones. My son loves wearing his baby legs and I love how easy it makes diaper changes. So quick! As far as props go, I use anything he can lean against as he is only 5 months. Getting down to their level or taking a picture looking up at them is always a good variation from normal shots. Thanks!

  20. I love this product because they are so cute and unique. My favorite would be the Earth organic because they would match a lot of my daughter's wardrobe!

  21. I love the organice "snorkel" babylegs. It's so great that they have a full organic line, and it's so affordable! Thanks!

  22. I also use "cuffies" a product I found via a blog, sold on Etsy for super cute girl photographs. The orange/aqua baby legs is my fav ~ though I would also love to have a pair for mom and dad arms so all would match.

  23. I usually take a favorite blanket or the quilt my grandma made. It's a stunning blanket to have, and I love to capture memories with it! I had my daughter's one year pictures taken out at a Buffalo Bill Cody's home. It was beautiful! There are a lot of cottonwood trees and the leaves were perfect. It's one of my favorite spots to take pictures.

    I love Babylegs. They go with EVERYTHING and they are fun to match up with outfits. My daughter's favorite pair is the rainbow. I love all of the different looks they can create!

    [email protected]

  24. I love the Tickled Pink BabyLegs. My daughter needs something to keep her tiny self warm when she wears dresses for church. These are the perfect solution (so much easier for trips to the little girls room than tights!).

  25. Props? I don't use much of those...usually just my dear one and whatever she happens to be playing with or holding. Though, I am big on clearing ANY clutter out of photos...even snapshots!

    I love baby legs because they're fashionable and they make diaper changes a cinch! The jolly jill and the giraffe are awesome. I'm a little punky and my DD has long skinny leggies!

  26. I just love these Leg warmers! Who knew they would ever come back in style!! My Baby Granddaughter needs these at my house because they keep their house about 10 degrees warmer than I keep mine. I think the BUMBLE BEE BABYLEGS are just darling.

  27. I love babylegs, go Seattle businesses! I have many, many favorites... sweet pea might be #1. But I also really like jolly jack. Thanks for a fun giveaway!

    Oh, and I'm not very good yet with picture taking, so I have no prop advice. But I'll be interested to read others ideas!

  28. I use BabyLegs while I am potty training. That way she doesn't have to worry about getting pants down in time, but her legs are still warm!

  29. I like to use nature as background for photos, but some of my favorites are the no-planning shots, when the kids are playing with something or concentrating on a project. Catching them when they're unaware of the camera is great.

  30. I don't make the situations, they make themselves- you can always crop it out, but I like the fact its real..whether a pile on the floor or grass to be mown its life. I guess I am too lazy to do backdrops.

    I love leggings for all the kids and actually love them on the younger so its keeping them warm and easier to go potty.

  31. I'm a newcomer to the whole "Baby Legs" rush, but I'm now a huge fan of how great they protect my baby's crawling legs as well as keep them warm in the winter with skirts/onsies around the house! I love just using toys that my daughter is enjoying and experiencing for props, but for her entire first year I used her boppy pillow to show her growth month-to-month! It was so fun to look back over the progression and see how she ended up being bigger than the pillow at month 12!

  32. I really love the Jolly Jill Baby Legs. So cute!
    I leave the picture taking to my daughters and they just give me the extras.

  33. I generally have my children as props, and whatever else they may happen to be holding. As I mentioned before, I'm not the best with the picture thing. I need this weekend's theme to help me out. As for the Babylegs, I can't decide on my favorite yet. One of my favorite things about them, however, is that they're not tights! They don't get bunchy around the diaper and the waist, and I can't imagine how much easier it is to change a diaper without having to pull them down.

  34. I love the Cayenne organic Baby Legs! I also LOVE the idea of adding these to an outfit for a photo shoot! What a fun, funky look! Thanks for the idea and the chance to enter.

    Some of my favorite pictures of J were taken with her crawling on and looking/peeking into a big, framed mirror that was laying on the floor. It would be cool to take it outside and get the reflection of the clouds, trees and grass too!

  35. I really need help with taking pictures of the girls. I can NEVER get a great picture of both girls.

    I love these babylegs - I guess they are one size fits all - I am wondering if they would fit my 3.5 year old with no skin showing so she could wear them under a cute dress in the winter. I bought some tights for her but they are WAY too big.

  36. We have lots of baby legs - I love them and they are the perfect accessory! For Christmas Sugar wore a jean dress with a pair of white and red baby legs - the pictures came out adorable... not only because of the baby legs of course, but they certainly helped :)

  37. We got some great photos of my daughter in a big pettiskirt from Silly Wagon. I'd love to win a pair of baby legs for the baby boy we will adopt any day now.

  38. I like the tea time set of the stripe/polka dot/argyle baby legs. I also am proud of the company for jumping on the green band wagon and coming out with organic varieties.

  39. I hate the cluttered background which is our house, so I like to use a blanket thrown over something as a backdrop. That helps get the look cleaned up a bit so the girls can use whatever they want as props.

  40. I love taking pictures of my kiddos when they are playing....the toys they play with end up being their props. My son's are usually tools, firetrucks, sticks or dirt (on his face that is)
    Our daughter's pictures usually display her in dress-up clothes, making a funny face, dancing or singing.

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